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don't care to hunt it up. Ma says the English Cuthbert that came to Va. was
quite a grand old style gentleman with short breeches and knee buckles and
very rich and grand but not a saint when wine flowed to free. Leslie Combs
married only twice.
Copy of letter written by Margaret Leslie Walker of Lexington, Mo. to Aunt
Sarah Combs.

Lexington Mo. April, 17, 1909.

My dear Mrs. Combs:

Your kind letter of enquiry regarding the Combs family was received
yesterday. I with pleasure will give you the desired information as far as
I know. My sister who is ten years older than me possibly could tell you
more. She resides in Ky., and 1 will send your letter to her if she tells
anything regarding our ancestors of any importance I will certainly let you
hear from me, My father was always called since my earliest recollection
Gen'l Leslie Combs. He was a captain in the War of 1812, called the "boy
captain". I have a very entertaing account given to me by Mrs. Fisher
published in a Sunday school paper, which came to the
church they attended before leaving here, while living a few
miles from this town. I will copy some parts that will be inter-
esting to all of you. There is a minister living in Kansas City
of the Christian denomination, named Combs, but I do not know whether he is
a relative. Your cousin may have married a relative, as my father had
several brothers, as follows, Fielding, who lived near or in Hannibal, Mo.,
many years ago, he had quite a family of children, though I have never met
any of them. When I was a child, two cousins of or ours Elizabeth and Clay
Price, brother and sister visited at my fathers. I believe my sister (who
resied in Kv) either visited or lived there for a while many years ago and
doubtless she knew Uncle Fieldin's children. I will ask her and she may
tell us something about them. My father had a brother called William, he
married, and had children in Ky., another brother was
named Samuel. I don't know of any more. My great great grand father
on my father's side was a French Marquis, he came to this land and
married having a number of sons and daughters. I had the names and
sent them to Ky. for a cousin to see and they were lost either in the mail
or in some way. I do not know anything about David Combs. My grandfather
was a Captain in the Revolutionary War, and the inscription on his
tombstone is very distinct as follows, near Winchester Ky. at present,
"Capt. Benjamin Combs aged 89 yrs. died De. 1838, A Revolutionary Officer
and a hunter of Ky." For his wife "This stone is erected in gratitude for
her Motherly love in infancey and particular attention to the subsequent
education of her youngest son Leslie Combs,"( My father) She died aged 66
years, Nov. 1816. I expect father had this inscription put on and erected
the stone to their memory. Of course I am eligible to become a Daughter of
the Revolution but I do not care to, my great niece living in Kansas City
has become a member of the Society there and went to Washington City at the
Annual reunion, had a very enjoyable visit. In 1813 Gen'l Wm. Henry
Harrison was "fighting the British and their Indian Allies in Ohio. He was
promised reinforcements, and my father a lad scarcely nineteen volunteered
to take the message to him, a very dangerous service, and young as he was,
he already had won a Captain's commission and carried a message through the
perilous maces of the great black swamp a hundred miles on foot through the
snow and wilderness. His father a Virginian, had been an officer in the
Revolution and Leslie the youngest of twelve children, had enlisted in 1812
when barely 18. Now he begged for this mission. He said, "If you will
furnish me a good canoe, I will carry your dispatch to Gen'l Harrison and
return with his orders,"


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Subject: [COMBS-L] Web Move Update & Warning!
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Hi, Combs Cousins. This is going to be a Totally Non-Responsive Posting by
your Totally (unreasonably so, but nevertheless) Frantic

What is meant by "Totally Non-Responsive" is that this posting will be
ignoring all recent postings and concentrated solely on the Franticism (a
new word just created by and for me <g>) of trying to finish coordinating
the move of our several hundred Combs &c. web pages from the current
Dragonfire server to our new RootsWeb server between now and next Tuesday

*At the latest because next Tuesday is the last day of June and every
single web page shows June as the move date <g>


UTMOST Blessings, Gratitude, Thanks &c. to George Baumbach, Kent Wayson
and Peggy Tice Rogers, without whom there would be no move. The three of
them have and continue to edit and move web pages FAR FASTER AND FAR MORE
EFFICIENTLY than moi, the Franticist <G>


UTMOST Blessings, Gratitude, Thanks, &c. to ALL THE REST OF YOU who have
picked up the slack, kept our work on the list going, etc.... Apols. for
not naming names, but WE ALL KNOW WHO YOU ARE!* <VBG>

*Except that most of you don't know that Debi Kendricks, on top of all her
list postings, has also taken over the handling of most of our "Non-List
Member" Combs email Correspondence; i.e., helping answer off-list questions
and forwarding private email correspondence to list, etc. Thanks, Debi!!!

PS Will be back to all later re "snail-mail," etc.


ALL OF YOU will need to Clear Your Calendars (if possible) for the last 3
days in June because ALL that us web page editor-movers have been doing is
editing and moving. Your Turn is about to Come -- and that is, that the
Entire List -- each and every one of you -- will need to check "Your" Combs

* (a) "Your" Combs Counties include any county in which you have an
interest -- whether it's because you've posted on that county and/or you
have ancestors there. (b) We have numerous web pages other than Combs
Counties that will also have to be checked (more on that later), but our
Combs Counties are like Building Blocks: If they're wrong, all the rest
come tumbling down. <G>

First, you will need to check to make certain that the Combs County is
there (it is Entirely Possible that one or more counties were created
and/or edited, are indexed, etc. and that all is well EXCEPT that I forgot
to upload the web page <VBG>)

Second, you will need to check that the records are accurate and (Very
Important), that the "Notes" that accompany some records are also accurate
(wouldn't want to link the wrong note to the wrong record, right? <G>)

Third, that any/all "hot-links" are correct (in other words, when you click
that hot-link, does it take you where it's supposed to).

Reminder: Due to my franticizing, a number of recent records postings
(particularly the last month, possibly even two), will NOT be included yet.
Our concern will not be so much with whether the records are there yet, as
whether those that are there are correct (lousy syntax, but I'm sure you
follow, right? <G>).

LASTLY, for Northerners and English Researchers (whether Combs or not):

Whoo-ee, but I"m in trouble! <vbg>

North America:

(1) I am Totally Genealogically-Disabled when it comes to Northern
(American) Research. I have NO Northern Lines (Combs or otherwise). I have
NO IDEA what I'm doing (absolutely NONE) when it comes to our Northern
States, including in particular Early Colonial Settlements, Early
Organization of States and Counties.

I NEED DESPERATELY for some one or all of you who do have knowledge of the
North to Help Me Out Here! <Serious>

For the pressing moment, just for starters, help is needed re:

(1) Colonial New York: I have "some" of the early Suffolk and Nassau
records entered, but could someone volunteer to write a paragraph or so re
the Early Settlements and Organization and Counties of New York that can be
used for our New "Early Combs to New York" web site?

(2) Colonial Massachussets: We already have at Dragonfire our "first rough
draft" for Plymouth Colony, which is _currently_ at:


(a) I'm not certain that it's even close to being accurate.

(b) I _know_ that it's "slanted" toward trying to connect Northern Colonial
Combs with Southern Colonial Combs, which is fine and great except that (1)
it doesn't take care of seeking links between those early Plymouth settlers
to other early Northern Colonial Combs; and (2) it doesn't cover seeking
links between the early Plym settlers and England.

(c) What about the Rest of the early Massachussetts Combs? What about the
rest of the early Connecticutt, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, etc.? I
can't even figure out where half these early settlements were/are. Example:
Where does Boston fit in? What about Plymouth? Marblehead? Saco? Scituate?

Side Note: It's not just early Colonial. I've never been to RI or CT. As to
ME and RI, I've visited friends there ONCE. I've only ever been to MA once
and that was primarily Boston where I did NOT visit any museums or
libraries, and as to NY, I've been there a number of times -- seen plays on
Broadway, drank at P.J.'s, eaten at the Oak Room, ridden in a carriage
through Central Park, bought clothes on Delaney St., not visited the Statue
of Liberty... <VBG> In other words: HEEEEEEELLLLLLP!

I know that my PLEA is rather non-specific (to say the least), but if
anyone cares to take a shot at trying to organize us in this respect -- go
for it... Nothing you do could possibly be worse than my poor efforts

(3) New Jersey: I think I've got a start at it, but am DEFINITELY going to
need someone to start "fixing" Monmouth Co, NJ as fast as it's up (will
post specifics well before the end of the week).

(4) Pennsylvania: We all already know that I'm lost in regard to Fayette,
Bedford, etc., but is there Anyone on the List that:

(a) can write up a paragraph of some kind for a lead-in re early settlement
of Pennsylvania.

(b) is researching the early Philadelphia Combs?

Ditto for any/all of the early Combs Settlements in Northern Colonies. I am

PS Re "non-Colonial" states: More to come later...

PS To All: More on this later, but so's you know, Sharon Natolis has been
working with Mike Wilson on ALL US BLM land patents. Sharon's creating a
Complete Combs (and all var. sp., of course) BLM Land Data Base that we'll
be able to use in any number of ways, including as an index. Mike is
concentrating on MO (Most have already seen his early MO State-Wide Land
Report... he's adding to it and, as has been seen from his recent postings,
making yet more land and census connections). If Anyone Else on the list
has also been working on the Combs BLM Land Patents, will you please "check
in" via a posting to the List so Sharon and/or Mike will (a) know if they
have potential "helpers" and (b) to avoid double-work by anyone?


Hurrah!! Only three EN "counties" left to finish: London, Oxfordshire and

That's the "Good News." And actually, the "Good News" is better than that:
(a) Bucks and London are almost done -- no "apparent" problems there; (b)
the main reason that Oxfordshire isn't done is that I'm "trying to be
smart" for a change, and not work more on that one until Denise has posted
the female marriages, whereupon I can add both males and females at same

The Bad News: Once again, as with the North, I don't know what I'm doing.
I've been to England, but pre-genealogically obsessed, mostly London, and
the rest mostly only what was viewed from the train window on my way to
Holyhead .<g>

In other words, the English shires will be up, but that doesn't mean
they'll be correct. Not only have I probably made "bad connections," but
just as likely I've "missed" other connections entirely. Worst of all, of
course, is that I've undoubtedly done a poor job of organizing "within"
each county/shire.

SOOOOOOO... all of you who are either familiar with England and/or familiar
with English research will be called upon even sooner than the Yank
researchers to start helping to "fix" our EN Combs Counties -- more on
that shortly, too.

PS To Kirstie: Second posting coming thru shortly -- will definitely need
help w/Middlesex. I _know_ I've not got it organized properly.

PS to Pete: Ditto re Somerset

PS To Denise: Since you're the one who has posted English Combs records "to
the gills" recently, you have automatically volunteered yourself to proof
EVERY English County to make certain your own work is correct both in
content and location, and that the "notes" following some records are
accurate in regard to links.

PS To All English Researchers: Could any/all who know abt early English
"rent rolls"/tax lists (or whatever they're called) or later English census
enumerations, please post same to list? Example: I know there was such a
thing as an 1851 English Census that appears to include quite a bit of info
(far more than American). Is there an index available to that or any other
English census records? (Ditto for Canadian, Australian, Scot, Irish, etc.)
We've a long-time (and long-term) goal of indexing (and eventually
completing) all American Combs census records, and want to do the same with
England, etc., but don't know enough to know where to start.


(1) Do we have anyone on the list who is researching Irish-Irish Combs (as
vs. English-Irish Combs)? If so, could you please check in by posting to List?

(2) Volunteer needed re write-up (general paragraph or two) on the English
"planters" who came to Ireland (and those who came and went? perhaps a
history of their comings and goings? <G>).

PS to Matt et al: Regarding later Combs to US from England/Ireland, I
suspect (anyone who knows please jump in) that most of those landed in the
North (Ellis Island, etc.). I think that we've found a couple in the 1700s
to Maryland and Virginia (those are already on the web), but apparently no
extant Southern Ships lists? We're certainly not seeing much in the South
via the 1850 and 1880 census records indicating late arrivals, but we've
almost no Northern later census records so don't know abt that.

Scotland and Australia:

Fred: Welcome aboard and Guess What? I think you probably just became our
"Coordinator"* for both those countries! <G>

*Coordinator can mean as much as volunteering to set up web pages (reports)
for any and all Scot and/or Australian counties that are of interest to you
personally, including collecting and posting any records you might have on
either of those countries, and/or as little as correcting errors made by
the rest of us.

PS To English, Scot, Australian, Irish, etc. A second posting will be
coming through shortly....

And now I'm stopping for the moment... just wanted to Share With You All
where we're at, and that even though I haven't been posting, I'm still
here. <VBG>

PPS If I owe responses to either List or private* emails that have _any_
kind of urgency (or even close), and I appear to have dropped the ball, I
probably have. ()>: In which case, feel free to remind me. Remember: You
can't hurt my feelings by reminding me of errors and omissions, but you CAN
hurt my feelings when you don't. <G>


Carole Hammett,
Combs RootsWeb


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Subject: [COMBS-L] William the Fishmonger of EN, 1442
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1452-1455 London, EN. William COUMBYS, Fishmgr (s/o Simon and Agnes), d
1452, survived by wife Katrine. In 1455, his son, George, age 24, recd
property (will of William COUMBYS: PCC Rous 16 334). (Medieval Merchants
Etc. in (mainly) London, by Michael W. Foster who transcribed from the
index to "The Merchant Class of Medieval London," by Sylvia L Thrupp, 1948.
Foster adds that the above record was based on Appendix A, which includes
56 pages of detail on aldermanic families, citing numerous wills,
with/without dates.)



Carole Hammett,
Combs RootsWeb


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Subject: [COMBS-L] Bristol, EN: William
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="us-ascii"

Biography of William COMBE [Pronunciation: KOOM], 1741-1823. Writer and
adventurer, born in Bristol, SW England, UK. "He inherited a fortune in
1762, led the life of an adventurer, and spent much time in debtors' jails.
He studied at Oxford, and wrote metrical satires such as The Diaboliad
(1776), but made his name with his three verse satires on popular
travel-books, introducing the character of Dr Syntax." (A.N.D Reference
Database, which incorporates the Cambridge Encyclopedia Database. Copyright
(c) 1997)

Notes: For those who have copies of Josiah H. Combs' Combes' Genealogy, I
believe the above William is one of those unrelated Combs who is mentioned
in his preface (as with the above, sans genealogical content).


Carole Hammett,
Combs RootsWeb


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I want only four or five volunteers from my own company and one of my
Indian guides to accompany me." Rain was falling, the night was pitch dark,
and Black Fish the guide steered the little canoe. I have copied a little
and those brave men never reached Gen'l Harrison with the dispatch. Indians
shot at them, a band of savages rushed down to the water's edge and fired
at them a volley of bullets. Two of the men were mortally wounded. The
guide and two others took refuge in the woods, my dear father had eaten
nothing for two days, but hickory buds and his feet were cut almost into
ribbons but he reached a place of safety. He told the men before being
attacked "We must go on boys, if we expect the honor of taking coffee with
Gen'l Harrison this morning"

My brother or half brother at least, is at present U. S. Minister at Peru.
He sent me a picture card of his pretty home there surrounded by palm
trees. I well remember my pleasant visit, at your home, and hope I may
have the pleasure sometime of renewing our acquaintance. Please remember me
to your family. I suppose you are pleased with your California home. I
have a dear friend living in San Francisco, with whom I correspond. Am
glad you wrote and am sure your daughter will be especially pleased with
the little information regarding her ancestors.
Very Sincerely,
Margaret Leslie Walker.
(Comment, While in Peru his daughter married a German and went to Berlin to
live. Belle Combs.)

The following is unsigned but it seems to be from the sister Mrs. Walker
above speaks of. Benjamin Combs father of General Leslie Combs
was a French Marquise and came to America, was Revolutionary soldier and an
Indian fighter. He had twelve children. I think Leslie was the youngest.
Leslie had a brother Fielding that lived near Hannibal, Mo. William and
Samuel lived in Ky. a sister Margaret that married Sam Downing, he died she
married Judge William Walker, of Lexington Mo., lived on South St., a
sister married a Colonel Warner, both lived near Dover Mo. Leslie the
youngest is Consul to Peru, lives at Lima. These are all the children that
I have any knowledge of. Gen'l Leslie may have others. Dr. Ennis Combs'
G. grandfather was Cuthbert Combs from England, Dr. Ennis Combs' father was
Cuthbert of Clark Co., Ky. His children were Fielding, John, Cuthbert,
Joe, Ben Bullett, and Ennis, six brother, six sisters, Sally Evans, Betsy
Edwards, Molly Evans, Nancy Payne, Cytha Payne, Susan Hickman. Cytha Payne
and husband were drowned South Grand Osage river in Mo.---John, Bill,
Fielding,Benjamine ,Leslie, two girls Betsy Cames, Cytha Blanton, don't
know who the parents were. (In another hand writing is this " sister and
brothers of Cuth of Clark Co.") Dr, Ennis Combs had ten children, Edward,
SilasFielding, Cuthbert, James Ennis, Sarah, Mary, Caroline (Dolly) Susan.
Edward married a Butler, Silas a Prewitt of Clark Co. Ky. Fielding a
Carthree. Cuthbert a Shortredge, James a Marshall of Lexington Ky. Ennis a
Callaway of Lexington, Mo. Ennis 3rd. son of Dr, Edward Combs lives near
Winchester Ky. The other brothers, Silas, Fill, Cud, Jim, Ennis all live
in Calif. Woodson Combs son of Silas lives in Vernon Co., Bob his brother
lives Independence Mo.

Comment: Thislast information about the brothers is not correct. Silas
Combs, my grandfather, went to Calif. on an immigrant train in 1876, some
of his came back to Mo., the same year, he and the rest of the family only
stayed two years. He died in Vernon Co., Mo., in 1891. I'm pretty sure
that Uncle Ed and Uncle Jim, my great uncles went back to Ky. Will know for
sure soon. Edna Strain.


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> From: ANNE B. MUSSER <MUSS@worldnet.att.net>
> To: combs-l@rootsweb
> Subject: Combs letters-pg. 1 of 3
> Date: Tuesday, June 23, 1998 10:09 AM
> Copy of letter written to Aunt Sarah Combs by Mary Reinhard daughter of
> Kitty Fisher who wrote the letter and information on preceeding pages.
> Arapoho, Okla. May 10, ----
> Mrs. Ennis Combs;
> Dear Friend: 1 intended writing to you ere this and thank you for the
> lot of plants and slips most all of them are rooted and growing nicely;
> the fucia's I never could root them. I appreciate them much more than If
> had bought them. I have been house cleaning and I had lots of dirt
> although it was Feb.when we got settled here but there is so much wind
> dust it is impossible to keep clean and we have had no rain to amount to
> anything but once since I come, here the first of last November there was
> good rain about the last of Nov.and there has only been a very few little
> showers since, the ground can stand lots of drouth; but last week it was
> too dry to work there has been hundreds of acres of corn planted and cut
> off twice by the cold and we had about one inch of rain night before last
> and, now replanting is the order of the day. Horace is very
> busy his potatoes was cut off 4 times but are coming again he is
> about as tall as Grant, but slim; and has big burden for his 19 years
> to bear. Mr. Reinhard is still not able to do anything, his hand
> is stiff from the rheumatism but the Dr. is trying to limber it up
> but it is very slow yielding to treatment. We bought a school lease of
> acres and cows thinking the boys could manage it and make enough to buy
> them both a home it is fine land.; but since the Father has taken Mercer
> darling baby to a home in Heaven; we are sorry we did not buy a home, and
> we are not sure whether we will keep or sell this. It is 61/2 miles to
> and Ma's (she lives in town) and 5 miles to Grants and lots of hills to
> climb. Grant and Ma have nice places. I have had so much to bear since I
> come here I don't care for anything, but don't suppose I would feel any
> better any
> other place. We are not on a mail route and only have one neighbor
> so that makes it lonely. I will answer you questions and hope you
> will get them all straightened out, your Ennis' Grandfather and
> Great Grandfather was both named Cuthbert Combs and the Great Grand
> was from England. His own Uncles Fielding, John, Cud or Cuthbert, Joe,
> Bullett (he was Ma's Grandfather) and Ennis (your Ennis' father) that was
> six brothers and six Aunts, Aunt Sallie that raised Ennis, Betty, Molly,
> Nancy, Cytha, Susan Combs and the aunts married names are Sallie Evans,
> Betsy Edwards, Molly Evans, Nancy Payne, Cytha Payne, Susan Hickman, six
> sons and six daughters one Ennis' father and one
> Ma's grandfather. I hope you are all well. Ma is not at all well now.
> With love to you all I am ever
> your true friend,
> Mary Reinhard..
> Ma says it is all stuff about Gen. Leslie Father being a French Marquise,
> she says Marcus or Mack is a family name. But the Combs' was from
> She says Betsy Calmes and Cytha Blanton were Great Aunts to your Ennis.
> That makes them sisters of Cuthbert Combs of Clark Co. I never could get
> the thing straightened out.
> ?Baus? it was the Lasniare river that Cytha Payne and her husband was
> drowned in. Says Mrs. Walkers Uncle Samuel Combs was killed in
> Winchester when she was little child and so far as she knows the rest
> is correct. She thinks the family on the street from Wellsvill, Mo.
> is the one that Grand ma called Jack, while they were kin she did not
> them personally. There is a Marcus Combs in Arapaho but I don' t know
> anything about him have never seen him he is a black smith and of couse
> he is the same family,it is way off kin so I


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