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Subject: [COMBS-L] Part 2 - Contested 1866 Election
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Who is J. H. COMBS? Based on the 1866 voter registration process, this
individual was judged to be a supporter of the Confederacy. J. H. COMBS
went to the 1866 polling point, which was located in Sibley, Missouri; and
was rejected as a qualified voter. It is also a known fact that J. H. COMBS
was present at the balloting point since the election judges stated that
these are the "names of voters rejected at the election held at Sibley, in
Fort Osage township, on the sixth day of November...one thousand eight
hundred and sixty-six" (24th General Assembly, p. 211). J. H. COMBS is
found to be the fifth name on the list of rejected Fort Osage Township
voters (24th General Assembly, p. 211).

In the 1870 US Census for Fort Osage Township there is a listing for a
James H. COMBS. He is 38 years of age, born in Kentucky and has "farmer"
notated as his occupation. He is married to an Elizabeth, age 32, who was
also born in Kentucky. Three children are listed in the Census - Robert,
age 8, born in Missouri; Mary D., age 5, born in Missouri; and William, age
1, also born in Missouri. This family is residing in Fort Osage Township
(1870 US Census, Missouri. p. 250).

On 30 APR 1866 James H. COMBS purchased approximately 160 acres in Fort
Osage Township from Robert and Mary W. AULL. The legal description is
recorded as the E ˝ SE, Section 4, Township 50 N, Range 31 W; NE NE, Section
9, Township 50 N, Range 31 W; and NW NE, Section 9, Township 50 N, Range 31
W (Jackson County, Missouri. 1866). In 1838
William and Martha "Peggy" COMBS (Atchison County, Missouri) sold 80 areas
located in Lot 1, NW, Section 9, Township 50 N, Range 31 W. (Jackson County,
Missouri. 1838). Lot 1 and Section 4 are contiguous parcels of land.

Who was James H. COMBS parents? In a text titled "Kentucky, A History of
the State," a biography can be found which outlines some of the significant
aspects of Dr. Evan Ennis COMBS:

"Ennis Combs, a native of Virginia, was a physician and surgeon by
profession.... He began practice in Clark County, Ky., but shortly
afterwards removed to Mt. Sterling, where he followed his profession for
eighteen years; then he moved to a farm, on which he resided thirteen years,
and thence went to Independence, Mo, where he re-engaged in the practice for
ten years" (Perrin, p. 777). Dr. Evan Ennis COMBS died 18 JUN 1849 of
cholera (Walker & Wilson, p. 45).

There is some controversy as to the number of children attributed to Dr.
Evan Ennis and Mary S. COMBS. Another source states that they had ten
children, and have been identified as follows (Musser, p. 3)(Combs &
Families of Lafayette County, Missouri, p. 1):

Edward Mark COMBS
Sarah Elizabeth COMBS
Silas Evans COMBS
John Cuthbert COMBS
Fielding Alexander COMBS
Caroline "Dolly" COMBS
James H. COMBS

In a biographical sketch of Silas Evans COMBS it is chronicled that "Ennis
Combs, M.D., was a native of Virginia, and of Scotch-Irish descent, and his
mother, formerly Mary S(ydor) Hinde, was a Kentuckian by birth, and of
English ancestry....In 1842 (Silas E. COMBS)...moved to Missouri and located
in Saline County, where he was engaged in farming till 1851, when he went to
Jackson County. In 1867 he came to Cass County, Missouri" (National
Historical Company - Cass & Bates County, p. 641). Silas COMBS married Miss
Martha Jane PREWITT 30 AUG 1842.

Dr. Evan Ennis COMBS was a slave owner in Missouri. There are two accounts
which specifically illustrate this fact:

Ennis COMBS, resident of Jackson County, Missouri, to Susan E. MATTHEWS,
resident of Jackson County, Missouri; Deed of Gift, dated 7 JUL 1847 - given
Negro girl by the name of Mary, age 9. Husband is recorded as Howard
MATTHEWS (Jackson County Courthouse, Independence, Missouri; Deed Book L, p.

Ennis COMBS, resident of Jackson County, Missouri to Mary A. CALDWELL,
resident of Jackson County, Missouri; Deed of Gift, dated 7 JUL 1847 - given
Negro girl by the name of Jane, age 12. Husband is recorded as Augustine B.
CALDWELL (Jackson County Courthouse, Independence, Missouri; Deed Book L, p.

There are also other illustrations of additional family members having
slaves, while residing in the State of Missouri:

Ennis COMBS (the son of Dr. Evan Ennis COMBS) recorded as owning a fourteen
year old Negro male in 1860 (Lafayette County, Missouri. p. 438A, line 16,
2nd column).

Sallie EVANS (the sister of Dr. Evan Ennis COMBS, she is also the women
that raised Ennis COMBS) recorded as owning several slaves in 1860
(Lafayette County, Missouri. p. 438A, line 17, 2nd column).


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Subject: [COMBS-L] Part 3 - Contested 1866 Election



Often the real movers and shakers of an era go unnoticed during their
lifetimes. This is certainly true of the groups of anonymous COMBS who
moved in westward settlements. Most COMBS married eventually and raised
children of their own. They lived out their lives bent primarily upon
taming their environments. They attracted little attention individually in
history books. However their power was in the process of transforming their
families into ordinary placid citizens.

There is no doubt that Dr. Ennis COMBS was known in Jackson County,
Missouri. He was probably recognized as a prominent citizen of the
community. Since the family was known for thier politics, James H. COMBS
was most likely placed on the unqualified voters list for Fort Osage
Township due to family association. This list of eleven unqualified voters
was known to have been hung at the polling place in Sibley, since this was
the directions given by those in power in 1866.

Dr. Evan Ennis COMBS unfortunately died when his son James H. COMBS was
between sixteen and seventeen years of age. It's not known what happended
to James H. COMBS during the Civil War, but it is known that he acquired
land after the War in an area which was crawling with Confederate
sympathizers. Fort Osage Township was probably one of the most improtant
stretegic locations south of the Missouri River for covert Confederate units.

The social standing of Midwest citizens after the Civil War varied from
place to place and from time to time. In general the attitude of those in
power was that there were two classes of citizens - they were either War
soiled or victoriously clean, and there was to be no mingling of the two. A
typical viewpoint in the U.S. Congress was that the "Confederate states had
'committed suicide' and should be treated like 'conquered provinces'"
(Garraty, p. 428). As was illustrated in the 1866 Missouri election any
person could make accusations about another individuals politics and then be
restricted from voting. There was no apparent appeal for this unjust
political mechanism (Seyffert, p. 19).

In family research there are significant periods when events have caused
puzzling behaviors. Why did a family change the spelling of their name?
Why did ancestors not talk about their families? Why is documentation hard
to find on family members? Why did the family migrate to this area of the
United States? It is therefore apparent that during the Reconstruction era
the War soiled became either agents in the process of making history or they
functioned as subjects under the weight of oppression and exploitation.
Those fighting the battle of oppression and exploitation changed their
names, migrated to safe havens, and did not discuss their ancestors.


Brownlee, R.S. (1958). Gray Ghosts of the Confederacy - Guerrilla Warfare in
the West 1861- 1865. Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University Press.
Combs & Families of Lafayette County, Missouri. (8 APR 1998). Untangling the
Combs - A Combs &c. RootsWeb Research Project.
Http://www.dragonfire.net/~combs/records/mo- laf.htm.
Eakin, J.S. & Hale, D.R. (1993). Branded as Rebels - A List of Bushwhackers,
Guerrillas, Partisan Rangers, Confederates and Southern Sympathizers from
Missouri during the War Years. Independence, MO: Wee Print, 3437 South
Noland, Independence, Missouri 64055.
Garraty, J.A. (1966). The American Nation - A History of the United States.
New York, NY: Harper & Roe, Publishers Inc.
Jackson County, Missouri. (7 JUL 1847). Deed of Gift. "Ennis COMBS to Susan
E. MATTHEWS." Deed Book L, p. 530.
_____________________ (7 JUL 1847). Deed of Gift. "Ennis COMBS to Mary A.
CALDWELL." Deed Book L, p. 531.
_____________________ (25 JUL 1852). Deed. "William COMBS & Wife to William
CRABTREE." Deed Book S, p. 203.
_____________________ (30 APR 1866). Deed. From Robert & Mary W. AULL to
James H. COMBS." Deed Book 49, p. 42.
Lafayette County, Missouri. (1860). Missouri Slave Schedule. Roll #662, p.
438A, line 16, 2nd column).
Liberty Tribune. (27 JAN 1865). p. 3, column 1.
Musser, A.B. (23 JUN 1998). COMBS-D Digest, v.98(602). "Combs Letters."
National Historical Company. (1883). The History of Cass & Bates Counties,
Missouri. "Silas E. COMBS". pp. 41-42. St. Joseph, MO: National Historical
Perrin, W.H. et. al. (1888). Kentucky, A History of the State.
Seyffert, G. (1980). The Kansas City Genealogist. "Missouri's Contested
Legislative Elections of 1866: Jackson County." v.21(1 & 2).
_________ (1981). The Kansas City Genealogist. "Missouri's Contested
Legislative Elections of 1866: Jackson County." v.21(3).
Twenty-fourth General Assembly. (2 JAN 1867). Appendix to The Senate
Journal. v.1. Jefferson City, MO: Emory S. Foster, Public Printer. pp.
206-219. [Appendix to The Senate Journal was located in the Law Library,
University of Missouri at Kansas City].
U.S. Census, Missouri - Jackson County. (1870). "James H. COMBS." Fort Osage
Township, p. 250, lines 28-38.
Walker, E.J. & Wilson, V. (1962). Kentucky Bible Records. Lexington, KY:
Kentucky Society Daughters of the American Revolution. v.1, pp. 44-45.

Michael R. WilSon
1109 NE 97th Place
Kansas City, Missouri 64155


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Subject: Re: [COMBS-L] Stafford VA Bussell-Combs-Edrington-Ralls +
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Back to my KENDALL-COMBS self -- I find it interesting that the William
KENDALL here came ten miles and MURDOCK 9 miles. I wonder if this was
round trip or one way, and since there appears to be more than one
William KENDALL floating around the Northern Neck area at the time, it
would be interesting to know what the case says with respect to the
relationships of the men named with respect to the problem at hand.
Carole does anyone have this entire case? If not, I will go after it for
the sake of further learning here. I suspect if this is related to
Stafford County at an earlier time, that the William KENDALL could still
be the one married that married Elizabeth COMBE that is shown in earlier
land transactions as "of Stafford" or possibly his son William who
married Jemima KIRK, although I would not think it as likely. What
would really help would be to know if he signed using the "W" that the
William who married Elizabeth COMBE was known to have signed with in
earlier records. Nonetheless, I will be happy to pursue if no one has
done so or has an interest in pursuing further. Is there an abstract by
Sporacio on this?

Denise Mortorff

C Hammett wrote:
> To All: The + means that add'l replies are tucked down below so please at
> least skim contents? <g>
> Ann: Just corrected Wickliffe Bible record - thanks! and in the meantime,
> please consider this a Giant Duh! Fauquier's not up yet, but Stafford Co VA
> is "half up" (the early half only -- it's going to have to be a series of
> web pages rather than just one -- too large for a single)
> What happened is that I finished and uploaded it and forgot to update the
> Index to VA Counties to reflect it's new status! <duh>
> You can go there directly:
> http://www.rootsweb.com/~combs/records/va-staff.htm
> Also, the following has not been prev. posted, I don't believe, and am just
> now adding to above new site yet (forgot it and who knows how much else <g>):
> 1756 According to Josiah Combs' Combes Genealogy: "in the case of MURDOCK
> vs. RALLS, in Prince William County (formerly a part of Stafford [VA]), in
> 1756, some of the witnesses were: Joseph COMBS, who lived in Stafford, nine
> miles from Dumfies, the old county seat of Prince William; Joseph's
> son-in-law, Capt. John ASHBY; George MASON and Jemima MASON; William
> KENDALL, John COMBS' son in law…" Note: The following would appear to be
> the case; however, a check needs to be made re the "Richard Joseph COMBS."
> 27 Jul 1756 (Stafford County Liber N 1739-49: RALLS from COMBS 505.)
> from (Prince William County Minute (Order) Books1755-57; 27 Jul 1756. John
> RALLS sues John MURDOCK.. the following come to Court: James PHILLIPS (8
> mi.), John ASHBY (12 mi), William KENDALL (5 days ten mi.); Richard HEWITT
> (5 days, 18 mi. for RALLS); William ETHRING (5 days, 13 mi for MURDOCK);
> Charles HARDIN (1 day, 12 mi for MURDOCK); William BUSSELL (1 day 27 mi for
> RALLS), Jemima MASON (5 days for RALLS); George MASON (5 days for RALLS);
> John CARTER (1 day 20 mi. for MURDOCK); John PEYTON Junr (1 day for RALLS);
> Richard Joseph COMBS (4 days 9 mi for MURDOCK; Jane WILLIAMS (2 days 9 mi.
> for RALLS); John RALLS Junr (2 days, 9 mi for RALLS) (Posted by Patricia
> Junkin to the Old Frederick Co VA RootsWeb List, 21 Jan 1998, and reprinted
> with permission)
> 19 Apr 1762 (Stafford Co WB O:453-455) April 19, 1762. Will of John RALLS,
> Junr. of Stafford County witnessed by Jno. MATHEWS, Thos. EDRINGTON, and
> Cutb COMBS. A codicil written April 22, 1762 was witnessed by John MATHEWS,
> Tho EDRINGTON and Cuthbert COMBS. (Sparacio) Additional from Researcher
> Patricia Junkin: "Lastly I appoint my Father and Mr. John COMBS Executors
> of this my last will and Testament hereby revoking all former wills...XIX
> of April 1762 signed John RALLS Junr. Wit: Jno. MATTHEWS. Thos.
> EDRINGTON, Cutb COMBS" (Posted by Patricia Junkin to the Old Frederick Co
> VA RootsWeb List, 21 Jan 1998, and reprinted with permission)
> Notes: The above is believed to be the earliest extant record of Cuthbert
> COMBS, s/o John & Seth BULLITT Combs, Sr. He was probably (although not
> necessarily) 21 years of age at the time he witnessed this deed, placing
> his birth at pre-1742.
> CH Side Question: Does this est. birth year of "pre-1742" for Cuthbert
> conflict with any other records for him?
> CH Side Question: A Continuing Big Question is whether the above William
> BUSSELL was kin to or ancestor to: (1) William & Sarah WYATT Bussell, the
> former b 1759, Prince William Co VA, d 1840, Hawkins Co TN; whose
> grandson, Burwell White BUSSELL, years later referred to Alexander JOHNSON
> as his "cousin". Alexander JOHNSON was gs/o William JOHNSON, brother of
> Martin and Sarah COMBS Johnson of Hawkins and Warren TN and Madison Co AR.
> By one (of several) JOHNSON family traditions, William JOHNSON m Tisha
> [Leticia? Leatrice? Lutusha?] COMBS. We still don't know HOW Burrell White
> BUSSELL was a cousin to Alexander JOHNSON; and (2) Was the above William
> BUSSELL kin to the Mary BUSSELL who supposedly (source for maiden name
> still unknown) m Stephen SOUTHER, whose son, Jesse, m Jane COMBS 01 Apr
> 1800, Wilkes Co NC?
> Note to Kristin: Thanks for the BOTTS data - next upload it will be added,
> too (Do you know how/if Robert ASHBY was kin to John and Jane COMBS
> Ashby?). Also, re HAMMETTS of St. Mary's Co MD, I know almost nothing abt
> them; HOWEVER, it is my Totally Unsubstantiated Belief that we'll
> ultimately determine that they were close kin to William HAMMETT of
> Richmond Co VA who lived adj. to William COMBS who was s/o Archdale COMBS
> who was "somehow" related to Abraham COMBS who also removed to St. Mary's
> Co MD. William HAMMETT of Richmond's descendants then moved on to Stafford
> VA to live by Joseph COMBS I, and then both William HAMMETT's descendants
> and the GA COMBS who were cousins to John and Sarah MABRY Combs are later
> found living adjacent to each other in GA (and the East TN cousins of the
> Georgia COMBS later found living adj. to descendants of the COMBS of Surry
> NC <g> In other words, I continue to believe that all of these _early_ MD,
> VA, TN, NC and GA COMBS Lines are related to each other -- which tends to
> make me also believe that the same held true for their (multi-lifetime)
> neighbors, the HAMMETTS; however, No Proof (and in my case no more info on
> MD HAMMETTS as I'm directly desc. from William of Richmond VA myself, via
> Stafford VA > Culpeper Co VA > Surry NC > Spartansburgh SC > Wilkes/Greene
> Cos GA > LA > AL > AR > Pontotoc/Pottawatomie, OK. In other words, I've got
> nada for you re HAMMETTS of MD (long way of saying so, but couldn't help
> stopping to make my point that I continue to think they were all kin to
> each other).
> Also and again, sorry abt that, Ann et al re Stafford Co VA, which is most
> definitely up -- not "all up" yet, but at least a good start for many of
> you. Am continuing to try and finish organizing remaining Stafford and
> Fauquier,* but right now NJ file is staying open and "on top" -- since 1/4
> of this list has NJ ancestors and have been waiting as long as the 1/4 (or
> more) who have VA ancestors.
> HOWEVER, for NJ Researchers: the NJ pages are going to be a rough draft
> mess which you'll all have to help me clean up once they're up <g>
> *That doesn't mean that Stafford and Faquier aren't both "permanently open"
> files, too. Just that at this moment, NJ is on top. <G>
> PS to All: All other bad links reported as of a few minutes ago are now
> fixed, I think? Reminder to All: When you go back to check on them, be sure
> to click the "Refresh" or "Reload' icon on your web browser, or you'll be
> looking at a "cached copy" (stored version) on your hard drive instead of
> at the newly edited/uploaded web page.
> Hope this helps...
> Sincerely,
> Carole Hammett
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I noticed in one posting the term "yeoman", I believe in reference to a
Thomas COMBS. Has that been pursued in any form to determine if there
would be records for someone in such a capacity?

Denise Mortorff


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A yeoman is "---someone who is a freeholder of a class below the gentry,
who worked his own land.. or a small landowner." (Websters) Therefore,
I suppose any records would be the same as for larger landholders. Deeds,
taxes, etc. I can't see that there would be seperate categories.

Barbara Rivas

Denise Mortorff wrote:

> I noticed in one posting the term "yeoman", I believe in reference to a
> Thomas COMBS. Has that been pursued in any form to determine if there
> would be records for someone in such a capacity?
> Denise Mortorff
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Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 22:34:02 -0600
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Subject: Re: [COMBS-L] NJ COMBS Question

Hi, Denise (and Mike please see below?). Going to answer two questions at
once here:

(1) Yeoman was simply another (old-style) term for farmer (which was also a
"class distinction" much in the same way as Gent. or Merchant).

(2) Re the MURDOCH-RALLS suit, I don't believe it's ever been ordered, and
I do believe that the mileage was probably round-trip.

(3) Before you order it, you might want to email Patricia Junkins to see if
she has more herself than what she posted. My guess is with you re good
chance it was the earlier Wm. KENDALL.

PS to Michael: Nice series on the Combs you just put through. We can
hotlink the section regarding Ennis COMBS to Lafayette Co MO where he d
testate in 1849. Also, another new marriage for us. We had Howard MATTHEWS,
but not first name of Augustine B. CALDWELL. Nice Work!

And now it's back to the web mines <G>
(Found 13 files I'd neglected to fix internal hot links <uh>)


Carole Hammett,
Combs RootsWeb


Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 00:54:17 EDT
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Subject: Re: [COMBS-L] Notes
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In a message dated 98-07-01 16:32:33 EDT, you write:

PS to all: Does anyone have abstract/transcript of John LIMING'S will
(proving ancestry of Keziah)?
I sure would be interested in the answer to that question since I am being
told I decend from Keziah Liming's daughter Dinah Combs.



Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 23:53:11 EDT
From: Matthew C Combs x-x-x-x-x-xmatt_combs@juno.com "><matt_combs@juno.com >
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Subject: [COMBS-L] More Re: Combs Geneology Search

Forwarding more Mineral County, WV COMBS info.

Researching COMBS - LYONS - GROVES - WILSON from WV and MD
--------- Begin forwarded message ----------
From: HGW32@webtv.net (HAL WEASENFORTH)
To: matt_combs@juno.com (Matthew C Combs)
Subject: Re: Combs Geneology Search
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 1998 19:59:57 -0400 (EDT)
Message-ID: <16141-35997BFD-587@mailtod-101.iap.bryant.webtv.net>

I looked for deaths on Duetta Combs Winterstine and Leo Winterstine from
to present and sorry to report, found nothing.

In my search for Michelle Staggs on the
Murphy family, I figured as long as I had the
book down, I might as well look up Combs.
These are all births from Book #1 - Year 1865 to 1904:

Born: Theodore Frederick Combs
Born on 6-13-1875 in Mineral Co.
Parents - Theodore F. & Mary M. Combs

Waller Winterstein
Born 10-6-1879 Mineral Co.
John & Catharine Winterstein

James Joseph Combs
9-3-1880 in Piedmont
Theodore & Mary Combs

Maggie Combs
1-18-1881 in Piedmont
Philip & Rebecca Combs

Bessie Combs
7-1-1883 in Piedmont
Philip & Rebecca Combs

Howard Combs
10-9-1885 in Piedmont
Philip & Rebecca Combs

J. D. Combs
7-22-1888 in Piedmont
Philip & Rebecca Combs

Helen Combs
3-2-1889 in Piedmont
James R & Mary Combs

Stella M. Combs
9-25-1889 in Elk Garden
Theodore & Dora Combs

Lena Leota Combs
7-27-1892 in Elk Garden
Theodore F. & Dora M. Combs

Lewis Arthur Combs
August -- (no date given) 1892 in Piedmont
J. R. & Mary F. Combs

Hazel Winterstein
8-22-1897 in Mineral Co.
Henry & Susan Winterstein

Nellie Louise Combs
12-5-1898 in Piedmont
James R & Mary F Combs

Anna Eleanor Combs
3-30-1904 in Piedmont
James R & Mary F Combs

Book #2 - Year 1905-1919

(Male) Combs
6-17-1905 in Piedmont
Jas R Combs & Mary F Combs

(Female) Combs
1-23-1907 in Keyser
Luther & Betty Combs

(Male) Combs
3-9-1908 in Mineral Co
Alfred & Rosa Combs

(Female) Combs
9-28-1913 in Ridgeley
L. L. Combs & Alice Combs

Imelda Florence Combs
10-22-1914 in Piedmont
E. Lee Combs & Josephine Combs

Paul J. Combs
8-27-1915 in Piedmont
H. C. & Emma A. Combs

Josephine Louise Combs
11-11-1916 in Piedmont
Earl & Josephine Combs

Howard Combs Jr.
9-12-1919 in Piedmont
H. C. Combs & Emma O'Neil

I'm new to geneology searching so correct me
if I'm wrong - this is not a bad start to information in Mineral County
for the Combs
family - I can't get over that this is only two (2)
birth books, still have four (4) more to go.
I'll keep in touch as I have information available.
Thanks for your patience.

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