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All of the following include both Combs & Combs &c. (Associated) Families. In some instances, the genealogies are documented; in other instances, they are still “under construction”, but in all instances, they are being actively researched. (Note: Unless an entry includes the word “Guest”, the researcher is an active member of the Combs &c. Research Group). Many are also “Combs-Interactive;” that is, they operate in tandem with our Combs Families and our Combs Counties, etc.

ALLEN, CODY, RIDGE, STACY of Rowan/Surry NC, and More - Includes Transcriptions of Original Combs &c. Documents, and more… See Also Cody-Combs-Stacy ConnectionsIndex
ALVEY-ARCHDALE Families of England & St. Mary's Co MD, and possibly? King William Co VA, including surnames BURROUGHS, CLARK, Combs and more… (A Combs Research Report)Report
ANDERSON, BROOKS, BROWN, MASON, POPE, WROE (a.k.a. ROE, ROWE) of Old Rappahannock., Richmond, King George & Westmoreland Co VA. (A Combs Research Report)Report
ARCHDALE, ALVEY, AYLOFFE, BROOKS, CLIFTON, FERNE, GORGES, GOWER, FLEETWOOD, HONINGS, LEE, MORTON, NEVILLE, POWELL, RIPTON, SEXTON, TEMPLE, THORPE of Early England—with particular respect to possible immigration to the New World (A Combs Research Report)Report
ARCHDALE–ALLAMBY–BROOKE–LOWE–MORGAN–PAYNE–PERRY–PITT–PROSSER–ROWE/ROE Connections in England, Maryland, the Carolinas and Virginia (A Special Combs &c. Research Report)1638–1732
ATKINSON, GRIFFIN/GRIFFITH of Essex and Amelia Counties, Virginia (and more) (A Combs Research Report)Report
AYLETT/LOVETT &c. of England (A Combs Research Report)
New 28 Dec 2000
S.E. Kentucky Branches—BAKER, FOX, GILBERT, SPENCE, and many more South Eastern KY Families, plus the 1807 Clay Co KY TaxIndex
BONNER–CLAPTON–SAVAGE–YOUNG and more… of Warwickshire, EnglandIndex
BASS, Combs, HICKS, OSBORN, SUMMERS and more… includes Combs Death Records—references to death certificates and wills, obituaries, extracts from bible records, mortality schedules, etc.Index
BOOHER Connections to the Combs of Maryland & Pennsylvania (a.k.a. Bougher, Boogher, Boucher, Butcher, etc.)
See also Booker Families
BOOKER–COGHILL–HUDSON Connections to the Combs of Old Rappahannock & Essex Cos VA; Amelia Co VA; and Maryland. (A Combs &c. Research Report)
See also Booher (a.k.a. Bougher, Boogher, Boucher, Butcher, etc.)
BULLITT Connections to the Combs of North Neck VirginiaReport
BURROUGHS/VASSALL/WARE Families of England & Old Rappahannock Co VA (and Barbados and Plymouth Colony, etc.) (A Combs Research Report)Report
BURTON–MASON Connections with the Early Combs of VA and England. (A Combs Research Report) & addition of BEACH, COLE and INNES (ENNIS)Report
BUTLER–Combs Connections with the Early Combs of VA. (A Combs Research Report)Report
CALLICO–VAUGHAN Families of VA, NC, TN & ARReport
CAMMOCK–RICH Families of Essex, England & the Colonies, including Old Rappahannock Co, VAReport
CODY–Combs–STACY Connections—An OverviewReport
CODY, Combs, GRIGSBY, and many more Perry Co KY Families—includes a number of photographs (offline)Index
CRAIG Family of Loudoun Co VA and Hopkins Co KY (and more) Includes numerous Combs marriages/families. (Guest) (offline)Index
DUNCAN–Combs Families of Rowan and Surry Cos, NC; Washington Co, TN; and Lincoln and Bath Cos, KYReport
FLEET–SCOTT Families of Kent and Warwickshire, EN and Lancaster, Old Rappa and Northumberland VAReport
FOXHALL–BUTLER–GORGES &c. Families of Warwickshire, EN, Dublin, Ireland and Westmoreland and Old Rappa VAReport
HAMMETT &c Families of Culpeper, Fauquier, Richmond, Stafford VA; Surry NC; Spartansburg SC, Wilkes & Greene GA, AL, TN & AR (Includes Bethel, Broderick, Brooker, Brown, Combs, Dodd, Head, Jones, Marshall, Mason, Rose, Smith, Taylor, Traywick, Underwood, Warner & More)Index
HAMMETT & UNDERWOOD of Middlesex > Culpeper VA (not the same… or are they?)1700–1799
HAMMOND Connections & Clues, primarily in King George, Prince William, Russell, Shenandoah & Stafford Cos VA; Surry, Wilkes & Rowan NC; Vermillion IN; Wilkes GA, Hamilton OH; Perry KY & Warren TN. (A Combs Research Report)Report
HARRISON Connections to the Combs of North Neck VirginiaReport
JETER–VAUGHAN Families—Connections to the Combs of Caroline/Essex & Amelia & Lunenburg Cos, VA; and to Green Co, KY (A Combs Research Report)Report
JOHNSON & MITCHELL of Culpeper VA & Warren/Van Buren TN1777–1880
LOVETT Families—Elizabeth LOVETT married 8 Jul 1630, Soulbury, Buckingham, England, John COMBS, son of John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combs (m 1587, London). This site consists of multiple research reports on not only Elizabeth's family, but most of the early English LOVETT lineage (A Combs Research Report)Report
MABRY Families—Connections to both the John & Sarah MABRY Combs Family as well as other possible Combs Connections. (A Combs Research Report)Report
PALMER Families, particularly the Archdale–Palmers of England, but also Isle of Wight, Virginia and more…Report
OVERTON & LLEWELYN & GARNET family Connections to Combs Families in Virginia, North Carolina, and KentuckyReport
PAYNE—Combs Families, primarily Combs Connections to Virginia and KentuckyReport
SIMS/SIMMS Family of Lee County, Virginia (Includes Burchett, Combs, Jayne, JOHNSON, Marion, Wheeler, Wilson, and More)17??–1882
Elder Richard and Elitia COMBS SMITH—By Sue Elfving who adds; "Researchers new to their Combs and SMITH lineages would benefit from reviewing the Nicholas "8" & Nancy GRIGSBY Combs, Sr. Report in conjunction with their reading of this report."Report
STACY–TOULSON—A Must–See Site by Barbara Stacy Mathews, author of The Stacy Journal—Includes copies of original Combs &c. Documents! [offline]
See Also Cody–Combs–Stacy Connections
SULLIVAN–TITSWORTH of KY, Tipton Co TN, and Lawrence, Madison Cos AR intermarried with Combs–JOHNSON of Hawkins/Warren TN and Madison Co ARReport
UNDERWOOD, Amory & Elizabeth (Taylor Slaughter Catlett) BUTLER of Isle of Wight & Old Rappa. Cos, VAReport
UNDERWOOD, Margaret (Upton) (Lucas) Family of Isle of Wight & Old Rappahannock VA—including Burton, Butler, Catlett, Combs, Fauntleroy, Moseley, Pierce, Slaughter, Tutt, Williamson (A Combs Research Report)Report
WILLIS Families of (1) Warwickshire, EN; Old Rappa, Richmond & King George VA; (3) Grayson Co VA; and (4) Hawkins Co TNIndex

Important! Researchers should also refer to our Combs &c. Bibliography for additional and/or more complete source citations.