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NOTE: The following is a first-rough-draft, tentative genealogy

III. Margaret UNDERWOOD, born before 1640, died after 1663; married in 1660, Humphrey BOOTH Sr., born before 1636 in (of) London, England, died before 1690. Known Issue: Catherine BOOTH; Grace BOOTH, born before 1664., before 1674; Humphrey BOOTH Jr.

"Robert BROOKE of Essex VA, Gent. b 1654, d aft Dec 16, 1712 (Will of Saml THACKER dtd 16 Dec 1712 and will of Leonard TARRANT dated 1718). Justice of Essex Co, May 1692, Coroner 1702, purch. land in Old Rappa (now Essex) from Edward MOSELEY by deed dated 25 Jan 1686; m Catherine BOOTH (b 1664), dau of Capt. Humphrey BOOTH of Old Rappa (Wm. & M Quarterly, Jan 1903, p. 210). Humphrey BOOTH came to VA from London in 1653-4, was a Justice 11 Dec 1656, and was living in 1665; m Margaret, dau of Col. Wm. UNDERWOOD and his wife Margaret _____. A marriage settlement between Humphry BOOTH and Margaret his wife, dated 1 Aug 1663, is recorded in Essex [sic] and from this it appears that the marriage took place prior to 24 Aug 1660…Capt. Humphrey BOOTH and his wife Margaret UNDERWOOD had three children; 1. Humphrey "son and heir apparent of Humphrey BOOTH, late of the said County, Gent. deceased" who married before 11 Jan 1689-90, Phoebe _____ and had a son James BOOTH of Essex living in 1725; 2. Grace BOOTH who had deed of gift dated 16 Sep 1663 from her grandmother Margaret UPTON alias LUCAS (formerly Margaret UNDERWOOD) and was dead bef 1685; 3. Catherine BOOTH who m. Robert BROOKE. She was put in possession of half of her father's estate 4 Sep 1685, she having then come of age and 19 Jun joined in a deed with her brother Humphrey BOOTH…" (Genealogies of VA Families, Vol. I, Brooke Family of VA, p. 506)

Selected Additional (Applicable?) Records

25 Sep 1653 (Lancaster Co VA Records, p. 279) POA to Humphrey BOOTH, Merchant of London, from Fra. FABIAN, of London, Merchant, to collect from Robert BIRD of Virginia. Dated 25 Sep 1653. .. (Fleet's Col. Abstracts)

1 Oct 1656 (Rappa. Records Vol. 1654-64, p. 1:1) In one copy, 1656-64) Margaret [M V] UPTON of Lancaster in Virginia Widow to Humphrey BOOTH, merchant, of Lancaster, 700 A in Lancaster County on N side of Rappa. upper side of a divident of land now in possession of John EDGECOMB and running for breadth by or night the river side to a creek that divides this land and the land of Anthony JACKMAN. Wits: William UNDERWOOD, Christopher BROWNRIGG (Fothergill) BRUMRIGGE (Sparacio), Margaret UPTON assigns… 29 Sep 1656. Margaret [MV] UPTON, Wits: William UNDERWOOD, Matthew HOARE, patented by Margaret UPTON 4 Jul 1653. (VA Patent Book 3:18, C&P, Vol. 1) (Sparacio)

Notes: Margaret, mother of Margaret UNDERWOOD. Witnessed by either Col. Wm. UNDERWOOD or the still-unidentified 2nd William UNDERWOOD.

24 Aug 1660 (Old Rappa. Recs., 1656-1664, I:102-3) Humphrey BOTH of County of Rappahannock Gent & Margarett his Wife to Robert SISEN of the sd County Planter… a tract of land on N side of Rappa.:River in Co of Rappahanock aforesaid being the surveigh of Mr. John CATLETT as by Survey & draught under said CATLETT'S hand will appear 310 A being all that is to be found of a Pattent of 700 A conveyed & made over to the said BOOTH by Mrs. Margaret UPTON Widdow of the aforesaid County of Rappahanock the 310 A being (missing) East side of a Creek commonly called Richards Creek & so down the Rappahannock River joynes on land of John EDGECOMB at a stake sett neer to the House commonly known by the name of PEACOCKS Quarter & from that stake runing N by East to the Creeks side to a stake standing in the Forte Field… houses gardens orchards fencings now built or to be built… S/Hum: BOOTH, Margaret BOOTH:; Wits: Perre DIENSEFITT, Mathew HUMOS, Thomas FRESHWATER. I Margaret BOOTH (missing)… beloved Friend Coll. More FANTLEROY… true & lawfull attorney…my Husband Humphry BOOTH…s/24 Aug 1660. Margaret BOOTH. Wits: Pierre DIENSEFITT, Mathew HUMFS. (Sparacio)

Notes: John CATLETT was 3rd husband of Elizabeth UNDERWOOD Taylor Slaughter Catlett Butler, sister of Margaret UNDERWOOD Booth. Robert SISSON'S sister, Mary, m (1) Nathaniel POPE; (2) Anthony BRIDGES; (3) Lewis NICHOLAS; and (4) David WICKLIFFE.

1663 Humphrey BOOTH and Margaret his wife to John WASHINGTON, Deed, 1663 (listed under Essex Virginia records. Old Rappahannock? Lancaster?) (VA Families, The Brooke Family, Vol 1.)

16 Sep 1663 (Rappa. Records 1656-64, p. 327). Margaret LUCAS deed of gift to her grandchildren, Grace BOOTH and Catherine BOOTH - one cow to each, and appointed Mr. John CATLETT to acknowledge the deed to the children of "my son BOOTH." Witnessed by Thomas LUCAS, Jr. and Edward LUCAS (Fothergill).

Jan 1663/4 (Old Rappa. Deeds, 1656-64:338) Martha MOSELEY, wife of William, power of attorney to "my loving brother Humphrey BOOTH" (Underwood, Fothergill)

Notes: Still trying to determine how the MOSELEYS were related to the UNDERWOODS. William UNDERWOOD, Sr. (s/o Col. Wm. UNDERWOOD) referred to William MOSELEY as his uncle in 1663 Old Rappa VA record. Martha MOSELEY was neè BRUSNER

19 Jun 1689 (Essex DB8: pages unnumbered) Humphrey BOOTHE of Rappahannock, son and heire of Humphrey BOOTHE, late of sd. County, Robert BROOKE of the said County and Katherine his wife, daughter also of the late Humphrey BOOTHE, dec'd, and heir entaile in possibility to the sd. Humphrey the son of the one part and Richard STOAKES of the said County of the other part 2,133 pounds of tobacco 58 acres and 1/4 Sittingbourne Parish… south side Rappahannock River in Rappahannock … to the edge of Pocoson….. s/Humphrey BOOTHE, Robert BROOKE, Kath. BROOKE. Wit: Thos. ( ) GRIFFIN, Samuel THACKER, John ALMOND. Rec. 7 Aug 1689. 19 Jun 1689 Katherine BROOKE authorizes William MOSELEY …… (Virginia Families, Vol. 1, p. 443-4)

07 Aug 1689 (Old Rappahannock DB8, unnumbered pages) Humphrey BOOTH of Rappahannock planter, son and heir apparent to Humphrey BOOTH, Gent. late of this county, Dec'd, to Robert BROOKE of sd. Co., and Catherine his wife, also daughter of Humphrey BOOTH, deceased, and heir entail in possibility to Humphrey, the son of the one part, and Richard STOKES of the sd. County of the other part… Pocoson… S side River … S/Humphrey BOOTH, Robert BROOKE, Kath. BROOKE. Wit: Thos ( ) GRIFFIN, Samuel THACKER, John ALMON. Rec. 7 day Aug 1689. Katherine BROOKE auth. Wm. MOSELEY 19 Jun 1689… (VA Families, The Brooke Family, Vol 1.) SW: STOCK

To Be Continued…