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Asa & Zilpha HACKLEY Coombs (2 bible records)

1. Combs Family Bible. Transcribed by Combs Researcher Carolyn Wimp from typed transcript (old ribbon) found in the Combs family file at the Ky Historical Soc.

Family Record
Asa Coombs was born Nov 26 ,1770 and died Oct 7, 1807
Zilpha Coombs wife of Asa Coombs, was born Jan 26, 1775 anddiedoct 17,1870
Samuel Coombs a son of Asa and Sally Coombs was born Aug 30,1785 (CW: This looked like 1875 with the 7 typed over the 8)
Francis Coombs a son of Asa and Zilpha was born Dec 24 ,1799
Felix the son of Asa and Zilpha Coombs was born Aug 29, 1801
Fanny Coombs a dau. of Asa and Zilpha Coombs was born Feb.26,1803
Maria Coombs a dau. of Asa and Zilpha Coombs was born Jan 26,1805
John Coombs of Asa and Zilpha Coombs was born Feb 9, 1807, diedApr 30,1881
Almira Coombs wife of John Coombs was born Dec 18, 1814 anddiedSept 2, 1858, age 43 years, 8 months, 14 days
Frances Ann Coombs a dau. of Felix and Lucy was born Jan 14,1829, married 1st to Jos. Bontoura, 2nd to W. Hendrich
Maria Coombs a dau. of John and Almira Coombs was born Jan 18,1837, died Mar 3, 1860, age 23 years, 1 month, 20 days
Thomas Coombs a son of John and Almira was born Jan 18, 1839,died Mar 26, 1881, age 42 years, 2 months, 8 days
Beatrice Coombs a dau. of John and Almira Coombs wa born Mar15,1841, married Nov 20, 1860, died Feb 26, 1929
Mary Coombs a dau. of John and Almira Cooms wa born Oct 15,1843, died Aug 19, 184?, age 2 years(?) 10 months, 4 days
Francis Zilpha Coombs a dau. of John and Almira Coombs was born Sept 14, 1845, died June 26 ,1860, age 14 years, 8 months, 12 days
John Leslie Coombs a son of John and Almira Coombs was born June2, 1848 and died Mar 11, 1891, 4 A.M., age 42 years, 9 months, 9 days
James Asa Coombs a son of John and Almira Coombs wa born Apr14,1851, died Oct 2, 1859, age 7 years, 5 months, 16 days
Kate Coombs a dau. of John and Almira Coombs was born Nov 12,1853. Mar 11, 1929
Joseph Coombs a son of John and Almira Coombs, was born Aug31, 1857

Asa Coombs and Zilpha his wife was married Nov 26, 1898
Francis Coombs and Judith his wife was married Apr 15, 1824
Felix Coombs and Lucy his wife was married 1828
Elijah Singleton and Maria Coombs was married Jan 14, 1825
John Coombs and Almira his wife was married Dec 2, 1834
Henery Brown and Anna M. Coombs was married Feb 16, 1854
(From A Bible printed and published by Holbrook & Fessenden, Brattleborough, Vermont, 1828, now owned by Mrs. G.F. Eaton, Covington, Ky, contains the record of hte Coombs family.)

Added Notation by transcriber:
Zilpha COOMBS was the daughter of Francis HACKLY and Fanny LIGHFOOT, daughter of Col. Goodrich LIGHFOOT [LIGHTFOOT].

2. Coombs Family Bible of Thomas Monroe COOMBS. Extracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont from "KENTUCKY RECORDS, JEFFERSON COUNTY MISC.;GENEALOGICAL RECORDS COMMISSION; KENTUCKY 1943, submitted by May Stone, Fincastle Chapter (DAR? TM), Louisville KY 11/1/1942:

MARRIAGES: John D Coombs & Elmira Oakes Dec 2, 1834.
Anna Maria Coombs & Henry Brown Feb 16, 1854
T.M. Coombs & Mary L Lucas Dec 6, 1850
J. Leslie Coombs & Vic Lucas [nd - TM]
Katie Coombs & J.L. Bristow (nd -TM)
Jos. Coombs & Statira Bristow, Feb 6, 1884

T.M. Coombs Great Grandfather was Francis Hackley

His Children:
Goodrich, Lott, James, John, Betsy (married Richard Lucas), Zilpha, married Asa Coombs Nov 26, 1798, Priscilla married Wilcoxson.

Francis Coombs & Judith Zimmerman April 15, 1824
Felix Coombs & Lucy Sparks (nd - TM)
Maria Coombs & Elijah Singleton Jan 14, 1825
John D. Coombs & Elmira Oakes Dec 2, 1834

John D. Coombs, Feb 9, 1807
Elmira Oakes (his wife) Dec 18, 1814

Their children:
Ann Maria Coombs Jan 13, 1837
Thomas Monroe Coombs Jan 18, 1839
Beatrice F Coombs Mar 15, 1841
Catherine Coombs Oct 15, 1843
Frances B. Coombs Sept 14, 1845
James Asa Coombs April 14, 1851
John Leslie Coombs June 3, 1848 (sic)
Kate Coombs Nov 12, 1853
Joseph B. Coombs Oct 31, 1857

Asa Coombs father of John born Nov 26, 1770, died Oct 7, 18__.
Zilpha Hackley (his wife) born Jan 26, 1775, died Oct 17, 18__.

Asa Coombs & Zilpha Hackley's children:

Sam'l (son of 1st wife Sally Gray) born Aug 30, 1795, drowned ? river
Francis Coombs born Dec 24, 1799 - his daughter Geo Ann married Lea [*]
Felix Coombs born Aug 19, 1801 - shot himself at our home
Fanny Coombs born Feb 6, 1803 died 1821
Maria Coombs born Jan 26 1805
John D Coombs died May 3, 1881
Almira (his wife) died Sept 2, 1858
Grandma Oakes died 1863

Children of J.D. & Almira

Anna Maria died Mar 3, 1860
Mary Cathrine died Aug 9, 1844
Thos. Monroe died Mar 25, 1863
Frances Zilpha died June 30, 1860
Leslie died mar 11, 18__.

Notes: Asa Combs m (1) 23 Dec 1794, Nelson Co., KY, Sarah GRAY, by whom he had Samuel, whose birth year was more likely the 1795 of the second record (See 1808 Nelson Co., KY Records); and (2) Franklin Co., KY, Zelpha HACKLEY who was probably the Zelpha Combs who appears on the 1830 and 1850 Anderson Co., KY Census. Francis H. COMBS married Judith ZIMMERMAN, daughter of RW Frederick ZIMMER and his wife, Judith BOURNE. The marriage bond of Maria COOMBS, to Elijah SINGLETON was issued 13 Jan 1825, Franklin Co., KY.The marriage bond of their son, John D. to Almira [sic] OAKS was issued 27Nov 1834 in Jessamine Co., KY. John D. is listed on 1840 Anderson Co., KY Census Index and1850 Anderson Co., KY census.

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