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 of Clara Belle Eversole Cornett

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Abstracted Family Bible of Clara Belle Eversole Cornett of Hazard, Perry Co., KY provided by Commissioner Bill James.  Please See Commissioner Bill James's website where images of the Bible may be viewed in entirety

Clara Belle Eversole born April 7, 1883 at about 4 o'clock PM.
Married William Manon Cornett Oct 13, 1903
Died 5:50 P.M. December 19, 1967
Manon Cornett born Sept 9, 1882

Susan Combs Eversole
Born May 17, 1855
Died Nov 16, 1946
Saturday 10:45. P.M.

Father Joseph C. Eversole
Born July 26, 1853
Died April 15, 1888

Maternal Grand mother
Polly Ann Mattingly Combs
Born June, 1831
Died April 7, 1912

Grand father
Josiah H. Combs
Born Nov. 25, 1834
Died Sept. 25, 1894

Grand mother
Nancy Ann Duff Eversole

John C. Eversole (civil war)
Died 1865.

Commissioner Bill James NOTES:  Nancy Ann Duff was the daughter of Mary (Polly) Combs, the daughter of General Elijah Combs

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