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Combs-Prewitt-White Bible. Owned by B. W. Combs, Carthage, Missouri. Copied 1960 by Mrs. John M. Prewitt, Regent, Col. George Nicholas Chapter, DAR, Mt. Sterling, Ky. from a photostatic copy of the Bible. (Excerpted by Combs Researcher Debi Houser from Kentucky Bible Records Vol. I compiled and edited by Emma Jane Walker & Virginia Wilson for the Kentucky Records Research Committie, copyright 1962)


Willis PREWITT was born the 8th of July, 1797
Dorothy WHITE was born the 10th of June, 1801
We were married September 2nd, 1819
Dabney C. PREWITT was born on the 16th of August, 1820
Martha Jane PREWITT was born on the 17th of March, 1822
Nelson PREWITT was born the 30th of January, 1824
Jeremiah PREWITT was born the 1oth of December, 1825
Elizabeth PREWITT was born the 1st of July 1830 - Thursday
Robert Henry PREWITT was born the 22nd of November, 1836
A. B. CALDWELL was born August 4th 1819
Mary A. Combs was born October 4th, 1824
Sarah Elizabeth CALDWELL was born July 10th, 1842
Ennis Combs was born September 16, 1837
Caroline Combs was born April 25th, 1828
Susan E. Combs was born March 15th, 1830
Silas E. Combs was born 22nd day of May, 1821
Willis Prewitt Combs was borne on June 11th, 1843
Edward Mark Combs, Jr. was born on July 27th, 1844
Mary Syndor [Sydnor?] Combs was born on November 2nd, 1845
Sarah Elizabeth Combs was born June 28, 1847
Dosha Prewitt Combs was born November 10th, 1848
Samuel Woodson Combs was born November the 15th, 1850
Susan Matthews Combs was born March 21st, 1852
Ennis Combs was born February 26th, 1854
Florence Combs was born March 2nd, 1856
Robert Lee Combs was born December, 1858
Ida Combs, born August 3, 1860
Caroline Hawes Combs was born December 24th, 1861
Mattie Walton Combs was born November 3rd, 1863


Dabney C. PREWITT was married to Amanda M. ELLIS, January 30th, 1840
Martha Jane PREWITT was married to Silas E. Combs, August 30,1842
Ennis Combs was married to Mary Sydnor HINDE, April 17th, 1817
Thos. B. STEVENSON and Sarah E. Combs were married Nov. 24th,1835
Augustus B. CALDWELL and Mary A. Combs were married August 24,1841
Edward M. Combs and Louise E. BUTLER were married Feb. 3rd,1842
Fielding A. Combs and Elizabeth F. CARTHRAE were married Aug.15th, 1848


Robert PREWITT died April 14th, 1819 age 61 years
Martha PREWITT died the 29th of June 1833, age 76 years
Jeremiah WHITE, Sen. died the 22nd of June, 1836 age 76 years
Jane WHITE died in the Fall of 1802 (These were the parents of Theodocia or Dorothy that married Willis PREWITT)
Vaul Allen PREWITT died the 16th Feb. 1826
Elizabeth Sympkins SMITH died in July, 1811
Walter F. PREWITT died August 20th, 1843
Willis Prewitt Combs died October the 5th, 1848
Dr. Ennis Combs died June 18th, 1849 of cholera
Mrs. Elizabeth S. HINDE died February 10th, 1850 aged 76 years
Willis PREWITT died on the 5th day of May, 1852 aged 55 years 10 months
(Author's Note: Dr. Ennis Combs, was the son of Cuthbert and SarahEVANS Combs, and father of Silas Evans Combs. Mrs. Elizabeth S. HINDE was his mother-in-law, Elizabeth Sydnor (MARKS) HINDE. The Combs-Prewitt Cemetery is on the Edward Prewitt farm, Prewitt Pike, Montgomery County [KY])

Notes: Evan Ennis Combs, son of Cuthbert& Sallie EVANS Combs, Sr., married Mary Sidnor HINDE in Clark Co., KY. His children included the above Mary Ann Combs Caldwell, Sarah Elizabeth Combs Stevenson (married Franklin Co., KY), Silas Evans Combs, Fielding Alexander Combs (married Saline Co., MO), Edward Mark Combs, Sr. and Susan E. Combs Matthews (married Jackson Co., MO). Susan Mathews, Samuel Woodson and Robert Lee Combs were son of Silas Evans and Martha Jane PREWITT Combs.

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