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COOMBS-FOUCH Family Bible Records (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Lourene G. Criddle)

Background: Thomas FOUCH of Loudoun Co, VA (son of Isaac and Mary McDOWELL Fouch) married Jun 1779, Sarah COOMBS, a.k.a. COOMBS, COOMBES (daughter of John & Alice JOLLY Coombs I of Coombs Fort, Tonoloways). Their son, Amos FOUCH married 1 Jan 1809, Anna COOMBS, daughter of Mahlon & Sarah COOMBS I (son of Andrew& Mary Combs I, brother of John I).

(1) Extracted from the Family Bible of William FOUCH, son of Thomas and Sarah Combs Fouch, started in 1838 with information written by her son:

[Sarah Combs Fouch was] "...the eldest daughter of John and Alice Coombs" and she was marriedJuly 15, 1779 in Bedford County, in the State of Pennsylvania, joined together in Holy Matrimony by Joseph Powel, a Minster of the Gospel."

LGC Notes: Rev. Joseph POWELL was the minister of the Tonoloways Baptist Church at the Tonoloways Settlement in then- BedfordCo, PA; however, prior to their wedding, a marriage bond was recorded in Loudoun Co, VA [sic] on 8 Jun 1779, for Sarah Combs (b 7 Feb 1760, d 8 Aug1828 in Loudoun Co VA per Bible Record) and Thomas FOUCH, with John Combs (COOMBS), "father of the girl" testifying as to Sarah's age, and with Joseph COOMBS (Combs) their bondsman. John COOMBS, father of Sarah COOMBS Fouch,d 1801, NelsonCo, KY.

(2) A second bible appears to have originally been that of Mary McDOWELL Fouch, and purchased by her about the time of her husband's death. It states: "the New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, translated out of the Original Greek: and with the former Translations Diligently compared and revised. Trenton: Printed and sold by Isaac Collins M.DCC.XCI [1791]. Isaac died a couple of years later. The bible is in the possession of a Donna Bell, a great, great grandaughter of Martha Ann (Fouch) White, in Des Moines, IA. Mary evidently kept it until her death in 1824, because her son, Thomas wrote in it at that time. It recorded the birthdates (and some death dates) of all of their (Isaac/Mary) children as well as where the family came from in France. Evidently the bible then migrated to Ohio to the home of William FOUCH (son of Thomas & Sarah COOMBS Fouch), with William incorporating in part the information from this bible into his own (exact phraseology). In this bible record, however, is the following additional statement, in the hand of Thomas FOUCH (husband of Sarah COOMBS), written in the bible in 1824:

In speaking of his mother's family (Mary MCDOWELL Fouch), he wrote that they had come from Armaugh, Ireland, stating: "I Remember her Grandmother, Mrs. Mary VARNOR, she lived to the age of more than 90 years, and never wore Spectacles. She read much, and taught many children to read, one of which was my Wife's Mother" (Alice JOLLY Combs).

(3) Amos & Anna COOMBES Fouch Family Bible Record (Transcribed from original in possession of George Fouche of Falls Church, Virginiaby Combs Researcher Lourene G. Criddle who adds that Amos FOUCH was thes/o Thomas and Sarah Combs Fouch and Anna the daughter of RW Mahlon Combs)

Page 1
Amos Fouch, 2nd Son of Thomas Fouch and Sarah his wife BornNovember the 4th 1783 and Died December the 11th 1859. 76y 1m 7d.

Anna Coombes the Eldest Daughter of Mahlon Coombes and Sarah his wife was born November the 7th 1784

Amos Fouch and Anna his wife was married January the 1st 1809
And their Issue are as follows

1st Sarah Ann, born the 15th February 1810
2nd Eden Born November the 15th 1812
3rd Temple Born December the 19th 1815
4th Mary Ann Born November the 24 1817
5th Rebecka, Born May the 9th 1820
6th Martha Ann Born July the 21st 1823
7th Amos, Born July the 2nd 1826. And anna, his Mother died in a fewhours after his Birth

Amos fouch, and Sarah McNabb, his second wife was married April the1st 1828. And on the 28th September 1831 She Died, leaving no Issue

Amos fouch, and Ellen Stevens his third wife was Married October the 17th 1837. And their Issue are as follows

1st Anna, born July the 16th 1838. and Died 27th Sept 1848
2nd John Henry born November the 10th 1839 and died 20th June 1864
3rd Burr William Born September the 23rd 1841 and died 12 September1853
4th Sidney, born august the 1st 1843 died June 25 1902
5th Thomas Corwin Born 22 May 1845 And died 3d November following
6th George Washington Born 14th February 1847 died May 14 1900

[Following that on page 2 are the wife and children of George Washington Fouch]

3rd page:
Family Record

Anna Fouch wife to Amos Fouch died July 2nd 1826 in the 41styear of her age, leaving her new born Infant in three hours after his birth.

Thomas Fouch died 27th July 1828 Aged 73 years and 5 days

Sarah Fouch wife to the above mentioned Thomas Fouch Died 8th August 1828 In the 62nd year of her Age.

Sarah Fouch, second wife of Amos died September [torn out] 1831 38th year? [hard to read]

Amos Fouch, Sr. died December the 11th 1859 aged 76 years 1 month and 7 days. At his later residence in the county of Loudoun State of Virginia

Page 4
Family Record

Amos Fouch and Ann his wife was married in her Fathers' house Loudoun County, married the first day of January in the year of our Lord One thousand Eight hundred and nine By the Rev. John Dunn*

Amos Fouch and Sarah his second wife was married the first day of April 1828 by the Rev. John Jackson

On the 20th day of November 1828 John Ball and Sarah Ann fouch was married in her father's house in Loudoun County by the Rev. ________Jackson.

Francis elgin and Mary Ann his wife was married in her Father's house Loudoun County by the Reverend George Ady(?) on the 22nd June AD 1836

Amos Fouch and ellen his third wife was married in William Rollings house _______ by the Reverend George A____ on the 17 October 18 [torn]

(the next page gives the children of Walter Clarence Carter and Mary ellen (fouche) Carter)

*The Loudoun Co, VA marriage return of Amos FOUCH and Ann Combs [sic] was by Rev. John DUNN, Protestant Episcopal Minister, on 1 Jan 1809.

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