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Format: Patentee Name State County Issue Date Land Office Doc. Nr. Accession/Serial Nr.

Note: See Also Master Index to Combs BLM Land, including Tips on how to best utilize BLM records genealogically.

No County Listed

Combs, John W OK 9/16/1912 Guthrie 06013 292520

Issue Date: 9/16/1912
Land Office: Guthrie
Cancelled: No
U.S. Reservations: No
Mineral Reservations: No
Authority: May 20, 1862: Homestead Entry Original (12 Stat. 392)

Beaver County

Combs, Claudius G OK Beaver 11/29/1909 Woodward 07338 92217

Note: Claudius Gallio Combs is the maternal grandfather of Sharon Kaasa. He came to Texas and then settled in Oklahoma. He was born and raised in North Carolina. He moved to Texas, homesteaded in Oklahoma and then brought his parents and three of his younger siblings, first to Texas, and later to Oklahoma where they homesteaded. He was the oldest son of John William Combs and Matilda Jane Burrus Combs (below) from North Carolina

Caddo County

COMBEST, Charles J OK Caddo 2/15/1909 El Reno 076 46763

COMBEST, Lulu OK Caddo 2/15/1909 El Reno 076 46763

Cimarron County

Combs, Levi D OK Cimarron 9/21/1911 Woodward 010892 225581

Combs, Perry A OK Cimarron 5/19/1914 Woodward 04172 406806

Combs, Thomas J OK Cimarron 2/17/1913 Woodward 010895 315912

Combs, Wade V OK Cimarron 10/14/1916 Guthrie 09706 550320

COOMBS, Frank OK Cimarron 6/6/1910 Woodward 05703 134173

Comanche County

Combs, Mary R OK Comanche 3/1/1910 Lawton 02345 114726

Cotton County

COOMBS, Thomas L OK Cotton 1/25/1909 Lawton 0288 42734

McCOMB, Albert T OK Cotton 6/6/1912 Guthrie 04954 272144

McCOMB, Eleanor P OK Cotton 11/12/1912 Guthrie 05917 300350

Custer County

COOMBS, George S OK Custer 9/17/1908 Kingfisher 6006 14727

Dewey County

Combs, Harvey D OK Dewey 10/8/1908 Guthrie 10646 18613

Ellis County

Combs, Robert A OK Ellis 3/10/1915 Guthrie 03656 462011

Greer County

Combs, Henry L OK Greer 1/8/1919 Guthrie 010516 658036

Combs, Starly H OK Greer 6/8/1911 Lawton 07710 204653

Kiowa County

Combs, Delly W OK Kiowa 5/15/1914 Guthrie 06882 405687

Combs, Thomas J OK Kiowa 10/4/1909 El Reno 0928 82109

Combs, William T OK Kiowa 6/16/1910 Lawton 05991 138149

Roger Mills County

Combs, Edward B OK Roger Mills 11/12/1908 Guthrie 10784 29542

Combs, Roy B OK Roger Mills 8/12/1907 Guthrie 9093 0629-333

Combs, William A OK Roger Mills 6/7/1916 Guthrie 08015 532491

Texas County

Combs, John W OK Texas 2/13/1911 Woodward 07415 177466

Note: John William Combs is the maternal great-grandfather of Sharon Kaasa. He died of cancer after building his homestead and his wife, Matilda, filed the land patent in her name. That is why the patents are the same date and have the same record number. John William Combs is the father of Claudius G. Combs, above.

Combs, Matilda J OK Texas 2/13/1911 Woodward 07415 177466

Note: Matilda Jane (Burrus) Combs is the maternal great-grandmother of Sharon Kaasa. She is the mother of Claudius G. Combs in this same list and wife of John William Combs, who died before the patent was filed. Matilda filed the patent in his name and then in hers.

Woodward County

COOMBS, Anna M OK Woodward 2/23/1910 Woodward 02834 113338