1910 US Fed Census List of Combs (Soundex) in Oklahoma

NameHome in 1910 (City, County, State)Estimated Birth YearBirthplaceRaceGender
Boykin C Combass4-Wd Perry, Noble, OKabt 1857AlabamaColoredMale
Harrison CombastDent Twp, Pottawatomie, OKabt 1889MissouriWhiteMale
Almon E Combes2-Wd Atoka, Atoka, OKabt 1873MissouriWhiteMale
Irving A Combes2-Wd Enid, Garfield, OKabt 1882KansasWhiteMale
Taylor CombesGreeley Twp, Oklahoma, OKabt 1848IllinoisWhiteMale
Will A Combes2-Wd Henryetta, Okmulgee, OKabt 1874IllinoisWhiteMale
William M Combes2-Wd Enid, Garfield, OKabt 1850IndianaWhiteMale
George M CombestGarner Twp, Johnston, OKabt 1866KentuckyWhiteMale
Luela J CombestHale, Caddo, OKabt 1865IowaWhiteFemale
A B Combs25-Twp, Osage, OKabt 1861IndianaWhiteMale
Albert CombsLincoln Twp, Okfuskee, OKabt 1870TexasColoredMale
Alfred Combs1-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1868TexasColoredMale
Allonzo F Combs3-Wd Perry, Noble, OKabt 1873IndianaWhiteMale
Andrew B Combs3-Wd El Reno, Canadian, OKabt 1875OhioWhiteMale
Andrew B Combs1-Wd Edmond, Oklahoma, OKabt 1831TennesseeWhiteMale
Andrew C CombsRed Mound Twp, Seminole, OKabt 1884ArkansasWhiteMale
Andrew J Combs2-Wd Bristow, Creek, OKabt 1863MissouriWhiteMale
Andrew J CombsRed Mound Twp, Seminole, OKabt 1858ArkansasWhiteMale
Bard Combs1-Wd Blanchard, Mcclain, OKabt 1877GeorgiaWhiteMale
Ben Combs4-Wd Guthrie, Logan, OKabt 1871MississippiColoredMale
Benjamin F CombsHarrison Twp, Dewey, OKabt 1842MissouriWhiteMale
Bill CombsElmore Twp, Garvin, OKabt 1859AlabamaWhiteMale
Bob Combs4-Wd Ardmore, Carter, OKabt 1873MississippiColoredMale
Braxton L Combs5-Wd Shawnee, Pottawatomie, OKabt 1864TennesseeWhiteMale
Brex Combs5-Wd Tishomingo, Johnston, OKabt 1894TexasWhiteMale
Bula Combs3-Wd Guthrie, Logan, OKabt 1893OklahomaWhiteFemale
C F Combs1-Wd Lawton, Comanche, OKabt 1875IllinoisWhiteMale
Charles CombsBeck Twp, Mcintosh, OKabt 1881MissouriWhiteMale
Charles Combs2-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1885KentuckyWhiteMale
Charles C CombsReno Twp, Canadian, OKabt 1887KansasWhiteMale
Charles E Combs4-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1875IndianaWhiteMale
Charles H Combs2-Wd Enid, Garfield, OKabt 1871IllinoisWhiteMale
Charles M CombsFort Cobb Twp, Caddo, OKabt 1861KentuckyWhiteMale
Charley CombsBar X Twp, Roger Mills, OKabt 1854ArkansasWhiteMale
Chas N CombsDawson Twp, Tulsa, OKabt 1888MissouriWhiteMale
Chas N CombsDawson Twp, Tulsa, OKabt 1888MissouriWhiteMale
Cherles C Combs4-Wd Bigheart, Osage, OKabt 1883KentuckyWhiteMale
Chester M CombsFort Cobb Twp, Caddo, OKabt 1888OklahomaWhiteMale
Claudius G CombsNabisco Twp, Beaver, OKabt 1877North CarolinaWhiteMale
Cleve CombsWaconda, Caddo, OKabt 1885MissouriWhiteMale
Clyde D CombsHennessey Twp, Kingfisher, OKabt 1886MissouriWhiteMale
Colonel T CombsOtter Crk Twp, Kiowa, OKabt 1878KentuckyWhiteMale
Columbus E CombsMartha Twp, Jackson, OKabt 1877TexasWhiteMale
D C Combs1-Wd Wagoner, Wagoner, OKabt 1860TennesseeColoredMale
David Combs25-Twp, Osage, OKabt 1872MissouriWhiteMale
Delbert T CombsClark Twp, Dewey, OKabt 1879IowaWhiteMale
E E Combs2-Wd Sapulpa, Creek, OKabt 1875WhiteMale
E L CombsMurray Twp, Coal, OKabt 1864IllinoisWhiteFemale
Eagar A Combs2-Wd Haskell, Muskogee, OKabt 1886ArkansasWhiteMale
Edmon R CombsShannon Twp, Wagoner, OKabt 1882KansasWhiteMale
Edner C Combs5-Wd Ponca, Kay, OKabt 1886MissouriWhiteMale
Edward CombsJeter Twp, Choctaw, OKabt 1857TexasWhiteMale
Edward CombsSimpson Twp, Mcintosh, OKabt 1886ArkansasWhiteMale
Edward B CombsDeer Crk Twp, Custer, OKabt 1883KansasWhiteMale
Effie R Combs5-Wd Heavener, Le Flore, OKabt 1878AlabamaWhiteFemale
Elza CombsBritton Twp, Oklahoma, OKabt 1882MissouriWhiteMale
Ennis CombsColdwater Twp, Grant, OKabt 1874KentuckyWhiteMale
Ernest N CombsDeer Crk Twp, Custer, OKabt 1884KansasWhiteMale
Ethan M Combs2-Wd Arapaho, Custer, OKabt 1870IowaWhiteMale
Eva Combs3-Wd Guthrie, Logan, OKabt 1888OklahomaWhiteFemale
Frank CombsStringtown Twp, Atoka, OKabt 1905OklahomaMale
Frank Combs25-Twp, Osage, OKabt 1885MissouriWhiteMale
Fred CombsStonewall Twp, Pontotoc, OKabt 1880TennesseeWhiteMale
Frederic W CombsHobart Twp, Kiowa, OKabt 1881IllinoisWhiteMale
Fredrick B CombsEldorado Twp, Jackson, OKabt 1870IllinoisWhiteMale
Fredrick G CombsLincoln Twp, Washington, OKabt 1871WhiteMale
G S Combs1-Wd Pauls Valley, Garvin, OKabt 1868KentuckyWhiteMale
George CombsMuldrow Twp, Sequoyah, OKabt 1877TennesseeWhiteMale
George M CombsWoodward Twp, Woodward, OKabt 1853IndianaWhiteMale
George W Combs2-Wd Helena, Alfalfa, OKabt 1869IllinoisWhiteMale
George W Combs1-Wd Haskell, Muskogee, OKabt 1839TennesseeWhiteMale
George W CombsRed Mound Twp, Seminole, OKabt 1848ArkansasWhiteMale
Guy CombsBighill Twp, Osage, OKabt 1844WhiteMale
Hamilton F CombsRed Rvr Twp, Tillman, OKabt 1857OklahomaWhiteMale
Hank CombsLynn Lane Twp, Tulsa, OKabt 1870WhiteMale
Harvey D CombsTrail Twp, Dewey, OKabt 1881IowaWhiteMale
Haward S CombsTilly Twp, Greer, OKabt 1888TexasWhiteMale
Henry Combs1-Wd Ardmore, Carter, OKabt 1858AlabamaMale
Henry CombsGranite Twp, Greer, OKabt 1863ArkansasWhiteMale
Henry Combs3-Wd Wilburton, Latimer, OKabt 1870TexasWhiteMale
Henry Combs4-Wd Muskogee, Muskogee, OKabt 1871TexasColoredMale
Henry CombsCimarron Twp, Payne, OKabt 1865IndianaWhiteMale
Hugh P CombsEcoutuchka Twp, Seminole, OKabt 1863TennesseeWhiteMale
Iona CombsEldorado Twp, Jackson, OKabt 1885TexasWhiteFemale
Isaac M Combs2-Wd Tulsa, Tulsa, OKabt 1842OhioWhiteMale
Isaac S CombsBlack Dog Twp, Osage, OKabt 1863VirginiaWhiteMale
Issac L CombsTrail Twp, Dewey, OKabt 1870IowaWhiteMale
Jack Combs3-Wd Bristow, Creek, OKabt 1902OklahomaWhiteMale
Jackson Combs3-Wd Perkins, Payne, OKabt 1895OklahomaWhiteMale
Jacob O CombsHarrison Twp, Dewey, OKabt 1867IowaWhiteMale
James Combs25-Twp, Osage, OKabt 1885MissouriWhiteMale
James G CombsPaden Twp, Okfuskee, OKabt 1886ArkansasWhiteMale
James J CombsOlustee Twp, Jackson, OKabt 1866TennesseeWhiteMale
James J CombsTurner Twp, Mcintosh, OKabt 1854IndianaWhiteMale
James L CombsMarble Twp, Sequoyah, OKabt 1858MissouriWhiteMale
James M CombsLooney Twp, Harmon, OKabt 1855TexasWhiteMale
James M Combs5-Wd Ravia, Johnston, OKabt 1891TexasWhiteMale
James M Combs1-Wd Chandler, Lincoln, OKabt 1856IndianaWhiteMale
James O CombsEcoutuchka Twp, Seminole, OKabt 1879ArkansasWhiteMale
James R Combs5-Wd Lawton, Comanche, OKabt 1873MissouriWhiteMale
James W Combs2-Wd Chandler, Lincoln, OKabt 1871KansasWhiteMale
James W Combs2-Wd Sparks, Lincoln, OKabt 1871KansasWhiteMale
Jenette Combs6-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1891KansasWhiteFemale
Jesse Combs4-Wd Hennessey, Kingfisher, OKabt 1875IndianaWhiteMale
Jesse CombsRed Mound Twp, Seminole, OKabt 1887ArkansasWhiteMale
Jessie E Combs1-Wd Sapulpa, Creek, OKabt 1870MissouriWhiteMale
John Combs3-Wd Thomas, Custer, OKabt 1864MissouriWhiteMale
John CombsWetumka Twp, Hughes, OKabt 1878AlabamaColoredMale
John CombsOdell Twp, Marshall, OKabt 1890ArkansasWhiteMale
John CombsKider Twp, Mayes, OKabt 1880ArkansasWhiteMale
John Combs3-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1885IndianaWhiteMale
John C Combs4-Wd Tahlequah, Cherokee, OKabt 1875KentuckyWhiteMale
John C Combs3-Wd Enid, Garfield, OKabt 1871OklahomaColoredMale
John C Combs5-Wd Ponca, Kay, OKabt 1856KentuckyWhiteMale
John C CombsAuburn Twp, Noble, OKabt 1863South CarolinaWhiteMale
John G CombsRed Mound Twp, Seminole, OKabt 1881ArkansasWhiteMale
John H CombsYukon Twp, Canadian, OKabt 1869KentuckyWhiteMale
John H CombsMarble Twp, Sequoyah, OKabt 1860IllinoisWhiteMale
John R Combs2-Twp, Rogers, OKabt 1888MissouriWhiteMale
John W CombsJester Twp, Greer, OKabt 1872IllinoisWhiteMale
John W CombsChecotah Twp, Mcintosh, OKabt 1855IllinoisWhiteMale
Jos S CombsDuke Twp, Jackson, OKabt 1887WhiteMale
Joseph T CombsRush Springs, Grady, OKabt 1874ArkansasWhiteMale
L V Combs3-Wd Anadarko, Caddo, OKabt 1863IllinoisWhiteMale
Lawrence CombsRed Mound Twp, Seminole, OKabt 1886ArkansasWhiteMale
Leroy Combs2-Wd Wilburton, Latimer, OKabt 1885IndianaWhiteMale
Leroy CombsDignan Twp, Latimer, OKabt 1886MissouriWhiteMale
Leslie CombsWashita Twp, Custer, OKabt 1874MissouriWhiteMale
Leslie Combs4-Wd Kingfisher, Kingfisher, OKabt 1874TexasWhiteMale
Levi D CombsWillow Bar Twp, Cimarron, OKabt 1885KansasWhiteMale
Lewis CombsMangum Twp, Greer, OKabt 1889TexasWhiteMale
Lola CombsMountain Park, Kiowa, OKabt 1873OhioWhiteFemale
Lou Combs2-Wd Wynnewood, Garvin, OKabt 1860MississippiColoredFemale
Lou D CombsBlack Dog Twp, Osage, OKabt 1884KentuckyWhiteMale
Lucile Combs1-Wd Bristow, Creek, OKabt 1892MissouriWhiteMale
Lue E Combs2-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1845IndianaWhiteFemale
Marcus CombsHickory Twp, Love, OKabt 1882TexasMale
Marcus B CombsMangum Twp, Greer, OKabt 1860IllinoisWhiteMale
Maree Combs1-Wd Sapulpa, Creek, OKabt 1886MissouriWhiteFemale
Marion CombsCimarron Twp, Payne, OKabt 1873IowaWhiteMale
Martha CombsJackson Twp, Washington, OKabt 1887OklahomaWhiteFemale
Mary CombsGarland Twp, Garfield, OKabt 1897MissouriWhiteFemale
Mary CombsChouteau Twp, Mayes, OKabt 1823KentuckyWhiteFemale
Mc Cain J CombsHickory Twp, Love, OKabt 1856Male
Mettie CombsWashington Twp, Love, OKabt 1875KansasWhiteFemale
Mitilda J CombsNabisco Twp, Texas, OKabt 1848North CarolinaWhiteFemale
Monday CombsWashington Twp, Love, OKabt 1877AlabamaColoredMale
N D CombsDawson Twp, Tulsa, OKabt 1843KentuckyWhiteMale
Nathaniel CombsMoodys Twp, Cherokee, OKabt 1889ArkansasWhiteMale
Noah CombsBeggs Twp, Okmulgee, OKabt 1895ArkansasWhiteMale
Nuton J CombsAfton Twp, Ottawa, OKabt 1854IndianaWhiteMale
Odell S Combs1-Wd Haileyville, Pittsburg, OKabt 1864OhioWhiteMale
Oliver P CombsAdams Twp, Harper, OKabt 1839IllinoisWhiteMale
Orwin P CombsTurkey Crk Twp, Washita, OKabt 1838KentuckyWhiteMale
Perry A CombsWillow Bar Twp, Cimarron, OKabt 1886KansasWhiteMale
Peter W CombsChristie Twp, Adair, OKabt 1867IllinoisWhiteMale
Pink Combs2-Wd Marietta, Love, OKabt 1871AlabamaColoredMale
Plesant N CombsColdwater Twp, Grant, OKabt 1874IllinoisWhiteMale
Preston CombsSouth Fox Twp, Lincoln, OKabt 1870KentuckyWhiteMale
Rachel Combs2-Wd Marietta, Love, OKabt 1860AlabamaColoredFemale
Richard Combs1-Twp, Craig, OKabt 1860KentuckyWhiteMale
Robert A CombsGrand Twp, Ellis, OKabt 1872MissouriWhiteMale
Robert A Combs3-Wd Mcalister, Pittsburg, OKabt 1874MississippiWhiteMale
Robert C Combs3-Wd Wagoner, Wagoner, OKabt 1877KentuckyWhiteMale
Robert H Combs2-Twp, Rogers, OKabt 1873ArkansasWhiteMale
Robert L CombsCrowell Twp, Major, OKabt 1874MissouriWhiteMale
Rowland CombsEuchee Twp, Creek, OKabt 1878AlabamaColoredMale
Roy CombsTurkey Crk Twp, Washita, OKabt 1878MissouriWhiteMale
Roy B Combs2-Wd Elk, Beckham, OKabt 1881KansasWhiteMale
Ruby P CombsLonestar Twp, Wagoner, OKabt 1894MissouriWhiteFemale
Russel Combs4-Twp, Bryan, OKabt 1888KentuckyWhiteMale
Samantha T CombsParkhill Twp, Cherokee, OKabt 1887ArkansasWhiteFemale
Samuel F Combs1-Wd Perkins, Payne, OKabt 1846MissouriWhiteMale
Samuel T CombsHobart Twp, Kiowa, OKabt 1857IowaWhiteMale
Scott J CombsElk Twp, Washita, OKabt 1881TexasWhiteMale
Thomas J CombsHobart Twp, Kiowa, OKabt 1845IllinoisWhiteMale
Tude CombsJester Twp, Greer, OKabt 1870IllinoisWhiteMale
V Combs2-Wd Kaw, Kay, OKabt 1868IndianaWhiteMale
Vera E CombsOklahoma Twp, Oklahoma, OKabt 1888TexasWhiteFemale
Virlena CombsBeck Twp, Mcintosh, OKabt 1855MissouriWhiteFemale
W F CombsBrady Twp, Garvin, OKabt 1889ArkansasWhiteMale
W T CombsMountain Park Twp, Kiowa, OKabt 1859VirginiaWhiteMale
Walter Combs4-Wd Ardmore, Carter, OKabt 1887TexasColoredMale
Walter Combs2-Wd Wynnewood, Garvin, OKabt 1884TexasColoredMale
Walter N CombsMoodys Twp, Cherokee, OKabt 1891OklahomaWhiteMale
Wesley G CombsReno Twp, Grant, OKabt 1886KentuckyWhiteMale
Willam F CombsReno Twp, Canadian, OKabt 1847IllinoisWhiteMale
Willard CombsStilwell Twp, Adair, OKabt 1885MissouriWhiteMale
William CombsHewitt Twp, Carter, OKabt 1864KentuckyWhiteMale
William CombsMoodys Twp, Cherokee, OKabt 1856KentuckyWhiteMale
William CombsMaysville Twp, Garvin, OKabt 1887TexasWhiteMale
William Combs3-Wd Tulsa, Tulsa, OKabt 1870IndianaWhiteMale
William A CombsBeck Twp, Mcintosh, OKabt 1872MissouriWhiteMale
William D CombsBrady Twp, Garvin, OKabt 1867ArkansasWhiteMale
William D CombsEldorado Twp, Jackson, OKabt 1878TexasWhiteMale
William E Combs1-Wd Haskell, Muskogee, OKabt 1878TennesseeWhiteMale
William F CombsBrogdon Twp, Johnston, OKabt 1870MissouriWhiteMale
William F CombsHobart Twp, Kiowa, OKabt 1853IllinoisWhiteMale
William H CombsSimpson Twp, Mcintosh, OKabt 1880KentuckyWhiteMale
William H CombsDewey Twp, Roger Mills, OKabt 1851ArkansasWhiteMale
William M CombsChecotah Twp, Mcintosh, OKabt 1850IllinoisWhiteMale
William M CombsCoweta Twp, Wagoner, OKabt 1856ArkansasWhiteMale
William Owen Combs3-Wd Thomas, Custer, OKabt 1854MissouriWhiteMale
Willie CombsPaw Paw Twp, Sequoyah, OKabt 1891ArkansasWhiteMale
Wilson S Combs3-Wd El Reno, Canadian, OKabt 1840OhioWhiteMale
Y A Combs1-Wd Collinsville, Rogers, OKabt 1875WhiteMale
Frank Coombes2-Wd Woodward, Woodward, OKabt 1890TexasWhiteMale
Gano Coombes1-Wd Woodward, Woodward, OKabt 1883TexasWhiteMale
Lorenzo B CoombesWoodward Twp, Woodward, OKabt 1858IndianaWhiteMale
Mary J Coombes3-Wd Woodward, Woodward, OKabt 1904OklahomaWhiteFemale
Oliver Coombes4-Wd Alva, Woods, OKabt 1888MissouriWhiteMale
Walter T CoombesBunch Twp, Adair, OKabt 1887MissouriWhiteMale
William B Coombes2-Wd Woodward, Woodward, OKabt 1885TexasWhiteMale
Z E Coombes2-Wd Woodward, Woodward, OKabt 1864TexasWhiteMale
A D Coombs1-Wd Duncan, Stephens, OKabt 1868IllinoisWhiteMale
A M Coombs3-Wd Anadarko, Caddo, OKabt 1868IllinoisWhiteMale
Adin L CoombsNorth Fox Twp, Lincoln, OKabt 1865KentuckyWhiteMale
Anna M CoombsSimpson Twp, Dewey, OKabt 1870IllinoisWhiteFemale
Benjamin Coombs3-Wd Stigler, Haskell, OKabt 1867ArkansasWhiteMale
Bert M CoombsNorth Fox Twp, Lincoln, OKabt 1882KansasWhiteMale
C F CoombsStrauss Twp, Comanche, OKabt 1844KentuckyWhiteMale
Clinton CoombsJefferson Twp, Ellis, OKabt 1892IndianaWhiteMale
Dora CoombsSummerfield Twp, Le Flore, OKabt 1884ArkansasWhiteFemale
Edward CoombsSummerfield Twp, Le Flore, OKabt 1849KentuckyWhiteMale
Ernest Coombs3-Wd Muskogee, Muskogee, OKabt 1881MissouriWhiteMale
Florence M Coombs1-Wd Stigler, Haskell, OKabt 1879ArkansasWhiteFemale
Frank Coombs1-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1867New YorkWhiteMale
Fred S Coombs7-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1887MissouriWhiteMale
Guy CoombsNorth Fox Twp, Lincoln, OKabt 1889KentuckyWhiteMale
John D CoombsNorth Fox Twp, Lincoln, OKabt 1858MissouriWhiteMale
Leelie Coombs2-Wd Bartlesville, Washington, OKabt 1852KentuckyFemale
Luke Coombs4-Wd Sulphur, Murray, OKabt 1863IllinoisWhiteMale
Robert V CoombsOtter Twp, Ellis, OKabt 1887IndianaWhiteMale
Samuel L Coombs1-Wd Mcalister, Pittsburg, OKabt 1879MassachusettsWhiteMale
Thomas L CoombsJackson Twp, Comanche, OKabt 1871MissouriWhiteMale
Walker M Coombs1-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1863WisconsinWhiteMale
Other names that show in the 1910 US Fed Census-Oklahoma Soundex search for Combs
William J CamphouseTurkey Crk Twp, Washita, OKabt 1882IowaWhiteMale
Otto Camps2-Wd Fairview, Major, OKabt 1879 WhiteMale
Emmet Campsey1-Wd Clinton, Custer, OKabt 1873KansasWhiteMale
Joe CanafaxWillis Twp, Marshall, OKabt 1879TexasWhiteMale
Mattie A CanafaxKickapoo Twp, Lincoln, OKabt 1853ArkansasWhiteFemale
Nute E CanafaxTaliaferro Twp, Marshall, OKabt 1872TexasWhiteMale
Annica Canifax3-Wd Vinita, Craig, OKabt 1866ArkansasFemale
Tom CanifaxWekiwa Twp, Tulsa, OKabt 1871MissouriWhiteMale
Edward Cannefax2-Wd Tulsa, Tulsa, OKabt 1871MissouriWhiteMale
Geo L CannefaxGarber, Garfield, OKabt 1880MissouriWhiteMale
George R CannefaxAntlers Twp, Pushmataha, OKabt 1858MissouriWhiteMale
John W CannefaxAntlers Twp, Pushmataha, OKabt 1886TexasWhiteMale
Mary Cannefax3-Wd Antlers, Pushmataha, OKabt 1875TexasWhiteFemale
William Cenfester3-Wd Tulsa, Tulsa, OKabt 1882OhioWhiteMale
Emile Cienfugos4-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1886TexasWhiteMale
Anna Cinibaugh3-Wd Tulsa, Tulsa, OKabt 1832OhioWhiteFemale
Andrew CompasAlderson Twp, Pittsburg, OKWhiteMale
Felipe CompasCarson Twp, Noble, OKabt 1862WhiteMale
Elizabeth CompstonAdair Twp, Mayes, OKabt 1851OhioWhiteFemale
George Compston8-Twp, Craig, OKabt 1883OhioWhiteMale
Reuben CompstonAdair Twp, Mayes, OKabt 1875OhioWhiteMale
William Compston8-Twp, Craig, OKabt 1877MissouriWhiteMale
Clyde C Connefox4-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1880MissouriWhiteMale
Walter N Connefox4-Wd Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, OKabt 1886MissouriWhiteMale
Denies ConvesSouth Keokuk Twp, Lincoln, OKabt 1897OklahomaWhiteMale
George Cumback1-Wd Enid, Garfield, OKabt 1887WhiteMale
Burt Cynbust1-Wd Sapulpa, Creek, OKabt 1875KansasWhiteMale