1920 US Fed Census List of Combs (Soundex) in Oklahoma

NameHome in 1920 (City,County,State)Estimated Birth YearBirthplaceRace
Adair County
Walter CombsBallard, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1884MissouriWhite
Ada CombsBallard, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1888OklahomaWhite
Bertha CombsBallard, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Mamie CombsBallard, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Cecil CombsBallard, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Jessie CombsBallard, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Vennie CombsBallard, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Julia CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1892GeorgiaWhite
Fred R CombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1882MissouriWhite
Mattie CombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1886ArkansasWhite
Doyle C CombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Herbert F CombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Robert R CombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Wella L CombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Mary E CombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Edward F CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1851IndianaWhite
Permelia CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1867IllinoisWhite
Claude E CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
William H CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1869IndianaWhite
Hattie CoombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1876MinnesotaWhite
Annie CoombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Arthur CoombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
James CoombsBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Charlie F CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1876IndianaWhite
Ida CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1880GeorgiaWhite
Iva M CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Nora L CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Minnie N CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Ellis E CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Ruth F CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Altie CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Tom W CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Johnnie CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Mary CoombesBaron, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
John A CoombesChance, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1872IndianaWhite
Elsie CoombesChance, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1902OklahomaWhite
Alva CoombesChance, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
Calvin CoombesChance, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Nellie CoombesChance, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
William D CombsLee Creek, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1892ArkansasWhite
Ada L CombsLee Creek, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1895ArkansasWhite
Berl CombsLee Creek, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1913ArkansasWhite
Jewel CombsLee Creek, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1917ArkansasWhite
Alvin CombsLee Creek, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1914ArkansasWhite
Paul CombsLee Creek, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1919ArkansasWhite
William B CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1878TennesseeWhite
Margaret E CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1880TennesseeWhite
Alma CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1901TennesseeWhite
Willie May CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1903TennesseeWhite
Annie F CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1907TennesseeWhite
Barney V CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1911MississippiWhite
William C CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1915ArkansasWhite
Ruby L CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1918ArkansasWhite
Arthur B CombsStillwelle, Adair, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Beckham County
Fred L ChambesElk, Beckham, Oklahomaabt 1897OklahomaWhite
William M CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1856KentuckyWhite
Lydia CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1864ArkansasWhite
Robert A CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1899OklahomaWhite
Ike G CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1901OklahomaWhite
James E CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Nathen H CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1889ArkansasWhite
Annie CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1892ArkansasWhite
Allen C CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Raymon C CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Edgar E CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Guilla B CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Alford CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1873KentuckyWhite
Halie CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1895ArkansasWhite
Sauton CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1914ArkansasWhite
Leona CombsMoodys, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1916ArkansasWhite
Jack CombsCookson, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1888KentuckyWhite
Anna CombsCookson, Cherokee, Oklahomaabt 1909KentuckyWhite
Atoka County
Cleveland C CombsCaney, Atoka, Oklahomaabt 1887KentuckyWhite
Minnie CombsCaney, Atoka, Oklahomaabt 1888TexasWhite
Vera CombsCaney, Atoka, Oklahomaabt 1911TexasWhite
Stanley E CombsCaney, Atoka, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Antha E CombsCaney, Atoka, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
George Cogan
[George Combs??]
Stringtown, Atoka, Oklahomaabt 1879TexasWhite
Beaver County
Emma M CombesBalko, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1883MissouriWhite
Oliver G CombesBalko, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1889MissouriWhite
Letha CombesBalko, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Lucella CombesBalko, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Geneva CombesBalko, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Claudius G CombsNabisco, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1876North CarolinaWhite
Sepoda CombsNabisco, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1887TexasWhite
Cles CombsNabisco, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Mina M CombsNabisco, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Zonia L CombsNabisco, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Emma I CombsNabisco, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Clyde G CombsNabisco, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Matilda J Cowles
[Matilda J Combs]
Nabisco, Beaver, Oklahomaabt 1849North CarolinaWhite
Caddo County
Bessie CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1888GeorgiaWhite
Mabel CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1904GeorgiaWhite
Syble CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1907TexasWhite
Nora CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1910GeorgiaWhite
Anna May CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Dorley CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1896OklahomaWhite
Hazel CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1898OklahomaWhite
Arline CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
L V CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1863IllinoisWhite
Effie CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1883IowaWhite
Lute R CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Floy Arline CoombsAnadarko, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1919MissouriWhite
Elmer CombestHale, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1890MissouriWhite
Lena CombestHale, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1891TexasWhite
Alice CombestHale, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Wyatt CombestHale, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Viola CombestHale, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Wilfred CombestHale, Caddo, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Bryan County
Robert CoombsDurant Ward 2, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1876TennesseeWhite
James M CambsBokchito, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1873ArkansasWhite
Mary CambsBokchito, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1890ArkansasWhite
Cerise CambsBokchito, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1904ArkansasWhite
Jesse CambsBokchito, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1907ArkansasWhite
Ethel CambsBokchito, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1909ArkansasWhite
B M CompstonAlbany, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1881TexasWhite
Ada CompstonAlbany, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1893TexasWhite
Ray CompstonAlbany, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1913TexasWhite
Edith CompstonAlbany, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
William CombostBennington, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
A B CombsCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1874OhioWhite
Hattie CombsCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1877MissouriWhite
Ola CombsCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1907MissouriWhite
John W CombestCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1879KentuckyWhite
Elizada CombestCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1887KentuckyWhite
William CombestCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1908TexasWhite
Mae CombestCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1914New MexicoWhite
Gean CombestCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1919TexasWhite
Callie CombestCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1901TexasWhite
Thomas CombestCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1880KentuckyWhite
Lee CombestCaddo, Bryan, Oklahomaabt 1899TexasWhite
Carter County
William F CanafaxArdmore Ward 1, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1888OklahomaWhite
Annie CanafaxArdmore Ward 1, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1897OklahomaWhite
Earnest CoombsArdmore Ward 2, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1882KansasWhite
Maudie CoombsArdmore Ward 2, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1891ArkansasWhite
Richard CoombsArdmore Ward 2, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Harrold CoombsArdmore Ward 2, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
William E CombsArdmore Ward 3, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1894TexasWhite
Berta L CombsArdmore Ward 3, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1896TexasWhite
Mary L CombsArdmore Ward 3, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Henry CombsArdmore Ward 4, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1892TexasWhite
Otha CombsArdmore Ward 4, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1897TexasWhite
Lester CombsArdmore Ward 4, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Clarence CombsArdmore Ward 4, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Lexie CombsArdmore Ward 4, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Mettie CombsHewitt, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1875KansasWhite
Thelma CombsHewitt, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1896OklahomaWhite
Robert L CombsHewitt, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1902TexasWhite
William R CombsWilson, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1897ArkansasWhite
Ruby May CombsWilson, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1897TexasWhite
Harold B CombsWilson, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Rupert CamposWilson, Carter, Oklahomaabt 1860MexicoWhite
Canadian County
John C Combe
[John C Combs]
El Reno Ward 3, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1861IllinoisWhite
Charles C CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1887KansasWhite
Alice M CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1888KansasWhite
Charles N CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Marion L CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
John T CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
William F CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1847IllinoisWhite
Marinda CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1858MissouriWhite
William B CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1897OklahomaWhite
Leena L CombsReno, Canadian, Oklahomaabt 1896TexasWhite
Choctaw County
W R CoombsHugo Ward 1, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1872WisconsinWhite
Ruth CoombsHugo Ward 1, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1885KansasWhite
Audrey CoombsHugo Ward 1, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1898KansasWhite
Barbara CoombsHugo Ward 1, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1902KansasWhite
William F CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1870MissouriWhite
Melisa CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1883TexasWhite
Ethel CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1902OklahomaWhite
Joe CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
Jessie CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Olie CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Haskell CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Hazel CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Charles F CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1888ArkansasWhite
Gladys CombsOakes, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1915TexasWhite
Tesie CombsHunter, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1877TexasWhite
Cimarron County
Levi D CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1885KansasWhite
Emma E CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1896OklahomaWhite
Evyln G CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Violet A CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Lusie A CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1863IllinoisWhite
Perry A CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1887KansasWhite
Vernon W CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1884KansasWhite
Mabel A CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1896IowaWhite
Lucile I CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Thomas V CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Loy E CombsWillow Bar, Cimarron, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Jackson County
Ida F CombsDuke, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1877AlabamaWhite
Otto B CombsDuke, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1906TexasWhite
Mary E CombsDuke, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1910TexasWhite
Eugene CombsDuke, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Louis B CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1890TexasWhite
Lulu CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1890TennesseeWhite
Elmo CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Lorena CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
William D CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1877TexasWhite
Bertha CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1877TexasWhite
John C CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
George M CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Bertha F CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Lester R CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1898TexasWhite
Eulah W CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1902TexasWhite
Marcus B CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1860IllinoisWhite
Mary A CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1860TexasWhite
Joseph A CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1881TexasWhite
Ida H CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1888TexasWhite
Willie I CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Clarence M CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1910MexicoWhite
Florence V CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Albert G CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Arvil C CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
James B CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1854TexasWhite
Laura CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1859TexasWhite
Z D CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1889TexasWhite
Aulda E CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1893OklahomaWhite
John V CombsEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1897TexasWhite
Jocie E CombsElmer, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1885TexasWhite
Chas I CombsElmer, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1873TennesseeWhite
Thomas H CombsElmer, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Dorothy E CombsElmer, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Coal County
Jesse H CombsAsh Flat, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1893TexasWhite
Alta B CombsAsh Flat, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1892TexasWhite
Alpha F CombsAsh Flat, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Levere CombsAsh Flat, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Emmia L CombsHaskell, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1864IllinoisWhite
Robt CombsPhillips, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1890TexasWhite
Allice CombsPhillips, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1895OhioWhite
Ivis A CombsPhillips, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Parick H CombsPhillips, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Jack P CombsPhillips, Coal, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Craig County
Record R Combo
[R Combs]
Township 1, Craig, Oklahomaabt 1861KentuckyWhite
Alfred CombsTownship 5, Craig, Oklahomaabt 1891MissouriWhite
George H CompstonTownship 8, Craig, Oklahomaabt 1883OhioWhite
Wolcott P CoombsVenita Ward 4, Craig, Oklahomaabt 1900United States of AmericaWhite
Cotton County
Charles CoombsCache, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1866EnglandWhite
Jane CoombsCache, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1875PennsylvaniaWhite
Charles D CoombsCache, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1899PennsylvaniaWhite
Alfred CoombsCache, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1902PennsylvaniaWhite
Thomas L CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1872MissouriWhite
Virginia L CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1878TexasWhite
Archibald CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1897TexasWhite
Millie C CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1898TexasWhite
Fenner C CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1898TexasWhite
Earnest E CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1901OklahomaWhite
Doris I H CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1902OklahomaWhite
Robby H CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Lonnie J CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Jennie M CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Thomas R CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Bonner B CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Myrtle B CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Ovella CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Patience CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Willmer CoombsJackson, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Charles D CombsWalters, Cotton, Oklahomaabt 1909TexasWhite
Creek County
Ida CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Andrew J Cambe
[Andrew J Combs]
Bristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1866MissouriWhite
Gesie T CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1889MissouriWhite
Lawrence W CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1881MissouriWhite
Greute CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1885KansasWhite
Don CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1902OklahomaWhite
Gladys CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Honor CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Audrey CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Winfred E CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Jos A CombesBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1893MissouriWhite
Jack CombsBristow, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Marva CombesLakeside, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1898OklahomaWhite
Cecil CombesLakeside, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1901MissouriWhite
Jessie W CombesLakeside, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Barr W Cambert
[Ben W Combest]
Lakeside, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1862MissouriWhite
Jesse M CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1886ArkansasWhite
Cora CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1891MissouriWhite
Ola CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Oma CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Bertha CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Hezzie CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Andrew J CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1858ArkansasWhite
Sadie V CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1868District of ColumbiaWhite
James R CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1896ArkansasWhite
Millard J CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1898ArkansasWhite
Homer C CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1902ArkansasWhite
William T CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1904ArkansasWhite
Clarence A CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1907ArkansasWhite
Nettie S CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1912ArkansasWhite
Geo L CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1884ArkansasWhite
Flora B CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1892OklahomaWhite
Price V CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Ethel B CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Maria CombsShannon, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Idella Kelly
[Joella Combs]
Drumright Ward 2, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1868TexasWhite
Sybil CambsDrumright Ward 2, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1905ArkansasWhite
Heny CombsDrumright Ward 3, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1888MissouriWhite
Ida CombsDrumright Ward 3, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1896MissouriWhite
Junader CombsDrumright Ward 3, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1917MissouriWhite
Drilla J CombsDrumright Ward 3, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Steve CombsTiger, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1857??White
Malissa CombsTiger, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1860??White
Elvis CombsTiger, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1902??White
Thomas Alvin CombsTiger, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1874KansasWhite
Rena CombsTiger, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1879ColoradoWhite
Earl CombsTiger, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Dora CombsTiger, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Cora CombsTiger, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Grant County
William B CombsBerry, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1881KentuckyWhite
Pearle M CombsBerry, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1891ArkansasWhite
Plez CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1873MissouriWhite
Leona CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1877MissouriWhite
Richard E CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1899OklahomaWhite
Alvin CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Doris CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1876OklahomaWhite
Verra CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Rosalee CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Loyd CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Opal CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
James CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Thomas J CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1825IllinoisWhite
Laindla CombsColdwater, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1845IndianaWhite
Ennis CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1873KentuckyWhite
Leola CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1898KentuckyWhite
Myrtle CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1900KentuckyWhite
Bessie A CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1902KentuckyWhite
Anna CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1904KentuckyWhite
Harlen CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1906KentuckyWhite
Carmel CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Hulen CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Ruby CombsBurr, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Wesley G CombsReno, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1886KentuckyWhite
Fannie J CombsReno, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1893ArkansasWhite
Clinton T CombsReno, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Ed CombsRock Island, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1885KentuckyWhite
Lottie E CombsRock Island, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1890NebraskaWhite
Geneva K CombsRock Island, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1909KentuckyWhite
Velma E CombsRock Island, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Bertie M CoombsJefferson, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1883KansasWhite
Maude E CoombsJefferson, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1883IndianaWhite
Virgia H CoombsJefferson, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1909AlabamaWhite
Mildred R CoombsJefferson, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Paul L CoombsJefferson, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Dartha M CoombsJefferson, Grant, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Custer County
Myrtle Combe
[Myrth Combs]
Clinton, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1898OklahomaWhite
M C Combert
[M C Combest]
Clinton, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1883OklahomaWhite
Ernest N CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1886KansasWhite
Carrie L CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1889KansasWhite
Irvin CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Duwane CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Elwin CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Charles D CombsThomas, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1887KansasWhite
Allie L CombsThomas, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1890OklahomaWhite
Mona Vee CombsThomas, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
William O CombsThomas, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1853MissouriWhite
Julia B CombsThomas, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1860MissouriWhite
Edward B CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1882KansasWhite
Stella L CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1887NebraskaWhite
Herbert Leslie CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Ralph Elroy CombsDeer Creek, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Leslie CombsWashita, Custer, Oklahomaabt 1875MissouriWhite
Grady County
J T CombsAlex, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1875ArkansasWhite
Lillie CombsAlex, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1878ArkansasWhite
Fred CombsAlex, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1901OklahomaWhite
Henry CombsAlex, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Raymond CombsAlex, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Edna CombsAlex, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Galen CombsAlex, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
J C CombsHarrison, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1896OklahomaWhite
Gussie CombsHarrison, Grady, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
Haskell County
Florence CombsStigler, Haskell, Oklahomaabt 1878ArkansasWhite
Harry J CombsStigler, Haskell, Oklahomaabt 1900OklahomaWhite
Clark B CombsStigler, Haskell, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Maron E CombsStigler, Haskell, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Sam CombsDiamond, Haskell, Oklahomaabt 1896KentuckyWhite
Jewel B CombsDiamond, Haskell, Oklahomaabt 1898MissouriWhite
Sam Combs Jr.Diamond, Haskell, Oklahomaabt 1916MissouriWhite
Norman L CombsDiamond, Haskell, Oklahomaabt 1918WyomingWhite
Dewey County
Benjaman F CombsHarrison, Dewey, Oklahomaabt 1843MissouriWhite
Latimer County
Earl CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1887MissouriWhite
Sallie CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1884ArkansasWhite
Opal CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1907ArkansasWhite
Maytie CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Thelma CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Freman CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Iven CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Gus H CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1888OklahomaWhite
Maud CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1894OklahomaWhite
Monett CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Fred CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Carl CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Perry CombsBuffalo, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1894OklahomaWhite
Willam F CombsSalonia, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1887ArkansasWhite
Nancy L CombsSalonia, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1889ArkansasWhite
Rose T CombsSalonia, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1911ArkansasWhite
Mennie A CombsSalonia, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Willma A CombsSalonia, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Rubbie V CombsSalonia, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Bessie B CombsSalonia, Latimer, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Ellis County
Orba R CombsBenton, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1887KentuckyWhite
Kate M CombsBenton, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1889KansasWhite
Loyd C CombsBenton, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Ella F CombsBenton, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Dave D CombsBenton, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1898KentuckyWhite
Mira E CoombsRock, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1857IndianaWhite
Low E CoombsRock, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1845IndianaWhite
Irven L CoombsRock, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1895IndianaWhite
Buel E CoombsRock, Ellis, Oklahomaabt 1900IndianaWhite
Garfield County
Wm M CombsEnid Ward 2, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1851IowaWhite
Lizzie CombsEnid Ward 2, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1852IndianaWhite
Arthur CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1900OklahomaWhite
Irene CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1900OklahomaWhite
Mark E CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1868IowaWhite
Sadie CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1878PennsylvaniaWhite
Horace CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1898NebraskaWhite
Myrtle CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1879NebraskaWhite
Jay CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1902OklahomaWhite
Harold CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
Glee CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Jay CombsEnid Ward 4, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
William T Mccombs
[William T Mc Combs]
Douglas, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1860KentuckyWhite
Garvin County
Fredrick CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1889TexasWhite
Nancy E CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1888TexasWhite
Wade CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Edgar J CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1882TexasWhite
Elizabeth CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1884KentuckyWhite
Ernest CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1903TexasWhite
Daisy CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1906TexasWhite
Winnie CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1907TexasWhite
Van CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1909TexasWhite
Marie CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1910TexasWhite
George CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1912TexasWhite
Elizabeth CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1915TexasWhite
T J CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1920TexasWhite
Mary CombsWhitebead, Garvin, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Johnston County
Floyd M CombsBrogdon, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1887TexasWhite
Eliza J CombsBrogdon, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1861MissouriWhite
Lawrence A CombsBrogdon, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1889TexasWhite
Audia CombsBrogdon, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1897TexasWhite
Viola Combo
[Viola Combs]
Garner, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Everett C CombustMyrick, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1895TexasWhite
Birdie CombustMyrick, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1895VirginiaWhite
Elene CombustMyrick, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1913TexasWhite
Lorece CombustMyrick, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1914TexasWhite
Odel CombustMyrick, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1916TexasWhite
Bernice CombustMyrick, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Eura F CombustMyrick, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Joseph CombsGarrett, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1892DenmarkWhite
Greer County
John W Camba
[John W Combs]
Jester, Greer, Oklahomaabt 1871IllinoisWhite
Harmon County
James M CombsMartin, Harmon, Oklahomaabt 1891TexasWhite
Floy CombsMartin, Harmon, Oklahomaabt 1897OklahomaWhite
Hughes County
D B CombsWetumka, Hughes, Oklahomaabt 1880TexasWhite
Emily CombsWetumka, Hughes, Oklahomaabt 1886TexasWhite
Alvia CombsWetumka, Hughes, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Darrest CombsWetumka, Hughes, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Obe CombsWetumka, Hughes, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Rupert CombsWetumka, Hughes, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Grace CombsWetumka, Hughes, Oklahomaabt 1902OklahomaWhite
Jefferson County
Tom CombsBourland, Jefferson, Oklahomaabt 1887TexasWhite
Josephine CombsBourland, Jefferson, Oklahomaabt 1890TexasWhite
Fulton CombsBourland, Jefferson, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
John CombsBourland, Jefferson, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Chester CombsBourland, Jefferson, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Virgina CombsBourland, Jefferson, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Kay County
Grace CombestBlackwell Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Earnest A CoombesBlackwell Ward 3, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1880KansasWhite
Flora CoombesBlackwell Ward 3, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1881ConnecticutWhite
Earnest CoombesBlackwell Ward 3, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Harriett CoombesBlackwell Ward 3, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Robert CoombesBlackwell Ward 3, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Luther A CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1877MissouriWhite
Audry F CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1875MissouriWhite
Uel W CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1900MissouriWhite
Ruby I CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1903MissouriWhite
Woodson O CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1907MissouriWhite
Luther L CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1916MissouriWhite
Edner C CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1886MissouriWhite
Alva L CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1890MissouriWhite
Leo Edward CombsPonca Ward 2, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Blanche CombsPonca Ward 5, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1902KansasWhite
J C CombsPonca Ward 5, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1858KentuckyWhite
Sally P CombsPonca Ward 5, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1865MissouriWhite
Ralph CombsPonca Ward 5, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1900MissouriWhite
Rosebell CombsPonca Ward 5, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1902MissouriWhite
Eligia ComposPonca Ward 5, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1873MexicoWhite
Jesse CombsLongwood, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1878IowaWhite
Ada A CombsLongwood, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1889KansasWhite
Valantine CombsLongwood, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1868IndianaWhite
Caroline M CombsLongwood, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1856IndianaWhite
Guy P CombsLongwood, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1894KansasWhite
Albert D CoombsLongwood, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1869IndianaWhite
Effie R CoombsLongwood, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1880KansasWhite
Kingfisher County
Clyde CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1887KansasWhite
Maude CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1889IowaWhite
Ruth CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Grace CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Fay CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Lester CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Opal CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Agnus CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Juanita CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Vivian CombesKingfisher, Kingfisher, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Kiowa County
Bettie G CoombsHobart, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
W F CompsHobart, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1854IllinoisWhite
Jessie CompsHobart, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1870IndianaWhite
William T CombsMountain Park, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1862VirginiaWhite
Catharine CombsMountain Park, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1865VirginiaWhite
Dora CombsMountain Park, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1901KentuckyWhite
Etta CombsMountain Park, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1905KentuckyWhite
Thompson C CambsOtter Creek, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1874KentuckyWhite
Elmira CambsOtter Creek, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1876KentuckyWhite
Thorkor O CambsOtter Creek, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1902KentuckyWhite
Elrenow CambsOtter Creek, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1907KentuckyWhite
Taft CambsOtter Creek, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Challis CambsOtter Creek, Kiowa, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Le Flore County
William L Mc CambsCameron, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1870KansasWhite
Marry E Mc CambsCameron, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1872AlabamaWhite
Elesebeth Mc CambsCameron, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1904AlabamaWhite
Pall R Mc CambsCameron, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1906AlabamaWhite
Maggie E Mc CambsCameron, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1908AlabamaWhite
Marry E Mc CambsCameron, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1911AlabamaWhite
Willie Lee Mc CambsCameron, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1913AlabamaWhite
Edward A CombsMuse, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Emer V CombsMuse, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Lunsford N CombsMuse, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Gertie CombsPage, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
John H Combo
[John H Combs]
Poteau, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1894KansasWhite
Alexander B CombsPoteau, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1876KentuckyWhite
Mary C CombsPoteau, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1876MissouriWhite
James F CombsPoteau, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1902OklahomaWhite
Ada Z CombsPoteau, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Birt M CombsTalihina, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1890MissouriWhite
Mattie E CombsTalihina, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1896OklahomaWhite
Doras CombsTalihina, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Birt M Combs JrTalihina, Le Flore, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
McCurtain County
Noah CombsFrisco, McCurtain, Oklahomaabt 1892OklahomaWhite
Abraham F CombsMountain, McCurtain, Oklahomaabt 1886MissouriWhite
Ada E CombsMountain, McCurtain, Oklahomaabt 1895ArkansasWhite
Albert CombsMountain, McCurtain, Oklahomaabt 1914ArkansasWhite
Levi CombsMountain, McCurtain, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Elmer CombsMountain, McCurtain, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Lincoln County
James CoombsChandler, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1856IndianaWhite
Sheilda CoombsChandler, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1860IndianaWhite
Earl CoombsChandler, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1892IndianaWhite
Esther CoombsChandler, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1895KansasWhite
Gladys CoombsChandler, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Francis L Combe
[Francis L Combs]
Chandler, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1893KansasWhite
J D CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1859MissouriWhite
H O CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1885KansasWhite
Elizabeth CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1895MissouriWhite
Ordell Loyd CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1918OhioWhite
J D CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1919OhioWhite
Adin L CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1865KentuckyWhite
Martha A CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1867ArkansasWhite
James E CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1901KentuckyWhite
Willard CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Levi CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1888KentuckyWhite
Nellie M CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1894MissouriWhite
Edith L CoombsNorth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
William CombsNorth Seminole, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1871IndianaWhite
Orville CombsNorth Seminole, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1895OklahomaWhite
Mrs Ada CombsNorth Seminole, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1864OhioWhite
Melissa CoombsOtoe, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1864KentuckyWhite
M Wilburn CoombsOtoe, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1903KentuckyWhite
Guy CoombsPawnee, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1889KentuckyWhite
Sallie CoombsPawnee, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1895MissouriWhite
Forest CoombsPawnee, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Arlin CoombsPawnee, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Ordell CoombsPawnee, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Tomas G CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1893KentuckyWhite
Lottie CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1897KentuckyWhite
Clyde CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1919KentuckyWhite
Leroy CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1897KentuckyWhite
Henry CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1901KentuckyWhite
Emery A CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1886KentuckyWhite
Nannie CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1889KentuckyWhite
Nana CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1906KentuckyWhite
Mabel M CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1909KentuckyWhite
Shas H CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1911KentuckyWhite
Arinda CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1914KentuckyWhite
Veneta CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Evaline A CombsSouth Fox, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Preston CombsSouth Keokuk, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1872KentuckyWhite
Willie CombsSouth Keokuk, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1897ArkansasWhite
George S CombsSouth Keokuk, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1901ArkansasWhite
Stella CombsSouth Keokuk, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1906ArkansasWhite
R H CombesSouth Keokuk, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1884MissouriWhite
Ethel CombesSouth Keokuk, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1899ArkansasWhite
Arlis CombesSouth Keokuk, Lincoln, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
McClain County
Thomas B CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1880GeorgiaWhite
Lula B CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1876TexasWhite
Mary G CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1904TexasWhite
Stephen C CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1879VirginiaWhite
Nancy M CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1890MississippiWhite
James L CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1906ArkansasWhite
Adolph M CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1908VirginiaWhite
Evelin M CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1910VirginiaWhite
Myrtle B CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Wilbern L CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Estel J CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Nay L CombsGoldsby, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
W E Cemeler
[W E Combs]
Turnbull, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1885TexasWhite
Roy CombsTurnbull, McClain, Oklahomaabt 1902OklahomaWhite
Logan County
William CombsRose Hill, Logan, Oklahomaabt 1880IowaWhite
Louisa M CombsRose Hill, Logan, Oklahomaabt 1884IllinoisWhite
William E CombsRose Hill, Logan, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Branson W CombsRose Hill, Logan, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
Seminole County
Hugh P Combo
[Hugo P Combs]
Econtuchka, Seminole, Oklahomaabt 1864TennesseeWhite
George W Combo
[George W Combs]
Red Mound, Seminole, Oklahomaabt 1847ArkansasWhite
Andrew CombsRed Mound, Seminole, Oklahomaabt 1884ArkansasWhite
Maud CombsRed Mound, Seminole, Oklahomaabt 1889MissouriWhite
Alva CombsRed Mound, Seminole, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Dellmer CombsRed Mound, Seminole, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
McIntosh County
Pearl CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1888MissouriWhite
William A CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1877MissouriWhite
Daisy CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1887MissouriWhite
Mable CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Woodrow CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Furner CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
John CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
R Alonza CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1885MissouriWhite
Mollie CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1887GeorgiaWhite
William D CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
John W CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Verna CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1855MissouriWhite
Thomas C CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1887MissouriWhite
Katy CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1896ArkansasWhite
Selma CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Joeva CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Oleta CombsBeck, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Walter E Combe
[Walter E Combs]
Burton, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1887AlabamaWhite
B H CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1890MissouriWhite
Jessie CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1897OklahomaWhite
Neva CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Ralph CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Ruth CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
William L CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1850IllinoisWhite
Sarah E CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1853MissouriWhite
Bob CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1890MissouriWhite
Charles CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1885MissouriWhite
Minnie CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1889TexasWhite
Alta R CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
Floyd CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Coy CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Elbert CombsChecotah, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Cleo Cambo
[Cleo Combs]
Cobb, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1903MissouriWhite
James J CombsHanna, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1856IndianaWhite
Marinnie E CombsHanna, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1854TennesseeWhite
Joseph L CombsHanna, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1888MissouriWhite
Robert W Combe
[Robert W Combs]
Ryals, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1891MissouriWhite
Andrew CombsSimpson, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1890MissouriWhite
Minnie D CombsSimpson, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1894MissouriWhite
John B CombsSimpson, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Loy CombsSimpson, McIntosh, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Major County
Iral CombsCleo, Major, Oklahomaabt 1898OklahomaWhite
Ellen CombsCleo, Major, Oklahomaabt 1900OklahomaWhite
Mema CombsCleo, Major, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
George W CombsDane, Major, Oklahomaabt 1870IllinoisWhite
Anna B CombsDane, Major, Oklahomaabt 1878KansasWhite
Fred A CombsDane, Major, Oklahomaabt 1901OklahomaWhite
Earnest W CombsDane, Major, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Charles W CombsDane, Major, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
George V CombsDane, Major, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Ruth L CombsDane, Major, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Noble County
Frances R Crambs
[Frances A Coombs]
Santa Fe, Noble, Oklahomaabt 1858IowaWhite
Mayes County
Jim CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1868MissouriWhite
Sara CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1880IllinoisWhite
Joe M CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1897MissouriWhite
Stella CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Jesse CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Virgel CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Ruby CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Clem CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Albert CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Alfred CombsMurphy, Mayes, Oklahomaabt 1917Not StatedWhite
Oklahoma County
Samuel D CombestBritton, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1859KentuckyWhite
Francis I CombestBritton, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1863KentuckyWhite
Porter CombestBritton, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1903KentuckyWhite
Ruth CombestBritton, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1907KentuckyWhite
Oliver C CombestSpring Creek, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1901KentuckyWhite
Ulra CombsOklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Walker M CoombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1862WisconsinWhite
Josephine CoombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1865MissouriWhite
Emma CombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1870MissouriWhite
Evelyn CombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Frank C CoombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1886MissouriWhite
Annie CoombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1847WalesWhite
Berta M CoombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1877OhioWhite
E Mabel CoombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1888IndianaWhite
Lora Lou CoombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1890TennesseeWhite
Fred S CoombsOklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1887MissouriWhite
Fred S Coombs Jr.Oklahoma City Ward 1, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Frances Comley
[Frances Combes]
Oklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1869KentuckyWhite
Elizabeth L CombsOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1867VirginiaWhite
John H CombsOklahoma City Ward 4, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1868West VirginiaWhite
Etta CombsOklahoma City Ward 4, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1879West VirginiaWhite
Edwin H CombsOklahoma City Ward 4, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1902West VirginiaWhite
B L CombsSulphur Ward 2, Murray, Oklahomaabt 1864TennesseeWhite
Della CombsSulphur Ward 2, Murray, Oklahomaabt 1873TexasWhite
William CombsBeggs, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1883TexasWhite
Crox CombsBeggs, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1884ArizonaWhite
Amos CombsBeggs, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Ruth CombsBeggs, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Paul CombsBeggs, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Charley CombsBeggs, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
George CombsBeggs, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Mattie CombsBeggs, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1861IndianaWhite
J T CoombesBryan, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1894IndianaWhite
Okmulgee County
Mrs Anna CoombesBryan, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1899IndianaWhite
John CombsOkmulgee Ward 2, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1898ColoradoWhite
J CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1874ArkansasWhite
Ethel CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1886ArkansasWhite
Roy CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1904ArkansasWhite
Ruly CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1907ArkansasWhite
Vernon CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1909ArkansasWhite
Jerome CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1911ArkansasWhite
Gretchen CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1914ArkansasWhite
Garlan CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1916ArkansasWhite
Everett CombsDewar, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
John CombsHenryetta Ward 3, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1848IndianaWhite
Sarah CombsHenryetta Ward 3, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1836IllinoisWhite
Will A CombsPascoe, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1874IllinoisWhite
Marie E CombsPascoe, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1885KansasWhite
Will G CombsPascoe, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Roger Mills County
Charles M CombsBar X, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1855ArkansasWhite
Ida N CombsBar X, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1881MissouriWhite
Fay M CombsBar X, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Charles A CombsBar X, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Earl H CombsBar X, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Iva F CombsBar X, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Starley CombsBowman, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1888TexasWhite
Bertha CombsBowman, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1892ColoradoWhite
Ezell CombsBowman, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Zelda CombsBowman, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Raymond CombsBowman, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
W B CombsCheyenne, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1885TexasWhite
Irma CombsCheyenne, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1886TexasWhite
Powell M CombsCheyenne, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
William H CombsDewey, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1852ArkansasWhite
Emma CombsDewey, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1872MissouriWhite
Willie H Combs Jr.Dewey, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Eveline CombsDewey, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Elsie CombsMeridian, Roger Mills, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Muskogee County
Rhea I CombestDarling, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1897IllinoisWhite
Tom CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1891TexasWhite
Bessie CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1894MissouriWhite
Virgil CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Mary CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1884OklahomaWhite
Mary CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1917ArkansasWhite
S A CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1845TennesseeWhite
W C CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1878TennesseeWhite
Bruce CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1880ArkansasWhite
Wm CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Mae CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1882TexasWhite
Lova CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1886MissouriWhite
Margie CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1904TexasWhite
Floyd CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Mary Lee CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
James Henry CombsMoore, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Jerry M CombsMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1887ArkansasWhite
Vera CombsMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1893ArkansasWhite
Markie CombsMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1911TexasWhite
Marvin CombsMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1913TexasWhite
Marium CombsMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Jerry CombsMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
James CombsMuskogee Ward 1, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Wilson S CombsMuskogee Ward 2, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1843OhioWhite
Jennie CombsMuskogee Ward 2, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1873OhioWhite
Marrie Combe Jr.
[Morris J Combs Jr.]
Muskogee Ward 2, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1880TennesseeWhite
Grace CombsMuskogee Ward 3, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1895KansasWhite
Osage County
Frank CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1887MissouriWhite
Rosey CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1896MissouriWhite
Leo CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Harold CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
David CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1873MissouriWhite
Gert CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1889MissouriWhite
Beatever CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Lewis CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Cledith CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Queen E CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Maudell CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Alex CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1863IndianaWhite
Malley CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1867MissouriWhite
Charly CombsBig Hill, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1896MissouriWhite
James T CombsForaker, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1885MissouriWhite
Mandy CombsForaker, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1893MissouriWhite
Jessie CombsForaker, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1908MissouriWhite
Rose CombsForaker, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Earl CombsForaker, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
James CombsForaker, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Lloyd G CombsForaker, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
George T Comba
[George T Combs]
Foraker, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1877IowaWhite
Earle CombsHominy, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1909North DakotaWhite
Agnes CombsHominy, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1911WashingtonWhite
Frank D CombsHominy, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1897IllinoisWhite
A B CombsStrike Axe, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1892OklahomaWhite
C C CombsStrike Axe, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1885KentuckyWhite
Grace CombsStrike Axe, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1893OklahomaWhite
Helen CombsStrike Axe, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1913KentuckyWhite
Weck CombsStrike Axe, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Louine CombsStrike Axe, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Lula Comks
[Lula Combs]
Pawhuska, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1871MissouriWhite
Pontotoc County
Fred CombsAda Ward 1, Pontotoc, Oklahomaabt 1881TennesseeWhite
Mabel CombsAda Ward 1, Pontotoc, Oklahomaabt 1887TexasWhite
Ronald CombsAda Ward 1, Pontotoc, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
Aubrey CombsAda Ward 1, Pontotoc, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Mildred CombsAda Ward 1, Pontotoc, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Harry D CombsAda Ward 1, Pontotoc, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
John CombsAda Ward 1, Pontotoc, Oklahomaabt 1843VirginiaWhite
Ottawa County
Jess Combo
[Jess Combs]
Afton, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1896OklahomaWhite
Edd CombsQuapaw, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1868IndianaWhite
Emma CombsQuapaw, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1868MissouriWhite
Dora CombsQuapaw, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1894ArkansasWhite
John Comba
[John Combs]
Quapaw, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1880ItalyWhite
Starley I ChombesQuapaw, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1884MissouriWhite
Myrtle A ChombesQuapaw, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1884OhioWhite
Fltie CombsMiami Ward 4, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1899MissouriWhite
William CombsPeoria, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1886TexasWhite
Herman S CombsPeoria, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1858IowaWhite
Anna CombsPeoria, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1870TexasWhite
Nona CombsPeoria, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1892MissouriWhite
James M CombsCommerce, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1892KentuckyWhite
Jesse CombsCommerce, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1897MissouriWhite
June CombsCommerce, Ottawa, Oklahomaabt 1915MissouriWhite
Rogers County
John CombsChelsea, Rogers, Oklahomaabt 1901ArkansasWhite
Cora B CombsChelsea, Rogers, Oklahomaabt 1908ArkansasWhite
J A CombsFoyil, Rogers, Oklahomaabt 1888OklahomaWhite
Payne County
William H Comas
[William H Combs]
Clayton, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1866IndianaWhite
Sarah CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1838KentuckyWhite
W W CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1893MissouriWhite
Hazel CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1900OklahomaWhite
Maxiene CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1918FloridaWhite
J H CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1869KentuckyWhite
Cordie CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1872MissouriWhite
Orval CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1895OklahomaWhite
Susie CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1901OklahomaWhite
W E CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1872KentuckyWhite
Alice CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1881OhioWhite
Lilian CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1901IllinoisWhite
Webster CombsEagle, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1905MissouriWhite
W F CombsYale, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1852IndianaWhite
Janie CombsYale, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1875North CarolinaWhite
Wilma F CombsYale, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1917TexasWhite
W Phonix CombsYale, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1919TexasWhite
Jeremie CombesCushing Ward 2, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1883United States of AmericaWhite
Josie CombesCushing Ward 2, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1876ArkansasWhite
Alven CombsCushing Ward 2, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Dessie CombsCushing Ward 2, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Olla CombsCushing Ward 2, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Jesse A Combe
[Jesse A Combs]
Cushing Ward 4, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1878IllinoisWhite
F A CombsCushing Ward 4, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1871IllinoisWhite
Laura Belle CombsCushing Ward 4, Payne, Oklahomaabt 1880IllinoisWhite
Wagoner County
William CombsCoweta, Wagoner, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Ruth CombsCoweta, Wagoner, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Rankin C CombsWagoner Ward 4, Wagoner, Oklahomaabt 1878KentuckyWhite
Laura B CombsWagoner Ward 4, Wagoner, Oklahomaabt 1875KentuckyWhite
Rankin C Combs Jr.Wagoner Ward 4, Wagoner, Oklahomaabt 1904KentuckyWhite
Ralph B CombsWagoner Ward 4, Wagoner, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Pittsburg County
Alta CombsMcAlester Ward 1, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1896OklahomaWhite
Robert CombsMcAlester Ward 4, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1874MississippiWhite
Laura CombsMcAlester Ward 4, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1883ArkansasWhite
Irma CombsMcAlester Ward 4, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1905ArkansasWhite
Bernice CombsMcAlester Ward 4, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1908ArkansasWhite
Robert CombsMcAlester Ward 4, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1910ArkansasWhite
Maurice CombsMcAlester Ward 4, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Roy Comles
[Roy Combs]
Canadian, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1897TexasWhite
Mary CombsBlocker, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1904MissouriWhite
Charley CombsTi, Pittsburg, Oklahomaabt 1880KentuckyWhite
Stephens County
A D CoombsDuncan, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1868IllinoisWhite
Alice CoombsDuncan, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1871IllinoisWhite
Cora CoombsDuncan, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
W D CombsMarlow, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1865ArkansasWhite
A C CombsMarlow, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1864TexasWhite
Jessie CombsMarlow, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1901TexasWhite
Fred CombsMarlow, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1889ArkansasWhite
Mittie CombsMarlow, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1891OklahomaWhite
Cleo S CombsMarlow, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Doyle CombsMarlow, Stephens, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Pottawatomie County
J W CombsShawnee Ward 4, Pottawatomie, Oklahomaabt 1897United States of AmericaWhite
Tulsa County
Rester W CombsCollinsville Ward 3, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1868IllinoisWhite
Bell CombsCollinsville Ward 3, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1881MissouriWhite
Olan CombsCollinsville Ward 3, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1898ArkansasWhite
Peater L CombsCollinsville Ward 3, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Maria L CombsCollinsville Ward 3, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Perry W CombsCollinsville Ward 3, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
John T CombsCollinsville Ward 3, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
W M CombesBixby, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1857KentuckyWhite
S A CombesBixby, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1898TexasWhite
Charles W CombesBixby, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1910TexasWhite
Norton D CombsDawson, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1842KentuckyWhite
Lavonda CombsDawson, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1847KentuckyWhite
William CoombsTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1862KentuckyWhite
Homer J CombsTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1880IllinoisWhite
Pearl CombsTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1897MissouriWhite
Homer J Combs Jr.Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
Howard B CombsTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Persian CombsTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Marie CoombsTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1873MissouriWhite
H CombsTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1903MissouriWhite
Sequoyah County
Oscar Mccombs
[Oscar Mc Combs]
Brent, Sequoyah, Oklahomaabt 1883OklahomaWhite
Lova M Mccombs
[Lova M Mc Combs]
Brent, Sequoyah, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
Samuel Mccombs
[Samuel Mc Combs]
Brent, Sequoyah, Oklahomaabt 1894OklahomaWhite
James CombsMarble, Sequoyah, Oklahomaabt 1857IllinoisWhite
Nan CombsMarble, Sequoyah, Oklahomaabt 1867ArkansasWhite
Floyd CombsMarble, Sequoyah, Oklahomaabt 1895OklahomaWhite
Emma CombsMarble, Sequoyah, Oklahomaabt 1887ArkansasWhite
Washita County
Owen T Cowles
[Owen L Combs]
East Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1838KentuckyWhite
Cleveland Comles
[Cleveand Combs]
East Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1885MissouriWhite
Roy Conable
[Roy Combs]
East Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1877MissouriWhite
Press CombsEast Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1889MissouriWhite
Lily CombsEast Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1893MichiganWhite
Ivey CombsEast Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1912CanadaWhite
Nell CombsEast Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1915CanadaWhite
Bod CombsEast Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Woodward County
George M CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1853IndianaWhite
Mary CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1855KentuckyWhite
B Lorenzo CoombesWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1859IndianaWhite
Sarrah CoombesWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1860OhioWhite
H Benjiman CoombesWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1892MissouriWhite
E Jessie CoombesWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1899OklahomaWhite
M Hiram CoombesWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1897MissouriWhite
Martha CoombesWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1900KansasWhite
Gans CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1882TexasWhite
Minnie CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1882KansasWhite
Merlin CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1907OklahomaWhite
Margaret CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1910OklahomaWhite
Bertha CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Thomas CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1916TexasWhite
Louis CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Rachael CoombesWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1893MissouriWhite
Darkuch CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1864TexasWhite
Susie CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1864TexasWhite
Mary CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
John J CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Janes CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Cenel CoombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1914OklahomaWhite
William CombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1885TexasWhite
Dora CombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1890NebraskaWhite
Dora Helen CombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
William Combs Jr.Woodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Iva CombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Ruth CombsWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Washington County
Leslie CoombsBartlesville Ward 2, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1853KentuckyWhite
Mary E CoombsBartlesville Ward 2, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1853KentuckyWhite
John H CombsBartlesville Ward 5, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1870TexasWhite
Effie E CombsBartlesville Ward 5, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1878TexasWhite
Walter W Combo
[Walter W Combs]
Bartlesville Ward 5, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1892KansasWhite
Earnest CoombsBartlesville Ward 4, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1895MissouriWhite
Georgia CoombsBartlesville Ward 4, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1895KansasWhite
Donald CoombsBartlesville Ward 4, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
William M CombsBartlesville Ward 4, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1869KansasWhite
Charlotte CombsBartlesville Ward 4, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1876IowaWhite
Earl CombsBartlesville Ward 4, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1900OklahomaWhite
Other names pulled up using Soundex
Virgil N Compton
[Virgil N Compston]
Hugo Ward 2, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1894TexasWhite
George L CannefaxAltus, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1876MissouriWhite
John W CannefaxEveridge, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1885TexasWhite
Mattie CannefaxEveridge, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1894TexasWhite
George E CannefaxEveridge, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
William L CannefaxEveridge, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1913OklahomaWhite
Acie CannefaxEveridge, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
Bertha CannefaxEveridge, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Melvin L CannefaxEveridge, Choctaw, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Clara CannefaxAltus, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1884MissouriWhite
Ruth CannefaxAltus, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1901ArkansasWhite
Cyril CannefaxAltus, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1904ArkansasWhite
Edith W CannefaxAltus, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Kirk Chisem
[Kirk Campek]
Baucum, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1892TexasWhite
Wiley M CampseyEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1858OhioWhite
Nannie C CampseyEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1873TennesseeWhite
Alma CampseyEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1903TexasWhite
Wilda CampseyEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Edith CampseyEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Nadine CampseyEldorado, Jackson, Oklahomaabt 1912OklahomaWhite
Teofila CamposChandler, Comanche, Oklahomaabt 1870MexicoWhite
Dolores CamposChandler, Comanche, Oklahomaabt 1885TexasWhite
Eloisa CamposChandler, Comanche, Oklahomaabt 1912TexasWhite
Anbrey CampseyLawton Ward 1, Comanche, Oklahomaabt 1895TexasWhite
Nim J Lawapo
[Kin K Camps]
Newby, Creek, Oklahomaabt 1882MissouriWhite
Ed C Campion
[Ed C Compson]
Boyd, Dewey, Oklahomaabt 1873NebraskaWhite
Thomas Compton
[Homer Compston]
Cleveland, Dewey, Oklahomaabt 1889MissouriWhite
Kate ChampsonEnid Ward 5, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1873MississippiWhite
Owen CumpstonCovington, Garfield, Oklahomaabt 1893PennsylvaniaWhite
Graves P CanfoxThomas, Johnston, Oklahomaabt 1893OklahomaWhite
Lean Campoo
[Lean Campos]
Blackwell Ward 1, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1894MexicoWhite
Apolanic CamposBlackwell Ward 1, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1900MexicoWhite
Viatrig CamposBlackwell Ward 1, Kay, Oklahomaabt 1898MexicoWhite
Met E Consfactes
[Nutt E Conafactes]
Holfrod, Marshall, Oklahomaabt 1873TexasWhite
David H CompsonBritton, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1895OklahomaWhite
Gladys CompsonBritton, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1896OklahomaWhite
Georgia CannefaxCouncil Grove, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1900TexasWhite
Esan CampsOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1865MexicoWhite
Dorus CampsOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1887MexicoWhite
Manuel CampsOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1903MexicoWhite
Jaons CampsOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1907MexicoWhite
Antonio CampsOklahoma City Ward 2, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1915MexicoWhite
Felipe CampasOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1871MexicoWhite
Arona CampasOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1890MexicoWhite
Joab CampasOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1896MexicoWhite
Marvel CampasOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1902MexicoWhite
Jesus CampasOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1905MexicoWhite
Antonio CampasOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1915OklahomaWhite
David CampasOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1896MexicoWhite
Sam CampagnaOklahoma City Ward 3, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1892ItalyWhite
Nannie CannefaxOklahoma City Ward 4, Oklahoma, Oklahomaabt 1844ArkansasWhite
Julia ChampsonSulphur Ward 1, Murray, Oklahomaabt 1903OklahomaWhite
W J CanifaxBald Hill, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1885MissouriWhite
Carrie CanifaxBald Hill, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1890OklahomaWhite
Samie CannifaxBald Hill, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1913MissouriWhite
Wesley Cannifax JrBald Hill, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1914MissouriWhite
Perrel CannifaxBald Hill, Okmulgee, Oklahomaabt 1915MissouriWhite
John ChampkinBraggs, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1894ArkansasWhite
Louie ChampkinBraggs, Muskogee, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Jess V CompstonsLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1894OklahomaWhite
Blanch M CompstonsLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1891KansasWhite
Florence E CompstonsLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1915KansasWhite
Rena CompstonsLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1917OklahomaWhite
Chester J CompstonsLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Hazel CompstonsLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1919OklahomaWhite
Willian H CompstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1877OhioWhite
Edith D CompstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1904OklahomaWhite
Harrie T CompstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Homer J CompstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1909OklahomaWhite
Ruben L CampstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1875OhioWhite
Ella R CampstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1883MissouriWhite
Emert R CampstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1905OklahomaWhite
Clarence R CampstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1908OklahomaWhite
Roy J CampstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1911OklahomaWhite
Cloy C CampstomLenapah, Nowata, Oklahomaabt 1918OklahomaWhite
Frangmtino Canpres
[Frangnitino Canpus]
Strike Axe, Osage, Oklahomaabt 1896MexicoWhite
Dewy CanafaxAntlers, Pushmataha, Oklahomaabt 1899OklahomaWhite
Effie CannefaxAntlers, Pushmataha, Oklahomaabt 1906OklahomaWhite
Rilla CampsShawnee Ward 6, Pottawatomie, Oklahomaabt 1897TennesseeWhite
William H CumpstonCollinsville Ward 2, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1844MissouriWhite
Albert Camhos
[Albert Campos]
Fry, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1897MexicoWhite
Albert CompasLynn Lane, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1868MexicoWhite
Pete CompasLynn Lane, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1902MexicoWhite
Matilda CompasLynn Lane, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1906MexicoWhite
Matilde ComposTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1906MexicoWhite
R E Pienswenes
[R E Cienfweges]
Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1888New MexicoWhite
John A ConefesTulsa, Tulsa, Oklahomaabt 1880IllinoisWhite
Tiburcisu CampcoKarr, Tillman, Oklahomaabt 1852MexicoWhite
Henry CamphouseEast Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1887IowaWhite
Betraice CamphouseEast Turkey Creek, Washita, Oklahomaabt 1916OklahomaWhite
Meximina CampusWoodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1896MexicoOctoroon [White]
Gebber A Chanpion
[Gibben A Chanpson]
Woodward, Woodward, Oklahomaabt 1836ConnecticutWhite
Richard CompsonDewey, Washington, Oklahomaabt 1900PennsylvaniaWhite