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The object of our new Comber Research List is for researchers of the surnames into the name Comber, Comer, Coomer, Cumber, Coomber (all variations) to help each other's research.

In addition we want to build up an archive of information about Coombers of the past, to preserve an interesting body of material about people who have carried the name, for the use of future generations.

We encourage all Coomber Researchers to join us on our new Coomber Research List and ask that you please not confine yourself to just births, marriages and deaths, or queries about lost Aunt Nellie. Share with us tales of interesting individuals or families, people who distinguished themselves in some way - good or bad.

We want service records, rogues and villains, vicars and saints (are there any Coomber Saints?). And those of you whose ancestors left Britain years ago, let us know about their travels and where and how they settled.

If it interests you, it will probably interest the rest of us. And if it doesn't, it only takes a couple of seconds to kill it off when it arrives in your basket.

Please post transcripts of your Coomber records - including family histories (both oral and written), old letters, bible records, deeds, wills, obituaries, census returns, tax lists etc. It will be invaluable in our archive and help throw light on the much neglected Coombers.

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Coomber Research List Guidelines

We want to make ours an active and interesting list, so here are a few guidelines to keep things running smoothly:

  1. Be nice at all times. Rudeness is intolerable - even among family members
  2. The idea is to share information, so please post all replies to the group unless they are of an especially personal nature
  3. Understand that any material you submit may be added to the Coomber database, and used on the website when it is up and running, or used in a newsletter being planned for those not on email
  4. Please respect the privacy of the living. do not post records/lineages, addresses or phone numbers of the living, except if you have permission

DISCLAIMER: The Coomber Research List assumes no legal responsibility or liability for list postings. These are the sole responsibility of the poster.

Our Thanks to Our Fellow Researchers at the Combs &c. Research Group for their help with start-up of our Coomber Research List.

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