How To Submit Your Lineage to our Virtual Archive

Thank you for your interest in participating in our COMBS-COOMBS &c. International DNA Study! We will be happy to include your lineage in our “Virtual Archive”. Please review and respond to the questions below and return this information to our research project mailing list. Our Project Administrator, Denise Mortorff, will review your info and will then contact you to establish research goals for your specific lineage as part of the DNA Study. Once posted, you can check your information at the “Virtual Archives” and if anything needs correcting or updating you should also contact Denise. We appreciate your helping further what we can all learn about our COMBS-COOMBS &c. ancestry!

STEP 1. Outline your COMBS-COOMBS “LINEAGE SNAPSHOT” as shown in the “sample” below

  1. John COMBS (1735 - 1819) m Nancy HARDING [Stafford Co? VA/Floyd or Perry Co, KY]
  2. Mason COMBS (1757 - 1822) m: Jenny Richardson [Wythe Co? VA? Perry Co, KY]
  3. Napoleon Bonaparte “Boney” COMBS (1808 - 1899) m: Susan Ison [Perry Co, KY]
  4. Napoleon Bonaparte “Raleigh” COMBS (1864 - 1940) m: Amanda Brandenburg [Owsley Co, Clark Co, KY]
  5. Chester COMBS (1907 - 1970) m: Christine Rose [Owsley Co, KY, Clark Co, KY]
  6. (living)
  7. (living) (for security purposes we do not recommend displaying names of living persons)
  8. Lineage Contact: Debbie Lueders

The format you use should be the same as above from the earliest ancestor (last #) to most recent descendant (#1) Include

  • Generation # (start with the highest # = ancestor traced the furthest back and continue the numbers for each generation in descending order).
  • Estimates or exact Birth-Death Date Range for COMBS-COOMBS ancestors only.
  • Spouse Name only.
  • Specific counties/shires/parishes resided in. (list as many within a generation as is necessary)
  • Lineage Contact Name.


The amount of space you will need will vary based on the number of generations and places your ancestors resided.

STEP 2 Provide answers to the following questions for the development of "Research Goals" from which family history learnings can be derived from DNA test results.

INSERT YOUR RESEARCH GOAL RELATED INFO HERE. For each comment identify it with the letters “a” thru “f” as noted.
(note: Items a - e are required. If you have nothing to insert put “None” in the space provided, otherwise your information may be not go thru properly.)
  1. How well documented would you describe this branch of COMBS-COOMBS? [“Documented Thoroughly”, “Resources could still be searched”, “Few resources have been studied”, “Have no idea what has been researched on this line”] And, did you rely primarily on the research of another person or source, like a book or manuscript, or an on-line resource for the information you are providing about your lineage?
  2. Indicate if there is any part of your lineage included in the research posted on our web family history project. If so, state "SEE PROJECT" and state the names/titles of the reports where the information can be found. If you don't know please check our project. [This will be used to provide links to further family history research.] Also stating titles of the web pages would help us see that there are appropriate links between your lineage and the website.
  3. What would you like to prove and can't! What challenges/roadblocks/dilemmas are you experiencing that are in the way of linking back to the next generation? Are there specific stories, oral or written, you would like to prove or disprove?
  4. What concerns do you have about research assumptions for this branch or any generation? ie. how documents have been interpreted, how or what identities have been made for certain people, connectedness of subsequent generations, credibility or not of certain sources relied on in tracing this family?
  5. Have you found data re:allied families or associates that may be helpful in researching this branch? Which families (surnames)?
  6. Your Name/Date Submitted & Email Address:
    (If you are a COMBS-COOMBS &c. group member, your story and related information will go directly to the mailbox for posting to the Study. If you are not a group member, it will be screened and forwarded to the box and will take longer to be included in the Study. You can join our research group by going to Combs Mailing List.)
  7. Other researchers searching COMBS-COOMBS &c. I would like to see invited to learn about the research project and the DNA Study. (Please provide contact name and information. The Project Administrator will respond using both e-mail and snail mail for persons not on-line.)


Thank you

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Your Information will be added as soon as possible.