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Special thanks to our Nancy Tyrrell Theodore without whom this site would not exist, and to Ann Combs Krahn who permitted us to use her book, Lives and Letters of the Combs Family, in our research. We are proud to announce that Ann is now on-line, and a member of our Combs Research Group. Her excellent book is still in print, and we highly recommend it. Researchers wishing more details can email Ann at, or write directly to: Ann Combs Krahn, 601 First Avenue, Mendota, IL 61342-2339.

Thomas Hicks/Hix Combs, a.k.a. Hicks Combs, born ca1765-1770, of Wilkes Co, North Carolina, died 12 May 1849, Hancock Co, Indiana; married 3 February 1801 in Wilkes Co, NC; Keziah HAYS (Henry & Keziah _____ Hayes), born ca1783, NC, died ca1871, Monroe Co, Iowa.

Thomas Hicks Combs may have been born in Rowan County, North Carolina, that part that first became Surry County, and was then organized into Wilkes County in 1777-8. Hicks/Hix was the name used by Thomas Hicks Combs, perhaps to distinguish him from another Thomas Combs. He and Keziah lived in the Brushy Mountain area on Hunting Creek in Wilkes County, North Carolina.

Although the ancestry of Thomas Hicks Combs has not yet been determined, he appears to have been related to one John Combs of Wilkes County who was granted by the state of North Carolina 150 Acres in Wilkes County "… on the Ridge between Caleys Creek and Mill CreekEdward HARRISES line…" dated 22 Sep 1785 (Wilkes DBA:246).

On 3 Nov 1795, John Combs of Wilkes sold 125 of the 150 acres "… between Caleys Creek … near Edward HARRISES line…" to Isaac BAKER of Green County, NC [now Tennessee] for £50. s/JOHN (X) Combs. Witnesses: Mark (X) WHITEAKER, & Henry (X) COOK. (Wilkes NC DB1:164-5)

The remaining 25 acres, John Combs sold on the same date to Hicks Combs for £25, "being part of a tract of land the said John Combs sold Isaac BAKER." Witnesses: Henry COOK & Samuel CRABTREE. s/JOHN (X) Combs (Wilkes NC DB1:490)

The marriage bond of Hicks Combs & Keziah HAYS, was dated 3 Feb 1801, Wilkes Co NC, Henry HAYES, Bondsman. (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m, hereinafter Holcomb). In 1802, a son, William, was born to them, and in 1803, daughter, Sarah.

On 6 Dec 1805, one Jesse Combs sold to Hicks Combs, 100 acs, for a consideration of $50, land "on the waters of Hunting CreekJohn MARLOW & Hicks Combs line … VANWINKLES N & S line part of a state grant to Jesse Combs bearing date 23 Nov 1804 (Wilkes NC DBF-1:289)

The above Jesse Combs may have been the same who married 8 Jan 1801, Wilkes County, NC, to Polly PRICE, Jonathan HAYES, Bondsman (Holcomb); and/or the same who was bondsman on 5 Nov 1805 in Wilkes County for Hartwell HAYES who married Rebekah BROWN that date (Holcomb); however, like Thomas Hicks & John Combs above, Jesse's ancestry remains undetermined. Questions: Relationship, if any, of Hartwell HAYES & Jonathan HAYES to Keziah HAYS Combs? Ancestry of Rebekah BROWN? Of Polly PRICE?

On 18 Dec 1810 Turner MARTIN married Jemmimah HAYS, Hicks Combs their bondsman. (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m) Questions: Relationship, if any, of Jemimah HAYS to Keziah HAYS Combs? Ancestry of Turner MARTIN?

In the early 1830's Thomas Hicks and Keziah HAYS Combs removed to Rush Co, IN and then to Hancock Co, IN along with most of their children, accompanied also by Keziah's mother, Keziah _____ Hays. Their daughter, Nancy and husband, Jabez HENDREN, remained in Wilkes County. Their daughter, Mary "Polly" and husband, John SOUTHER, later removed to Union Co, Georgia.

The will of Thomas Hicks Combs, dated 26 Oct 1848, and recorded in Hancock Co, Indiana on 14 Feb 1854, named wife Keziah, "40 acs I now live on during her natural life…" then to son Elias Combs… unto son John Combs 40 acs T17R08S30 SWSE … to son Elias 40 acs aft death of wife Keziah being T17N R08ES30 SWNE…." According to a family letter, his death date was 12 May 1849.

After Thomas Hicks Combs' death, part of the family moved to Monroe Co, Iowa, no later than Aug 1855; the land in Hancock Co, Indiana sold in Apr 1855. Keziah HAYS Combs resided with her son Elias until his death in 1871.

According to an account by her granddaughter, Elizabeth Combs Smith, daughter of Elias & Margaret WATSON Combs (See Below), Keziah HAYS Combs died in 1874 at age 84 (born ca1790). However, the 1850 Hancock Co, Indiana census shows she was 68 years of age (born ca1782) and the 1860 Monroe Co, Iowa census shows she was 76 (born ca1784). One date we know for certain is the marriage date of 1801…it seems likely she was not 11 years of age when married if born in 1790, so we must assume that either she died at age 84 before Elias, or that she wasn't 84 when she died. It seems more likely she was 19 (bc 1782) or 17 (bc 1784) when she was married. She was buried at Hayes/Selection Cemetery in Monroe Co, Iowa. (Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

The nine children of Thomas Hicks & Keziah HAYS Combs, all born in NC, were:

Mary (Polly)
Jane Evelyn

I. WILLIAM (Thomas) b. 1802; m. 8 Jan 1822 Wilkes Co, NC to Asenath (Ascena) ELLIS, born 8 Aug 1800, dau of William & Ann (-----) ELLIS, d. 9 Sep 1869 in Greene Co, IN. William d 9 Sep 1869 of typhoid fever. Both are buried at Smith Cemetery, Greene Co, IN.

8 Jan 1822 Marriage date: William Combs & Ascena ELLIS. Hix Combs, Bondsman. (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m)

1850 Census, Greene Co, IN, Taylor Twp, Dwl 50, Fam 771:
William Combs, 48, Farmer, NC
Asenath [ELLIS] Combs, 48, NC
Martha [Keziah] Combs, 19 NC [never married]
Mary Combs, 15, IN [m1- 19 Dec 1853, Philip MILLER, d Civil War; m2- 8 Sept 1874, Thomas DOBBINS]
Eli Combs 13, IN [never married]
William Combs 11, IN [m Matilda Isabelle "Bell" FAUCETT 20, Nov 1869, Greene Co IN]
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Older children of William & Asenath ELLIS Combs not shown on the above census:

Joel Ellis Combs, b. 11 Nov 1822 Wilkes Co, NC; m. Minerva FAUCETT 14 Sep 1843, Greene Co, IN. (Greene Co IN Marriage Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Jabez Jones Combs, b. 7 Dec 1824 Wilkes Co, NC; m. Sarah Ann WHITAKER 5 Nov 1849 in Scotland, Greene Co., IN. (Greene Co IN Marriage Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore) In 1860 moved to Christian Co., IL. In about 1865 Jabez moved to Macon, Macon Co, IL. Eldest son, Adoniron Judson Combs m. Louisa GREGORY He d. 14 Feb 1928 in Ft. Worth, TX. (Family Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Adoniram P. Combs, b. 2 May 1827 Wilkes Co, NC; m 1-.5 Oct 1854 Mary Ann KENNEDY (CANADY); m. 2- Rachel ROSS 1 May 1886. (Family Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Nancy L. Combs b. 27 Jul 1829 Wilkes Co, NC; d. 29 Oct 1830. (Family Records, Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

II. SARAH (Thomas) b. ca1803; m. 1 Jan 1822, Wilkes Co, NC to Jesse ANDERSON (Krahn); d. after 1860 pb. Monroe Co, IA.

1850 Census, Monroe Co, IA, District 13, Dwl 265:
Jesse ANDERSON, 34 [sic], NC [age 60 1860 census]
Sarah [Combs] Anderson, 46 NC [age 56 1860 census]
Westly Anderson, 22 NC [m Lodemia _____]
Mary Anderson, 20 NC
John Anderson, 18, NC
Irena Anderson 16, NC [m. Milton H. ALLEN, 5 Jan 1853, Monroe Co, IA]
Amanda Anderson, 14, NC [m. Joseph CHAMBERS]
Lucretia Anderson, 12, IN
Marten Anderson, 10, IN
William Anderson, 8, IN
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

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III. MARY "POLLY" (Thomas) b.1807; m. 7 Dec 1824, Wilkes Co, NC John SOUTHER (son of Jesse and Joan Combs Souther according to the Genealogy, The Original Settlers of Choestoe District, Union Co, GA The Families of Souther 1832 compiled by Watson, B. Dyer, hereinafter Choestoe); d. 1 May 1894, Union Co, GA (per Lives and Letters of the Combs Family, 1985, Ann Combs Krahn, private printing, LOC 85-71347).

7 Dec 1824 Marriage date: Polley Combs & John SOUTHER. Jessse ANDERSON, Bondsman. (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m)

1850 Census, Union Co, GA, pages 680/81:
John SOUTHER, 47, NC
Mary SOUTHER, 43, NC
John SOUTHER, 22 NC [m. Nancy COLLINS 6 Feb 1852]
Martha [Jane] SOUTHER, 20, NC [m. Joseph THOMAS]
Elizabeth [Betsy] SOUTHER, 17, NC [m. 1 William NIX; m2. Unknown; m3 John Q. BANKSTEN]
[Jessse] Washington SOUTHER, 14, NC [m. 1- Sarah COLLINS; m. 2- Nancy SULLIVAN]
Washington SOUTHER, 14, NC
William [Joseph] SOUTHER, 8, NC
Nancy SOUTHER, 5, NC
Sarah [Rosanna] SOUTHER, 3, NC [m. W. Dallas COLLINS 1 Jan 1868]
Mary [Delilah] SOUTHER, 1, NC [m. Jesse W. SOUTHER 11 Aug 1868]
Adnarum SPIVA [a.k.a. SPIVEY], 23, GA [m. dau Evaline SOUTHER]
Evaline [SOUTHER] Spiva, 24, NC

Already deceased prior to the 1850 Census was daughter, Keziah "Kizzy" SOUTHER, b. 21 Nov 1831 NC, d. 16 May 1845 Union Co, GA; omitted from the census was son, Alfred Hicks SOUTHER, b. Jun 1839 GA, d. 11 Jun 1929 GA; and born after 1850 was daughter, Rhoda Lucinda SOUTHER, b. 21 Aug 1853, m. 9 Jan 1872 John F. E. VANDIVER (Krahn & Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Another unsolved Combs' mystery is the identity of Jane (a.k.a. Jean & Joan) Combs, wife of Jesse SOUTHER, and mother of John SOUTHER who married Mary Combs. Their Wilkes Co, NC marriage record shows:

"Jesey SOUTHER m. Jain Combs 1 Apr 1800…bondsman, Joshua SOUTHER." (Holcomb)

Jain (a.k.a. Joan) Combs' ancestry remains unidentified although "it is said" that she was the daughter of William and Hannah TOMSSON/TOUSSON Combs who m 8 Dec 1780 in Wilkes Co, NC.

IV. NANCY (Thomas) b. 1808; m. 3 Mar 1829, Wilkes Co, NC to Jabez HENDREN (son of William and Charlotte ELLIS Hendren) brother of Jehu HENDREN); d. 2 Aug 1888 in or near Wilkes Co, NC. Will of Jabez HENDREN filed September 1888, (Will Book 6, Page 328, Wilkes Co, NC).

3 Mar 1829 Marriage date: Nancy Combs & Jabez HENDREN. Wm. HENDREN, Bondsman (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m)

1850 Census, Wilkes Co, NC, Dwelling 1872:
Jabez HENDREN, 46, NC
Nancy [Combs] Hendren, 41, NC [m … POOLE]
Rebeccah Hendren, 20, NC
Hicks Hendren, 18, NC
Charlotte Hendren, 16, NC
Edward Hendren, 14, NC (m. 1- Mary QUEEN 14 Mar 1861; m2- Dora ROBINSON 25 Jul 1906)
Jabez Hendren, 9, NC
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Born after the 1850 census was dau Thena Kezea HENDREN bc 1853, Wilkes Co, NC, m. Charles TEVEPAUGH (Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

V. ELIZABETH (Thomas) b.c. 1814; m. 9 Jan 1833, Wilkes Co, NC to Jehu HENDREN (son of William and Charlotte ELLIS Hendren); d. before 1849 in Indiana.

9 Jan 1833 Marriage date: Elizabeth Combs & Jehu HENDREN. William HENDREN, Bondsman (Wilkes County, NC Marriages, 1778-1868, Brent Holcomb, Lib: 975.682/H697m)

Children of Jehu & Elizabeth Combs Hendren:

William Hicks HENDREN b. 14 Jun 1834; m. 7 Dec 1853 Louisa BATES
Charlotte Matilda HENDREN
b. 19 May 1836, m. 18 Aug 1857 Ambros F. HENDREN
b. 3 Oct 1838, d. 1 Jul 1862 Civil War
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

VI. JESSE (Thomas) b. c. 1821; m. 1 April 1841, Hancock Co, IN to Elizabeth Ann STEEL (Marriage Record, Hancock Co, IN, Book 2, Page 110); died after 1854 in CA (per Krahn).

1850 Census, Keokuk Co, IA:
Jessie Combs, 29, NC
Elizabeth [STEEL] Combs, 27, OH
Medra L.[Medorah Francis] Combs, 5. IN
Wm. J.K.P. Combs, 2
Sarah K. Combs, 1
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Children of Jesse & Elizabeth STEEL Combs not included in the above census record were:

John Combs b. ca June 1843, lived 2 days
Urminda? Combs, bc 1851, IA
Elias P. Combs, bc 1853, CA
Margaret I. Combs, bc 1855 CA
George B. Combs, bc 1857 CA
Mary E. Combs, bc 1859 CA, m. ……TRAUX
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

VII. JOHN (Thomas) b. c. 1822; m. 23 Jan 1851, Hancock Co, IN (Marriage Records, Hancock Co, IN, Book 3, Page 29) to Sarah KENNEDY; d. 18 Oct 1900, Greenfield, Hancock Co, IN; bur. Hayes Cemetery.

1860 Census, Hancock Co, IN, Brown Twp, Dwl 35, Fam 263:
John Combs, 38, NC
Sarah [KENNEDY] Combs, 27, IN
Cinthia Ann Combs, 8, IN
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

VIII. JANE EVELYN (Thomas) b. 1827; m. 5 Dec 1844, Hancock Co, IN, William Sparks McCRAY (Marriage Register, Hancock Co, IN, Book 2, Page 137).

1850 Census Greene Co, IN, Taylor Twp, Dwl 134, Fam 555:
William McCRAY, 26, IN
Jane E. [Combs] McCray, 22, NC
Mary K[izziah] McCray, 3, IN
Sarah J. McCray, 2, IN
Hiram McCray, 612 IN
William NICHOLSON, 19, NC
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Note: Five more daughters and four more sons were born to William Sparks & Jane Evelyn Combs McCray aft 1850 (Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

IX. ELIAS (Thomas) b. 11 Jul 1826-30, Wilkes Co, NC; m. 27 Jan 1853, Hancock Co, IN (Marriage Records, Hancock Co, IN Book 3, Page 139) to Margaret R. WATSON; d. 12 Jan 1871, age 44y 6m 1d), at Monroe Co, Iowa; he was buried Selection/Hayes Cemetery, Monroe Twp, Monroe Co, Iowa. Elias' estate was appraised 28 Dec 1872. On January 12, 1871, a list of his heirs was noted.

1850 Census, Hancock Co, IN, Brown Twp, Dwl 194, Fam 197:
John Combs, 28, Farmer, NC
Elias Combs, 20 Farmer, NC
Kesia [HAYS] Combs, 68, NC
Betsy FARMER, 23, OH
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

1860 Census, Monroe Co, IA, Monroe Twp:
Elias Combs, 30, Farmer, NC
Margaret Combs, 22, IN
Elizabeth K[iziah] Combs, 6, IN [m. Samuel K. SMITH, 19 Oct 1873, Monroe Co, IA]
Sarah J[ane] Combs, 4, IA [b. 13 Dec 1856, d. 3 Oct 1861 Monroe Co, IA]
George W[ashington] Combs, 1, IA [b. 7 May 1858, Monroe Co, IA; m. Ida Adaline HENION 28 Apr 1880, Monroe Co, IA; d. 15 Oct 1927, Monroe Co, IA]
Hesakiah [Kesiah HAYS] Combs, 76, NC
(Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore)

Born to Elias & Margaret R. WATSON Combs after 1860 were:

Isaac Newton Combs, b. 10 Jul 1862, m. 1- Cora LOWER 7 Apr 1892; m. 2- Laura May RICHIE 29 Jun 1909 Monroe Co, IA; d. 18 Jul 1918 Denver, CO; bur. Monroe Co, IA.

Eliza Hannah Combs, bc 1865, Monroe Co, IA; d. 13 Jan 1871 of scarlet fever.

Cinthia (Cynthia) Ann Combs, bc 1868; d. 10 Feb 1890

The following is from a biography of Elias Combs, the son of Thomas Hicks and Keziah HAYS Combs. Mrs. Mrs. Elizabeth (Combs) Smith was Elias' daughter. The Biography was recorded in November 1919 by Charles E. Combs, copy in the possession of Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore, in part as follows:

"This Biography of Elias Combs and ancestors, was prepared by Charles E. Combs. Mrs. Elizabeth Kiziah (Combs) Smith, gave me the information to prepare this sketch when visiting in her home, Albia, Iowa."

Charles E. Combs
November 1919

Elias Combs
Brother of William Combs and youngest son of Hicks and Kiziah (Hays) Combs. Born in Wilkes Co., N.C. July 11 1830 (?) Emigrated to Hancock Co, Ind. Married to Marget Watson in Hancock Co. Ind. - moved to near Albia, Monroe Co, Ia, 1855 on a farm about 3 mi. south of Albia where he died at the age of 44 of Pneumonia fever and buried in Hays Cemetery 4 mi. south of Albia.

His mother came with him to Iowa. Her maiden name was Hays. She died at her sons' Elias at age 84 surviving her son and buried with her son in Hays Cemetery, graves marked by monuments. [NTT: Hers no longer legible]

Elias Combs had 6 children, eldest Elizabeth Kiziah (Combs) Smith age 66, now residing in Albia, her husband S. K. Smith age 69, a barber. They have one daughter, a widow with 2 children her husband lost his life in Railroad accident. Grandparents have the daughters' 2 sons.

Sarah Jane Combs died at age 4

George Combs, 60, living in Albia, has a family of 9 children.

Isaac N. Combs died at age about 56 leaving widow and 2 children who live in Albia.

Eliza Hannah Combs died of scarlet fever age 6.

Cyntha Ann Combs died at age 22, single.

After death of Elias Combs his widow re - - - - to married Asa Biggs. To them born one son Henry who resides in Cal.

On death of Marget Combs (Biggs) her husband moved to Cal.

On death of Elias Combs he left real estate 230 acres located 3 miles south of Albia.

His son George bought the heirs int in part of the land, the home place, and sold it about 10 (?) years ago; the farm ---- worth about $175 an acre.

Elias Combs held a Comm as Captain of State Militia, State of Iowa. Comm dated 1864, signed by Gov. Stone.

Also belonged to Presbyterian Church, great church pillar, given to vocal music. Choir leader.

Sarah Combs, sister of Elias Combs, married Jesses Anderson, came to Iowa, from Hancock Co. Her son Martin Anderson, lives in Sheridan Iowa, county seat of Lucas Co. He is very wealthy, has two sons and a daughter, one son a lawyer, the other RR engineer CB and Q.

Mary Combs, another sister, married (Souther) moved from N.C. to Union Co. Georgia.

Jane, another sister, married Wm. McCray, moved to Kans.

Belle L. (Smith) Mellick her husband's sister married Geo. Elliot Bedford, Ind.

Kiziah (Hays) Combs mother of Elias Combs, had a sister who had two sons out of wedlock, namely Richmond Hays and Hilliah Hays. She married man by name of Dinwoody [Dinwiddie] they emigrated to Iowa with the two Hays boys who retained their mothers maiden name and settled 4 mi. South of Albia. They preceded the Combs family to Iowa a few years, hence they influenced the combs to------[Rest lost.] (Transcribed by Combs Researcher Nancy Tyrrel Theodore

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