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Descendants of Elizabeth
wife of James JOHNSON and Rev. Thomas MURRELL

          Elizabeth (-----) Johnson Murrell, formerly known to most Johnson & Murrell researchers as Rebekah MARTIN, was born 1740-1750, possibly in Maryland, married (1) prior to 1778, James JOHNSON, who died ca 1776-1780, possibly on the Clinch River of Fincastle Co, Virginia; Issue: William (and Tisha Combs) JOHNSON and Martin (and Sarah Combs) JOHNSON; married (2) between 1776-1785, possibly in now-Hawkins Co, Tennessee, the Rev. Thomas MURRELL, born 1740-1750, possibly in Goochland or Lunenburg Co, Virginia, died ca 1826, Dickson Co, Tennessee. Issue: Thomas (and Ellen COEN) MURRELL, Jr. and Richard MURRELL.
          The ancestry of Sarah and Tisha Combs is unknown, as is their relationship to each other. They were probably kin to Mason and Dorothy _____ Combs who resided on Beech Creek, Holston River, Hawkins Co, Tennessee between 1793 and 1802, and Mason Combs' documented sons, Simon (and Martha MURRILL) and Jeremiah (and Charity RHODES), as well as Sylvia (and Daniel PAINE) Combs and Nancy (and John FLEMMING) Combs, all of whom later resided in Warren Co, Tennessee, with the probable exception of Mason Combs himself.
     Note: Only the genealogy and documentation of Sarah and Tisha Combs is addressed in the Combs-Johnson-Murrell Genealogy.
    Also Note: The above facts may be totally incorrect. The Combs-Johnson-Murrell Genealogy is admittedly filled with errors and omissions; however, its present purpose is for research only, which is why a downloadable gedcom has not yet been included. It will be revised regularly and all possible sources will be added in our continuing efforts to create a proper Combs-Johnson-Murrell Genealogy. Unfortunately, many of the relationships assigned are based solely on nebulous family traditions whose sources are unknown and that have never been documented. Thus, many of the facts stated herein are highly questionable.
     Note also: There is no documentation that the Rev. Thomas MURRELL below, tentatively assigned as the second husband of the widow of James JOHNSON, has never been documented to be the Thomas MURRELL whom her descendants state that she married. As a result, he may not be the correct Thomas MURRELL, particularly given several conflicts with JOHNSON family tradition, in which case the widow of James JOHNSON may not have been Elizabeth, any more than she was the Rebekah MARTIN of Goochland Co, Virginia, or her husband the Capt. James JOHNSON of Lunenburg Co, Virginia. (See Major Revisions to the Combs-Johnson-Murrell Genealogy).

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