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Some Early Records of 
Hammett and Related Families

Updated 2 Sep 1999
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Note: The following are primarily miscellaneous records which may not have been documented to specific, identified individuals. Identified records will eventually be posted under the biographical notes of the relevant or primary individual under the Hammett Genealogy (still under construction).

Also Note: For Indexing Purposes Only, regardless of the spelling in an actual record, the 'standard' HAMMETT spelling will be used. The original spelling will, of course, be faithful in the record itself.

Records Index
AL Talladega  Hammett, Taylor  1840-1843
GA Greene  Hammett, Head  1788-1800
GA Jasper (Old Randolph)  Hammett, Head  1810
GA Wilkes  Hammett  1779-1785
NC Surry  Hammett, Mason, Underwood 1772
SC Charleston  Hammett 1778-1780
SC Old 96th District Hammett 1779
SC  Spartanburg, 96th Duncan, Hammett, Head  1766-1801
TN Van Buren & Warren  Head, Johnson 1812-1850
VA Culpeper  Farguson, Hammett, Mason, Smith, Strother, Underwood, Wood  Pending 
VA Fauquier  Bethel, Dodd, Hammett, Underwood & Related  1770-1783
VA King George  Bethel, Brown, Dodd, Jones, Hammett Pending 
VA Prince William Dodd, Hammett  1753-1784
VA Stafford & King George: St. Paul's Parish  Bowlin, Donahoo, Hammett, Jones, Newble  1728-1779
VA Stafford, Overwharton Parish Bethel, Broderick, Cannon, Hammett, Head, Smith  1739-1757

Overwharton Parish, Stafford County, Virginia

From The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA (chronologically):
Born: HAMMETH, Margaret daughter of William and Mary HAMMETH, February 10, 1739

Born: HAMMET, Charles son of William and Elizabeth HAMMET, February 4, 1742

Born: HAMMET, Mary daughter of William and Elizabeth HAMMET, February 4, 1744

Married: HAMMET, Sarah and Christopher BRODERICK; December 19, 1744

Born: HEAD, Charles son of Mary HEAD, b May 13, 1745

Died: HEAD, Mary d May 21, 1745

Married: BRODERICK, Sarah and John CANNON, Jul 8, 1745

Born: BRODERICK, Mary daughter of Christopher and Sarah BRODERICK, October 20, 1745

Born: HEAD, Joseph son of Robert and Dorothy HEAD, b Oct 27 1746

Born: CANNON, Ellis, son of John and Sarah CANNON, January 3, 1748

Married: HAMMIT, Robert and Sythe BETHEL, February 7, 1749

Born: HAMMET, William son of Robert and Sith Hammet Nov 14, 1749

Born: CANNON, John, son of John CANNON, February 1, 1750

Born: CANNON, Henry, son of John and Sarah CANNON, April 10, 1752

Born: CANNON, William, son of John and Sarah CANNON, July 4, 1754

Married: HAMMET, William and Rosamund SMITH, May 6, 1755

Born: CANNON, Sarah, daughter of John CANNON, June 9, 1757
(The Register of Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA, 1723-1758 and Sundry Historical and Genalogical Notes, Compiled and Published by George Harrison Sanford King Fellow, American Society of Genealogist, Fredericksbury, VA, Southern Historical Press, Easley, SC, 1961)

See Also the HAMMETTS of Richmond/King George Counties, VA
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St. Paul's Parish, Stafford County, Virginia

Source: The Register of Saint Paul's Parish (1715-1798), Stafford County, Virginia, 1715-1776 -- King George County, Virginia, 1777-1798, George Harrison Sanford King (1960) [B.=birth D.=death M.=married]

M. Daniel Hammat & Betridge Bowlin, Nov. 2, 1728
B. B. Violind, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth Hammet, Jan. 6, 1738/9
B. Elizabeth, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth Hammit, July 22, 1742
B. Mildred, dau. of Daniel & Elizabeth Hammat, April 25, 1745
M. John Hammet & Anne Donahoo, Aug. 15, 1757
B. George, son of Mildren Hammet, April 12, 1773
M. Daniel Hamet & Eleanor Jones, Dec. 22, 1774
M. Anne Hamit & Zachariah Newble, Nov. 6, 1779 [Noble? Newby?] (King George)
Note: None of the above HAMMETTS have been identified, but it may be significant that William HAMMETT who died in Culpeper Co, VA in 1777, had a son named Daniel HAMMETT who has not been traced.

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Prince William County, Virginia

Hammet, Willaim -- 1753 Rent Roll
Hammett, George -- born 13 Jan 1756 -- See Fauquier Co, VA records
Hammitt, John -- 1784 Tax List

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Fauquier Co, Virginia

HAMMETT, George, RW Pension file S8693, VA Line, he was b 13 Jan 1756 in Fauquier Co VA & he lived in Culpeper Co VA at enl & after the Rev he lived in Frederick Co VA & he appl 20 Nov 1834 in Scioto Co OH (White's RW Pension Abstracts)
Note: Fauquier was not organized until 1759 from Prince William, probably indicating George was born in that part of PW which shortly thereafter became Fauquier. This was probably George HAMMETT, son of William HAMMETT who died in Culpeper Co, VA in 1777.

Bethel, Wm -- 1770 Rent Roll
Bethell, William -- 1770 Rent Roll
Hammitt, Wm -- Leeds Manor -- 1770 Rent Roll
Note: Was the above William BETHEL a brother or father of Seth BETHEL who married Robert HAMMETT in Overwharton Parish, Stafford VA? The William HAMMETT above was either William HAMMETT who died Culpeper Co, VA in 1777 or his son of the same name - not yet determined. 

Will, Nathaniel DODD, dated 9 May 1783 dau Mildred PINKARD; dau Sarah GARNER, to my dau Sarah Garner's children; son Allen DODD; son Nathaniel; dau Hannah Hammit; son John; dau Elizabeth WILLIAMSON; son Benjamin; dau Mary WHEATLEY; son James; wife Sarah DODD all the remainer... and after her death the land to be divided, the mansion house and land I give to my son Nathaniel DODD excepting the land purchased of Morgan and Waugh DARNALL his son. I give to my sons James DODD the stills; I will to Nathaniel & James one to each, James to have first choice. ...remainder wife to dispose... as she think proper... exors: my beloved wife Sarah, son Nathaniel, son James wit: Daniel MARR, Martha ALLEN, Paul WILLIAMS proved 24 May 1784 (Fauq. Co. Wills 1759-1800; John Gott)
Note: Hannah DODD married James HAMMETT, son of William HAMMETT, died Culpeper Co, VA 1777.

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Culpeper Co, Virginia

Hammett, George -- enlisted in RW ca 1776-1783 -- See Fauquier Co Records

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Surry Co, North Carolina

Hammet, Hugh -- 1772 Tax List

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Old Ninety-Sixth District, South Carolina

Hammett, James -- 1779 Tax List

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Charleston District, South Carolina

Hammet, Thomas -- 1778 Tax List
Hammet, Thomas -- 1780 Tax List
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Spartanburg, 96th, South Carolina

Note: Although filed in North Carolina, the following land on the Pacolet was actually part of South Carolina.

To His Excellency William Tryon Esq.; Captain General, Governour and Commander in chief in and over the Province of North Carolina And His Majesty's Honourable Council-

The Humble Petition of James Hammett of Pacolate River in Tryon County Sheweth

Your Petitioner in the Month of August 1769 Purchased an Improvement of a Person by the name of James Cole, on the North side of Pacolate River; and on the 23d of November, in the same Year Entered 200 Acres including said Improvement, with Mr. Zachariah Bullock Duputy Surveyour; which Your Petitioner believed to be the Lawful and proper way to save his land.  Mr. Bullock, either by the late disorders in our neighbouring Countys, or Some other Casuallity did fail in Surveying of it, which prevented your Petitioner from Obtaining a Grant for the same.

Notwithstanding your Petitioner (as he thought) proceeded according to Law & Custom to Save his land, a Person by the name of Arthur Grimes, or some of his Company, That has lately come from Pensylvainia, Who makes it their practice to Monopolize land, and Seek such advantages, and has Surveyed the said improvement, from your Petitioner.
Your Petitioner Declares he as a Wife and Five small children; and that Grain & c that is intended for their Support, is growing thereon.  Your Petioner also declares that in the late Disorder perpetrated by the people called Regulators, that he never Signed nor Acted with them; But always expected to be Obedient to the Law, as becomes a Loyal Subject and a Christian.  Your Petitioner can Menefest the Tenour of his Petition by a recept for his Entring Money, paid to Mr. Bullock; and his Delaration by the person whose names is hereto Subscribed.

Your Petitioner is informed that he shall, and Humbly concieves he may have Redress:  And as he in Duty Bound shall ever Pray
July 5th 1771.   James HAMMETT

We whose names are under Written, do not all know that Grimes and his Company has taken Mr. HAMMETT'S Land, but is informed so;  also We Certifie that James HAMMETT has lived some years past amoungst us, and has behaved himselfe very honestly

[Signed by] Philip MULKEY, John Thomas, Jams Mcelwean, Robert MacWher (?),
Jno. Philips, Jno. Portman, William HAMMETT, John Butler, Luke Leak Roy,
Robert HAMMETT, John Leak Roy, Benj. Williams, Benj. Williams, Benjn.
Tompson, Jno. Thomas Junr. John Lawson, Isaac Brown, Moses White, Wm. Smith,
Thomas Crocker, William Phillips, Henry Prince, William Prince, Wm. Safold
Jnr. Thomas Brown, John Gibbs Junr., Isaac Lindsey, Wm. Nawill (?), Obediar
Roberts, Seth Howard, Avery Creed (Breed?), Jno. HAMMETT, Joseph Burchfield,
Giles Connell, Hancock Smith, Arthur Crocker, Absalom Wofford, Willm. Wofford
Jnr., Jno. Earle, David ANDERSON, Giles Tillet, Jesse Connell, John Orr,
Isaac Green, John Leech, Zach BULLOCK

Patent to issue to HAMETT
(Extracted from "The Bulletin" - Genealogical Society of Old Tryon County NC, Vol. XXVII, No. 2, May 1999, p 70-71,  from N. C. Archives, Governor's Office, Council Papers, 1663-1787, G.O. 110,  folder 1771.  Contributed by John H. Oden, III, President of the N.C.  Genealogical Society by Hammett Researcher Karen Robertson who adds: On page 71 of "The Bulletin," there is a photocopy from the original record of all signatures. More information on James Hammett's land grants can be found in North Carolina Land Grants in  South Carolina, by Brent Holcomb.

Notes: James, William, John and Robert HAMMETT were brothers, s/o William HAMMETT who d in 1777 in Culpeper Co, VA (earlier from King George, Stafford and Fauquier Cos, VA respectively). According to the Hammett Letters, most, if not all, had come to the Pacolet River via then-Rowan (later Surry) Co, NC. James Hammett's will, dated 1781, proved 1787, in Abbeville Dist, SC, named wife Hannah [d/o Nathaniel DODD of Fauquier Co, VA) and son, John.

Researcher Karen Robertson adds, in regard to 5 children mentioned above: Nathaniel HAMMETTT is first shown in the Spartanburg Co. SC deeds as a witness on a deed of David HENRY'S in 1788 (Deed Book B, p. 225-226). In 1795, Nathaniel is shown as an adjacent neighbor on a deed of William THOMSON. David QARLES is shown as a witness and the last name QUARLES (probably David) is also shown as a neighbor. (D.B. F, p. 248-250). In 1797, Nathaniel does a type of land lease to Moses QUARLES (father of David) for 65 acres (this may or may not be part of the 100 acres William THOMSON sold to Nathaniel HAMMETT in 1796). After Moses QUARLES dies, David QUARLES sells this land and wife Anne/Anna also signs the deed. In 1802, in Warren Co. KY, Nathaniel HAMMETT gives Elijah HAMMETT a POA to convey 100 acres in Spartanburg (not described) to David QUARLES. It would appear that James HAMMETT's widow Hannah DODD Hammett remarried David HENRY. In the 1790 Spartanburg Co. SC census, Nathaniel HEMMITT [sic] lived next door to David Henry and William THOMSON. In 1799, David HENRY and wife Hannah give to "son" Benjamin HAMMETT the POA to recover all debts and legacies to them by heirship and to sell the land if he wants to. (Spartanburg Co. SC D.B. F, p. 274-275). In 1801, Nathaniel DODD (Fauquier Co. VA) gives nephews Elijah HAMMETT and Benjamin HAMMETT the POA to sell land in Spartanburg (Spartanburg D.B. K, p. 33-34). David HENRY'S will was proved in Jan. 1801, and Hannah was named as wife. David QUARLES was a witness on the will. A warrant of appraisement was issued to David (maybe Daniel?) and Benjn. HAMMITT and 2 others. David QUARLES seems to be very involved with this group of HAMMETTS leading us to think Anne/Anna could be a HAMMETT. James HAMMETT left a will (written 1781) in Abbeville District SC and I have only seen an abstract naming wife Hannah and one son John. What I am wondering is if Nathaniel and Anne/Anna could also be children of James HAMMETT besides John, Benjamin and Elijah? Does anyone have copies of James' probate records from Abbeville Co. SC? Any additional information or changes on the James HAMMETT and Nathaniel HAMMETT families would be appreciated.

4 May 1781 - 9 Mar 1787 James HAMMETT appeared on the Grand Jury List, 1778, Spartan Division, 96th District; his will, dated May 4, 1781, was proved March 9, 1787 - Book 107, Pack 2893, Abbeville District, South Carolina. (HF)

1790 Spartanburg, 96th Dist, SC Census
[Column 10 includes]
HEAD, Robert
(Extracted by C. Hammett from "1790 Census," GPC, 1972, Baltimore; 96th District Spartansburg SC)

CH Note: John HAMMETT was the son of William HAMMETT, died Culpeper Co, VA 1777. Was Robert HEAD kin to Sarah HEAD (possibly d/o William) who m pre-1828, James HAMMETT, s/o William and Martha WARNER Hammett, and gs/o Robert & Seth BETHEL Hammett (Robert being brother of the above John)?

(Spartansburg Co, SC DB H-1) 18 March 1801, William HAMMETT to John DUNCAN, $100, 100a except 5 acres reserved for Mary McBEE where she now lives, part of a grant to HAMMETT, on Pters? Creek, a branch of Pasotale(sic, Pacolet) River. Wit. William (W) Rich(Reid), Rachel (X) McAbee. (1,022,819) (MAD: 1800 census pg. 183) (Researcher Charles Hite)

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Wilkes County, Georgia

(Wilkes Court Min) August 26 1779. Evidence in Behalf of the State (against various alleged Tories) John McKinney, Thos Johnston, Joseph Scot Riden, Wm. Herd, George Neal, Bryan Ward, James McLean, Absalom Ford, Thomas Owins, Sarah Wright (at Heard's Fort) Francis Giddings, and wife, Thomas Connels, Solomon Palmer, Robert HAMMET, John Pendal, Joseph Nail, John Burgamy, Saml Payne, John Crutchfield, & James White.

Note: Robert HAMMETT was the son of William HAMMETT, died Culpeper Co, VA, 1777; and husband of Seth BETHEL whom he married in Overwharton Parish, Stafford Co, VA in 1749.
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(Wilkes Co, GA, Remnant Tax Lists) Taxable Property of Inhabitants of Capt. Hagan's Dist., by Jacob Early for 1785: (partial entries)

20 James Dorough
21 Sithey HAMMETT, 1 poll, 450 acres Wilkes Co
22 Fadey Garratt (Faddy Jarrett)
23 Edward Hagan, 1-1/2 polls, 1 slave, 200 acs Wilkes
24 Wm. Shropshire, 1 poll. William Hurley, 1 poll.
25 William Toombs, 1 poll, 260 acs Washington Co
50 William Copeland
51 John Wilson
52 William Fletcher
53 William HAMMETT, 5 polls, 8 slaves. John Copeland, 1 poll
54 Vines Collier
55 Harmon Runnalds

Note: Full source information for above data to be entered shortly. Sithey HAMMETT was Seth BETHEL, wife of Robert HAMMETT; and William HAMMETT their son.(See Also Overwharton Parish, Stafford VA records)
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Old Randolph (Jasper) County, Georgia

"Executive Department
Friday 9th November 1810
On Application

That passports be prepared for the following persons to travel through the Creek Nation of Indians, to wit - One for Messrs. John Jones and Jeremiah Gardner from the County of Baldwin - one for Mr. William Head with his wife, seven children and eight negroes, and one for Mr. Wm. Hammett with his wife and one negro from Randolph County - one for Messrs. Samuel Henderson and James McMullen from Abbeville district, South Carolina - one for Messrs. James Ruston and Mathew Ray from Edgefield district, South Carolina which were severally presented and signed"

(Source: Passports of Southeastern Pioneers, 1770-1823, Dorothy Williams Potter, GPC, Baltimore, 1982, p. 171. Source: "GA Executive Proceedings...," Nov., 1809 - Dec., 1810, p. 253; drawer 50, roll 47). NOTE: This is NOT later Randolph Co, Georgia: Baldwin and Wilkinson Counties, Georgia were organized from Indian lands in 1805. 'Old' Randolph County was organized from Baldwin County in 1807, but its name was changed to Jasper in 1812. Add'l information will be posted shortly in reference to both these passports, and the identities and destinations of some of the above individuals.

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Talladega County, Alabama

Talladega Marriage Record Book A:
Page 250: Hammett, James & Taylor Nancy: License date 21 Nov 1840; Return date 10 Dec 1840
Page 327: Hammett, John R. & Hammett, Mary: License date _____ 1843; no return date; Pharoh Hill, J. P.

Note: James HAMMETT married (1) Sarah HEAD; and (2) Nancy TAYLOR. James was the son of William and Martha WARNER Hammett, and grandson of Robert and Seth BETHEL Hammett (See Also Overwharton Parish, Stafford VA). John Robert HAMMETT, son of James and Elizabeth BROOKER Hammett, married Mary HAMMETT, daughter of James and Sarah HEAD Hammett. (Hammett Bible Record)

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Warren (&Van Buren) County, Tennessee
(Van Buren organized from Warren in 1840)

(Warren Co, TN Tax Lists) 1812, Graham's returns:
No. 069 Moses HEAD
(Source: TN State Archives Tax Lists Roll No. 9)

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