More than 22 million passengers and members of ships' crews entered the United States through Ellis Island and the Port of New York between 1892 and 1924. Information about each person was written down in ships' passenger lists, known as “manifests”. Manifests were used to examine immigrants upon arrival in the United States.

Thanks to Barabra Rivas for extracting these Combs &c. Passenger Arrival Records from the Ellis Island database.

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Name of PassengerResidenceArrivedAge on
1 A. W. Combs03 May 192038(Seaman)
2 A.E. Combs01 Sep 190645
3 Abbie E. combs18 Aug 190724(Home 512 Centre St., South Orange, NJ)
4 Albert CombsPortland, Ore.07 Jun 192450(Born 25 Oct 1872 New Orleans, LA Lives at 502 Pittock Block, Portland, OR)
5 Albert Franklin CombsChicago, Ill.,
16 Jun 191629(Born Nov 5 1886 Baltimore MD Address in US - Auto Electric Co, Chicago, IL)
6 Alexander ... CombsAlbany, Ga.13 Jul 191935(Under place of birth it has W33431 C&R - probably returning soldier)
7 Alfred CombsLexington, KY27 Apr 191368(Born Breathett Co., Nov 22 1844)
8 Alfred Combs23 May 192435(Bedroom Steward - 5'6" 150lbs.)
9 Alwak CombsColumbia, NC13 Sep 192023(Born Columbia NC Dec. 31 1896 )
10 Anine Combs29 Mar 189756(Page too worn to read)
11 Anna Combs14 Aug 191034(Page too worn to read)
12 Anna Combs31 Aug 190335y 5m(wife of Samuel W. Combs)
13 Anna Combs30 Jan 1903
14 Anna A. M. Combs18 May 190630
15 Anne M. Combs16 Sep 1905
16 Arthur R. Combs10 Dec 192023(Steward 5'6" 140lbs)
17 Ayrod Combs23 Jul 190425(Scandanavian going to Langford SD husband paid for ticket Going to her husband Johannes? F. Combs, Langford, Marshall??)
18 B. Combs17 Feb 192218(Ordinary Seaman)
19 B. Combs08 Mar 192218(Ordinary Seaman)
20 B. Combs13 Apr 192218(Ordinary Seaman)
21 B. Combs01 May 192218(Ordinary Seaman)
22 Barnard Combs21 Aug 192320(Crew list)
23 Bernard CombsNew Orleans, LA02 Apr 192016(Returning American Seaman from American SS "Obak")
24 Bernard Combs06 Aug 192016(Sailor "O" Seaman)
25 Bernard Combs17 Jan 192218(AB (Seaman) )
26 Bernard Combs11 Jun 192218(position employed OS 5'4" 141lbs US citizen)
27 Bernard Combs04 Nov 192218(position employed OS 5'7" 148lbs US citizen)
28 Bernard Combs09 Dec 192218(position employed OS 5'7" 142lbs US citizen)
29 Bernard Combs03 Apr 192420(born Louisiana 5'8" fair complexion, dark hair, brown eyes AB Seaman - next of kin: sister, Mrs. Davis, 26 Charlotte St, Ashville, NC, pay $62.50 per month)
30 Bernard Combs29 Apr 192420(paid off, 5'7" 161 lbs, AB Seaman, US Citizen)
31 Bernard Combs30 May 192420(AB Seaman, paid off, US Citizen, 5'9" 156lbs.)
32 Bernard Combs13 Jan 192325(O Seaman, 5'6" 143lbs., US Citizen)
33 Bernard Combs01 Oct 192329(OS, American, 5'9" 180 lbs)
34 Bess CombsAberdeen, SD,
29 Nov 192233(Dau. of Mary Combs, born Mar. 6th, 1889 Huron, SD., Residence - Aberdeen, SD)
35 Bess CombsAberdeen, SD,
02 Jul 191324(dau of Mary Combs, nationality - German, lives in Aberdeen, SD., nearest relative in country alien came from: Mrs. Ermie Combs (listed as daughter of Mary Combs), (I can't read the German address))
36 Bess Combs02 Jul 1913(This is crossed out, as is the listing right underneath for Mrs. John Combs of Aberdeen, SD)
37 C. CombsLondan15 Mar 189329
38 C. M. CombsCuba25 Jul 190634y 7m(hard to read but looks as if occupation is "mining". US Citizen. going to Maryland)
39 C. Mammy CombsSantiago, Cuba27 Jul 190835(It's C. Manning Combs, he's a miner, coming from Santiago, Cuba. US citizen.)
40 Charles Combs11 Dec 192223(Worked for ship, musician, paid off, American, 5'7")
41 Cordelia E. CombsArkansas15 Sep 190418(no occupation, US citizen, came from and going to Kansas City, seems to be traveling with a Mrs. Frank Simpson, 35 Kansas City origin and destination)
42 Cornealus CombsNYC01 Jul 192048(born Leonardtown, Maryland, 26 Oct 1871 address in US - 60 Wall St. NYC)
43 Cornelius CombsM.Y.C.10 Jun 192352(born 26 Oct 1871 Leonardstown, NY, address 32 W 460 St NYC, and 460 is crossed out and 40 written above) (NOTE - this seems to be the same gentleman as No. 42 but someone made a mistake in the birth state. Leonardstown does seem to be in Maryland.)
44 Cornelius CombsNew York07 Aug 191241(born Leonardstown, MD, 26 Oct 1871 resides at Knickerbocker Hotel, NYC)
45 Cornelius CombsNew York, NY22 Apr 191745(born Leonardstown, MD, 26 Oct 1871 resides at Hotel Walcott, NYC)
46 Cornelius Combs06 Aug 190432(age 32 US citizen)
47 Cornelius Combs28 Jun 190938(mining agent)
48 Cornelius Combs19 Jul 191038(US Citizen)
49 Cornelius Combs08 Aug 191139(US citizen)
50 Cornelius M CombsNew York, NY10 Aug 192149(born Leonardstown, MD, 26 Oct 1871 resides at Engineers Club, 32 W. 40th St., NYC)
51 Cornelius M. CombsEngineers Club,
40th. St. & 6th Ave.,
13 Apr 192149(born Leonardstown, MD, 26 Oct 1871 resides at Engineers Club, 32 W. 40th St., NYC)
52 Cornelius M. CombsLeonardtown, Md.03 May 191644(Address in US, Leonardstown, MD)
53 Cornelius M. CombsNYC08 Jul 192452(Cabin Passenger from Santiago, Cuba, 4th Jul, 1924 -born Leonardstown, MD, 26 Oct 1871 resides at Engineers Club, 32 W. 40th St., NYC)
54 Cornelius M. CombsNew York, NY.12 Nov 191948(born Leonardstown, MD, 26 Oct 1871 resides at 229 W. 97th St., NYC)
55 Della CombsBrooklyn,
06 Oct 192130(wife of Marshall Combs, born 1891 husband US citizen, lives at 15 Irving Place, Brooklyn, NY)
56 Dora Combs10 Sep 1908
57 Dorothy CombsSpringfield, Mass14 Oct 192430(wife of Raymond R. Combs, born Springfield, Mass, 22 Jul 1894 residence 23 Leyfred Terrace, Springfield, Mass.)
58 Dudley CombsSacts, Cal.26 Feb 191446(born Louisville, KY 10 Jun 1868 residence, Sacts, Cal.)
59 E R L. Combs23 May 189626
60 Edgar L. CombsTurner, Kansas10 Apr 19222(Son of Paul H. and Louise W. Combs. US Citizen, home address, Turner, Kansas)
61 Edward Combs30 Apr 1909
62 Elizabeth CombsLerington Kent.26 Oct 190935(last residence, Lexington KY)
63 Elizabeth Combs10 Dec 190728(wife of Roger Combs)
64 Elizabeth Combs05 Apr 190850
65 Elizabeth Combs05 Apr 1908(name crossed out)
66 Ellen Combs21 Sep 191031(final destination, Kansas City, MO)
67 Ellen C. CombsKansas City, MO.12 Aug 191332(born Limeus?, MO 18 May 1881. address in US 4531 Keenwood Ave., Kansas City, MO) (NOTE: looks more like Ellen G. Combs to me.)
68 Emma CombsB. Aires, Arg. Rep.06 Apr 190835(5'5" dark complexion, dark hair, dark eyes, place of birth Cincinnati)
69 Emma CombsLondon04 Apr 189236
70 Emma B. CombsXenia, Ohio14 Apr 192449(born 3rd Sept 1875 Owensville, Ohio. Address in US - Xenia, Ohio Seems to be with older couple, Ada M.C. Drees, 70 and Charles W. Drees, 72 also living in Xenia, Ohio. Ada was born in Owensville, Ohio 28th Sept 1853. Charles W was born in Xenia, Ohio 13 Sept 1851)
71 Enervia B. Combs25 Apr 190440y 8m(NOTE: looks to me like Erwinia B. Combs - She seems to be traveling with Charles W. Drees, age 52 and Adelaide Drees, age 49. Could she be the same as No. 70? Or the mother of no. 70?)
72 Erna CombsAberdeen, SD29 Jul 191424(born in Huron SD, residence in Aberdeen, SD)
73 Florence CombsN.Y.C.09 Apr 192350y 09m(Born in Granville, Ohio, Jul 1873 residence 635 Park Ave. NYC)
74 Florence CombsPortland, Ore.07 Jun 192435(wife of Albert Combs b. 25 Oct 1872 New Orleans, LA - Florence born 17 Dec 1889 Benton Harbor, Michigan. Residence, 500 Pittock Block, Portland, Oregon)
75 Frank Combs31 Aug 1911(merchant, US citizen)
76 Fred CombsCincinnati, Ohio30 Aug 192024(occupation mechanic, Claims American nationality, born in Cincinnati, OH, destination Kansas City, MO) (NOTE: On the next page, it seems that Fred Combs is listed as a stowaway, with wife Edna Combs, address 1010 Holmes St., Kansas City, MO. That he was born 19 Apr 1897 in E. St. Louis, Ill. He was 5'8" with fair complexion, brown hair, brown eyes.)
77 G. Combs01 Sep 190612(with A.E. Combs, age 45)
78 Geo. Combs15 Oct 191065(retired, US citizen, destination, Chicago, IL)
79 Geo. H. Combs05 Sep 189632
80 George Combs28 Nov 189627
81 George H. Combs10 Jul 19099(with parents (no. 82)George H. & Harriet Combs)
82 George H. Combs10 Jul 190944(with wife Harriet and son George H. 9yrs)
83 Gilbert Combs18 Aug 190712(traveling with Mrs. Abbie E Combs age 24 and Maud W Combs age 15. last permanent residence New Jersey - Home 521 Centre St., South Orange, NJ)
84 Gilbert Combs19 Jun 190714(with parents Samuel age 41 and Margaret age 39 Combs. US citizen )
85 Gilbert R. CombsPhila.02 Sep 19149y 7m(with wife Rose, he was born 3 Jan 1863 Philadelphia PA. residence, 1921 S. Broad St., Philadelphia PA)
86 H. M. Combs23 Dec 191927(crew 2nd Eng. born in NY 5'6" dark complexion brown hair brown eyes)
87 Hannah CombsClonakiltsy23 Oct 190222(servant, last residence Clonakiltsy, going to Chicago to a sister, Irish)
88 Hanry Combs10 Oct 191927(I think it's Hanry M., born Brooklyn NY 12 Dec 1891 address 136 Woodbine St., Brooklyn, NY) (NOTE: See NO. 90)
89 Harriet Combs10 Jul 190942(wife of George H. Combs No. 82)
90 Henry Combs28 Jun 192432(crew 1st Asst Eng. paid off, American, 5'6" 165 lbs.)
91 Henry M. CombsBrooklyn, NY29 Apr 192028(born 1? Dec 1891 Brooklyn NY residence 136 Woodbine St., Brooklyn NY) (NOTE: See NO. 88)
92 Henry M. Combs08 Nov 192029(Crew 1st Asst Eng. American 5'7" 161 lbs)
93 Herbert S. CombsUSA09 May 190742(carpenter American citizen)
94 I. Newton CombsLexington, Ky.13 Sep 191338(Born Breathett Co., KY address Lexington, KY) (NOTE: see No. 96)
95 Ida CombsNew York30 Jun 1904
96 Isaac Newton CombsLexington, Ky13 Sep 191338(born 30 Jan 1875 Breathett KY residence Lexington KY - name has been crossed out) (NOTE: see No. 94)
97 Isabel H. Y. Combs23 Dec 191025(occupation housekeeper)
98 J. L. Combs26 Jun 189532
99 J. R. CombsN. Y.18 Aug 191225(Mrs. J. R. Combs - born 1890 Philadelphia and it is crossed out -husband US citizen - residence Manhatten Hotel, NY)
100 J. Wesley CombsLos Angeles, CA,
27 Aug 191330(occupation teacher, US citizen, last residence Los Angeles, home 206 Emerald St., Los Angeles, CA)
101 James D. CombsJersey City, N.J.11 Mar 191956(born Claybridge? Clairbridge?NJ Oct 27 1863) (NOTE: typing is so faint can't read anything else)
102 James L. Combs14 Aug 191010(With father James L age 49 mother Anna age 34 and brother John S. age 16 final destination, NYC)
103 James L. Combs14 Aug 191049(with wife Anna 34 sons: James L age 10 and John S age 16. Occupation merchant, final destination NYC) (NOTE: see No. 102)
104 Jefferson Stone
Washington, DC04 May 192251(with wife Sybil age 37 born 15 May 1871 Leonard Town, MD, address in US Wardman Park Hotel, Washington, DC)
105 Jennie A. Combs25 Mar 191030(with husband Joseph age 38)
106 Jno. F. Combs14 Oct 189637
107 John Combs29 May 189724
108 John Combs08 Oct 192239(NOTE: actually spelled COOMBS on manifest) (5'9" 175lbs. crew works P Pantry, nationality, British)
109 John F. CombsLondon30 May 189541
110 John F. CombsN'York17 Oct 189243(with wife Mrs. J F. Combs age 39 last residence and final destination NYC) (NOTE: See numbers 110-117)
111 John F. CombsNew York18 May 191465(with wife, Mary A age 58 born in Philadelphia PA in 1849. address in US Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC) (NOTE: See numbers 110-117)
112 John F. CombsNew York, NY14 Nov 192275(with wife Mary A age 68 born 2 Mar 1848 Philadelphia PA, US residence Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC) (NOTE: See numbers 110-117)
113 John F. CombsPhiladelphia29 Jul 190656(last residence Philadelphia) (NOTE: on next page, Mrs. John F. Combs age 54 from Philadelphia) (NOTE: See numbers 110-117)
114 John F. Combs21 Aug 190759(with wife Mary age 54) (NOTE: See numbers 110-117)
115 John F. Combs03 Apr 190859(with wife Mary age 55) (NOTE: See numbers 110-117)
116 John F. Combs11 May 191162(with wife Mary A age 59 (NOTE: See numbers 110-117)
117 John Frank Combs30 Oct 1903U(with wife Mary) (NOTE: See numbers 110-117)
118 John S. Combs14 Aug 191016(With father James L age 49 mother Anna age 34 and brother James L. age 10 final destination, NYC)
119 Joseph CombsCanton, Ohio20 Aug 192150y 6m(born Canton, Ohio on 6 Feb 1871 residence 2324 Cleveland Ave, Canton, OH)
120 Joseph Combs25 Mar 191038(with wife Jennie A age 30)
121 Joseph Combs22 Jun 1904
122 Joseph ... C...ombsCanton,
20 Aug 192150(factory supt., 23 Cleveland Ave., Canton, Ohio) (NOTE: this name has been crossed out)
123 Josephine CombsSacts, Cal.26 Feb 191430(with husband Dudley age 46. Josephine born 26 Apr 1888 San Francisco, CA)
124 Josephine Higgins
08 Mar 191839(widow, born 7th Jul 1878 Warrensburg, Warren County, NY, address, Gloversville, NY)
125 Kenneth Combs30 Jan 192425(crew Jun. Eng. 5'9" 138 lbs)
126 Laura Combs28 Sep 191041
127 Leslie CombsGuatemala City05 Jul 190552y 11m(occupation US Diplomatic Service)
128 Leslie Combs17 Aug 190654(occupation US Minister, Lexington, KY)
129 Leslie Combs01 Apr 191461(with wife Mary S age 57. Leslie born 31 Jul 1852 Little Compton, Rhode Island, residence Lexington, KY)
130 Lewis CombsRenaselaer,
15 Apr 192227(born 7 Apr 1895 in Manchester Centre, VT, address 35 Pine St., Renaselaer (sic) NY)
131 Lewis CombsRensselaer,
10 Sep 192328Y5m(born Apr 1895 Manchester Country VA - "t" inserted to make VT -address 35 Pine St., Rensselaer NY)
132 Lewis Combs25 Mar 191821(crew AB seaman, 5'5" 135lbs.)
133 Lewis B. CombsRensselaer, NY09 Oct 192025(born 7 Apr 1895 Manchester Centre, Vermont, residence 35 Pine St., Rensselaer, NY)
134 Lilian CombsEvanston, Ill.25 Aug 192443y11m(with Lorraine Combs age 23 Lilian born 26 Sept 1881 Chicago, IL, residence 2100 Lincoln St., Evanston, IL) (NOTE: see No. 135)
135 Lorraine CombsEvanston, Ill.25 Aug 192423y2m(born 9th Jun 1900 Chicago, IL residence 2100 Lincoln St., Evanston, IL) (NOTE: see No. 134)
136 Louis CombsSpringfield, MA01 Aug 191226y 11m(born 24 Aug 1885 Springfield, Mass. Residence 115 Florence St., Springfield, Mass.)
137 Louise W. CombsTurner, Kansas10 Apr 192232(with husband Paul H. age 32 and son Edgar L age 2 born 8 Jul 1889 Abilene, KS. residence 640 Turner, Kansas.)
138 M. Combs16 May 190635
139 Malaehi R. CombsTerre Haute, IN13 Aug 191450y 8m(born 1864 Hamilton, OH. Residence Terra Haute, IN) (NOTE: name is Malachi)
140 Marg. Combs29 Mar 189766
141 Margaret Combs19 Jun 190739(with husband Samuel age 41 and son Gilbert age 14)
142 Marshall CombsBrooklyn,
06 Oct 192130(with wife Della age 30. Marshall born 1891 Minneapolis MN, residence 15 Irving Place, Brooklyn, NY)
143 Mart D. Combs22 Feb 18925
144 Mary CombsAberdeen, SD,
29 Nov 192261(with daughter Bess age 33 residence Aberdeen SD)
145 Mary CombsAberdeen, SD02 Jul 191352(with daughter Bess 24 German, last residence Aberdeen SD, stayed with daughter Miss Ernie? Combs in Germany)
146 Mary CombsMeridian,
22 Sep 191250(From Austria, Polish, was at home of father, Jan Banek in Eresinia?, paid for own ticket, going to home of Michael Combs, 135 William St., Meridian,CT, 5'7" fair complexion, brown hair blue eyes, place of birth Austria - Cresimia? )
147 Mary Combs11 Mar 191953(born 25 May 1865 New York, NY. residence 150 Bentley Ave, Jersey City, NJ)
148 Mary Combs21 Aug 190754(with husband John F. age 59)
149 Mary Combs03 Apr 190855(with husband John F age 59)
150 Mary Combs26 Apr 1897
151 Mary Combs30 Oct 1903U(wife of John Frank Combs)
152 Mary A. CombsNew York18 May 191458(wife of John F, Mary born 1856 Philadelphia PA, residence Waldorf Astoria Hotel, NYC)
153 Mary A. CombsNew York, NY14 Nov 192268(wife of John F., Mary born 7 Oct 1852 Philadelphia PA. residence Waldorf Astoria Hotel NYC)
154 Mary A. Combs11 May 191159(wife of John F)
155 Mary S. Combs01 Apr 191457(wife of Leslie, Mary born 30 Dec 1857 Frankfurt KY, residence Lexington, KY)
156 Matt Combs23 Feb 189522y 11m
157 Maud W. Combs18 Aug 190712(with Mrs. Abbie E. Combs age 24 and Gilbert Combs age 12 home 521 Centre St., South Orange, NJ)
158 Maude W. Combs17 Nov 192345(born 5 Mar 1878 Newark, NJ., residence 521 Centre St., South Orange, NJ)
159 Maude Woodhull
South Orange, N.J.20 Nov 192244(born 5 Mar 1878 Newark, NJ., 521 Centre St., South Orange, NJ)
160 Mildred CombsNew York, NY06 Mar 191625 (born 1891 Milwaukee, WI, residence 246 63rd St NYC)
161 Miss CombsLondon30 May 189535
162 Miss Anni T. Combs26 Aug 190860(with a Miss Mary E Combs age 65)
163 Miss. Mary E. Combs26 Aug 190865(with a Miss Anni T Combs age 60)
164 Mr. Combs13 Mar 189328
165 Mrs John F. CombsLondon30 May 189537
166 Mrs. A. Combs22 Feb 189234
167 Mrs. Inez Combs30 Jul 190520
168 Mrs. J. F. CombsN'York17 Oct 189239(wife of John F Combs who is 43 and a merchant)
169 Mrs. J. L. Combs26 Jun 189524
170 Mrs. John CombsAberdeen, SD02 Jul 1913(with daughter? Bess, residence Aberdeen SD.) (NOTE: the line is crossed out.)
171 Mrs. John F. CombsPhiladelphia29 Jul 190654
172 Mrs. Mary S. CombsGuatemala City05 Jul 190548(wife of Leslie Combs, US Diplomatic Service)
173 Paul Combs01 Jul 189539
174 Paul H. CombsTurner, Kansas10 Apr 192233(with wife Louise W age 32 and son Edgar L age 2 born in Quenemo, KS on 14 Jul 1889 residence 640 Turner, Kansas)
175 Percy S. Combs26 Oct 191137(occupation stockbroker)
176 Presley CombsChicago, Ill.05 Jun 191849(born 20 Oct 1868 Canton, OH residence 825 Drekel Ave., Chicago, IL)
177 R. Combs16 Aug 192127(crew - fireman from British West Indies)
178 Ralph Combs06 Sep 192432(crew seaman, race Holland Nationality Dutch West Indies 5'10" 150lbs)
179 Raymond R. CombsSpringfield, MA14 Oct 192430(with wife Dorothy age 30 - born 22 Jul 1894 in New York, NY. Residence 23 Leyfred Terrace, Springfield, Mass.)
180 Rex Combs30 Oct 192421(crew Jun. Engineer, 5'11" 156lbs)
181 Robert Combs13 Nov 192019(crew officer messman, American, 5'9" 152 lbs)
182 Robert Combs22 Jul 189529(occupation miner, native country Scotland, bound for Virginia,)
183 Robert E. Combs01 Oct 190319
184 Roger Combs10 Dec 190736(with wife Elizabeth age 28)
185 Rose CombsPhila.02 Sep 191247y 8m(born 21 Dec 1865 residence 1921 S. Broad St. Philadelphia PA, with husband Gilbert R. age 49)
186 Ruth Ann CombsLondon,
12 May 191648(English, perm. residence London, England, relative/friend in England -Mrs. George Cutecliffe, Glaybury Rd., West Kensington)
187 S. W. Combs17 Sep 189429(merchant)
188 Samuel CombsElim Rock, KY28 Oct 191823y 8m(born 19 Mar 1895 in Hinnia (sic), residence Elim Rock, KY)
189 Samuel Combs19 Jun 190741(with wife Margaret age 39 and son Gilbert age 14)
190 Samuel W. Combs31 Aug 190342y 7m(with wife Anna age 35 occupation theatrical manager)
191 Sarah Combs09 Nov 190957
192 Sybil CombsWashington, DC04 May 192237(wife of Jefferson Stone Combs, born 23 Feb 1885 Troy, OH., residence Wardman Park Hotel, Washington D.C.)
193 TOS. COMBS19 May 1905U
194 W. Marion Combs22 Sep 190840(last perm residence NY)
195 Walter CombsNYC, NY,
27 Mar 191425(born 10 Jun 1888 Eugene OR address 315 W.79th St. NYC)
196 William CombsNewsham29 Jan 189921y 9m(occupation, minor, English from Newsham, going to Courting, PA., passage paid by John Richardson)
197 William B. Combs19 Jul 192025(crew 3rd officer)
198 William H. Combs21 Sep 192126y 6m(born 19 Jan 1895 Hazzard KY, address in US Hazzard KY)
199 William John Combs18 Sep 191233(if naturalized - give name & location of court - Supreme Court Monday 20 Jun 1908 #69062 address in US ____? NY)
200 William R. Combs25 Apr 192125(crew Steward, West Indian born in West Indies, 5'11" 160lbs)
201 Combs14 Oct 189634