More than 22 million passengers and members of ships' crews entered the United States through Ellis Island and the Port of New York between 1892 and 1924. Information about each person was written down in ships' passenger lists, known as “manifests”. Manifests were used to examine immigrants upon arrival in the United States.

Thanks to Barabra Rivas for extracting these Combs &c. Passenger Arrival Records from the Ellis Island database.

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Name of PassengerResidenceArrivedAge on
1 L. H. CombeyNYC, NY10 Jun 191139(with daughter Lillian age 18 Mrs. L. M. Combey, US citizen, home in NYC)
2 Lilian CombeyNYC, NY10 Jun 191118(with mother Mrs L. M. age 39 US citizen, home in NYC)
1 Annie Combie...,
23 Aug 191428(British born in Scotland, relative in Britain: mother Reyna? Smith, (can't read it) 1905-13 lived in NY and SF, going to husband Robert Combie, Long Island, 5'4" fair complexion, black hair, brown eyes, born in Auchiesbury? Scotland)
2 George CombieJomer, Scotland15 Feb 190423(gardiner, English born in Scotland, going to Greenwich, CT - line crossed out)
3 Kaatje Combie09 Sep 190757(with husband Lundert age 56 US Citizen)
4 Lundert Combie09 Sep 190756(with wife Kaatje age 57 US Citizen)
1 Adrien CombyChamoson13 Mar 190425(farmer, French born in Switzerland, lived in Chamoson, Switz., going to friend Andre Fangrich?, New Castle, Wyoming)
2 Adrien CombyChamoson,
22 Apr 191131(minor, from Chamoson, Switz., father: Francois at Chamoson, was in Silverton, CO 1904-1910 going to friend Baptiste Grouis? at Silverton, CO., 5'7" light complexion, light hair, blue eyes, born in Chamoson, Switzerland)
3 Aime CombyCharosson, Italy13 Aug 191034(NOTE: transcriber put down as "f" and it is clearly "m(ale)" on the manifest. Also occupation is given as horseshoeing, overwritten with blacksmith, AND clearly states that Aime is French "race" born in Switzerland from Chamosan, father Joseph Comby in Chamosan, going to friend: Delaboys Lazarre, 150 E. 66th St., NYC., born in Chamoson, Switzerland)
4 Almé CombyChamson, Lovitzlaw25 Apr 191020(farm laborer, French born in Switzerland, from Chamoson, Switz., father Justin Comby in Chamoson, going to sister & b-in-law, Lester & Angele May, 45 W 38th NYC, 5'7" white complexion, light hair, gray eyes, born Chamoson, Switzerland)
5 Anna CombyParis04 Oct 190381
6 Emma R. Comby16 Jun 189627
7 Emma R. Comby16 Jun 189665
8 James J. CombyPhiladelphia04 Aug 190746(Mrs. James J. Comby from Philadelphia)
9 Jane Comby20 Mar 191150
10 Jeanie CombyParis25 Sep 190445(French, going to Hoboken, NJ, No. 111 Clinton Ave, Hoboken, NJ)
11 Jeanne CombyN. York City,
19 Oct 190770(US citizen, French origin, living in NYC)
12 Jeanne CombyParis, France08 Oct 191062(US Citizen, last at #25 Boul'd. des Cajmainer?, Paris, France, going to NYC)
13 Jeanne CombyPau/France15 Aug 191370(French born in France, lived near Pau, cousin Mr. Cavornier?, Boul'd du Place, going to NYC)
14 Jeanne Comby24 Sep 190958
15 John Comby10 Oct 189234(with wife Mary age 31 merchant from England, in transit)
16 John H. CombyJantha, Mo.03 Mar 191025
17 Mary Comby10 Oct 189231(wife of John age 34 born in England, in transit)
18 Mrs. Jeanne Comby30 Jul 189451(French citizen, living in NJ)
19 Sarah U. Comby16 Jun 189624
20 Walter S. Comby21 May 191351(born 18 Mar 1862 Philadelphia, going to Port Chester, NY)
1 America CommeN.Y.C.20 Oct 192410(NOTE: It's typed and says "COSME" not "COMME")
2 Oscar Johannessen
29 Jul 191316(Crew - messboy, born in Norway, lived in Drangoid, Norway, kin: mother Dorthea Johannessen, Somme, Gyland?, near Teekefiord?)