More than 22 million passengers and members of ships' crews entered the United States through Ellis Island and the Port of New York between 1892 and 1924. Information about each person was written down in ships' passenger lists, known as “manifests”. Manifests were used to examine immigrants upon arrival in the United States.

Thanks to Barabra Rivas for extracting these Combs &c. Passenger Arrival Records from the Ellis Island database.

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Name of PassengerResidenceArrivedAge on
1 ... Cam...Buenos Aires,
30 Apr 1923(so faint that can't be read)
2 ... Cam...15 Aug 191317(so faint that can't be read)
3 A. Cam...Glasgow13 Apr 190624(Name is "CAMPBELL")
4 Adrian Cam...10 Aug 192230(Name seems to be "CAMBRY")
5 Albert Cam09 Aug 191819(Apprentice, English, 6' 154 lbs)
6 Alexandre Cam27 Jul 189620(Sailor)
7 Andre Cam...03 Mar 191917(Name appears to be "CAMMES" or "GAMMES")
8 Angela Cam...S. Anna, Sicily13 May 191210(line drawn through name, can't read it)
9 Angelo CamAli, Italy06 Apr 191425(Farm laborer, Italian, wife Agata in Ali, Italy, going to NY)
10 Angelo Cam...Caltonisett.16 Mar 190526(Name hard to read but is NOT "CAM")
11 Antonio Cam......05 Jun 190513(line drawn through name, but is NOT "CAM")
12 Arthur Henry CamSomerset,
04 Jul 190710(Name appears to be "CANE" - with father Henry Francis and mother Mary Ellen)
13 Chang CamHavana, Cuba12 Mar 191333(trader, Chinese, lived in Havana, Cuba, in transit to Hong Kong, China)
14 Cheong Ah. Cam09 Nov 189634(merchant, 5 to 6 1/2' tall, dark eyes, Chinese complexion, in transit to China)
15 Choi Cam18 Nov 189630
16 Domenico Cam...Fi...villi12 Jul 190535(Name hard to make out - Ceiummaro?)
17 E. F. Cam10 Jun 192127(Name appears to be "CAIN", and first name "Sef?")
18 E... L. Cam...Havana, Cuba11 Aug 191439(name is Eugenia L. Carrieaburu?)
19 Elijah Cam04 Feb 189521
20 Emily Cam04 Aug 189326
21 Ernest W. CamWorcester,
07 Apr 190925(Name was written as "CAIN" and it is crossed out and "CAM" or "CARN" written. The man is a glover from Worcester, England. mother Mrs. Cam, Derndale, Woolhope Rd., Worcester. Going to brother, Mr. Cam (Cain written and crossed out), 136 Prospect St., Gloversville, NY., 5'6" fair complexin, fair hair, blue eyes, going to Montreal, Que, Canada)
22 Ettla CamWolyn, Luck Pow.09 Apr 192117(with brother Schmuel age 27 mother Feiga age 55 brother Mochelle age 16 Polish Jew, from Wolyn, Luck., Pow., nearest relative there cousin Robin Slop in Luck., final destination Washington MD, relative there -brother Wilhelm Sahm, 929 'B' Street, NW, Washington, MD, 5'2" dark complexion, black hair, grey eyes)
23 Eugene Cam20 Apr 192141(Master at arms?, 5'9")
24 Feiga CamWolyn, Luck Pow.09 Apr 192155(with son Schmuel age 27 daughter Ettla age 17 son Mochelle age 16 Polish Jew, from Wolyn, Luck., Pow., nearest relative there cousin Robin Slop in Luck., final destination Washington MD, relative there - son Wilhelm Sahm, 929 'B' Street, NW, Washington, MD, 5'3" dark complexion, black hair, grey eyes)
25 Felicite CamBrest, France11 Oct 192324(from Brest, France, father Cam, 52 Boulevard Gambetta at Brest, going to Patterson, NJ)
26 Filippo Cam...Campolano16 Mar 190540(NOTE: looks like "Camegna" - whole line crossed out)
27 Filippo Cam...Coscaino29 Nov 19003(Part of a large family - name seems to be "Cammura"?)
28 Flora Cam02 Feb 189522
29 Florence S. Cam04 Aug 18937m(infant with mother Emily age 26 going to Williamstown, PA?)
30 Francesca Cam...Messina01 Jun 190647(can't read name)
31 Francesco Ca...m...22 Sep 190218(last name CAITO)
32 Francesco Cam...Aleamo, Sicily20 Mar 19109(name "Camare?")
33 Francesco Cam...Aleamo, Sicily20 Mar 19109(name Camistrac?)
34 Francesco Cam...Borello15 Jul 190117
35 Francesco Cam...S. Elia, Italy27 May 191023(name is definitely NOT Cam, but can't read it. Whole line is crossed out)
36 Francois CamScriguiac, France13 Sep 190713(son of Henri age 40 and Louise age 38 from Scriguiac, France, home of grandparents in Scriguiac, going to Hastings, PA)
37 Francois Cam30 Dec 191918(crew - coalman, French, 5' 4" 145 lbs)
38 Frcs Anio Cam...Benestare03 Mar 190722(line crossed out but name is not "Cam")
39 Fred Cam03 Sep 192320(Name was typed in as "KANE" and then crossed out. The name written in could be "CAIN" or "CAM")
40 Gilbert Cam21 May 191744
41 Gilles Cam...Paris24 Feb 190132(Can't read the name but it is NOT "CAM")
42 Giovanni Cam19 Apr 189722(whole page is too faint to read)
43 Guiseppe Cam...15 Apr 191336(name crossed out, can't read it)
44 Guiseppi Cam...Coscaino29 Nov 190056(Part of a large family - name seems to be "Cammura"?)
45 Harold Cam13 Feb 192428(name looks to me to be "CAIN", crewman - lift attendant, 5'8" 160 lbs)
46 Henri CamScriguiac, France13 Sep 190740(with wife Louise age 38 and son Francois age 13 miner, from Scriguiac, parents live in Scriguiac, going to Hastings, PA)
47 Henry James CamSomerset,
04 Jul 190739(Name seems to me to be "CANE", glover from Somerset England, going to Gloversville, NJ)
48 J. Cam...19 Feb 192138(Name can't read but NOT "CAM")
49 Jane Cam...01 Sep 189434(Name seems to be "CAMP" hard to read)
50 Jas... Ca...m02 Dec 189349
51 Jean Cam31 May 192024(seaman, French, 5'5" 160 lbs)
52 Jean Cam05 Jul 192024(seaman, French, 5'6" 165lbs)
53 Jean Cam16 Aug 192024(seaman, French, 5'5" 155lbs)
54 Jean Cam29 Aug 192125(seaman, French, 5'5" 160lbs)
55 Jean Cam26 Sep 192125(seaman, French, 5'4" 150 lbs)
56 Jo U. Horeiro Cam...Azores09 May 189335
57 John Cam23 Oct 190852(Merchant,
58 John Cam...01 Sep 1894...9(Last name seems to be "CAMP" - very faint)
59 Josif CamOlyka, Poland24 Oct 192118(Laborer, Jewish from Glyka, Poland, mother Sarah Cam in Glyka, Poland, going to brother S. Goldman, 450 Lamont St. N., Washington, D.C., fresh complexion, fair hair, grey eyes, 5'3", born in Glyka Poland)
60 Juam CamHavana, Cuba17 Dec 19093(hard to know if it's really "Cam"...the first name is "Juan" NOT "Juam", Chinese, child with father Wuat age 55 and brothers)
61 Juan Cam......, ...28 Jul 190718("CAMPANERIS")
62 Julian CamHavana, Cuba17 Dec 19092(hard to know if it's really "Cam", Chinese, child with father Wuat age 55 and brothers)
63 Kam CamHavana, W.I.18 Sep 191940(trader, Chinese, in transit)
64 Kon CamHavana, Cuba02 Apr 191877(laborer enroute to China via Vancouver)
65 Kwong You CamHavana19 Sep 190640(Chinese in transit to China)
66 Cam...Campobapo11 Sep 190619(line drawn through name)
67 Li CamHavana, Cuba10 Aug 191851(merchant, Chinese)
68 Lou Son CamHavana, Cuba05 Jul 191161(merchant, Chinese, en route to Hong Kong)
69 Louise CamScriguiac, France13 Sep 190738(wife of Henri age 40 from Scriguiac, France going to Hastings, PA)
70 Luigi Cam...Botagicco25 Apr 190729(CAMENERE?)
71 M. Faniesio CamUSA17 May 189840(First name looks like M. Francesco, citizen, address: 127 W. 19th Street)
72 M. Rosa Cam...Coscaino29 Nov 190010(Name is NOT "CAM", part of a large family)
73 Ma...anno Cam...Lassano13 Sep 190622(NOT "CAM")
74 Cam...Liban, Russia29 Aug 1910...
75 Man CamCanton19 Nov 191938(Name is Man KAM)
76 Margt. M. CamDublin09 Jul 189218(servant from Dublin Ireland going to New York)
77 Maria CamHavana, Cuba17 Dec 19091(Child of Wuat Cam age 55 Chinese, enroute to Hong Kong)
78 Maria Cam...Trasacco, Italy08 Jan 192034(typed name crossed out and "Camardese" written over it)
79 Marie CamErce, France06 Sep 19199(Typewritten name looks more like "CAU" than "CAM" - hard to tell. Daughter of Pierre age 49 French from Erce, France, going to NY)
80 Mary Ellen CamSomerset,
04 Jul 190739(Name looks like "CANE", wife of Henry Francis age 39 from Somerset, England going to Gloversville, NY)
81 Mary Rosina CamLondon,11 Apr 192445(Occupation Housewife from London, England, Husband - Francis Cam, 16 Streathbourne, 3d Tooting Common SW 17 going to Englewood, NJ)
82 Mattia Cam...Coscaino29 Nov 190038(Name is NOT "CAM", mother of large family)
83 Maud CamWorcester,
07 Apr 190923(Name of "CAIN" crossed out and "CAM" written in. Housewife from Worcester, England, mother-in-law Mrs. Cam, Ferndale Woolhope Rd Worcester, going to Gloversville, NY)
84 Mochele CamWolyn, Luck Pow.09 Apr 192116(son of Feiga age 55 brother of Shcmuel age 27 brother of Ettla age 17 clerk, Jewish from Wolyn, Luck, Poland. cousin Robin Slop in Luck., going to brother Wilhelm Sahm, 929 B Street NW, Washington, D.C.)
85 Mojsze CamInck, Poland22 Sep 192327(Painter, Jewish from Luck, Poland. Wife, Gitla Cam, Luck, ul, Warsawska 53 z, Wilonska, Going to NY, brother-in-law Abraham Quidd, 7401 Jos Campact, Detroit, Mich, 5'3" Fair complexion, brown hair, black eyes, born in Mlyko, Pinsk Reg, Poland.)
86 Mrs. John Cam23 Oct 190852(On manifest, there is no Mrs. John. John Cam is listed twice)
87 Ng CamHavana, Cuba20 Jul 191541
88 Ng CamHavana, Cuba19 Oct 190769(laborer, Chinese, in transit to Hong Kong)
89 Nicola Cam...C...22 May 190328(Page almost completely illegible, plus line drawn through name)
90 PEDRO CamBARCELONA, SPAIN12 Oct 191027(Merchant, Cuban, lived in Barcelona Spain)
91 Pasquale Cam...Masara, Trapani05 Jul 191019(Name crossed out, not a "CAM")
92 Pauline Cam...09 Nov 190523(name very faint, seems to be "CAMPE")
93 Pedso Cam...Nenta Fagal18 Mar 19062(name NOT "CAM")
94 Quan CamHavana, Cuba07 Apr 191132
95 Quan CamHavana, Cuba16 Jan 191737(merchant, Chinese)
96 Rarbos Cam...Nenta Fagal18 Mar 19065(name is CARLOS (not Rarbos) CAMINAO? and is crossed out)
97 Ruth Cam...26 Mar 191340(Not "CAM*)
98 Salvator Cam...Coscaino29 Nov 19005(Part of large family NOT "CAM")
99 Salvatore CamPedace, Cosenza08 Jul 190929(Looks like "CARA")
100 Samuel Cam13 Feb 1917
101 Sebastiano CamBonnamaro, Italy03 Dec 192344(typed over and hard to tell last name., mason from Bonamaro, Italy, wife Giovanna, going to Greenwich, CT)
102 Shcmuel CamWolyn, Luck Pow.09 Apr 192127(son of Feiga age 55 brother of Ettla 17 and Mochele 16 merchant, Jewish from Wlyn, Luck, Poland, cousin Robin Slop, Luck Poland, going to brother Wilhelm Sahm, 929 B Street NW, Washington, DC, 5'6" fair complexion, blond hair, blue eyes)
103 She Cam.Havana31 May 189322
104 Sing Cam24 Jul 191726(seaman, Chinese, scar on left side of face)
105 Tack Cam15 Apr 191826(crew member, Chinese)
106 Vezcenzo Cam...Coscaino29 Nov 190012(Part of large family - NOT "CAM")
107 Victor Cam...Havana, Cuba18 Feb 190846(Looks like "CAMPS")
108 Wang CamTampico25 Nov 190431(sailor, Chinese)
109 Wong CamHavana, Cuba02 Sep 191321
110 Wong CamHavana, Cuba02 Mar 192138(trader, Chinese, enroute to Hong Kong)
111 Wong Chi CamHavana, Cuba02 Jul 191932(illegible, can't read)
112 Wuat CamHavana, Cuba17 Dec 190955(merchant, Chinese, enroute to Hong Kong)
113 Yves Cam14 Mar 192051(fireman on ship, French, 5'4" 156 lbs)