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Chapter III, John Coombs, of Jamestown (pp. 14-19)

Footnote 1. Page 15. Combs &c. Research research documents that John COMBE of the Ship Marigold in 1619-20 was not the s/o John COMBE, Merchant of London (m 1587, Margaret ARCHDALE). The latter's son, John, was at Oxford University, Oxfordshire, from 1619-1622, and so far as is known (research in progress) was never in the Colonies. Nor was his wife a Margaret or Peggy (synonymous), but instead, Elizabeth LOVETT. John COMBE of the Ship Marigold in 1619-20 may have been kin to the Thomas COMBE who became a shareholder in the Virginia Company abt the same time. Unfortunately, he has not yet been identified either.

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Footnote 2. Page 17. It has now been documented that Nicholas ("Danger") COMBS was not the s/o Mason COMBS, Sr., but his grandson, one "of the eight" sons of John and Nancy HARDING Combs, Sr.

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Footnote 3. Page 17. Although the Underwoods and numerous other Isle of Wight Families migrated to what would become Old Rappa County, Virginia (earlier Lancaster County) in the 1650s, no Combs have been located in the records of Isle of Wight Co, VA prior to the John COMBE of 1672. So far as is known at this time (research in progress), the first Combs-Underwood association was not until the 1660s in Old Rappa County when Archdale COMBE I m Elizabeth, widow of Col. William UNDERWOOD (d 1662/3). Nevertheless, as the records of Isle of Wight indicate, it seems beyond coincidence that the John COMBE of 1672 Isle of Wight owned property adjacent to that of the Upton-Underwoods. He has not yet been identified, but also note that the records of Lancaster Co, Virginia, include an unidentified John COMBS who may have been the same who was of Isle of Wight, and who associated with the same individuals and families as Archdale Combs of Old Rappa.

The referenced John Combe of Tabb's Creek, Lancaster County in 1669 did not exist. Instead of COME, the surname was CONE (documented by a study of numerous land and court records).

No record of an Abraham COMBS has been found in Elizabeth City in 1621 (seeking source for same).

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Footnote 4. Page 17. See both Underwood Families and Combs-Butler Connections for documentation that Col. William UNDERWOOD (d 1662/3) was confused with his son, William UNDERWOOD, Sr. (1648-1717), in regard to the will of Amory BUTLER (heretofore presumed to have been the brother of Elizabeth, wife of Col. William UNDERWOOD and Archdale COMBE). When Amory BUTLER referred to William UNDERWOOD as his brother-in-law, he was referring to William UNDERWOOD, Sr. who had m Mary BUTLER, Amory's sister. Further confusing the issue was the fact that Amory BUTLER had m Col. William UNDERWOOD'S sister, Elizabeth.

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Footnote 5. Page 18. As noted in Footnote 2 above, the John Come of Tabb's Creek, Lancaster Co, VA, was actually a John CONE. There were two John COMBES in Middlesex Co, VA - one who d in 1675, and a second, termed John COMBY, who d in 1679. No John COMBE inventory has been found for 1669 in Middlesex (then Lancaster) and this was presumably the estate of John CONE instead. No mention of Archdale COMBE has been found as yet in regard to the 1675 Middlesex estate of John COMBE (seeking same!), and as noted in earlier footnote above, there is no evidence that the father of Archdale Combe of Old Rappa Co, VA was the John Combe of the Ship Marigold. In fact, Archdale COMBE of Old Rappa appears far more likely to have been the same who was b in 1641 in Soulbury, Buckinghamshire, England to John & Elizabeth LOVETT Combe (s/o John & Margaret ARCHDALE Combe). No connection has been located as yet between any John COMBE of Middlesex, the John COMBE of Isle of Wight and/or the William COMBE of Gloucester.
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