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(???) Lumber and Planning Mill, Contractors and Builders, Lexington, KY.
January Twentieth, Nineteen Twenty-two.

Thomas A. Combs,

Mr. Josiah H. Combs,,
Hindman, Kentucky,

Dear Mr. Combs:
I beg your pardon for not having made earlier response to your favor of December eighteenth, last. I have delayed until now my reply for the reason that I have been gathering some of the data which you desire. My father informs me that General Elijah Combs, mentioned in your letter, was first cousin of his grandfather, Mathew Combs, who was born in North Carolina in 1777

My father is, as you know, Alfred Combs, born in Breathitt County, November 22, 1844. He married Ester Horton and from this union there are seven children, Thomas A., Bill (Wm. H.), I.N., John F., S.S., Claude and J.H., all of whom are living save John F. and Claude.

Thomas A. married Viola Downs and had two children, Mays and Ethel, the latter of whom is now deceased. Mays married T. E. Duff the first time and W. W. Morison the second time, no children. Bill is unmarried as is, also S.S., I.N. married Marrie Smith and has two boys, I.N. Jr. and Wm. A. J.H. married Edna Rubel and has two daughters, Nancy and Esther. My father's second union was with Alice McClellan but they have no children.

Father's father was Henry Combs, born December 15, 1818, in Perry County and he married Tempie Proffitt. They had seven children:

James born March 30, 1838
Dulcina " Aug. 15, 1839
S. S. " Dec. 20, 1840
Larkin " April 30, 1842
Jane " May 15, 1843
Asbury " Jan. 18, 1847
William " Dec. 30, 1848

His second marriage was to Polly Grigsby of Perry county and they had six children:

Isaac born Dec. 9, 1857
Winnie " Feb. 15, 1859
Benjamine Mathew " July 9, 1860
Edward " Nov. 26, 1861
Angeline " Sept. 26, 1863
Evaline " Sept. 26, 1863

Father's grandfather was Mathew Combs, born in North Carolina, in 1777, and married Fanny Brown, born in 1778, in the same state. They had nine children:

Aaron Combs
Alfred Combs
Mathew Combs
Henry Combs
Richard Combs
Isaac Combs
Rachel Combs
William Combs
Nathan Combs

My great, great-grandfather was Harrison (Harry) Combs, but further information with respect to him is not available. I hope this information may be of service to you.

With all good wishes believe me to be,
Cordially and Sincerely,
Thos. A. Combs

(Transcribed by Researcher JP Downard from a Letter found in the Combs File of the Kentucky Historical Society Library)

Additional Information: See also See Also Washington Co AR for Goodspeeds' Biography of Isaac G. Combs and a series of lawsuits involving descendants of Matthew & Francis "Frankie" BROWN Combs who m 28 May 1810, Clay Co KY. Thomas A. Combs d 7 Apr 1935, Lexington, Fayette Co KY.

Also Note: If Matthew Combs (c1790-1866) and General Elijah Combs (1770-1855) were first cousins through their paternal lines, then their fathers, Henry (c1762-c1850), and (John? (-1819) were brothers - which is contrary to the long-standing beliefs (undocumented) of most researchers that Henry and General Elijah Combs were brothers, not uncle and nephew. (Additional data regarding the relationships of the 1st Combs to Kentucky will be provided as a Combs &c. Research Report shortly.)