How to submit Civil War Pension Records to our project

There are three ways to provide this information.

  1. Brief Abstract -- On the form below please indicate Claimants Name (may be a spouse); State of service; Company, Regiment &c.; Dates and Places noted on the record; and all information about family relationships.
  2. Full Abstract - See the “full” abstract of Thomas Jackson COMBS as a model for posting your information on the FORM below.
  3. Original Record - If you would like to submit copies of original records, as well, please contact Steve Gilley

FORM for Submission

Important: ALL fields must be filled in order for the form to submit. If no information is available for the requested field include a "NA" or something similar, otherwise the form will be rejected and you may lose the information you have entered and have to start over with a blank page.

Explanations of the fields to be filled

Name of Soldier/Claimant: Either soldier or relative including widow, minor, or other relative (mother, father, sister). The claimant name associated with the minor is generally the guardian (mother or other legal representative) and is followed by a blank, [Gdn], [et al], or [next-friend], an old legal term for a minor's representative. If the claimant is someone other than the soldier, please also indicte the soldiers name here.

Class: Identifies type of application. Types are Invalid (refers to soldier and changed to Soldier after 1900), Widow, Minor, Mother, Father, Sister and Contest Widow.

Application No & Certificate No: Application No & Certificate No are used to identify records when ordering Pension Files.

File Date: Date soldier or relative filed for the pension

State Filed From: Location from which application was filed. Not the state served.

Military Service: This would indicate regiment and company in which the soldier served (include state served here). A soldier may have served in more than one unit.

Submit CIVIL WAR Pension Information
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