Card Records of Headstones provided for deceased Union Civil War Veterans, ca. 1879 - ca. 1903, Nat'l Archives microfilm #M1845

3x5 index cards listed name of veteran, rank, company & regiment, cemetery of burial, city, county, state of cemetery, date of death, name of headstone maker, date of contract to make the headstone.

Note: I did not record name of headstone maker or date of contract. The exception was when there was no date of death listed, I listed date of contract.

Extracted by Natalie McClendon

Combest, James, pvt, Co. (Y?) 1st Wis Cav, cem village, Mt. Tabor, Vernon Co, WS, contract date 29 Nov 1879

Comboy, Charles, pvt, Co (I?) 16th IA Inf, Enid, OK Terr, d. 20 Mar 1896

Combs, Alford B., pvt, Co D 1st AR Cav, cem West Fork, West Fork, AR; d. 31 May 1864

Combs, Andrew, corp, Co L, 5th IL Cav, cem at or near Altamont, IL, d. 26 Sep 1862

Combs, Andrew J., drafted, (unassigned?) IN Vols, cem Little Yanks, Little Yanks, IN, d. 6 Dec 1896

Combs, Andrew J., pvt, Co F 27th IA Inf, cem Osceola, Osceola, NE, d. 13 Jan 1878

Combs, Andrew J., pvt, Co A 47th IL Inf cem Prairie City, Media, KS, d. 24 Dec 1899

Combs, Charles (H?), pvt, Co G 25th W.J.(NJ?) Inf, cem Christ Church, Perth Amboy, Middlesex, NJ, contract date 29 Nov 1879

Combs, Frederick, pvt, Co A 2nd NY (Vol?) Cav, cem at or near Warrensburgh, NY, d. 18 Ap 1874

Combs, George, pvt, Co __ 25th NY L.A., cem GAR Riverside, Denver, CO, d. 16 Mar 1901

Combs, George W., sgt, Co C 7th Mo 3M Cav, cem Wm. Combs, near Clinton, MO, d. 1 July 1898

Combs, George W., pvt, Co (I?) 13th KY Cav, cem Family, Casey Co, KY, d. 12 May 1864

Combs, George W., corp, Co E 82nd USCT, cem Claremont, Claremont, VA, d. 19 Sep 1891

Combs, Hamilton R., pvt, Co (C or E?) 31st OH Inf, cem village, Farwell, MI, d. 15 May 1879

Combs, J.H., pvt, Co I, 5th IN Cav, cem village, Terre Haute, Vigo, IN, d. 27 Jul 1865

Combs, James W., pvt, Co A 5th IN Cav, near Pendleton, IN, d. 2 Mar 1873

Combs, John M., pvt, Co I 26th IA Inf, cem Leon, IA, d. 2 Mar 1883

Combs, John, pvt, Co H 27th IN Inf, cem Graham Presbyterian, near Commisky, IN, d. 6 Dec 1891

Combs, John, pvt, Co K 40th IN Inf, at Harmony Twp, Posey Co, IN, contract date 9 June 1888

Combs, John, pvt, Co D, 66 IN Inf, cem Valley, Kearney, NE, d. 17 Oct 1884

Combs, Joseph, no rank listed, Co E 97th IL Inf, Newton, IL, contract date 24 Feb 189(6?)

Combs, Justin N., pvt, Co C 2th NY Cav, cem Middlegrove, Greenfield, Saratoga Co, NY, d. 16 Oct 1864

Combs, Levi, pvt, Co H 27th Mo Mtd Inf, cem Oak Hill, Butler, MO, d. 6 Dec 1892

Combs, Malin, pvt, Co A 24th KY Inf, cem Laurel Co, Louden, KY, contract date 21 Aug 1888

Combs, Marquis L., pvt, Co K 14th IL Inf, in Bluff, Scott Co, IL, d. 3 Feb 1871

Combs, Oliver, pvt, Co I, 71st IL Inf, at or near Altamont, IL, d. 18 Ap 1873

Combs, Samuel D, pvt, Co I 33rd NJ Inf, cem Nat'l Mil Home DOS near Dayton, OH, d. 16 May 1882

Combs, Thomas J., corp, Co K 81st IN inf, cem (Purcell?), Troy, IN, d. 6 May 1889

Combs, William, pvt, Co H 4th MA H.A., cem city, Townsend, MA, no death date

Combs, William, corp, Co F 92nd OH Inf, cem village, Williamstown, Wood, WV, d. 19 Feb 1884

Combs, William, pvt, Co K 197th OH Inf, cem village, St? Clairsville, Belmont, OH, d. 11 Jan 1870

Combs, William H., pvt, Co C 62nd IL Inf, cem Grove, Kenton OH, d. 22 Sep 1864

Combs, William H., pvt, Co K 77th OH Inf, cem Forest, Circleville, OH, d. 20 Jam 1901

Combs, Weslery(?), pvt, Co B 74th OH Inf, at or near Clifton, OH, contract date 11 July 1893

Combs, Woolery, pvt, Co B 74th OH Inf, at Clifton, OH, contact date 11 July 1893

Coombs, Charles E., pvt, Co A, 47th MA Inf, cem Cambridge, MA, d. 25 Jan 1886

Coombs, Edmond G., Com. Sgt., Co D, 3rd IA Cav, cem village, Sergeant's Bluff, Woodbury, IA, d. 4 Mar 1880

Coombs, Edward, pvt, Co I, 1st OR Inf, cem State S Home, Roseburg, OR, d. 28 Jan 1900

Coombs, Godfrey, pvt, Co K 2nd W.J. (NJ?) Cav, cem Coopertown, near Burlington, Burlington, NJ, d. 2 Feb 1879

Coombs, Hosea, corp, Co D 4th ME Inf, cem Achorn, Rockland, ME, d. 2 Nov 1872

Coombs, Jacob, corp, Co I 32nd PA Inf, cem Methodist, Bristol, Bucks Co, PA, d. __ Dec 1869

Coombs, James, pvt, Co A 3rd CA Inf, cem Soldiers Home, Grand Rapids, MI, contract date 11 June 1888

Coombs, Josiah, pvt, Co B 4th IA Inf, cem Oakdale, Oakdale, Antelope Co, NE, d. 16 Sep 1896

Coombs, Lorenzo, seaman, USS Ohio and Colorado, USN, cem Hart, near Delavan, MN, d. 20 May 1884

Coombs, Samuel H., sgt, Co D, 8th NY Cav, cem New, Phelps, Ontario, NY, d. 3 Jan 1864

Coombs, Wm., seaman, US Navy, cem Rural, New Bedford, MA, d. 6 Oct 1900

Coombs, Wm., pvt, Co E 61st MA Inf, cem Birchwood, Pine City, MN, d. 1890

Coombs, William F., pvt, Co C 1st MA H.A., Lynn, Essex Co, MA, d. 1 Sep 1879

Coombs, William N., pvt, Co G 116th Reg, 2nd Inf, cem Union, Richmond, OK, d. 6 June 1899

Coomes, (Cleaphas?) F., no rank, Co A 28th KY Inf, cem Ind State Sol. Home, LaFayette, IN, d. 1 Ap 1900

Coomes, Richard S., pvt, Co E 144th IN Inf, Harrison Co, IN, d. 16 Oct 1883

Coomes, Pious A, pvt, Co B 27th KY Inf, Litchfield, KY, d. 20 Oct 1892

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