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Purpose: To provide information about COMBS-COOMBS in the CIVIL WAR, not recorded in official sources, and how they served their cause.

How To Submit Information About a COMBS-COOMBS "UNOFFICIAL SUPPORTER": Please send information about COMBS-COOMBS (and related surnames) who served in an unofficial capacity in the Civil War to our discussion list at Unofficial support can include things such as providing sustenance as in donating goods (materials, food, etc.) or services (gun running, blacksmithing, underground railroad, etc.) and direct engagement (guerilla warfare, etc.). (Soldiers or sailors who cannot be identified in official records, for which a regiment or named group has been ascribed to them, are a part of our MYSTERY IDENTITIES page). Remember our COMBS motto of How Do You Know? And if you don't know, just ask! Be sure and state your sources from written or oral history. If it is oral history, please tell background like who heard the story from whom, where it was told or likely shared, and how you came to know about it. Thank you!


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NamePlaceSupport GivenComments
James H. COMBSMissouriThere is one documented account where James H. COMBS was supporting Rebel activities of QUANTRILL's Raiders. He was specifically observed assisting Frank JAMES during an escape into Jackson County, Missouri during the Civil War.
James Combs especially gave Frank James a horse destined soon to become famous" (Edwards, pp. 171-172). According to the 1866 voter registration process, James H. COMBS was judged to be a supporter of the Confederacy.
See Dr. Evan Ennis Combs