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The Battle of Trafalgar, a deciding naval battle of the Napoleonic Wars, was fought 21 Oct 1805. Twenty-seven British ships under Admiral Nelson, with no loses and thirty-three French and Spanish vessels with eighteen loses under Admiral Villeneuve participated in the battle. Admiral Horatio Nelson was mortally wounded by a sharpshooter, however he died in the knowledge that he had won a massive victory over the French and Spanish Fleet. Pierre-Charles Villeneuve, commander of the French Fleet, was in dispair of the defeat took his own life by pushing a dagger into his heart. Trafalgar ended any chance France had of invading Britain and, from 1805 onwards, Napoleon Bonaparte largely kept his military operations to terra firma. (Napoleonic Guide)

Men at the Battle of Trafalgar

COMBS John Boy R.M.

COMBES Seth Boy 3rd Class Frome, Somerset

COOMES Henry Able Bodied Seaman London

COOMBES James Able Bodied Seaman Poole, Dorset

COOMBS James Private R.M. Shepton Mallett, Som

COOMBS John Sergeant R.M

COOMBE John Ordinary Seaman St.Stephens Cornwall

COOMBE Josh Ordinary Seaman Modbury, Devon

COOMBES Js Private R.M. Bishops Stone, Wilts

COOMB Richard Ordinary Seaman East Budley

COOMBES Thomas Private R.M.

COOMBES William Quarter Gunner London

COOMBES William Landsman Mappowder

Source: The Age of Nelson Website