Henry COOMBS – North Yarmouth, ME – 1676

This is almost certainly a son of Henry1 COOMBS – of Marblehead, MA – 1635

In Boston, on 10 Dec 1676, we find that “David Allver [Oliver?] late of Kenebeck River in New England Fisherman & Administrator to ye estate of Thomas Bowles sometimes of ye aforesaid River of Kenebeck fisherman Deceased…for & in Consideration of ye Sum of Thirty & four pounds in money…well & truly paid by Henry Coomes late of Kenebeck aforesaid Fisherman…a Certain Tract of Land, lying and Scittuate upon an Island being with in ____ ye sd River of Kenebeck commonly known & called by ye name of Ruskahegen Island….” This land on Ruskahegen Island [now called Georgetown Island] was abutted by a “River commonly called little River” and was “next Adjoining to another Tract of Land bought & purchased by ye sd Thomas Boules scituate at a Cove commonly called Cauccow Cove”….“and also Six acres of Salt Meadow lying in & at ye head of ye Eastern little River being part of Twelve Acres of Meadow lying there & belonging to Thomas Bowles, Deceased.”25

Nine years later Henry removed to North Yarmouth, ME, located approximately mid–way between Brunswick and Portland, ME. On 15 Nov 1685, this Henry Coombs was given a grant of ten acres of land and four acres of marsh laid out in North Yarmouth, ME. The Trustees of North Yarmouth confirmed this land for Henry on 2 Jan 1686.26

In 1688 Henry was made Constable of North Yarmouth.27 It is likely that Henry was driven out of the area during the King William’s War.

Apparently, around the end of the Queen Anne’s War, Henry returned to Maine.

According to the Vital Records of York, ME, “August ye 25,th 1713; Henry combs and Sarah Parker weare Married” by Captain Preble in York, ME. Sarah was the widow of ______ Parker and daughter of Abraham and Judith (Tilden) Preble. Sarah was born in York, ME prior to 1663. Her parents had relocated to York, or Georgiana as it was then called, from Scituate, in Plymouth County, and in 1642 purchased a tract of land from Edward Godfrey. Her father, Abraham, was born in England about 1636 and died in York prior to 30 March 1663. Her mother, Judith was the daughter of Elder Nathaniel Tilden (son of Joseph Tilden).28

On 1 Dec 1721, “Henry Combs of york, in ye County of york in ye Province of ye Massachusets bay in New England Taylor, Sendeth greetings Know ye the sd Henry Combs for & in consideration of ye Sum of Fifteen pounds money to him in hand Well & truly paid by Mr Richard Shute of Boston…Conveyed…ten acres of land & four acres of Marsh within ye Township of North Yarmouth in sd County of York ye which Sd ten acres of land & four acres of marsh was laid out unto ye sd Henry Combs Novr ye 15th 1685…& Confirmed by Mr Walter Gindall John Ryall John York Amos Stevens Trustees of sd Town North Yarmouth…Baring date ye 2d June 1686….”29

“Henry Coomes, of York, in the county of York, in Province of Massachusetts Bay” made his will 29 Jan 1723/4. “Weak in body through infirmities of age,” he bequeaths “to my cousin Samuel Ingersol of Marblehead, as trustee for my wife Sarah, and the church in York, land and marsh on Rascohegan Island at Zachadehock; and residue of real and personal estate to wife Sarah.”30 There are no children mentioned in the will.

Henry Coombs died 10 Feb 1725. His chief beneficiary is Samuel Ingersoll, son of Henry’s sister Mary who had married John Ingersoll on 17 May 1670.31 On 15 May 1728, Samuel Ingersol, of Marblehead, paid 40 shillings to Zebulun Preble from Henry’s estate.32 Zebulun Preble discharged all claims against Henry Combs’ estate “by virtue of my relation to Sarah [Preble Parker Coombs] the wife of said deceased who was my natural mother [?] or on account charges of my mother’s funeral…”33

See Henry COOMBS – of Marblehead, MA – 1635 for probably family connection.

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