Alexander COOMBS of Portsmouth, NH 1670

Under THE COOMBS OF MAINE section we noted that a Thomas Coombs sailed from Newfoundland to New England in 1662 as an indentured servant bound to a Thomas Beard, carpenter of Dover, NH.

The only other record of Coombs in New Hampshire before 1700 is of Alexander COOMBS of Portsmouth, NH.

“Although there had been temporary fishing colonies in the Portsmouth area since the late 1500’s, a permanent settlement was established at Portsmouth in 1623, only 3 years after Plymouth Colony in nearby Massachusetts, by a group of people seeking to make their fortune in the fur trade and abundant fishing located in the nearby rivers and ocean. They, unlike their pilgrim neighbors, weren’t interested in religious freedoms as much as freedom of trade. A permanent settlement was created, originally named Strawberry Banke after the abundant wild strawberries that lined the riverbanks.”569

We have no record of where Alexander Coombs came from, when he arrived, or who his parents were.

Alexander,1 Coombs married Abigail ________. It is undetermined whether Abigail was the daughter of Edward Cowell or Thomas Harvey. When Alexander died, Abigail’s bondsman was Thomas Phipps, son–in–law of Thomas Harvey, Edward Cowell’s son–in–law. Abigail married 2nd, Capt. Richard Thomas, mariner, on 25 May 1710 at Portsmouth and she had at least one more child, Harvey Thomas, baptized 15 Jun 1712. She died after 27 Jan 1737/8.570

The first record that we have about Alexander records his purchase of land in Portsmouth, NH, on 13 Nov 1670 from Nathaniel Ayers.571 According to this deed, Alexander was a “master and Mariner.”

Alexander Coombs died in 1707. On 15 Aug 1707, his widow, Abigail, was appointed administratrix of his estate.572

In 1708, widow Abigail Coombs owned the covenant at Portsmouth and obtained baptism for her child, Elizabeth Coombs, in the North Church. She was listed as a resident of Portsmouth in 1709.573

Alexander,1 and Abigail (_______) Coombs had at least one child:

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