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Notice: The following consists only of excerpts from this manuscript extracted by Combs Researcher Thom Mont; however, in the near future, the entire manuscript will be on-line and available from this site. See Coombs Families of New England - Prior to 1700, a report by Whitney Coombs which includes as a source William Carey Coombs' book for much of his work. Caution should be taken in using this book as a source It should be used as a starting point in your research and should not be taken as fact.

Table of Contents


  1. Anthony In France With Reasons for Coming to America p. 1
  2. When and Where p. 5
  3. Anthony in America p. 9
  4. "Allister" p. 12
  5. Traditions (Andrew Coombs's History of the Coombs Family, Mrs. Henrietta Coombs Holden's Tradition, the Scotch Tradition.) p. 16
  6. In Maine (His Settlement and Purchase of Land) p. 22
  7. Trouble (The Outbreak of the Indian War) p. 26
  8. Love (His marriage at York, and life in Essex County Mass) p. 30
  9. Busioness (His final settlement at Rochester Mass.) p. 33
  10. Life at Rochester. p. 38


  1. At New Meadows p. 43
  2. Increase p. 50
  3. The Penobscot Group p. 56
  4. The Rochester Group p. 61
  5. The Cincinnasti Group p. 66
  6. The Douglas Group p. 79
  7. Perils of the Sea p. 84
  8. Sketches p. 92
  9. STORIES p. 105
  10. A LAST WORD p. 115

PART III Genealogies


“Excerpted From p. 123: A conservative estimate would be that the descendants of Anthony and Dorcas Coombs, living and dead, would number at least ten thousand (book printed in 1913).”

The first generation

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