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The Hazel M. Kendall
Combs Manuscript (pre-1970)

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The following information was transcribed by Combs-Kendall Researcher Denise Mortorff from a hand written manuscript by Hazel M. KENDALL of Anderson, Indiana written with the assistance of a Carolyn Miller of the Genealogical Section, State Library, Indianapolis, Indiana. The transcription is from a copy of her manuscript owned by Denise, that can also be found in the Main Library, Anderson Public Library, Anderson, Indiana.

Important! In many/most instances, we do not know Hazel M. Kendall's original source, and in some instances, do know that her information is incorrect. A primary goal of the Combs &c. Research Project is to locate original sources. Eventually, we hope to have added all source references to either the applicable Combs County or to our Combs' Reference Section. In the meantime, this manuscript serves primarily as a research tool. See Also the James Logan Kendall ms.

by Denise Mortorff
I became acquainted with Hazel Kendall's research through correspondence in the early 1970's with a Harriet Fast of Meade County, KY whose father was a turn of the century genealogist. In his files were letters by Hazel indicating she was researching similar lineages as my own, and as I tracked down where she lived in the 70's she was in the twilight of her years in a nursing home where I spoke with her and she indicated to me then that she was no longer interested in genealogy. She referred me to the library for a copy of her research. I found she had done a remarkable job considering the nature of the resources during the period of time which she was searching, and given the more tedious approach required compared to our own time. A cousin of mine named Betty Warren of Indiana tried to find out what became of her original research which could exist today with unknown family members, but as far as is known it does not exist. The attorney who handled her affairs had no knowledge of what may have happened to her belongings. Hazels work covers KENDALLS and many allied families, including COMBES and ARCHDALES. Her comments are part of an approximately 150 page set of legal sized pages. The following includes the Combs and ARCHDALE data, and the index of surnames covered in her work. Please note there are likely many errors in her notes, however, there may be something of value herein. I would like to begin by sharing some of her quotes from the opening page of her text first. Thereafter, I will note sources as given. All data enclosed in [brackets] is mine.

Denise Mortorff, email:
Feb 1998


"We are no aimless drifts from wreck of ocean
Upon a shore unconscious idly cast;
We are inheritors of primal forces
Today holds in solution all the past."

"Herein the dignity and sweep unfold the constant ebb and flow
of unstatic devoted families and relatives to rescue them from
oblivion. Their records span the formative years of nations. We
draw aside the curtain to meet Time halfway. They stood off the
elements and physical discomforts for response to practical, steady
habits, and in duties were reliable and responsible. Their endearing
quality was to accept blindly the faith in an uncertain future,
Sensitive and hopeful they enthusiastically accepted new ideas.
The family emerges from the mists of antiquity, advancing and rising
slowly through passing generations."

We present those who survived wars, plagues, deprivations,
and persecutions. A name, a date, and locale became a treasure of
priceless value through which we see the reality of ancestors.

"What toil hath been taken
As no men thinketh so no man beloveth
But to that hath made the trail."

Endurance is the crowning quality and patience all the
passion of great hearts -Jame Russell Lowell in "Columbus"


p. 46

The Coomb or Combe family had been at Wineoband and Shiregreen in Yorkshire since 1276. Ulnoth Cambas (Combs) a freeman owned land in Stow before 1086; John, warden of Athelstone 1376 Worcestershire, England.

[Next Hazel writes the following as if it is a progression of relationships over time.]

Combe Petrus de fined 1339
Henry of Wineoband and Shiregreen, York
William witness to dee(d?) 1399
John living 1443
William d. by 1476 wf Alicia
John living 1500 wf. Joanne
John Combes d. 1550 at Crowle, Worcestershire [next two appear related to this John]
John d. 1588 inherited Grovely Manor wife Rose
William ____ (?)1591: wife Elizabeth

[similar progression implied below for the Archdales]

Archdale, John of (Archdayelde) Stretford (Stafford) in Warrickshire, England
John Archdayelde of Stafford Towne 1428 in Donedale Ward (Visitation of London, Vol. I. p.24) Reference: Yorkshire Worcester

Thomas [ARCHDALE] of London citizen draper inherited 500 marks from his father: he was probably born in Kent: he d. Nov. 1611: buried in parish church of St. Antholins near grave of his frist wife probably (blank space) children by her. [Reference] New Eng Hist and Gen Register 1889 pp.158-160.

Margaret [ARCHDALE] christened Nov. 6 1569 m. Dec. 11, 1587 John Comb born March 10, 1567 a merchant of London whose mother widow Elizabeth Coombes consented to sell Dec. 11, 1591: wit. John Willis perhaps a relative close to widow Elizabeth because John Willis son or guardian lived adjoining Thomas Kendall in Virginia Colony by same name John Willis brought by Capt. Augustine Warner Feb. 7, 1658 to land between branches of Corrotoman and branches of the Wiccocomocoe Rivers, Virginia outside of main land. [The following are their Combs issue.]

Margaret m. Capt. George Mason

William had no children: he sold his share on Dec. 11, 1692:he born 1665 d.1718.

John b. c/a 1768 d. Dec. 11, 1716 m. Hannah Mason His will witnessed by John Anderson Will Bk. 3, p.300 Richmond Co.

Archdale died about 1684 see next page

[Issue of John Combs above]

Elizabeth m. Wm Kendall
Archdall d. 1735
Mary m. F(?) MCormac
Mason to Surry Co., NC

[Hazel continues in narrative style]

John Mason brought to Va. North side Rappahannock River Feb. 20, 1662 by Alexander Fleming m. Joyce Jones: their daughter m. Rowland Thorton.

Thomas Kendall, Hanover Parish, Richmond Co., Va to Isaac Arnold, power of attorney to acknowledge a deed of gift to his son William Kendall on March 4, 1716-17. Deed Bk. 7, p. 196 and his now wife Elizabeth Kendall - all that plantation adjoining the land of Edwin Conway, John Green and others March 2, 1716-17. Recorded April 3, 1717 Bk. 7, p.196

Thomas Kendall to his son William "whole personal estate except one feather bed and furniture and one ewe and one cow, on e sow, one chest and one iron pot which I have already given to my youngest son Samuel, provided the said William Kendall live upon rthe said plantation where the said Thomas now lives and to provide for and [Hazel does not continue this line of thought to p. 48. In fact she inserts three additional pages and never completes this info.]

p.47 [Hazel adds more details to what appears to be the same Combs data.]

Ulnoth Combs a freeman owned land in Stow before 1086.

The Coomb or Combe Family had been at Wineobrand and Shiregreen, Yorkshire, Eng. since 1276. Ulnoth Cambas (Combs) a freeman possessed land in Stow, southern point, Warwick before 1086.

[The following appears to be a progression of relationships.]

Combe, Peturs de fined 1339 in York.

Henry of Wineobrand and Shiregreen, son John Warden 1376 of Athelstone, Worcestershire, England.

Wm. witness to deed 1399.

John living 1443

William dec. by 1476 wf. Alicia

John living 1500 wf Joanne he died 1550 at Crowle, Worcestershire

John d. 1588 inherited Grovely Manor: wf Rose Clopton m. 8-27-1561 of Win: Rose bur 10-14-1579 William d. c/a 1591 m. Elizabeth Willis

John born 3-10-1563: m. Margaret Archdale merchant of London whose mother Elizabeth consented to sell 12-11-1591. witness to deed was John Willis probably her borther whose son or grandson lived next to Thomas Kendall in Virginia having been brought over by Capt. Augustine Warner 2-7-1658

Margaret Archdale b. 1569 dau. of thomas Archdaayelde of London citizen and a draper inherited 500 marks from his father: probably b. in Kent: he died Nov. 1611: buried in parish church of St. Antholins near his first wife - son of John of Archdale in Stretford, Strafford in Warwickshire, England.

[Issue of John and Margaret Archdale Combs follows]

Margaret m. Capt. Geo. Mason

William 1635-1718 sold his share 12-11-1692 to William Kendall

John 1638-Dec. 11, 1716 m. Hannah (Ann) Mason his will wit. by
John Anderson will bk. 3 p.300 Richmond Co., Va dau. of Josiah Mason
whose will 3-28-1687 proved 5-4-1687 executor - Wm. Underwood,
witness - John Willis

[John's issue]

Elizabeth m. Wm. Kendall
Archdell d. 1735
Mary m. Francis McCormac
Mason m. Sarah ____ and to Surrey Co., NC about 1786, supervisor of roads in Va. and had repairs made 1751; bought 1750 land from Wm Brent's estate

[Mason's issue]

Wm. 11-28-1740
Ann 3-28-1742
Benjamin 10-9-1743
Sarah 2-25-1745
Mason 2-21-1747
Winifred 1749 Wilmot

Archdale Combs 1640 d. 12-11-1691 m. ca. 1674 Elizabeth Butler Underwood widow of Capt. Wm. Underwood d. 1718 Richmond Va. m. (1) Eliz. Butler, sister of Rev. Amory Butler made will 8-21-1678 proved 12-29-1678

After Josiah Mason died in 1687 his minor dau. Ann went to live with Wm. and Elizabeth Underwood: their son John Underwood died 1734 Wm. & Mary Quarterly Vols. 10, 17. Va Mag of Hist. & Biog. Vol.2 p.66

[issue of Archdale Combs]

William Combe 1665-1719 m. Mary Mason Richmond Co., Va. dau of Joseph Mason

William was granted 100 acres 1765 Vol. 1 p.9 of Crozier

[William Combe issue]

Josiah living 1758 Frederick Co., Va a Colonial soldier and pensioner


Elisha 1780 Loudoun Co, Va

James 1760 Fauquier Co., Va

Josiah: son Jesse to Monongalie Co., W. Va 1805

father and son were privates War 1812

Joseph 1690-1756 in Stafford Co., VA owned 243 acres 1738 and slaves took up land 1725-27 on Aquia Creek: by 1741 he owned 2,400 acres part of which lay in Pr. Wm. Co. His home was on north side of Beaver Dam on the Brent town road run of Aquia Crk. and near Brent Town point, Stafford Co., Court Records Liberi Q 1748-63 p.126 AA p.119 married Elizabeth Bailey dau of Stephen d. 1801 wf Jane Will 9-11-1756 of Joseph Combs prov. 10-12-1756 Deed bk. 1780-1786 p. 302 son _____? adm his estate __ is John Ashby

[Joseph's issue]

Joseph 1715-1796 m. Elizabeth Harrison

[Joseph and Elizabeths Issue]

Stephen 1739-1807 to Wilkes Co., NC: to Georgia: to Mercer Co., KY m.
Claytor [other side comments] --Claytor 1770-1803 Jackeer-
Ransdell dau of John son Joseph 1797-1885 Franklin, Johnson Co., Ind.
m. Nancy Ransdell 1803-1844 sons: Isaac Grey 1837-2-28-1917 m.
Elizabeth Garner 1849-1932 dau. of John Madison Garner had FloraMay
1874-1930 m. 1902 James Logan Kendall meteorologist. US Weather
Bureau, Lousiville, KY had James Lane 1904, Eliz. Garner 1905, Robert
Combs 1910, Helen Virginia 1912. son Stephen 183_?-1918. Joseph
1742 see p. 47a. Martha m Christopher Hopwood d. 1801 -- James
Hopwood, Frances Hopwood, Nimrod Martin Hopwood m. 1808 Sally
Holtzclaw, John Hopwood, Moses 1758 Holtzclaw
Jean m. 5-11-1742 John Ashby d. 1789 lived south of Winchester, Va.
Elizabeth Hinson?? [hard to read]

Mary m. 2-4-1745 [date hard to read] John Carter

Violet m. 2-3-1767 ?Baner Feagins

Sarah m. 6-8-1771 Thomas Fouch: Security was Joseph Combs to Ky ___??

Henry d. 1767 Frederick Co., Va

Ann m. John Mc Cormick died Fauquier Co., Va 1768

Emanuel Pr. Wm. Co., Va on rent roll 1738 with Bro. Joseph

Enry's m. Cath. he wit deed 1-30-1798 to Mary Harrison from Ben. Harrison

Andrew died 1774.

John d. 1781 m. Elizabeth his estate proved by Ennis Combs Fauquier Co., VA.

[Johns issue]

John 1723-1785 Pr. Wm. Co., Va south Beaver Dam m. Seth Bullet 1731-1790 dau of Benj. md Eliz. Harrison. son of Joseph Bullet appraisers 2-13-1786 were Baily Washington, Wm.Philips, John Hardy

[Johns issue]

John d. 1786 Fauquier Co., Va

Cuthbert 1745-1815 m. Sally

Fielding unm

Betty m. Marquis Calmes

Capt. Joseph in Rev. m. Mary Rousseau will 6-6-1810 by John Ashby

Enos d. Clark co. Ky m. Mgt. Rousseau dau. of wm. and Priscilla

Benjamin 1749-1838 Ky. m. Sarah Richardson

William living 1785 Shanandoah Co., Va

[References cited on the bottom of p.47 -- Wm Shakespeare. Chambers . Vo. 1, p.127;Yorkshire Parish Records; Worcestershire England; Cavaliers and Pioneers p.418; Wills and Deeds, Va Counties.]

p.47a [ a very short page]

Combs, Joseph 1715-1796 had son

Joseph Combs ca 1742-1794 Nelson

Fayette Co., Pa from south of Winchester, Frederick Co., Va.

about 1780

m. Anna Nelson

as a widow with her children

and relatives to Nelson Co. Va.

Kentucky 1795

William m. 9-3-1796 Rachel Coombs Richard Combs was bondsman

John m. Else will; Nelson Co,. KY

[issue] Edward, Nelson, Asa, Sam, John, Joseph m. 3-13-1798 Rachel Herron, Sara, Lettice, Elsie

David inventory 6-6-1801

Nancy M. 12-27-1810 Lewis Kendall

Index By Families [surnames only; page numbers omitted]

Gough (Goff)
Hite (Heydt)
Kendall (several variations of given names)
Kendall from Shropshire
Lowman (Louman)


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