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Clayton County was formed in 1873 from Randolph and Greene with Corning as the county seat. The name was changed to Clay in 1875. There are two county seats, Piggott serving the Eastern District and Corning the Western District.

All records, unless otherwise stated, compiled and submitted by Combs &c. Researcher Timothy Combs

Clay County Marriages

Coombs, John H, 30, Rector Murray, Missouri E., 28, Rector 8 Jan. 1893 Book 1, page 198

Combes, James, 23, Rector, Norman, Susan, 15, Rector, 21 July, 1895 Book 1, page 345.

Coombes, J.H., 34, Boydsville, Dowdy, Minnie, 19, Boydsville 6 Sept. 1896 Book 2, page 26.

Coombes, Mrs. Minnie, 21, Boydsville Fite, E.J., 45, Boydsville, 24 Nov. 1898 Book 2, page 382

Combs, Mamie, 19, St. Francis Harris, Asa, 21, St. Francis 13 Oct. 1906 Book 5, page 174

Combs, Hattie, 18, Boydsville Grogan, Ernest, 18, Boydsville 9 Jul. 1909 Book 6, page 194

Combs, Mrs. Annie, 59, St. Francis Sprague, A.O., 68, St. Francis 30 Jan. 1916 Book 9, page 2

Combs, Nervia, 18, Moark Gibson, Rufus, 21, Moark 10 Dec. 1916 Book I, page 135

Combs, Novie, 16, Moark Peoples, Edgar, 18, Moark 23 Feb. 1918 Book I, Page 277

1880 Clay County Census

Johnson Township, District 31

124/125 NORMAN, Jesse 30 Head Il TN Oh Farmer
Margret E 20 Wife IL OH OH
Daniel W 7 Son IL IL IL
Wm. F 4 Son Ar IL IL
Susan S 4/12 Daughter Ar IL IL

NOTE: Susan NORMAN marries James COMBS 1895 in Clay Co. No other information; Susan's brother, Daniel, marries in Fayette Co, Ill. In 1894

1894 Coombs, J.H., Johnson township

Clay County, 1893-1897 Personal Property Tax Records, Roll #25, Arkansas History Commission 1301926

1897 Combs, Stephen, Chalk Bluff Township

Clay County, 1893-1897 Personal Property Tax Records, Roll #25, Arkansas History Commission 1301926

17 Nov 1899 H.G. Coombs of Batesville, has gone to south Africa to enlist in the English Army.

1893 - 1899 Volume XV, Friday, November 17, 1899, Number 21. page 2 Life and Times from the Clay County Courier Newspaper, Published by: Arkansas Research, Inc. Conway Arkansas

1900 Clay County Census

Johnson Township, District 7

153/155 FITE, Elbert J 47 Head TN TN TN Teamster
Minnie 22 Wife Ky KY KY
Johnnie 8/12 Son Ar TN KY
BAKER, Claude 26 Boarder AR TN TN Miller, Saw Mill
LACOST, Ralph 22 Boarder IN IN IN Engineer, Saw Mill
EMERSON, Daniel 17 Boarder AR IL AR Laborer, Saw Mill

NOTE: Minnie DOWDY wed John H COOMBES 1896 in Clay Co; Minnie COOMBS wed Elbert FITE in 1898 in Clay Co; In 1910 Minnie DOWDY COOMBES FITE is married to William JACKSON - 1910 Clay Co Bradshaw Twp Census (son John FITE is in H/H); John H COOMBS first wed Missouri E MURRY 1893 in Clay Co.

Bradshaw Township, District 2

145/145 GROGAN, James E 58 Head Il/Oh/Oh Farmer
Catherine 47 Wife TN NC TN
Lulu 11 Daughter Il IL TN
James E 9 Son Il IL TN

NOTES: This is likely Ernest Grogan that wed Hattie COMBS 1909 in Clay Co

Chalk Bluff Township, District 5

19/19 HARRIS, Emma E 45 Head IN NY KY Widow
Perry 21 Son Il IL IN Farm Laborer
Minnie 17 Daughter IL IL IN
Acy 15 Son Il IL IN Farm Laborer
Mary 11 Daughter Il IL IN
Walter 9 Son Il IL IN
Gra__? 9 Son Il IL IN

NOTE: Asa HARRIS wed Mamie COMBS 1906 in Clay Co. Possible connection to John H COOMBES who wed Minnie DOWDY listed above with second husband Elbert FITE; Mamie COMBS HARRIS lists birth state as Kentucky - same as Minnie DOWDY COOMBES.

15 Jul 1904 Town and Country… Jas. Combs, painter and paper hanger from Marion Co., Mo., has located in Corning.

1904 - 1905 Volume XX, Friday, July 15, 1904, Number 4. page 1 Life and Times from the Clay County Courier Newspaper, Published by: Arkansas Research, Inc. Conway Arkansas

1910 Clay County Census

Johnson Township, District 8

129/135 HARRIS, J____? 25 Head Ar/Ar KY Mail Server, Rural route
Maymie 26 Wife KY US US
Elba 3 Daughter AR AR KY

NOTE: This is possibly the Mamie COMBS who wed Asa HARRIS 1906 in Clay Ar. This family is in Shelby Co TN in 1920 and Asa has his name listed as Jessee

St. Francis, Dist. 10

156/162 KELLER, Harve J. 39 Head TN NC TN
Nova 35 Wife TN TN TN
Gladys 11 Daughter TN TN TN
John 41 Brother TN NC TN
Wesley 22 Cousin TN NC TN
COMBS, Hattie 17 Servant AR IL IL

NOTE: Unknown if Hattie COMBS wed 1909, Clay Co. Ernest GROGAN or 1914 Craighead Co Everett DALTON

15/15 SPRAGUE, Alfred O 60 Head Mi/Mi/Mi Gist Mill
Sintha D 64? Wife M0 KY KY

NOTE: A.O. SPRAGUE wed Mrs. Annie COMBS 1916 in Clay Co. 1930 Census, Annie lists birth state as Illinois - Possible Connection to Hattie COMBS above.

Oak Bluff, Dist. 9

209/210 GREVROK?, John G. 26 Head NOR NOR NOR Civil Engineer
COMBS, Walter 29 AR AR AR Civil Engineer
THOMAS?, Clancy 21 AR AR AR Civil Engineer
STACY/STORY, Henry 27 AR AR AR Civil Engineer, drainage

NOTE: Walter COMBS is likely to be the son of Thomas and Mary E Cypert of Izard Co AR. A Walter of the same age and a Civil Engineer is in his Mothers H/H in Baxter Co Arkansas in 1910. Walter is in Arkansas Co Arkansas in 1920 and Jefferson Co Arkansas in 1930

Cleveland, District 141

36/36 PEOPLES, Riley 46 Head TN TN TN General Farming
Hettie 22 Wife Mo/Mo/Mo
Edker 11 Son Ar TN Mo
Oscar 3 Son Ar TN Mo
Alva 1 Son Ar TN Mo

Note: Edgar PEOPLES wed Novia COMBS 1918 in Clay Co. Edgar and Nova J are in Randolph Co. Arkansas in 1920 Census

22 Aug. 1914 COMBS, E.C.

1914 - 1950 Arkansas Death Index

WW 1 draft Registration Cards

Rufus Cleveland GIBSON; 22 years old, born 8 May 1894, Moark, Clay Co Arkansas; Farming - Mark McGee, Moark; Married; Eye out; Tall - slender; Blue eyes - Brown hair; 6-5-1917

Note: Rufus GIBSON wed Nerva COMBS 1916 in Clay Co. Arkansas. Nerva COMBS GIBSON is the daughter of William A COMBS of Oregon Missouri. See 1900 and 1910 Oregon Mo census. Nerva and Rufus are in Lawrence Co Arkansas on 1920 Census

Edgar Ray PAPLE; 19 years old, 4 June 1899, Moark, Clay Arkansas; Married - Nova PAPLE 5'4" - slender; blue eyes - Light hair; 9-19-1918

Note: Edgar PEOPLES wed Novia COMBS 1918 in Clay Co; Novia COMBS is the daughter of William A COMBS of Oregon Missouri. Edgar and Nova are in Randolph Co Arkansas 1920 Census.

Evert Lenore DALTON; Piggott, Clay Arkansas; 23 years old, 1894 - Kentucky; Farming - Wife's Brother; Medium height - slender; Blue eyes - Light hair; one finger off; 5 June 1917

Note: Everett DALTON wed Hattie COMBS in Craighead AR.

Ernest GROGAN; McDougal Arkansas; 26 years old - 24 Feb. 1891 - Piggott Arkansas; Farmer - Self Tall - Medium Build; Blue eyes - Dark hair

Note: Ernest GROGAN wed 1909 Hattie COMBS in Clay Co

1920 Clay County Census

Bradshaw Township, District 3

135/143 DALTON, Everett 25 Head TN TN TN General Farming
Hattie/Kattie? 24 Wife TN KY KY
Ruthie 2 Daughter AR TN TN
Floyd 5/12 Son AR TN TN

Note: Hattie COMBS wed Everett DALTON 1914 in Craighead Co Arkansas. Hattie Dies 1926 in Greene Co Arkansas; Everett dies there also in 1979.

1930 Clay County Census

Oak Bluff Township, District 26

287/301 DALTON, Everett 34 Head AR AR AR Farmer
Alice 31 Wife TN AR AR
Ruth 12 Daughter AR AR AR
Floyd 9 Son AR AR AR
Pauline 8 Daughter AR AR AR

NOTE: Everett DALTON wed Hattie COMBS 1914 in Craighead Arkansas. Hattie died 1926 in Greene Co Arkansas. Ruth, Floyd, and Pauline, are the children of Hattie COMBS DALTON.

St. Francis Township, District 21

40/42 CAMPBELL, John N 68 Head IL IL WV ME Minister, retired
Sarah V? 64 Wife IL IL IL
SPRAGUE, Annie 73 Sister/Law IL IL IL Widow

NOTES: Mrs Annie COMBS wed AO SPRAGUE 1916 in Clay Ar. There is an Annie and Chester COMBS listed in two counties in 1910 - Arkansas Co and Jefferson Co. Annie and Chester are in Miller Co, AR in 1900 Census

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives