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Greene County was formed in 1833 from Lawrence county. The county seat is Paragould

Unless otherwise stated, all Records submitted by Tim Combs.

1900 Greene Co, AR Census

Clark, District 31

335/351 COMBS, William S 29 Head IN IN IN Painter, House; wed 5 years
Anna 20 Wife KY KY KY Children 1 - 1 living
Julian M 3 Son AR IN KY

Poland, District 35

206/217 COMBS, James 50 Head TN TN TN Farmer; Wed 7 years
Martha 32 Wife AR AR AR Children 7 - 3 living
Agnes M 5 Daughter AR TN AR
Sarah E 4 Daughter AR TN AR
Rose A 2 Daughter AR TN AR

1910 Greene Co, AR Census

Friendship, District 52

219/224 NOBLE, Charles H 45 Head IN IN IN Farmer; Marriage 2 or 3 - 18 years
Evva 43 Wife IL KY IL Marriage 2; Children 5 - 3 living
Oscar 21 Son IL IN MO Laborer, farm
Henry 17 Son IL IN IL Laborer, farm
James 10 Son IL IN IL Laborer, farm
John 4 Son IL IN IL

Notes: Oscar NOBLE wed Maude COMBS 1914 in Greene Co. NOBLE family is in White Co Illinois in 1900

Clark, District 56

109/117 COMBS, William S 39 Head KY KY IN Painter, house; Marriage 1 - 14 years
Annie 28 Wife KY KY KY Marriage 1; Children 1 - 1 living
Melville 13 Son AR KY KY

Crowley, District 58

393/405 DICKERSON, Thomas R 55 Head TN VA KY Farmer, general; Marriage 2 - 25 years
Fannie P 45 Wife AR TN TN Marriage 1; Children 6 - 6 living
Samuel A 22 Son AR TN AR Laborer, farm
Ruth J 15 Daughter AR TN AR Laborer, farm
Taswell E 13 Son AR TN AR Laborer, farm
Georgia A 9 Daughter AR TN AR

Hurricane, District 59

21/21 COMBS, Sidney 45 Head KY KY KY Clearing Woods; Marriage 2 - 2 years
Lena/Lana 27 Wife TN TN TN Marriage 2; Children 2 - 0 living
Elbert 16 Son MO KY KY Clearing Woods
Maud 13 Daughter MO KY KY
Charles 11 Son MO KY KY Clearing Woods
Jesse 7 Son MO KY KY
Clarence 4 Son MO KY KY
Leler 2 Son MO KY KY

Notes: Sidney COMBS is in Mississippi Co, Missouri in 1900 and New Madrid, MO in 1920. Elbert wed Ruth DICKERSON 1915 in Greene Co.

1920 Greene Co, AR Census

Clark, District 93

221/232 COMB, William S 48 Head KY US US Painter, own shop
Anna 38 Wife KY KY KY

Clark, District 94

323/337 ELLIOT, Lutisha 63 Head KY TN KY Widow
COMBS, Lelia 12 Niece MO US KY

Notes: Likely the daughter of Sidney COMBS who wed Francis MILLER 1926 in Greene Co. Luticia S BRADLEY wed James ELLIOTT 1876 in Greene Co.

Crowley, District 96

15/16 DICKERSON, Thomas R 65 Head TN VA KY Farmer, general

Fanny 55 Wife AR TN TN
Tas 23 Son AR TN AR Laborer, farm
Georgia 19 Daughter AR TN AR

Notes: Parents of Ruth DICKERSON who wed Elbert COMBS 1915 in Greene Co. Elbert and Ruth are in Craighead Co, AR in 1920.

Friendship, District 97

97/99 TYNER, Robert H 39 Head AR TN TN Farmer
Ada M 29 Wife TN TN TN
Paul M 6 Son AR AR TN
Helen J 4 Daughter AR AR TN
Yulakle O 3 Daughter AR AR TN
Pearl 2 Daughter AR AR TN
Jesselene 1 Daughter AR AR TN

Notes: Pearl TYNER wed Taswell COMBS 1941 in Craighead Co, AR.

148/150 NOBLE, Charles O 30 Head IL IL IL Farmer, general
Maude E 23 Wife MO MO KY

Notes: Maude COMBS wed Oscar NOBLE 1914 in Greene Co. Maude is the daughter of Sidney and Lucy COMBS.

1930 Greene Co, AR Census

Clark, District 8

41/41 RALEY, Sarah 68 Head KY KY KY Widow; wed 24 y/o
Robert 27 Son KY KY KY Delivery Boy, retail grocer
Ethel 32 Daughter KY KY KY Sales Lady, retail dry goods
DALTON, Jennie 54 Sister KY KY KY Widow; Wed 17 y/o

Notes: Jennie DALTON, widow of Jerman DALTON is the mother of Everett DALTON who wed Hattie COMBS 1914 in Craighead Co, AR

Friendship District 13

132/132 NOBLE, Charles O 41 Head IL IL IL Farmer, general; Wed 25 y/o
Maudie E 32 Wife MO MO MO Wed 16 y/o
Audry M 10 Daughter AR IL MO
Margerie E 8 Daughter AR IL MO
Nola D 3 Daughter AR IL MO

Notes: Oscar NOBLE wed Maude COMBS 1914 in Greene Co

Marmaduke, District 16

198/208 COMBS, Sidney 56 Head KY KY KY Laborer, sawmill; Wed 34 y/o
Lena 43 Wife TN TN TN Wed 21 y/o

Reynolds, District 23

11/11 COMBS, Elbert 35 Head MO US KY Farmer, general; Wed 21 y/o
Ruth 35 Wife AR KY AR Wed 21 y/o
Elbert Jr 1 Daughter AR MO AR
Hazle 13 Daughter AR MO AR
Taz 11 Son AR MO AR
Raymond 9 Son AR MO AR
Kathrene 5 Daughter AR MO AR

Notes: Elbert COMBS is the son of Sidney COMBS of 1900 Mississippi Co Missouri. He wed Ruth DICKERSON 1915 in Greene Co. This family is in Craighead Co, AR in 1920.

134/138 TYNER, R.H. 49 Head AR TN TN
Ada M 40 Wife TN TN TN
Paul 16 Son AR AR TN
Hellen 15 Daughter AR AR TN
Eulale 14 Daughter AR AR TN
Pearl 12 Daughter AR AR TN
Jessalene 10 Daughter AR AR TN
J.B. 9 Son AR AR TN
Evelyn 6 Daughter AR AR TN
O.K. 4 Son AR AR TN

Notes: Pearl TYNER wed Taswell COMBS (above) 1941 in Craighead Co, AR

Greene County Marriages

COLM, H.F (Bride) HANELINE, E.S. 1884

COOMBS, John H MURRAY, Missouri 1893

CAMBEE, Roy DALTON, Rosa 1913 Book 12 page 500

COMBS, Maude NOBLE, Oscar 1914 Book 13 page 270

COMBS, E.D. DICKERSON, Ruth 1915 Book 14 page71

COMBS, M.C. BENTLEY, Bernice 1916 Book 14 page 402

COMBS, Jess BARLOW, Addie 1919 Book 16 Page 211

COMBS, Lelia MILLER, Francis L 1926 Book 20 page 133

Greene County Divorces
Arkansas Divorce Index 1923 - 1939

COMBS, Mel Bernice 4 Nov 1924

Greene County WWI

COMBS, Elbert; Marmaduke Ar; 24 y/o, 15 Jul 1893, Missouri; Farmer - Joe __anger?
Wife and Child; Medium height - Medium build; Brown eyes - brown hair; 5 June 1917

COMBS, Mel; Registration# 123; Paragould; 21 y/o, 12 Sept 1897, Paragould Ar; Fathers Birth Place - Kentucky;
Self employed - Paragould; Earnest/Bernice? COMBS - Paragould Ar; Medium Height - Medium Build; Gray Eyes - Black Hair; 6 May 1918

DICKERSON, Tas; Gainesville Ar; 21y/o, 28 Dec 1896, Greene Co Ar; Father born in Obion Co Tn; Employer - T.R. DICKERSON;
Medium Height - Slender Build; Gray eyes - Black Hair; 5 June 1918.

TYNER, Robert Houston; 38 y/o, 22 Aug 1880, Holliday, Greene, Ar; Farming;
Ada May TYNER; Medium Height - Medium Build; Grey Eyes - Black Hair

NOBLES, Charles Oscar, Marmaduke Ar; 28 y/o, 30 Dec 1889, Marnie? Illinois;
Farming - Self; Tall Height - Medium Build; Gray Eyes - Black Hair

Greene County WWII
WWII Draft Registration Cards 1942

COMBS, Elbert Donald; Ser# U79; R3 Marmaduke, Greene, Ar; 47 y/o, 15 Jul 1895, Dunklin Co Missouri; White;
5'10 1/2" - 123 lbs; Gray eyes - gray hair; Sullen complexion; 27 Apr 1942

DICKERSON, Tas Eli; Marmaduke, Greene, Ar; 45 y/o, 28 Dec 1896, Greene Co (Brother of Ruth DICKERSON COMBS)

NOBLE, Charles Oscar; Marmaduke, Greene, Ar; 53 y/o, 30 Dec 1888, White Co Illinois; White; Maudie NOBLE

Greene County Deaths

Social security death Index

DICKERSON, Tas 20 Dec 1896 Sep 1964 Arkansas Brother of Ruth DICKERSON COMBS

NOBLE, Oscar 30 Dec 1888 Oct 1971 Marmaduke Husband of Maude COMBS

COMBS, Elbert 15 Jul 1894 Mar 1978 Paragould

DAULTON, Everett 22 May 1894 Aug 1979 Paragould Husband of Hattie COMBS wed 1914 in Craighead Co, AR

COMBS, Ruth 10 Sep 1894 May 1985 Paragould

COMBS, Tas 25 Jul 1918 16 Sep 1994 Paragould

COMBS, Maxie W 3 Jun 1913 29 Feb 2000 Paragould

COMBS, Pearl A 18 Sep 1917 19 Jun 2003 Paragould

COMBS, Newell D 12 May 1942 14 Feb 2005 Paragould

Arkansas Death Index

COMBS, Nancy 16 Mar 1923

DAULTON, Hattie Mae 23 Dec 1926 Hattie COMBS wed Everett DAULTON 1914 in Craighead Co, AR

COMBS, Melville J 10 Jun 1929

COMBS, James R 17 Jan 1931

COMBS, W.S. 19 Apr 1931

COMBS, Sidney 3 Mar 1935

COMBS, Gary D 16 Jun 1944

Greene County Cemeteries

Finch Cemetery

COMBS, Ruth M 10 Sep 1893 22 May 1985

COMBS, Elbert D 15 Jul 1893 15 Mar 1978

Linwood Cemetery, Paragould

COMBS, Mell J 1890 1929

Ramer Chapel Cemetery

COMBS, Gary Devon 14 Jun 1944 14 Jun 1944

New Friendship Cemetery

NOBLE, C. Oscar 1888 1971

NOBLE, Maudie E COMBS 1898

New Liberty Cemetery

COMBS, Tas 25 Jul 1918 16 Sep 1994

Greene county Obituaries

Pearl Allene TYNER COMBS

Pearl Allene TYNER COMBS, 85, of Paragould died Thursday, June 19, 2003, at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center.

Born in Marmaduke, she was a homemaker and a member of Calvary Full Gospel Church.

Survivors include two sons, Dewayne COMBS and Jim COMBS, both of Paragould; a daughter, Carol HESTER of Paragould; seven grandchildren, Rodney COMBS, Sean COMBS, Terry COMBS, Julie FARMER, Stephanie HESTER, Whitney HESTER and Brandon ROSE; and six great-grandchildren.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Tas COMBS; her parents, Robert and Ada May TYNER; three brothers; and four sisters.

Funeral services will be at 2 p.m. Sunday at Heath Funeral Home's Colonial Chapel, with the Rev. Jerry JOLLY and the Rev. Dennis SCUDDER officiating. Burial will follow in New Liberty Cemetery at Marmaduke.

Pallbearers will be Rodney COMBS, Sean COMBS, Terry COMBS, Matthew COMBS, Jacob COMBS and Jason FARMER.

Newell Dewayne COMBS

Newell Dewayne COMBS, 62, of Paragould died Monday, February 14, 2005, at Baptist Hospital in Little Rock. He was born May 12, 1942, in Paragould, the son of the late Tas and Pearl TYNER COMBS.

He was preceded in death by a sister, Carol HESTER, He was retired from the Arkansas Highway Department as a purchasing agent and was a member of East Side Baptist Church in Paragould.

He is survived by his wife, Mary COMBS of the home; sons, Rodney COMBS, Sean COMBS, and Brandon ROSE; brother, Jim COMBS, grandchildren, Jacob, Matthew and Allie COMBS, all of Paragould. Funeral services will be held Thursday, 1:00 P.M. at East Side Baptist Church with Reverends Jim FOWLER, Greg ADDISON and Dennis SCUDDER officiating. Burial will follow at New Liberty Cemetery. Visitation will be tonight from 6:00 - 8:00 P.M. at Heath Funeral Home. Pallbearers: J.W. DIAL, Jack BISHOP, Frank GUINN, Ed CHUNN, Ron PIGUE, Jr., David PIGUE. Honorary Pallbearer, Mickey COOPER.

Memorials may be sent to the New Liberty Cemetery Fund.

Hazel Virginia STONE

Hazel Virginia STONE, 90, of Paragould, died Tuesday, December 19, 2006, in Greene acres Nursing Home at Paragould.

She was born Aug 4, 1916, the daughter of the late Elbert COMBS and the late Mary DICKERSON COMBS. She was also preceded in death by her husband, Charles Haley STONE; granddaughter, Amy STONE; and three brothers, Raymond, Tas and Elbert COMBS.

She was a housewife and member of First Church of the Nazarene.

She is survived by her daughters and sons-in-law, Kathy and Edgar MILLER, Tammy MARTIN, all of Paragould, and Vatra and Jack HIBBS of Las Vegas; son and daughter-in-law, Charles Haley STONE Jr. and Kathy of Huston; sisters, Louise RANDOL and Katherine HOWARD, both of Paragould; six grandchildren, Sherri MILLER, Rebecca LANNING, Sheila CUPP, Charles Haley STONE III, Robert MARTIN Jr., who is serving in Iraq, and Allison MARTIN; great-grandchildren, Austin CUPP, Raquel MARTIN, Colby MILLER, Emma STONE, Madison CUPP and Declan LANNING.

The family will receive friends from 6:30 - 9 p.m. today in Heath Funeral Home.

Her life will be celebrated at 10:30 a.m. Thursday in Heath Colonial Chapel with the Rev. John MILLER officiating. Burial will follow in Linwood Cemetery.

Pallbearers are Nicky CUPP, Charles Haley STONE III, Dewayne WITCHER, Jim COMBS, Keith HILL, Joe HESTER and Larry COMBS.

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives