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Union County was formed in November 2, 1829 (from Hempstead and Clark Counties), and named in recognition of the citizens' petition for a new county, stating that they were petitioning “in the spirit of Union and Unity” (Wikipedia). Bradley County (in 1840) and Ouachita County in (1842) were formed from parts of Union County. In 1848, a portion of Union, along with parts of Drew and Chicot Counties, were incorporated to form Ashley County. El Dorado is the county seat. Union County sits midway atop the Louisiana State Line.

Union Co, AR Land Patents

COMBS, Charles A AR Union 5/3/1858 Champagnolle 5114 AR2170__.096

COMBES, Charles A AR Union 4/2/1860 Champagnolle 8965 AR2240__.014

Combs, Charles A AR Union 4/6/1895 Champagnolle 5912 AR2340__.427, 40a (BLM)

Combs, Charles A AR Union 5/3/1858 Champagnolle 5716 AR2180__.104, 40a (BLM)

Combs, George W AR Union 9/6/1910 Camden 01673 150425 (BLM)

Combs, Robert E L AR Union 10/9/1907 Camden 21245 0669-246, 80a (BLM)

CUMMINGS, JOHN W AR Union 7/1/1857 Champagnolle 4326 AR2150__.400 (BLM)

CUMMINGS, Charles B AR Union 5/3/1858 Champagnolle 5911 AR2180__.271 (BLM)

CUMMINGS, JOHN W AR Union 7/1/1859 Champagnolle 7650 AR2210__.239 (BLM)

CUMMINGS, Charles B AR Union 9/1/1860 Champagnolle 10355 AR2260__.258 (BLM)

1850 Union Co, AR census

Ed Dorado Twp

p. 231B, Oct 6, 1850

102/102 Charles B CUMMINGS 33, m, Planter, RE=$1000, b TN
Sarah J 19, f, b KY
Livinia H, 3, b MISS

103/103 Elizabeth CUMMINS 50, f, b TN
Rebecca B, 12, f, b TN
Jno B W, 18, m, Planter, b TN
Alexander P, 17, m, b TN
Mary A, 14, m, b TN
Margaret 12, m, b TN
George W, 10, m, b TN
C A Combs, 40, m, Wheelright, b KY
Caroline, 27, f, b TN
James T, 9, m, b TN

(Source: 1850 United States Census El Dorado, Union, Arkansas; Roll: M432_30; Page: 231)

Notes: Elizabeth CUMMINS was the mother of Caroline RUSHIN Traylor Combs. Her maiden name is unknown at this time and the given name of her first husband is also unknown. She remarried to a Mr. CUMMINGS and had several children by him. Her daughter Rebecca D CUMMINGS married William D RESTER (see marriage record below), and they may be the same who are enumerated next to C A Combs & Caroline in the 1860 Rapides Co, LA census. By 1870, there are two young Rester children living with Elizabeth suggesting their mother, and possibly their father, was deceased.

Notes: Charles Allen Combs (ancestry unknown), and his second wife Caroline RUSHIN Traylor. All of the family information below is courtesy of a Combs Researcher, who is the great-granddaughter of Richard Penn Combs, also states her grandaunt Sarah Elizabeth Combs aka Aunt Sadie recorded all of her family information in a Family Ledger. The result is a wonderful record of a large family that includes information about deceased members that would have been very difficult to document. See Charles Allen Combs Family Report.

Charles Allen Combes (b 28 Nov. 1811 in Kentucky, died 20 Jan. 1880) and his second wife Caroline RUSHIN Traylor are buried in the Cummings Cemetery off the South Field Road, Union County, Arkansas. It is an old family cemetery in El Dorado. Sarah Elizabeth Combs aka Aunt Sadie (never married), descendant of Charles and Caroline, recorded all her family information in a Family Ledger. Charles first married Rebecca TRAYLOR on 21 January 1839 at the age of 28. Rebecca was born in November or December 1815, and she died in childbirth with her fourth child in 1847 (per Family Ledger). The Ledger does not state where this marriage took place but their children were born in Tennessee. Charles then married Caroline RUSHIN Traylor on 27 January 1848 in Fayette County Tennessee (also documented by Fayette Co. marriage records). By 1850 Charles and Caroline were in Union Co, AR. They are next found in Alexandria, LA, in the 1860 Rapides Parish, Lousiana census. Around 1863 they return to Union Co, Arkansas where they lived until they died.

Charles and Rebecca had four children:
Thomas J Combs born 14 Dec. 1839, died 6 Sept. 1846
James C Combs born 30 Sept. 1841, died after 1860
Grace A Combs born 28 Dec. 1843, died 8 July 1848
Rebecca B T Combs born 17 Dec 1847, died 27 July 1848

Charles and Rebecca's son James C Combs was their only child to survive childhood; however, he (J C Combs) served in the Confederate Army (Louisiana's 16th Regiment Company G (from Rapides)) in the Civil War and no further information is known about him.

Caroline Jane RUSHIN (or Rushen or Rushing) was born 25 July 1825 in Tennessee, the d/o of Elizabeth H and a Mr. RUSHIN. She first married John P TRAYLOR, a brother to Rebecca TRAYLOR. Caroline and John had two children, John A and Mathew, both of whom died in August of 1848. Her husband John P Traylor died 26 Aug. 1847, just shortly before his sister Rebecca died. Charles and Caroline quickly remarried each other and started their own family. Caroline died 11 Feb. 1879 at the age of 53.

In 1850, Charles aka C A Combs is living with his mother-in-law Elizabeth UNKNOWN RUSHIN CUMMINGS, the widow of John CUMMINGS, and the mother of his wife Caroline RUSHIN Traylor. In 1860, Elizabeth Cummings (age 55) is found living with John W Cummings in Union Co while her daughter and son-in-law are found in Rapides Parish, LA.

Charles Allen Combs and Caroline RUSHIN Traylor had nine children:
Martha Emmaline Combs
George Washington Combs
William Harrison Combs
Sarah Elizabeth Combs
Pauline Ann Combs
Joseph Edward Combs
Richard Penn Combs (twin)
Rachel Francis Combs (twin)
Robert B Lee Combs

1870 Union Co, AR Census

El Dorado Twp

p. 508/44, July 13, 1870

324/324 Combs C A, 60, m, w, Farmer, RE=$400/PP=$800, b Kentucky
Caroline 44, f, w, Kg House, b TN
George 19, m, w, At Home, b AR
William 18, m, w, b AR
Elizabeth 16, f, w, b AR
Pauline 13, f, w, b AR
Joseph 12, m, w, b AR
Richard 6, m, w, b AR
Francis 6, f, w, b AR
Lee 2, f, w, b AR

(Source: Original census images, Heritage Quest)

Notes: Living next to George CUMMINGS (age 35). Elizabeth CUMMINGS (age 70) in hh of John W CUMMINGS on p. 497/22.

Parkers Chapel Cemetery

Submitted by Becky Combs; from the USGenWeb Archives

Combes, Charlie H. Jul. 14, 1874 Jun. 27, 1956

Combes, Flarra I. Drummonds Aug. 17, 1875 Dec. 29, 1934
wife of Chas. H. Combes

Combs, Delpha Jul. 26, 1901 Dec. 1, 1922
wife of Floyd Combs

Combs, Floyd Jul. 28, 1924 Jul. 17, 1926

Combs, Floyd C. Mar. 14, 1901 Mar. 18, 1956

Combs, Linnie J. Aug. 16, 1905 Oct. 30, 1985

Combs, Little Dorothy Nov. 22, 1922
dau.of Floyd & Delpha Combs

Combs, George T. Apr. 17, 1877 Mar. 16, 1925

Combs, Zula Idell Aug. 4, 1877 Jun. 15, 1962

Combs, Cpl. Thomas Hilton Feb. 5, 1912 Mar. 21, 1944

Dona McCall Note: All the Combs buried at Parkers Chapel are children, spouses, grandchildren etc of Charles Allen Combs g-grandson of Joseph I (identified through DNA testing). He and his wife Caroline are not buried here. They are buried in a private cemetery down the road and back in the woods from here. It can be reached via a logging road. Of course there are other children, grandchildren etc of his buried elsewhere in Union County.

Combs & Other Miscellaneous Marriages:

(Source: USGenweb, Union Co, AR Marriages, Groom and Bride Index, Submitted by: Ley O'Connor, Date: 2/1/99, Copyright: All rights reserved, UNION COUNTY, AR MARRIAGES - “C” and UNION COUNTY, ARKANSAS Marriage Listings - C -By Bride)

Note: These appear to be entries from a Marriage Index. The original should be consulted for documentary purposes. The entries have been reorganized by year of marriage. All from the above noted source unless otherwise specified.

Groom, Bride, Year, Book, and Page No.

Cummins Shadrack & Crabtree Eliza A 1846, Bk:A, p. 005B

Cummings William & Henderson R 1851, Bk:B, p. 032D

Cummings William & Opry Carline 1851, Bk:B, p. 029C

Rester William D & Robinson Rebecca 1852, Bk:B, p. 054B

Cummings Rebecca & Rester William 1854, Bk:B, p. 112A

Cummings M P & Henderson M 1854, Bk:B, p. 120D

Cummings, Jr Joseph & Abney Martha 1855, Bk:B, p. 125B

Cummings, Jr Shadric & Abney Mary 1855, Bk:B, p. 129C

Cummings George R & Swezey Mary A 1856, Bk:B, p.160C

Combs George & Pickering Eliza 1873 Bk:C, p. 358B

Combs William H & Rodgers Amanda 1879, Bk:E, p. 095

Combs Joe E & Reynolds Sophronia 1883, Bk: F, p. 181

Combs R P & Ward Octavia 1886, Bk:G, p. 157

Combs E E L & Hearin Annie 1889, Bk:H, p. 243

Combs C H & Drummond Flora 1895 Bk:K, p. 139

Combs G T & Goodwin Della 1897 Bk:K, p. 353

Combes John P & Slade Pearl 1909 Bk:Q, p. 419

Combes W B & Fincher Wynn 1914 Bk:T, p. 311

Combs H S & Clark Pearl 1917 Bk:V, p. 366

Combs F C & Hinson Delphia 1921 Bk:Z, p. 185

Combs F C & Sesson Lennie 1923 Bk:2, p. 638

Combs H L & Prince Bessie 1923 Bk:1, p. 630

Combs Jeanette & O M Cutright 1925, Bk:5:385

Combs Quincy A & Christensen M P 1930, Bk:12, p. 323

Combs Emon & Morris Jeanette 1933 Bk:15, p. 018

Combs Lawson & Mayer Geneva 1935 Bk:16, p. 582

Combs Louis & Andrews Leola 1938 Bk:19, p. 504

Combs Robert & Smith Imogene 1940, Bk:22, p. 096

Combes Emon M & Mayfield Jo 1940 Bk:22, p. 555

Brides Index

Combs Sarah E & McDaniel Green 1871, Bk:C, p. 228A

Combs Pauline & Pickering George T 1879, Bk:E, p. 155

Combes R F & Hudson C O 1890, Bk:H, p. 277

Combs Alpha & Reynolds J M 1897, Bk:K, p. 367

Combs Lillie & Hinson J D 1903, Bk:N, p. 283

Combs Annie L & Reynolds Ellis 1908, Bk:P, p. 567

Combes Lyttie & Kinard R V 1913, Bk:S, p. 528

Combes Elcie & Tatum H L 1913, Bk:T, p. 156

Combes Pauline & Fennell W L 1914, Bk:T, p. 264

Combs Ella & Morgan T M 1915, Bk:U, p. 043

Combs Maude & Cook George 1916, Bk:V, p. 196

Combs Jane E & Cravy Robert 1917, Bk:V, p. 384

Combs Jane E & Cravy Robert 1917, Bk:V, p. 425

Combs Leslie M & Smith Roy 1918, Bk:W, p. 382

Combes Gladys & Morgan Scott B 1920, Bk:X, p. 608

Combs Sophia & Buckley Kelly 1920, Bk:X, p. 399

Combes Birdie & Braswell Ellis 1920, Bk:X, p. 472

Come Thelma & Sandage C B 1922, Bk:I, p. 290

Combs Ruby & Bell W T 1922, Bk:1, p. 052

Combs Flora & Hildreth Chas 1924, Bk: 4, p. 026

Combs Jeanette & Cutright O M 1925, Bk:5, p. 385

Combs Ruby & Tanner A T 1926, Bk:7, p. 211

Combs Lillian & Britt J L 1926, Bk:7, p. 584

Combs Gracie L & Childs Jesse H 1927, Bk:9, p. 072

Combes Lucile & Johnson Clyde 1929, Bk:10, p. 497

Combs Minnie & Bates Boyd 1933, Bk:14, p. 335

Combs Dorothy & Coleman James H 1939, Bk:21, p. 044

Combs Colleen & Boland Robert 1945, Bk:28, p. 213

Combs Lorraine & Bell Kenneth W 1948, Bk: 32, p. 080

(Source: USGenweb, Union Co, AR Marriages, Groom and Bride Index, Submitted by: Ley O'Connor, Date: 2/1/99, Copyright: All rights reserved,, and

Important: All Records collected for this county may not have been added here as yet. See also the Combs Research List Archives