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20 Oct 1785 - 30 Mar 1786 Ann COOMBES. Transport: ship Charlotte. Crime and Sentence: Ann COOMBES, wife of Samuel COOMBES. For feloniously breaking and entering the dwelling house of Ann FRY at the parish of Puxton [Somersetshire] about 11 in the forenoon of the 20th day of October last no person being therin and stealing therout three petticoats and other goods val. 6 pounds 2 shilling and 6pence her property.

  1. Found guilty of stealing but not of breaking and entering. Sentenced to be transported for 7 years. Appears in: Transportation Order, Lent Assizes, Taunton, 30 March 1786
  2. Order in Council No. 4, p.24; Ross's Returns (Coombs), p. 247; Richards Returns (wife of Samuel), p. 280

References: (1) P.R.O. Assizes 23/8; (2) P.R.O. Assizes 24/26

(Extracted by Combs Researcher Maureen Reynolds from Crimes of the First Fleet Convicts by John Cobley)

1790 From the SYDNEY COVE CHRONICLE (Australia), 30th June, 1790:

“At last the transports are here
278 died on the fearsome journey to Sydney Cove

-----” The landing of those who remained alive despite their misuse upon the recent voyage, could not fail to horrify those who watched.
As they came on shore, these wretched people were hardly able to move hand or foot. Such as could not carry themselves upon their legs, crawled upon all fours. Those, who, through their afflictions, were not able to move, were thrown over the side of the ships; as sacks of flour would be thrown, into the small boats.
Some expired in the boats; others as they reached the shore. Some fainted and were carried by those who fared better. More had not the opportunity even to leave their ocean prisons for as they came upon the decks, the fresh air only hastened their demise.
A sight most outrageous to our eyes were the marks of leg irons upon the convicts, some so deep that one could nigh on see the bones.----
------ We learn that several children have been borne to women upon the Lady Juliana, the cause for which were the crews aboard African slave ships which met up with the transport at Santa Cruz.---
------ So the Guardian is lost and with it our provisions.
What, in the name of Heaven, is to become of us ? -----

A List Of The Convicts Who Set Sail From Old England's Shores

COOMBES, William, Middlesex - - - - - - Life

(Extracted by Archdale-Combs Researcher Peter Archdale from Patricia Downes' Australian Pioneers - Passenger lists for the first, second and third fleets to arrive in Australia)

The ship “Chateaux Lafitte”
of Bordeaux, Octavien Decombe, Master, Burthen 320 Tons
from the Port of Mauritius to Sydney, New South Wales, 17th Feb. 1876


Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters (website has scan of original document.)

Submitted by Rob Holman

“Egmont” of Sydney, R. Edmondson, Master, Burthen 455 Tons
from the Port of Brisbane to Sydney, New South Wales, 31st Mar. 1876

Mariners and Ships in Australian Waters (website has scan of original document.)

Note: While this addition to our reports is a somewhat different name than normal, the beginning of the name could have been dropped by later generations.

Submitted by Rob Holman