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Combs &c. Families
of Yuba Co, CA

Yuba Co, CA was established in ??? (to be completed)

1850 Census Index

Comb, Geo22Missouri#211
Comb, Henry U.25Missouri#232
Come, Michael40Ohio#211
Combe, John32Rhode Island#220
Coombs, Susan25Indiana#315

1880 Great Register of Yuba County, CA.

(Excerpted from her own transcription by Combs Researcher Barbara S. Mathews who adds that The Great Register is list of voters for year 1880 and on through 1883).

Nathaniel Dow COOMBS, age 40. Native of Maine, Occupation; farmer. Local Township; Marysville. Date of Registration: June 17, 1880. "Dead." [BSM: He apparently died within the year, as he didn't register
for the year 1881]

Jerome CALMES, age 33. Native of Missouri. Occupation; saddler. Local Township; East Bear River [way up in the Hills]. Date of registration; August 6, 1880. Transfer January 28, 1886.

[Doesn't give the transfer location, too bad, sometimes the book will give the location]

1882 Great Register of Yuba County, CA.


Leslie COOMBS, Age 24. Native of Maine. Occupation: farmer. Local Township, Marysville. Date of Registration; October 4, 1882.

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