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Pueblo County, one of seventeen original counties of Colorado, was formally organized in 1861 by the Colorado Territorial Legislature.

1930 Pueblo County Census

City of Pueblo

Election Precinct 2

2211 Greenwood Street

204/209 Combs Howard H. Head O 7000.00 R No M W 71 M 25 No Yes KS NY Eng
Combs Maria J. Wife - H F W 70 M 24 IL Fin MA

Election Precinct 4

906 West 13th Street

128/135 Coon J. E. Head 3000.00 M W 58 M 36 IL IL IL Yes Groceryman Grocery Store
Coon Nancy J. Wife-H F W 69 M IN OH PA
Work Hezter Step-Dau F W 42 S MI IN IN Yes Saleslady Grocery Store

Note: Owns home, radio, all read/write and speak English,

Election Precinct 16

1012 Ash Street

300/332 Yarberry Rodney H. Head 15.00 M W 34 M AR AR TN Yes Fireman City
Yarberry Leota W. Wife-H F W 32 M CO IN IN
Combs Nadine Step-Dau F W 11 S CO MO CO
Combs Eileen Step-Dau F W 6 S CO MO CO

Election Precinct 19

401 South Main Street

68 /76 Coon Mareils T. Head M W 69 D WI NY MA . . . Yes Sharpener Cuttery

Election Precinct 21 (Excl Pueblo City)

2222 Euclid

65/65 Coon Richard A. Head O 4500.00 M W 37 IL IL IL Carpenter Steam Railroad
Coon Alma M. Wife - H F W 29 M Yes IL IL IL
Coon Betty M. Dau F W 5/12 S CO IL IL

Election Precinct 107

163/164 Combs Lura E. Head M W 24 M MO MO MO
Combs Vreda S. Wife - H F W 27 M MO IL MO
Combs Loren E. Son M W 11/12 S MO MO MO

Note: Living on Rented Farm.

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