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The primary feature of the Combs &c. Research Project is our Combs Counties of Record - hundreds of counties, indexed by country and state, and hundreds (thousands?) more to go. Each of our Combs County web pages is a formal research report including all known (to us so far) chronology of records of Combs and Combs-Associated Families in that county. Moreover, our reports not only are chock-full of records, but whenever possible, the records are annotated: (1) to indicate proven relationships; (2) to provide clues to other possible connections; and (3) including hot-links to other counties - both backwards and forwards in time. Our ultimate goal is, as follows, in priority order:

  1. A web page report for Every Single Combs County in which any member of our Combs List has "Stuck" Combs Ancestors.
  2. A web page report for Every Single Combs County in which any member of this list has Any Combs Ancestors.
  3. A web page report for Every Single Combs County in which any member of this list has Any Combs siblings or cousins of Combs Ancestors.
  4. A web page for Every Single Combs County in the world in which we find a Combs. <g>

Unfortunately, we are always massively behind in creating new and sorely-needed Combs Counties; however, if "Your" Combs County has not yet been created, there's no need to wait, and no need to learn how to create web pages.* Just follow the steps below, and you'll be all set!

*For those who either already know how to create web pages (HTML files) or who would like to learn how, see our new site for Combs Research Editors (including Easy Steps for Learning How to Web Edit).

How to Create Your Own Combs County

  1. Check our Index to Combs Counties to make certain that Your Combs County isn't already uploaded.
  2. Email the Combs Webmaster the name of the County and State you are volunteering to create.

    Important! Volunteer for the County before you begin working on it in case (a) it's already almost complete; or (b) someone else on the list is also working on that county (in which case you can join forces).

  3. Create a word processing file (the program used does not matter) in which to store the records you collect.

    Tip: You do not need to specially format your file. No Bold, No Italics or Underlines, etc. since all those will disappear anyway once you post to the list (all email is automatically converted to straight text).

  4. Go to the Combs Mailing List Archives, and search 1997-1999 for all records for Your County (1996 can be ignored since it's virtually empty).

    (a) Search Engine Tip: For Jackson TN, for example, you would type:

    Jackson AND (TN or Tenn or Tennessee)

    (b) Warning: If Your Combs County is named Henry or Jackson or Washington, your "search hits" will include a lot of postings that have nothing to do with your county. For starters, you might want to aim for a county whose records are easier to segregate. Also note that some counties are frequently misspelled, perfect examples including Calloway/Callaway and/or Green/Greene

    Tip: When you open each posting, click Edit, Find and search for the name of your county in the posting - the quickest way to work your way through postings ("search hits")

  5. For each "good hit" (each posting containing records you need), you will need to click Edit, Select All and Edit Copy, then in your word processing document, click Edit paste.
  6. Once you have collected all records posted, you will need to re-arrange them so that they are in chronological order by date. The preferred format is: Date, Record Source, Record, Posting Source. Example:

    23 Nov 1786 (Stafford Co VA Will Book D:78) Will of Joe Blow Combs… (Transcribed by [name of poster] from [source: copy of original record, or if a publication, the name, author, publisher, location and year])

    For more examples, visit some of our Combs Counties.

  7. If you have additional information about any of those named in the record, that can be entered in a separate paragraph below the record itself. Example:

    Note: Joe Blow Combs was the s/o Jack and Jill HILL Combs of Richmond Co VA. Witness Jerry HILL was his uncle, Jill HILL'S brother.

    Important! If you make a statement in your Notes as to a relationship, it needs to be a documented statement. In other words, the proof of the relationship should either be in Your County, the "other county" (in the above example, Richmond Co VA), or whatever County, etc. where the proof is of record (including our Combs Bible Records, the Dickey Diary interviews, the Drapers Company, etc.)

  8. Since this is Your Combs County, then you may have many more Records than those posted to the list during the last two years - Records that may be in your computer (in notes in your gedcom, in private emails, in other word processing files, etc.) or Records that may be "hard copies" in your filing cabinet (or stacked all over the dining room table, etc.). Those records also need to be added to your Combs County word processing file.

    A Note About Your Paper Files: How much have you collected over the years that's still not "inside" your computer (on your hard drive)? Has the time come to start typing, transcribing and/or scanning in order to move these records, notes, letters, manuscripts, etc. from those bulky filing cabinets and boxes (or the dining room table) and into your computer so that you can find them easily?

  9. Once you have completed Your Combs County, all you have to do is Email it to the Combs Webmaster, and one of our Volunteer Web Editors will convert Your Combs County to a Web Page, including hot links, formatting, etc.

Remember: By Creating Your Combs Counties, not only will you have helped add to the body of our overall Research Project, but created a back up of your own research -- -- a permanent legacy for centuries to come… (including for your own descendants).

Reminder: In some instances, Your Combs County has already been created, but all records have not been entered. Utilizing your own resources and those of the Combs Mailing List Archives, you can also helpUpdate Your Combs County.