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Derbyshire, midland county of England, having Yorkshire on the north, Notts on the east, Leicestershire, Warwickshire, and Staffordshire on the south and Staffordshire and Cheshire on the west; length, north and south, 52 miles; greatest breadth, 85 miles; average breadth, 20 miles; area, 658,624 acres;…

Bartholomew's Gazetteer of the British Isles, 1887

Derby, like some northern counties of England, is comprised of historical subdivisions known as wapentakes (wop'?n-tak'). The counterpart in other shires of England is termed “hundred”. Wapentake “is derived from [Middle English, from Old English wæpengetæc (translation of Old Norse vapnatak, act of taking weapons to indicate assent in an assembly) : wæpen, weapon + -getæc, act of taking (from tacan, to take; see take).” Source:

“Wapentakes (written also as ‘Wapentac’) are the ancient divisions of the northern counties of Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, possibly orginiating from as far back as the Danes. These units roughly correspond to the Hundred of the West Saxon and Mercian counties. The word is Scandinavian and refers to the brandishing of weapons to signify assent in a popular assembly or meeting. The functions of the Wapentake were substantially the same as those of the Hundred, involving the managing or ruling of a hundred households or families. At present Derbyshire has only one Wapentake, ‘Wirksworth’ shown in Youngs as a Hundred,…” Source: Vision of Britain

Combs &c. Records by Hundred, Wapentake and Parish (in which Combs and Associated Families have been found thus far)

To learn more about medieval terms for land see the ENGLAND: Land from Medieval to Present Day.

Church Broughton

16 May 1647 Church Broughton, Derby, England. Christened: Grace COMM, d/o Richard COMM (IGI, B: 31 Mar 1988 BOISE Ba: K048533E: 26 Apr 1988 BOISE So: 1042040 SP: 28 Apr 1988 BOISE, film not read)

This is the only early record (pre-1700) located in the IGI as of 1998

Denby Parish

Denby, Derbyshire, England Parish Register

(Excerpted from IGI, FamilySearch.Org, Film or fiche number: 0823622, Denby, Derbyshire, England, christenings and burials, 1573-1812 Church of England. Parish Church of Denby (Derbyshire))

1 Nov 1592 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Vincent LOWE, s/o Patrick LOWE
2 Apr 1616 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: John LOWE, s/o Vincent LOWE
2 Aug 1618 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Anne LOWE, d/o Vincent LOWE
15 Apr 1621 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Jane LOWE, d/o Vincent LOWE
8 Jun 1623 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Patrick LOW, s/o Vincent LOW
2 Nov 1628 Denby, Derby, England, Christened: Henry LOW, s/o Vincent LOW
30 Sep 1632 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Vincent LOW, s/o Vincent LOW
14 Oct 1633 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Jane LOWE, d/o Vincent LOWE
14 Jul 1639 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Nicholas LOWE, s/o Vincent and Anne LOWE
17 Dec 1644 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Patrick LOW, s/o Vincent LOW
7 Jun 1670 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Prudence LOW, d/o Henry LOW
13 Jan 1674 Denby, Derby, England. Christened: Vincent LOWE, s/o John LOWE

14 Dec 1691 - 20 Oct 1692. Will of Vincent LOWE of Great Choptanke Island, Talbot Co., Maryland… To brother Nicholas, land in Parish of Denly, Eng., left testator by his mother, Ann LOWE.
(Excerpted from 6. 7. Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 2)

According to The Royal Descents of 500 Immigrants to the American Colonies or the United States by Gary Boyd Roberts, 1993, pg 161-162, as excerpted by Combs researcher Vince Griffin, the ancestry of the Lowes of Maryland is:

 1.     Edward III, King of England, d. 1377 = Philippa of Hainault
 2.     John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster = Blanche PLANTAGENET
 3.     Elizabeth PLANTAGENET = John HOLAND, 1st Duke of Exeter,
        half-brother of Richard II, King of England
 4.     Constance HOLAND = Sir John GREY of Ruthin
 5.     Alice GREY = Sir William KNYVETT (Knevet)
 7.     Christopher THWAITES = Joan ----
 8.     William THWAITES = Alice GARNEYS
 9.     Winifred THWAITES = Sir George PIERPONT
 10.    Isabella PIERPONT = Sir Joh HARPUR
 11.    Jane HARPUR = Patrick LOWE
 12.    Vincent LOWE = Anne CAVENDISH, illegitimate daughter 
        (by ----) of Henry CAVENDISH (husband of Grace TALBOT), son 
        of Sir William CAVENDISH and Elizabeth HARDWICK, the 
        well-known “Bess of Hardwick”, Countess of Shrewsbury, 
        adventuress (Sir William was the second of four husbands), 
        daughter of John HARDWICK and Elizabeth LEKE, ARD, SETH
 13.    Jane LOWE of Md. = (1) Henry SEWALL, secretary of Md., nephew 
        of Sir William DUGDALE the antiquarian and genealogist; (2) 
        Charles CALVERT, 3rd Baron Baltimore (1637-1715), colonial 
        governor of Md., ARD, SETH.
 13.    John LOWE = Catherine PILKINGTON
 14.    Nicholas LOWE of Md. = Mrs. Elizabeth ROE Combes
 14.    Henry LOWE of Md. = Mrs. Susannah Maria BENNETT Darnall,
        daughter of Richard BENNETT, Jr., governor of Va.  
        and Md., and Henrietta Maria NEALE, daughter of James NEALE 
        of Md., ARD, SETH, and Anna Maria GILL. 
        (Note: Nicholas and Vincent LOWE, younger brothers of Lady 
        Baltimore, also came to Md., and Vincent married Elizabeth 
        FOSTER.  Neither brother however, left NDTPS).

Sources: NGSQ 51(1963):32-43 (Lowe) and The Reliquary 22 (1881-82):241-42 (Hardwick); Glover, vol. 2, pp. 184-85 (Harpur), Thoroton, vol. 1, p. 176 (Pierpont) plus Thwaites and Knyvett (Knevet) research in English primary sources, esp. Wills, by Brice McAdoo Clagett and Neil D. Thompsom, to be incorporated into the former's forthcoming Seven Centuries: Ancestors for Twenty Generations of John Brice de Treville Clagett and Ann Calvert Brooke Clagett, and likely also to be published as a separate monograph; Rev. GH. Dashwood, Visitation of Norfolk in the Year 1563, vol. 1 (1878) pp. 118-19 (Thwaites), plus Calendar of Inquisitions Post Mortem, 2nc ser., vol. III, 1504-1509 (1955), pp. 168-70 (1506 IPM of John Thwaites) and Walter C. Metcalfe, ed., Visitations of Suffolk, 1561, 1577 and 1612 (1882) p. 32 (Garneys); Blomefield, vol. 1, pp. 378-79 (Knevet); CP (Grey of Ruthin, Exeter).