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Bradninch, a parish (formerly a borough and market town) in the Southern Division, Hundred of Hayridge (but with local jurisdiction), less than three miles northwest of Clyst St. Lawrence, less than 4 mi. from Broad Clyst, about 5 miles southwest of Willand and Halberton, six miles southeast of Tiverton and eight miles northeast of Exeter.

1332 Bradninch Devonshire Lay Subsidy Roll
William atte COMBE, 23d
Ralph atte COMBE, 20d

Extracted from:

21 Jan 1601 Bradninch, Devon, England. Baptised: Michael COOMBE, s/o John COMBE (IGI F#: 446291, @, P#: 0228, film not read)

9 Apr 1606 Bradninch, Devon. Baptised: Eline COOMBE, d/o John COOMBE. (IGI, B: 5 Jul 1961, F#: 446286, @, E: 11 Sep 1961, SLAKE P#: 0229, SP: Pre-1970, O#: 62238, film not read)

29 Jun 1609 Bradninch, Devon, England. Baptised: Humfrie COMBE, s/o Bartholomew (IGI, B: 5 Jul 1961, F#: 446291, @, E: 11 Oct 1961 SLAKE P#: 0184, SP: Pre-1970, film not read)

29 Jun 1609 Bradninch, Devon, England. Baptised: Ursula COMBE, d/o Bartholomew (IGI, F#: 446286, @, P#: 0185, O#: 62217, film not read)

29 Jun 1614 Bradninch, Devon, England. Christened: Roger COOMBE, s/o Julian and Mrs. COOMBE (IGI, F#: 457847, @, film not read)

17 Aug 1621 Bradninch, Devon, England. Baptised: Phillipe COOMBE, s/o Franics COOMBE and Hellen BURNEFORD (IGI, F#: 446291, @, P#: 0212, film not read) Note: This record is suspect due to inclusion of mother's maiden name... unless there was no marriage? Also listed with source: F#: 457818.

There are many Bradninch IGI entries not yet extracted.

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