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Chardstock, a parish in the hundred of Beaminster Group and Redhone, Bridport division of the county of Dorset [sic], 4-1/2 mi. south southwest of Chard... on the Devonshire and Somersetshire borders, less than two mi. from Membury, Devonshire... (Lewis, 1830)... less than three from Chard, Somerset 3.2 mi. from Stockland (see Dalwood); and 4.34 mi. south of Combe St. Nicholas, Somerset.

Gen-UK Chardstock, Devonshire adds: "A parish in Beaminster Hundred, under the Peculiar jurisdiction of the Prebendary of Chardstock in Salisbury Cathedral, 4 1/2 miles S.W. of Chard, that had 1357 inhabitants in 1831. According to Peskett, Chardstock was in Dorset until transferred to the county of Devon in 1896, but remains in the Diocese of Salisbury." Chardstock All Saints (in Smallridge) is a modern parish (whose registers began in 1840) which also includes part of Axminster. Wambrook was a chapelry of this parish.

St. Andrew, Chardstock, Dorset Parish Records

Ed. Note: The source for the marriage records that follow is FamilySearch.Org, IGI, #0823705, "Chardstock marriages, Devon Co., 1597-1748" by R. Grosvenor Bartelot (Richard Grosvenor). The records have not yet been viewed, nor have christening records (which are apparently(?) extant been entered in the IGI as yet.

24 May 1598 Married: Sara COOME & Richard FARRINGDON

See Thomas FARYINGTON and his partner, John COMBS, Draper in London this same year, and also see Robert FARRINGTON of Lancaster County, Virginia with Beckingham-Combs.

8 Oct 1604 Married: Marian COMBE & Ambrose COOKE

See also Ellis and Ambrose COMBS of St. Stephan Coleman Street, London, the latter father of a Phillip and Enoch COMBS of that parish - Ellis having been a kinsman of, and apprentice draper to, the above John COMBE, h/o Margaret ARCHDALE.

6 May 1634 Married: William COMBE & Alice HERNE

See Also Combe-Herne-Lovett in the Lovett Family Lineages.

16 May 1645 Married: John COMBE & Amy REEDE

See Amy as given name of granddaughter of Archdale COMBE of Old Rappa Co, Virginia. No other early marriages are listed in this parish; however, there are individual IGI submissions for the children of William and Alice HERNE Combs: daughter, Katherine, christened 26 Dec 1635; daughters, Elizabeth, christened 29 Jul 1638; daughters, Joane and Elizabeth [sic], christened 18 Dec 1640; son, David, christened 23 Jan 1641; daughter, Susanna, christened 22 Mar 1644; daughter, Mary, christened 2 May 1647; a daughter, Jone [sic], christened 21 Jan 1650/1; and a son, John, christened 25 Aug 1654 (IGI Entry, Ba: 8103733 90; So: 1260833, film not read)

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