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Fordham, a parish in the Colchester division of the hundred of Lexden in the county of Essex, and 6 miles west northwest of Colchester (Lewis…, 1831) Fordham is adjacent to West Bergholt, home of Edward COMBES of the Middle Temple, son of Edward COMBE deceased per 1573 records, and may be the same who follows.

24 Dec 1570- 10 Jan 1570/1 Essex Wills (767). The will of John COMBE of Fordham husbandman, dated 24 Dec. 1570, names "Edward my son 6 pewter platters, 2 candlesticks (1 of the best, another of the worst), my latten pot, my cauldron, and my best cupboard; he shall pay out of the cupboard to his sister 6s.8d, and wills that Edward" shall have all this before Agnes my wife do marry; if she do not marry, he to tarry till after her decease…" … "To Susan my daughter 6 pieces of pewter, 2 candlesticks, and my two- eared pan; more my red farrow bullock, she to have it at 21." Each child was also to have "a flockebed after my wife's decease," and his wife was to "pay out of my movables to Edward and Susan each 33s.4d. after her decease" with Edward to "pay his sister out of the house and land 3 yers after he takes it up 3 6s.8d." The residue of his goods were bequeathed to his wife, whom he also made executrix, naming as supervisor of the will, John BAKER. Witnesses were Thomas PECHE, Giles BAKER, John BERRY, and the will proved 10 Jan. 1570/1. (Wills of the County of Essex, England, Volume 2, 1565-1571, by F.G. Emmison, 1986, pg 220) search words: Combs PEACHY

Is the above John COMBS the same who was son of William and named in the will of Thomas FULLER? Or the John named in the will of Edward FULLER below? Or neither? Note the Thomas PECHE as a witness. The PEACHY families of Old Rappahannock Co VA were closely associated with the COMBS-UNDERWOOD Families of that county, as were BERRYS. See Also William BORROUGHS of 1598 below; as well as Thomas PECHY with BRIDGES and DITCHFIELD.

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