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In some instances below the county is known, and in others not. Several other lists of estate records have also been colleted and will be added here as well. In most instances, the record as published was highly abbreviated. Many of those have been expanded here and in county sites for search purposes. The originals are in the Combs Mailing List Archives. See also the Combs &c. Special Index to the PRO Catalogue

Extracted by Combs &c. Researchers Joe Kendalll and Denise Mortorff from "Wills Etc. In the Commissary Court of London" by the British Public Record Society, Vol.86 p.65)

1504(?) Commissary Court of London. Thomas COMBES, Edmonton, Middlesex. probate. pauper Register 2,Folio 55

1519 Commissary Court of London. John COME or COMBES, citizen & tailor, St. Antholins. Register 9, Folio 129 and Register 6, Folio 59,60v.

1520. Commissary Court of London. Robert COMMYS or COMBBES, St. Albans. Register 9,Folio 147v. Register 6,Folio 81v,82

1523 Commissary Court of London. Roger COMBES, Harmondsworth, Middlesex. probate. pauper. Register 8,Folio 12v

1523 Commissary Court of London. William COMES, Teddington, Middlesex. probate. Register 8,Folio 5

1525. Commissary Court of London. Alice COMBE, Uxbridge, Middlesex, admon. Register 9, Folio 15.

1531. Commissary Court of London. Robert COMBES, husb., Harmondsworth,Middlesex. 1531,Register 10,Folio 163

1538 Commissary Court of London. James COME, Harmondsworth, Middlesex. Relict executrix. Register 9, Folio 12

1545 Commissary Court of London. Robert COMBES, citizen & leathers., St. Stephen [Coleman or Walbrook?], Thorpe by Waynfleete [Wainfleet], etc., Lincs. (O.W. 1545, Register 11, Folio 164)

1551 Commissary Court of London. [Will or administration of] Harry COME als DANE, baker, "Redd Lyon", etc. in St. Leonard's Shoreditch. Reg'd. in Westminster Bk'; not extant. O.W. {No register date or folio given.}

1555 Commissary Court of London. Robert COMBES or COUMES, Tottenham, High Cross, Middlesex. Register 11, Folio 60, 72; admon. Folio 75, 78v

1557 Commissary Court of London. John COMBES, Fulham, Middlesex. "snawsell" (farm), Gloucester. Register 14, Folio 14v. and Register 11, Folio 152v,156

1562 Commissary Court of London. Thomas COMES, St. Sepulchre [London]. Power to collect. Register 12, 86v

Extracted from "The Index Library -- Index to Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and now Preserved in the Principal Probate Registry Somerset House, London" Vol.V 1609-1619, ed. Fitch, Marc. The British Record Society, 1968, by Combs &c. Researcher Denise Mortorff

1609 COOMBE, William, Frome Selwood, Somerset. Administration to Joan COOMBE, relict, 1609, p.177.

1610-1616 COOMBE, John, St. Mary Aldermanbury, London. Administration to Margaret COOMBE, relict Sept.1610, p.209, Administration de bonis non to Barbara Palmer, maternal aunt, during minority of John, William and Archdale COOMBE, sons, vice Margaret COOMBE, dec'd Sept. 1616, p.81.

1611 COMBES, John, St. Peter Pauls Wharf, London. Administration to Anne COMBES, relict, 1611, p. 25.

1612 COMBES, Nicholas, Hadleigh, Suffolk. Administration to John COMBES, father, 1612, p.66.

1614 COMBES, Christopher, Warminster, Wilts. Administration to Elizabeth COMBES, relict, 1614, p.158.

1616-1634 COOMBE, Margaret, widow, St. Mary Aldermanbury, London. Administration to Barbara PALMER, sister, during minority of John, William and Archdale COOMBE, sons 1616, p.81; (administration de bonis non, May 1634, p.95).
Extracted from "The Index Library -- Index to Administrations in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and Now Preserved in the Public Record Office", Chancery Lane Vol.VI, 1631-1648. pp. 10 and 95, ed. Marc Fitch. London:The British Record Society. 1986, by Combs Researcher Denise Mortorff (Bold font indicates the record has been acquired):

1631 Agnes COMBE als TORRY. See TERRY
[TERRY entry not yet viewed, location not known]

8 May 1634 Margaret COMBE, St. Mary the Virgin Aldermanbury, London. To John COMBE, son, being now of age, p.25. (Previously granted Sep 1616, p.81. exp.)

12 Nov 1634. Archdale COMBE. bachelor Oxford. To John B. [sic?], brother, p.63

8 Aug. 1636 William COME als COMBE, Nuneham Courtney, Oxon. To Elizabeth COME alias COMBE, relict. p.12; (Sent pro val. nunc. test. et pro revoc. adm. bon. 17 May 1640, 63 Coventry:Adm./W. 1 Feb. 1641, 18 Evelyn).

21 Sept. 1638 Stephen COMBES, bachelor, St. Botolph Bishopsgate, London. To Elizabeth COMBE, sister, p.209.

30 Nov. 1638 Tristram COOME, mariner, Brixham, Devon. To Blanche COMBE, relict, p.231.

6 Aug. 1639. John COMBES, bachelor, died overseas. To Walter MITCHELL, creditor, p.61.

20 Feb 1645 Robert ARCHDALE, bachelor, Trinity (Trimley) St. Martin, Suffolk. To Thos., AILOFFE, maternal half-brother, 20 Feb. 1645, p.26.

9 Dec. 1646 John COMBE, Nuneham Courtney, Oxon. To Walter COMBE, brother & Margaret HOLLWAY, sister, p.156.

21 Dec. 1646 Walter COMBE, Hampreston, Dorset. To Thomas BASKETT and Richard SEAMER, father of William SEAMER, grandson. Executrix daughter during his minority. , p.156; int.& ren. July 1651, p.121.

25 May 1647 Daniel ARCHDALE, Wennington, Essex. To Mary A., daughter, 25 May 1647, Page 58.

3 Nov.1647 William COMBE, Westminster. To John COMBE, brother. p.165.

29 Jan. 1647 William COMBE, Abingdon, Berks. To John COMBE, son, p.7.

1 Feb. 1647 Richard COMBES, junior, Harmondsworth, Middlesex. To Anne COMBES, relict. p.20.

[RICHARDS entry not yet extracted]

10 Aug. 1648 John COMBE, Milton Abbas, Dorset. To Elizabeth COMBE relict. p.92.

6 Mch. 1648. Edward COMBES, Chiddingly, Sussex. To John DELVE. uncle of Ann, Richard & Samuel COMBES, children, during their minority. p.35B.

4 June 1651 William COMBE, Hollingbourne, Kent. Sent. pro conf. test., 113 Grey (W. 6 May 1650, 86 Pembroke).

17 July 1660 William COMBE, Chipping Wickham [Wycombe], Bucks. Sent. 17 July 1660 P.A.B. 91 v.; W.Nabbs 113.

Extracted from "The Index Library -- Index to Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury and now preserved in the Probate Registry, Somerset House, London", Vol.XI, 1686-1693, ed. C. Harold Ridge, London, British Record Society Limited, 1958, p. 64, by Combs Researchers Denise Mortorff and Joe Kendalll:

1686 COOMBES, George, gent., Westerham, Kent, Folio 40.

1686 COMBES, John, St. Mary Whitechapel, Mdx [Stepney, Middlesex]; will regd. 98 Dycer (1675), 1686 160]

1687 COMBES, Henry, apothecary, Trowbridge, Wilts., Folio 60.

1688 COMBE, Sara, widow, city of Bath [Somerset], Folio 56.

1689 COMBE, Stephen, yeoman, St. Giles, Cripplegate [London], Mdx., Folio 93.

1689 COMBES, John, merchant, city of Bristol, 61.

1690 COMBES, Henry, waterman, Lambeth, Surrey (H.M.S. "Advice"), Folio 18.

1692 COMBE, Richard, (armiger), Hemel Hempstead, Herts, Folio 198.

1692 COMBES, Adam, mariner, Bristol, Folio 64.

1693 COMBES, Elizabeth, widow, Abingdon, Berks, Folio 4.

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