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Cam, a parish in Gloucester, hundred of Berkeley, near the juncture of the counties of Somerset and Monmouth (less than four mi. from Monmouth and less than eight from Somerset), lies .87 miles northeast of Stinchcombe (extant records, but not yet extracted); 2.56 northeast of North Nibley; and 3.72 mi. east of Berkeley. (1)

Cam, Gloucestershire Gen-UKI lists the parishes of St. George, Cam, and St. Bartholomew, Lower Cam, and indicates they are now in the Hundred of Upper Berkeley.

1543 Berkeley Hundred. View of Frankpledge held Monday after the feast of Simon and Jude. 35 Henry VIII. before Anthony KINGSTON, knight, chief steward.


JURORS for the lord the king; Thomas BUTLER, gent., John HERNY, gent., Richard TYNDALL, Walter WODWARD, Thomas BAYLEY, Edward MALLETT, William BERE, Thomas HURNE, Robert TOWCHE, Richard JOBYNS, Richard WALKER, Richard GRIFFITH.

WOTTON FORINE. View of Frankpledge, etc., and same date, etc., as previously abstracted view of Frankpledge of Berkeley.


JURORS for the Lord the King: John FRYER, Thomas DORNEY, Giles CLAYFIELD, James a BARNESDALE, James DUNNYNG, William RYE, John HARDYNG, Anthony MABBOTT, John FORDES, John BROWNINGE, William FORDIS, Walter FRYER.

CAMME. The tithing men with the whole tithing, summoned and sworn, come and present. Americaments. That Richard TYNDALL holds a water cornmill, and takes excessive toll to the common damage of the lieges of the lord the king; therefore he is amerced 8d……
Pains pending……
Pains imposed. That Edmund DERRATT, John WALKELEY, and John TURNER do not sufficiently amend a certain way leading from le hyde to hyde mede. Pain imposed, 6s. 8d. That Edmund DERRETT has inclosed and stopped up a certain public way leading from le hyde clyffe to the common, damage, etc.; and he is ordered to throw open the same as it was used of old time, before the feast of St. Katherine next, under a penalty of 3s. 4d.

Officers elected: William NYE, tithingman of Upper Camme; Edmund DERYETT, tithing man, of Lower Camme; John OSWALD, constable of Upper Camme; Henry MAYLE, constable of Lower Camme.
("Exchequer. Court of Augmentations: court rolls, portf.2,No. 93." Berkeley Hundred Court Rolls, electronically published by Gloucestershire Genealogy)

20 Aug 1563 - 10 mar 1563/4 Will of WILLM LEYE of Came, husbandman, syeke. Dat. xx Aug. mccccclxiij. To sone John LEYE a cowe called Cery. To wyfe Jsabell LEYE my housse with rem, to hrs. of my bodie, rem. to my bro. Harry LEYE & his hrs. My wyfe Jsbell Res. Leg & Ex. Wits:--John WYNDOWE & Rychard COMBE. Overs:--John WYNDOWE & Rychard LEYE. Pro. 10 Martij 1563. (Excerpted from The Descendants of John Lea of Christian Malford, Wiltshire, England, and of Pennsylvania in America from 1503 to 1906, by James Henry and George Henry Lea, Lea Brothers &. Co., Philadelphia and New York, 1906)

See Richard COMBE who married 22 Nov 1572, Berkeley, Gloucester, Mergry HARROULD (Margery HARROLD?). No Combe parish records have been located/extracted from this parish as yet.

  1. parishinfo.mdb by Terry Lawson, Gerry Lawson and Derek Boys.

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