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Kingston (a.k.a. Kingstone), a parish in the hundred of Kinghamford, lathe of St. Augustine, county of Kent, 5¼ miles SSE of Canterbury… in the archdeaconry and diocese of Canterbury, rated in the king's books … Sir E. BRIDGES, Bart. was patron in 1816…

Extracted from the Visitations of Kent, 1619

DENNEY Family, Kent, 1619 (p. 99)

1 Joh'es DENNE de Denne fil. et hae.
  + duxit Aliciam filiam Ric' ardi ARDERNE
    2 Parnell vx' Wmi KEALE
    2 Tho. DENNE de Kingstone fil. 2. duxit Adnetem [Agnes] filiam
    2 Michaell DENNE de Denne p'mus fil. Jo.
      + Cristiana filia et haeres....COMBE
Extracted from A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners of Great Britain and Ireland, Vol III, pp. 19-22, and ix, John Burke, published by Henry Colburn, London, n.d.

                   DENNE, OF KENT AND SUSSEX.

DENNE, WILLIAM-JOHN, esq. of Winchelsea, in Sussex, b. in 1788; m. in July, 1817, Mary-Jane, daughter of 
Major Alexander ORME, of the East India Company's Bengal service, and has an only child, MARY-JANE. 
Mr. Denne succeeded his father in January, 1819. 


The Dennes were established in Kent, antecedently to the Conquest, by a Norman, 

ROBERT DE DENE, who held large estates in Sussex and Kent, as well as in the duchy, and was Pincerna 
or butler to EDWARD the Confessor. His son and heir, 

ROBERT DE DENE, was father of 

RALPH DE DENE, living in the time of WILLIAM, the Conqueror, lord of Buckhurst, in Sussex, who wedded 
Sybella, sister of Robert de GATTON, and had a son, ROBERT, his heir, and a daughter, ELLA,* m. to 
Sir Jordan SACKVILLE, ancestor of the dukes of Dorset. 

     * This Ella, who inherited by will from her father Buckhurst and other estates in Sussex, in her widowhood 
       endowed Bayham Abbey. See charter in the British Museum, by which she gives permission to the abbot 
       and community to remove their establishment from their convent at Otteham, founded by her father 
       Ralph Dene, to Bayham. 

This Ralph de DENE, who possessed large estates in Kent and Sussex, founded Otteham Abbey, for monks 
of the Premonstratensian order. His son and successor, 

ROBERT DE DENE, inherited the Kentish estates. He married, and had, with two daughters, Alice, who endowed 
Bayham Abbey, and Agnes, wife of -- De Icklisham, was s. by his son, 

WILLIAM DE DENN, of Denn Hill, in the Parish of Kingston on Barham Downs, Kent, who
was s. by his son, 

SIR ALURED DE DENN, of Denn Hill, a person of great learning, seneschal of the Priory of Canterbury, and 
escheator of Kent Anno 1234, who was appointed by HENRY VII. to enforce, in conjunction with Sir Henry 
de Bath, the laws of Romney Marsh. He was s. by his son,

WALTER DENNE, of Denne Hill, living in 1256, whose son, another 

WALTER DENNE, of Denne Hill, alive in the 9th EDWARD I. [1281] was father of 

JOHN DENNE, of Denne Hill, in 1308, who was s. by his son, 

SIR WILLIAM DENNE, knt. of Denne Hill, who sat in Parliament for the city of Canterbury 19th EDWARD II. 
[1326] and for the county of Kent in the 14th of the following reign [1341]. Sir William espoused Elizabeth, 
daughter and co-heiress of Hamo de GATTON, of ??oughton, and left a son and successor, 

RICHARD DENNE, of Denne, living in the (?)6th RICHARD II. [1383?]who m. Agnes, daughter of --
APULDREFIELD, of Challock,* and had four sons, THOMAS, Michael, John, and Robert; of
whom the eldest, 

     * "This ancient family," says Philpot, "descended from Henry de APULDREFIELD, of Apuldrefield, 
       in Coudham, who was in the catalogue of those eminent Kentish gentlemen who were engaged with 
       RICHARD I. at the siege of Acre, in Palestine." 

THOMAS DENNE, of Denne Hill, wedded Isabel, daughter and heir of Robert de (?)ARDE, and had (with a 
younger son, Thomas, who died issueless in 1468), his successor, 

JOHN DENNE, of Denne Hill, who m. Alice, daughter of Richard ARDREN, and had issue, 

    MICHAEL, his heir. 
    Thomas, of Kingston, who m. Agnes, daughter of William ESHEHURST, and had an only daughter and heiress, 
         AVIS, m. to John CRISPE, of Quicks, in the Isle of Thanet. 
    Parnell, m. to William KEALE. 

The elder son, 
MICHAEL DENNE, esq. of Denne Hill, living in the reigns of EDWARD IV. and HENRY VII. [1461-1483 and 
1485-1509] espoused Christiana COOMBE, of Lymne, an heiress, and had issue, 

   I. THOMAS, his heir. 
   II. William. 
   III. John, of Lymne, Kent, who m. and had four sons, viz. 
        1. Michael, of Lymne, who d. in 1559, leaving issue. 
        2. Henry, mentioned in his brother Michael's will. 
        3. John, m. and had issue. 
        4. Peter, m. and had issue. 
   I. Isabella, m. to Simon QUILTER. 

The eldest son, 
THOMAS DENNE, esq. of Denne Hill, left by Alice ESHEHURST, his wife, three sons, viz. 

   I. THOMAS, of Denne Hill, who m. Alicia, daughter of Thomas METT, esq. and had a son and heir, 

      ROBERT DENNE, esq. of Denne Hill, who m. Thomasin, daughter and heir of Thomas DANE, esq. of
      Herne, and left (with four younger sons and two daughters, Mary, m. to Edward OSBORNE, of Hartlipp, 
      see Tylden, of Milsted and Torr‚ Hill, vol. ii. p. 383, and Silvester, to Thomas COPPIN, of Minster, 
      in Thanet) a son and successor, 

           THOMAS DENNE, esq. of Denne Hill, recorder of Canterbury, reader of the Inner Temple, 
           and M.P. for Canterbury 21st JAMES I [ca 1624]. He m. Dorothy, dau. of John TANFIELD, 
           esq. of Margareting, in Essex, and dying in 1656, left issue, 

           1. THOMAS, of Gray's Inn, d. s. p. 
           2. John, of the Inner Temple, barrister at law, buried in the Temple Church anno 1648, s. p. 
           1. Thomasin, m. to Sir Nicholas CRISPE, of Quicks. 
           2. Bridget, m. to Sir John DARELL, of Calehill. 
           3. Dorothy, m. to Roger LUKYN, esq. 
           4. Mary, m. to Vincent DENNE, sergeant at law, recorder of Canterbury, and M. P. for Kent, who became, 
              jure uxoris, "of Denne Hill." He d. in 1693: she in 1701, leaving four daughters, viz. 

              DOROTHY, who had the Wenderton estates, and m. Thomas GIRDER, esq. 
              MARY, m. to Stephen NETHERSOLE, esq. of Nethersole. 
              HONEYWOOD, who inherited the Tarmested estate, which was sold by her husband, Gilbert KNOWLES, 
              esq. to Thomas HARRIS, of Canterbury. 
              BRIDGET, of Denne Hill, m. Robert BEAKE, gent. by whose heirs Denne Hill was sold about 1730. 
              It is now (1836)  the seat of General Sir Henry MONTRESOR. 

   II. WILLIAM, of whom presently. 
   III. James, of Marley, who d. at Kingston in 1574, leaving issue, by Agnes his wife. 

The second son of Thomas DENNE, of Denne Hill, by Alice ESHEHURST his wife, 

WILLIAM DENNE, esq. of Kingston, in Kent, proprietor of extensive estates in that county, espoused 
Agnes, daughter of Nicholas TUFTON, esq. of Northiam Place, in Sussex, great grandfather to the first 
earl of Thanet, and by her, who d. in 1588, had issue, 

   I. VINCENT, of Kingston, LL.D. m. Joan KETTELL, of London, and dying in 1591, left 

      1. JOHN, of Gray's Inn, barrister at law, m. Lucy, daughter of Walter Aylworth, esq. of St. Stephens, 
         and had, with two sons who d. s. p. four daughters, the youngest, Joan, m. Henry JOHNSON, esq. 
      2. William, of Kingston and Burstead, in Bishopsbourne, ancestor of the DENNES, of Elbridge, 
         now extinct in the male line, but represented through female descent by DENNE DENNE, esq. 
         of Elbridge. 
      3. Thomas, of Canterbury, m. Susan, daughter and co-heir of Arthur Honeywood, esq. of Lenham, 
         and had issue, 

         VINCENT, sergeantatlaw, M.P.  who m. as above, his relative,  Mary Denne, of Denne Hill.  
         He d. leaving four daughters,  his co-heirs. 
         William, | both living in 1663. 
         John,        | 
         Elizabeth, m. to her cousin,  Vincent NETHERSOLE, esq. of  Nethersole House, Kent. 

      4. Henry, of London, merchant, and of Dane House, Kent, d. in 1613. 
      5. Vincent. 
      1. Elizabeth, m. to Vincent NETHERSOLE, esq. of Nethersole. 
      2. Jane, m. to William DENNE, esq. of Bishopsbourne. 

   II. THOMAS, of whom presently. 
   I.  Mary, m. first, to John COPPIN, esq.;  and, secondly, to Thomas BOYS, esq. of Eythorne. 
   II. Catherine, m. to Thomas GOOKIN, esq. of Ripple Court, Kent. 

William DENNE (who m. Agnes TUFTON) d. in 1572, and by his will, proved at Canterbury, John 
COPPYN, esq. and Sir Henry CRIPP [CRISP?] knt. trustees, devised property at Adisham, Well, and 
Beaksbourne, to his second son, 

THOMAS DENNE, esq. a bencher of Lincoln's Inn in 1590, who m. Jane, daughter of John SWIFT, esq. 
of Essex and London, and had (with several younger children, for whom see Visitation) 

   I. HENRY, of Adisham, a civilian and bencher of Lincoln's Inn, living at the Visitation in 1619. He
      wedded  Mary, daughter of John HYDE, esq.  of London, and had an only child, Helen or Elinor
      who d. unmarried  in 1669. 
   II. JOHN, of whom hereafter. 
   III. William, of Bishopsbourne, who  m. his cousin Jane, daughter of Vincent DENNE, esq. LL.D. and
        d. in 1616, leaving issue. 

The second son, 
JOHN DENNE, esq. baptized at Beaksbourne 6th July, 1578, living in 1619 at the visitation 
of Kent, was of Patricksborne Court Lodge, in that county. He m. and left, with a younger son, 
William, baptized at Adisham, the residence of his grandfather, in 1620, and a daughter, Elizabeth, 
b. in 1624, his successor, 

JOHN DENNE, esq. of Patricksbourne Court Lodge, b. in 1619, who d. in 1690, aged seventy-one, and 
was buried at Patricksbourne, leaving, by Elizabeth his wife, three sons, viz. 

   I. DAVID, his heir. 
   II. Thomas, of Braboren Court, which he purchased in 1700. 
   III. John, born at Patricksbourne in 1668. 

The eldest son, 
DAVID DENNE, esq. of Bishopsborne, b. at Patricksborne 15th October, 1662; m. Sarah, relict of the 
Rev. Mr. SHIPWASH, of Wye, and died in 1702, aged thirty-nine, leaving a daughter, Elizabeth, m. 
to Thomas HOGBEN, and a son, 

THOMAS DENNE, esq. of Lydd, b. in February, 1701, who married in 1741 Sarah, daughter and 
co-heir* of Thomas GREENLAND, esq. of Lydd, and had by her, who d. at Lydd, in 1783, five 
sons and two daughters, viz. 

     * Mary, the other daughter and co-heir m. Mark SKINNER, esq. of Lydd, and left one 
       daughter, Mary, m. first, to Chamberlen HOPKINS, esq. and, secondly, to General 
       Thomas MURRAY, son of Sir David MURRAY, of Stanhope. 

   I. JOHN, of Bath, b. in 1748, m. Miss Anna-Maria HEBLEWHITE, and d. in 1828, s. p. 
   III. David, of Lydd, who m. Katherine, daughter of Robert COBB, esq. and d. in 1819, leaving issue, 

        1. David, of Lydd, who m. Louisa-Anne, daughter of the late Rev. Thomas COBB, of Ightham, 
           and has issue. 
        2. Thomas, of the Temple. 
        1. Elizabeth, m. to the Rev. William VALLANCE, of Sittingbourne. 
        2. Cecilia, m. to the Rev. Mr. NARES. 
        3. Katherine. 
        4. Mary-Julia. 

   IV. Thomas, who d. unmarried in 1783, aged twenty-seven. 
   V. William, in the army, d. unmarried in 1783, aged twenty-one. 
   I. Sarah, m. John PORKER, esq. of Muswell Hill, a banker in London, and dying in 1808, left issue, 
      1. John PORKER, of London. 
      2. Mary PORKER, m. to Sir John PETER. 
      3. Elizabeth Porker, m. to General George COOKSON, R. A. 
      4. Caroline Porker, m. to James ATKINSON, esq. of Russell Square, and d. in 1810. 
      5. Emily Porker, m. to General Sir Alexander BRYCE, R. E. 
   II. Elizabeth, m. to Richard RUCK, esq. of Gravesend, and d. s. p. 

Mr. DENNE d. in 1777, possessed of considerable property at Lydd and Romney Marsh, in Kent, and at 
Winchelsea and in Sussex. His second but eldest son to leave issue, 

RICHARD DENNE, esq. of Winchelsea, wedded, in 1783, Mary, daughter of William STEER, esq. of 
Northampton, by Anne his wife, daughter of the venerable William RASTALL, D.D. dean of Southwell, 
a lineal descendant of Chief Justice RASTALL, and had issue, 

   WILLIAM-JOHN, his heir. 
   Richard-Greenland, of the Inner Temple, barrister-at-law. 
   Anna-Maria, of Broadstairs. 
   Frances, m. to Captain Ernest-Christian Welford, of the Royal Engineers. 
   Mary-Jane, m. to Robert-William Newman, esq. of Mamhead, in Devon, late M.P. for Exeter. 

Mr. Denne d. in January, 1819, and was s. by his eldest son, the present WILLIAM-JOHN DENNE, esq. 

   Arms--Quarterly, first and fourth, az. three bars erm. in chief, as many fleurs de lys, or, 
   (coat granted to Thomas DENNE, esq. in 1580); second and third, azure, three leopards' heads 
   couped or. 

   Crest--On a chapeau vert, turned up erm. a demi peacock, wings expanded and elevated ppr.
   This crest was also granted in 1580, but has not been used from time immemorial. 

   Estates--Romney Marsh and Wareham, in Kent; Winchelsea, Icklesham, Rye, &c. &c. in Sussex. 
DENNE OF KENT AND SUSSEX. P. 20. Although several writers state WILLIAM DENNE, the first of Denne Hill, to be descended from Ralph de DENE, the father of ELA, who married Sir Jordan SACKVILLE, yet the Dorset Roll calls Ela co-heiress with her sister or niece Sybella, and she is in Collins and elsewhere mentioned as co-heiress of her brother Robert. The Dorset Roll also assigns a different coat of arms to Ralph than that borne by the DENNES of Denne Hill.
15 Eliz (1573) E 134/15Eliz/Trin1 Records of the Exchequer: King's Remembrancer: Depositions taken by Commission. "The Queen v. Thos. DENNE: House and land in Kingston, supposed to be chantry house of Kingston, whether belonging to Thos. DENNE formerly, and to Sir H. CRISPE and John CRISPE.: Kent" (Combs &c. of the PRO - E Series)

IGI entries exist for Kingston, but have not yet been extracted
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