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Threadneedle Street, London
(French Huguenot)
St. Stephen Coleman Street, courtesy Guildhall Library

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Threadneedle Street was the "mother church" for the French Huguenot (Protestant) refugees in London. The original "Strangers Church" (Reformed) was established at Austin Friars, London, following an order of Edward VI on 24 Jul 1550 granting a charter to Protestant refugees led by Polish minister, Jean a Lasco. The charter granted to the refugees the right to worship according to their own manner and to establish a church at Austin Friars in the city of London, but as some of the refugees spoke Dutch and others spoke French, the two congregations separated, with the French Huguenots moving to a church on Threadneedle Street. which they occupied from 1550 to 1841. Threadneedle Street was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1666, but rebuilt within three years. In 1841, the church was moved from Threadneedle Street to St. Martine-le-Grand, where it remained until 1871 when it moved to Soho. (History of the Huguenot Church, The Institute of Historical Research). Registers of baptisms and marriages to 1840 are stored at the Public Record Office, Kew Gardens, and are also available in print (published by the Huguenot Society of London as Quatro Series vols. 9, 13, 16 and 23). These records do not include burials as the Huguenots were generally buried by their parish church. One burial ground identified with the Huguenots is south of the Thames at Mont Nod Wandwoth, where there was a settlement of refugee hat makers and dyers. A memorial erected in 1911 commemorates the Huguenot refugees buried there. (French Huguenot Library, The Institute of Historical Research)

The following records were extracted from FamilySearch.Org, IGI, #6903811," Computer printout of London, Threadneedle Street French Huguenot, Lond., England"). Neither this source, nor the original records have been viewed as yet.
05 Jan 1690 Christened: Isaac COMBES, s/o Jean_ and Marie COMBES

18 Jan 1691 Christened: Marie Anne COMBE, d/o Jaques and Marie COMBE

27 Jun 1697 Christened: Marie Anne COMBES, d/o Jacques and Marie Jeanne COMBES

16 Apr 1699 Christened: Marie COMBE, d/o Jacob and Marie Jeanne COMBE

12 Feb 1699 Christened: Abraham COME, s/o Dominique and Marie COME

09 Jun 1701 Christened: Madeleine COMBE, d/o Jaques and Jeanne COMBE

22 Aug 1703 Christened: Esther COMBES, d/o Jacques and Marie COMBES

27 Sep 1724 Christened: Susanne COMBE, d/o Pierre COMBE and Magdelaine BEC
Only one other French Huguenot Combs record has been located thus far, from the registeres of the Savoye De Spring Gardens And Des Grecs at Westminster:
28 Jun 1863 Christened: Edward COOMBS, s/o Edward COOMBS and Susan FEECHAM (FamilySearch.Org, IGI, Pr: #0933456)

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