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Bruton, a parish in the hundred of Bruton, county of Somerset, the market town lying abt 12 mi. SE of the town of Wells, and 110 miles SW of London Note: There are numerous IGI entries for Bruton, film not read.

Bruton Marriage source, unless otherwise noted, is IGI, F#: 184293.

4 Sep 1563 Alice COME and Thomas BRADFORD

See Bradford-Combs in Old Rappa County, Virginia w/possible connection to Wanlip, Leicestershire, England where Barbara ARCHDALE Palmer died.

15 Oct 1564 Agnes COME and Willm. YETTERIE [A 2nd source spells YTTERIE]

4 Jan 1657 Bruton, Somerset, England. Married: John COMBES and Margaritte STEVENS.

1 Feb 1657 Bruton, Somerset, England. Married: John COOMBES and Margaret STIERCUS. (FamilySearch.Org) [NIGI 1998]

Possible duplicate transcription?

10 Feb 1579/80 - 16 Nov 1581 The Will of Morrys BARKELEY of Bruton in Summerset, Knight. Will dated 10 February 1579-80, and proved 16 November 1581, named his wife, "Elizabeth BARKELEY, daughter of Anthony SANDES of Threwleye, Kente, Esquier, for Dower All my Mannor house of Bruton where I dwell…" and " Personages of Bruton, Bruham, Redlinche, Pitcombe, Colle, and Wike; and names his sons as well as others: To seconde sone Edward BERKELEY my Farme in Datchett in Buckingham sherre commonlie called Redinge courte. Also to Edward Annuitie of £10 owte of the Priory of sainte Jermine as by conveyance between his brother in lawe Henryie CAMPERNON and me. Furder to Edward COMBE Fearme in Bruton w'ch he hath for 80 years at stock paying rent of £4 5s od. To third sonne Francis BARKELY my Fearme of Horsley in sowthe Bruham lett out at present with a stock of 12 kine for £50 a yeare. Furder to Francis Annuitie of £10 w'ch Richard FITZ JAMES Esquire is bounde to paye him for life and then to my fyfte sonne John BARKELEY. To fowthe son Roberte my Mannor of Patendon in Kent called Patendon place let out at present for £67 10s yearlie. Furder to Robert lease of Fearme at Wilkenthorpe that William HARMAN houldeth 60 years in Reversion of HANNOM'S estate. (Virginia Gleanings in England, 1980, pg 287, Communicated by Mr. Lothrop Withington, 30 Little Russell street, W.C. London (including "Gleanings" by Mr. H.F. Waters, not before printed).

The above Morris (a.k.a. Maurice) BARKELEY kin to Sir Richard BERKELEY of The Virginia Company? Might Edward COMBE have been kin to another Berkeley-Associated Combs such as Thomas COMBE, who became a shareholder in 1620, and who corresponded with John SMITH of Nibley? (See Early Combs to Virginia) See also Combs-Hanbury of Datchett.

4 Aug 1600 Izaack COOME and Elenor AMES

6 Jan 1605 Philip COMBE and Joan BENIARELL

Note: All Parish records not extracted.

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