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Arundel, a parish in the Rape of [not yet extracted], Sussex, with South Stoke to the northeast; Warningcamp to the east; Lyminster and New Shoreham to the southeast; Tortington and Binstead to the southwest; and Madehurst to the northwest. It is 3.62 miles northwest of Angmering. Neither this parish, nor Angmering have been been actively researched yet.
1321 Three weeks from Eas. John de CUMBE, parson of Stok' by Arundel, pl. Edmund, earl of Arundel, def. Manor of Kyvele, co. Wilts, and the manors of Wenge and Blakewell' and the advowson of the priory of Wenge [Wing], co. Bucks

(C) Def. to hold during his life of the king. Successive remainders to Richard son of the same earl and Isabel his wife, the heirs of their bodies and the right heirs of the said earl. (King's order.) Endorsed The Abbot of St. Nicholas *Angers* puts in his claim (Extracted by David Vidler from "Abstracts of Feet of Fines Relating to Wiltshire for the Reigns of Edward I and Edward II," edited by R.B. Pugh, 1939: Wiltshire Record Society publication 1- Salisbury, Wilts library)
From the PRO Index, Court of Chancery: Six Clerks Office: Early Proceedings, Richard II to Philip and Mary. [22 Jun 1377 - 17 Nov 1558] (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, C Series - record not yet acquired):
C 1/444/11. James STANFELD, clerk. v. Thomas COMBE, parson of East Angmering.: A 'plurality,' title-deeds of defendant's benefices, and an indenture of lease of one of them, pledged to complainant for a loan and fraudulently recovered.: Sussex."

C 1/714/16. Roger ANDREWS, innholder of London. v. John COMBES of S......, co. Cambridge, executor of Robert COMBES, vicar of Arundel, co. Sussex.: Failure to defend an action by John VEYSIE of Southampton, wherein complainant was defendant's bail. [SW: VESSEY]

C 1/752/47. "John COMBE, gentleman, administrator of the goods of Thomas COMBE, vicar of Arundel, deceased. v. John HYCCHECOK, attorney in the sheriffs' court of London, and Richard BELLAMY.: Misconduct as Plaintiff's attorneys in an action of debt by William VAYSEY," [Search words: HITCHCOCK, VESSEY]

C 1/767/1, "John, brother and administrator of the goods of Thomas COMBE, parson of Angmering [sic], deceased. v. Thomas PRESTALL, Christopher ELYS, clerk, and John BELL and John HIGYNS, executors of Edward HIGYNS, master of the college of Arundel.: Goods of the said Thoma... [incomplete entry]" (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, C 1 Series - record not yet acquired) [SW: ELLIS, HIGGINS]

C 1/771/70. "John COMBYS, gentleman, administrator of the goods of Thomas COMBES, vicar of Arundel co. Susex, deceased. v. The mayor, aldermen, and sheriffs of London; John VEYSEY of Southampton.: Action of debt to which the said John COMBYS entered a wrong plea. Corp... [incomplete entry] (ibid.)
See Shoreditch, Middlesex re the marriage of Thomas COMBE to Margaret, widow of Sir John ELRYINGTON of that place (and a possibly "skewed" genealogy). See also Tottenham, Middlesex re one Roger ANDROWES (ANDREWS?) and see next:

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