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Catsfield a parish in the county of Sussex (locale not yet checked). .51 mi. northeast of Hooe; 4.89 mi. northwest of Hastings where are found a George and Margaret SYLVESTER Thatcher marriage. (See George and Ann THATCHER of St. Antholin Budge Row, London, and St. Stephen Walbrook & Benet, London; and Sylvester and Margaret ???? THATCHER (Cammock) of Old Rappahannock County, Virginia

8 Feb 1607 Catsfield, Sussex. Christened: Richard COOMES, s/o Thomas COOMES (IGI, Ba: 7535740 50, So: 1058108, source not viewed yet)

4 Apr 1613 Catsfield, Sussex. Christened: William COOMES, s/o Thomas COOMES (IGI< Ba: 8429231 12, So: 1395879, source not yet viewed)

Nov 1616 Catsfield, Sussex, England. Married: Alice COOMES and William HALES (IGI, B: 31 May 1990 OGDEN Ba: E148011, E: 3 Jul 1990 OGDEN So: 1067146, source not viewed)

17 Jan 1619 Catsfield, Sussex, England. Married: George THATCHER and Ann GARDENER (FamilySearch.Org)

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