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Fittleton, a parish in the hundred of Elstub and Everley, Wiltshire, .62 miles north of Netheravon (where the early inquests were conducted), less than nine miles southeast of Market Lavington, "...includes the tything of Hacklestone... the living is a rectory, in the archdeaconry and diocese of Salisbury, rated in the king's books at 23, and in the patronage of the President and Fellows of Magdalene College, Oxford. The church is dedicated to All Saints... (Lewis)

From researcher David Vidler, more information about Fittleton and its neighbors:
HACKLESTONE - now Haxton, still part of Fittleton

CUMB/CUMPTON - the adjoining parish north of Fittleton is Enford which includes Coombe and Compton. There is also a Coombe in the parish of Donhead St Mary, Wiltshire, 2 miles east of Shaftesbury, Dorset and 5.25 miles south-west of Tisbury

TODEWORTH - the adjoining parish east of Fittleton is North Tidworth - South Tidworth was until recently a separate parish in Hampshire, but is now part of Wiltshire. One source gives the 14th century spelling as Tudeworthe.

NETHERHAVEN - Netheravon - across the River Avon from Fittleton.

AMBRESBYRY - Amesbury - 5 miles down the Avon valley south of Fittleton.

CHISGROVE - Chicksgrove - 1 mile north-east of Tisbury (the birthplace of my mother - Marjorie Coombes)

NORTON FERRORS - now Norton Ferris and in Wiltshire near the source of the River Wylye - the most prominent thing on the map is Coombe Barn!

BRIDSOR - Bridzor Farm is 1.5 miles south-west of Tisbury and adjoins Wardour Park.

KIMPTON MANOR, HANTS - 3 miles south-east of Tidworth.

MAIDEN BRADLEY - 1.5 miles north-east of Norton Ferris.

TEFFONT EVIAS - in the Nadder valley 1.75 miles south-east of Chilmark.

SWALLOWCLIFFE - 2 miles south-east of Tisbury.

EAST KNOYLE - 3.75 miles west of Tisbury.

COMPTON CHAMBERLAYNE - 4 miles west of Wilton on Salisbury-Shaftesbury Road, 4 miles south-east of Chilmark and 3.5 miles north-west of Bishopstone. I have found LDS/IGI Combs records before 1700 from the following South Wiltshire places (all unchecked) : Ebble valley - Alvediston, Berwick St.John, Broad Chalk, Bishopstone and Coombe Bisset. Nadder valley - Chilmark, Dinton, Donhead St. Mary, East Knoyle, Fovant and Tisbury. Wylye valley - Codford St Peter, Great Wishford, Fugglestone St. Peter and St. Denys, Warminster. Avon valley - Amesbury, Downton, Fisherton Anger, Salisbury St. Thomas and Salisbury St. Edmund. Bourne valley - Idmiston, Winterbourne Earls and Winterbourne Gunner also - Horningsham, Shrewton, Tilshead and Mere
The earliest Fittleston record collected thus far is that of Simon COMBE and father Sir Richard COMBE ca 1279; however, according to the James Logan Kendall manuscript, Sir Richard was the son of a "John de CUMBA, Lord of Fittleton; ca. 1250;" who in turn was the son of an "Adam de CUMBA de Fittleton, of Wiltshire; ca. 1227;" who in turn was the son of a Richard de CUMB who married Sybil de HICKLEMAN, and who was living in 1202, all of whom were identified as "Devonshire Combs." No sources are provided. Sir Richard himself is described as "Ricardus de CUMBS and Fittleton, owned the Parish of Cumbe (now known as Combe-Bisset) in 1279." The author adds that Combe-Bisset was "only a few miles south of Castle Combe that dates back to ca. 800."

No evidence has been found that Coombe Bissett was ever anything but the holding of a Bissett family, nor has it been determined to which Castle Combe the author refers.

The records collected thus far indicate that in 1280/1, Sir Richard de CUMB, Kt. was (re?)granted (1) Fittleton, described in 1293 as "a messuage and carucate of land held of the king in chief at fee farm," and a second messuage and 2 carucates of land, also held at fee farm, of the "prior of Neufmarche;" as well as (2) Cumb, a messuage and (one carucate) held of Sir John, Bishop of Winchester by knights fee; (3) Cumpton, a messuage and 6 bovates of land, held of the heirs of John de BREMMOR by knights fee; and a messuage and one carucate of land held by Sir Richard and his son, Richard, of Sir John LOVELL by service; and (4) Todeworth, a messuage and a carucate of land, also held by Sir Richard and his son, of Sir Henry de LACY, earl of Lincoln, also by knights fee.

In 1301, the inquisition post mortem of Simon de CUMBE, alias de COMBE, son of Richard, described the holdings as Fitleton, Combe and Compton, with no mention of Todeworth. In both instances, the tracts were described as messuages with land, not as manors, but is not clear if these were the names of the holdings, or the names of the parishes in which they lay. Given that these records (see below) did not include a county name, if they were parish names, Cumb/Combe, Cumpton/Compton and Todeworth were all presumably in Wilts. In Wilts are found the parishes of Compton Bassett and Compton Chamberlain. No Comb or Cumb (or other variant spelling), no Cumpton and no Todeworth. There are parishes named Compton in Hampshire, Surry and Sussex, a parish named Tortworth in Gloucester, a parish named Coombes in Sussex, a Combe in Oxford, a Combe in Hampshire and a Combs in Suffolk. (research in progress - does not include parishes with two word names).

Records in hand at the present time are (see also below):
ca 1279 7 Edward (I). Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C. C 146/3625 Grant by Simon de COMBE, son and heir of Richard de COMBE, to John GYLIS, for 100s. of a messuage with land in Fytelton adjoining the plot called 'Wende', with pasture for fifty sheep and a ram on the common pasture from Hockeday to Hockeday, and for six b... [incomplete entry] (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, C 146-8Series - record not yet acquired)

25 Feb 1280 Sr Richard COMBE (CUMBE), Kt.. Surety for Hen. HUSEE in Wilts. (F.R.) (Extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie Owens from: "Knights of Edward I," A-E, Vol 1, by Harleian Society's Publication 1929, p. 228)

26 Feb 1280 Sr Richard COMBE (CUMBE), Kt.. Grant of lands at Fitelton [Fittleton], Wilts., at [?currency symbol] 12 rent (Extracted by Combs Researcher Leslie Owens from: "Knights of Edward I," A-E, Vol 1, by Harleian Society's Publication 1929, p. 228)
Extracted by Combs Researcher Joe Kendalll and transcribed by Combs Researcher Denise Kendall from "Great Britain. CALENDAR OF INQUISITIONS POST MORTEM," 1906, by His Majesties Stationery Office, London, V.3, p.66-67. No. 98:
23 August 21, Edw. I. [1295] Writ. Inq. made at Netherhaven, Wilts on Thursday after the Nativity of the Blessed Mary, 21 Edw. I. (defaced) Richard de CUMBE. (Edw. I File 64. (24.) E. Enrolments of Inq. p.m. &c. No.4. m. 9d.)

[Fitelton] A messuage and a carucate of land, held of the king in chief at fee farm, rendering 12 l. yearly at the king's exchequer; and a messuage [and 2 carucates of land], held [at fee farm] of the prior of Neufmarche [rendering 8 l. yearly].

Cumb. A messuage and a carucate of land, held of Sir John, bishop of Winchester, by service of [1/2] knight's fee.

Cumpton. A messuage and 6 bovates of land, held of the heirs of John de BREMMOR by service of 1/7 [knight's fee]; and a messuage and a carucate of land, held by the said Richard and Richard his son of Sir John LOVEL of Snotescumb by service of 1d. yearly.

Todeworth. A messuage [and a carucate of land], held by the same Richard and Richard of Sir Henry de LACY, earl of Lincoln, by service of 1/2 knight's fee.

The said Richard and Richard his son held the tenements aforesaid jointly enfeoffed to them and the heirs of Richard the son.

Simon his son, aged 18 [b ca 1275], is his next heir.

24 October, 28 Edw. I [1300] Writ. 4 Dec. 29 Edw. I. [1300] Inq. made at Ambresbyry [not located yet], Wilts. Simon de CUMBE alias DE COMBE. (Edw. I. File 98. (27.))

Fiteleton. 2 carucates of land held of the king in chief by fee farm, rendering 12l. yearly, at the king's exchequer; and 2 carucates of land held of the prior of Neufmarche by fee farm, rendering 12 1/2 marks yearly (extent given of the capital messuage, lands and rents, &c.).

Combe. 100a. land, pasture, and 13s. 4d. rent, held of the bishop of Winchester by service of 1/3 knight's fee.

Compton. 2 marks rent held of the earl of Leicester by service of 1/7 knight's fee, to be received at Michaelmas.

John De COMBE his brother, aged 22 [b ca 1279], is his next heir apparent, but Alice late his wife is pregnant by him.

13 April, 29 Edw. I. [1301] Writ of plenius certiorari concerning the child, which the king is given to understand the said Alice has now borne

8 June, 29, Edw. I [1301] WILTS. Inq. made at Netheravene. The said Alice has born a son by the said Simon named Richard, who is aged 10 weeks and next heir of the said Simon.
(ibid., V.3, p.503. 632)

24 Jun 1301 John d. COMBE summoned from Wilts. to serve agst. Scots (P.W.) (ibid.)

5 Jul 1301 John de COMBE, jun., dead. (ibid.)

1 Jan 1301 Joan, widow of John de CUMBE brings action agst. certain men for his death 1 Jan. 1301 (P.R.) (ibid.)

ca 1353, Sunday before the Purification, 26 Edward III. Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C. C 146/3073 Agreement whereby Sir Richard de COMBE, knight, undertakes to enfoeff Robert de REMMESBIRS with all thelands, tenements &c. in Fitelton, with free fishing in the river that runs to Fitelton mill, which he holds of the king in fee farm, paying to the Exche Salesbirs... [incomplete entry] (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, C 146-8Series - record not yet acquired)

ca 1353 Monday before St. Laurence, 26 Edward III. C 146/3074 Defeasance of a grant by Richard de COMBE, knight, to Robert de REMMESBURY, of a yearly rent of 10l. out of his lands in COMBE; witnessing that if Robert may peaceably enjoy a messuage, toft, land, 56s. rent and a several fishery in the mill-pond of Fitel... [incomplete entry] (ibid.)

ca 1353 26 EDWARD III. Chancery: Inquisitions Ad Quod Damnum, Henry III to Richard III. C 143/305/16. Richard de COMBE, knight, to grant a messuage, land, rent and fishery in a mill-pond at Fittleton to Robert de REMMESBURY, retaining land in Combe by Enford. Wilts. (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, C 142... Series - record not yet acquired)

ca 1354 Monday after St. Margaret the Virgin, 27 Edward III. Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C. C 146/248. "Grant by Richard de COMBE, knight, to Robert de REMMESBURY, and John his son, of a grange with chambers towards the north, in which Matilda, mother of the said Richard, formerly lived, with a piece of land adjacent, and a messuage in Fiteltone: [Wilts.]..." (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, C 146-8Series - record not yet acquired)

ca 1355 Sunday before St. Gregory the Martyr, 28 Edward III. Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C. C 146/1062 Grant by Sir Richard de COMBE, knight, lord of Fytelton, and Margaret his wife, to Master Robert de ABLYNTON, rector of the church of Fytelton, Adam de ABLYNTON, brother of the said Robert, and Edith, the said Adam's wife, of land, &c., which John le BOUR... [incomplete entry] (ibid.)

ca 1358 31 Edw III. Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series CS. C 148/41 Grantor: Richard de COMBE, knight Grantee: Robert de REMMESBURY Subject: Grant, indented, of 50 acres of arable land in Fittleton County: (Wiltshire) (ibid.)

ca 1380 2 May, 3 Richard II. Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C. C 146/2962 Release by William SHARPYNG, citizen and vintner of London, Nicholas ROUNHAY, clerk, and John OLYVER of Croydon, the younger, to Matilda HOLBECH, Henry BRAKLEE, clerk, and William HOKCLYVE, of all their right in the manors of Fytilton and Coumbe: Wilts. (ibid.)

ca 1386 9 Richard II. Chancery: Ancient Deeds, Series C. C 146/495 Release by Thomas CAULSTON, esquire, to Robert DYNELEY, esquire, of all his right in the manors of Fitilton and Coumbe. Witnesses:- Bernard BROCAYS, John SONDES, and John POPPEHAM, knights, and others (named): Wilts. Andever, feast of ST. Mary Magdalene, in the presence of Sir Thomas, Earl of Kent. (ibid.)

10 May 1568 State Papers Domestic: Supplementary. SP 46/14/fo 87. "Receipt by Henry FORTESCVE for rents from William DARRELL of Lyttlecote, co. Wilts. for tenements in Fyddleton, Combe, Compton, Hackleston, Balston and Froxfeld, co. Wilts due to him and dame Mary, his wife..." (Combs &c. Extractions from the PRO Catalogue, State Papers, Domestic: Supplementary - record not yet acquired)

1558-1603 [Eliz. I]. ibid. SP 46/25/fo 128. Memoranda that land in the manor of Combe, co. Wilts, was sold without licence; signed by mark, Thomas CARTER and Thomas CARPENTER. (ibid.)

22 Jun 1568 (ibid.) SP 46/44/fo 12. Francis [2nd earl of] Bedford to William DARRELL. Requests that DARRELL release to the bearer of his letter a tenement and land in the village of Combe. (ibid.)

1571-1575 ibid. SP 46/45/fo 126-133 Henry FORTESCUE's receipts for rents paid by same for Fittleton, Combe, Compton and Hackleston (Wilts.) and for Balsdon, etc. (Wilts. and Berks.). (ibid.)

1558-1603 [temp. Eliz.I] ibid. SP 46/45/fo 183 Transcripts of agreements between Henry and Mary FORTESCUE, and William DARRELL, for Fittleton, Combe, etc. (Wilts. and Berks.). (ibid.)

20 Sep 1577 ibid. SP 46/45/fo 198 Lease by Nicholas Carter to William DARRELL of land in Combe (Wilts.). (ibid.) 5 Sep 1577 ibid. SP 46/45/fo 202. Agreement between William DARRELL and Richard INKPEN to abide by the award of arbitrators on a dispute over copyhold land in Combe. (ibid.)

18 Mar 1597 ibid. SP 46/21/fo 21. [--] to [--]: rents of Fidellton and Combe that came to writer by grant of Mr. FORTESKEWE and the addressee, a widow; disputes her right to hold courts. (ibid.)
Note: Additional records regarding these manors are in this source.

Re John de COMBE, Jr., the author suggests that John, Junior was perhaps the son of Sir John de COMBE (who was presumably knighted in 1278 - see Early Combes of England). It appears more likely that John was the son of Richard, and is not even known yet if Sir John de COMBE was of Wilts or if John, Jr. was of Fittleton. For John to be referred to as a Jr. does, however, imply that a Sr. existed.

The James Logan Kendall manuscript makes no mention of Simon's son, Richard, but instead lists Simon as "Simon de CUMBA, Lord of Fittleton, and his son as "Cabert de Fittleton. Then to London." It is then stated that, as if he were the son of Cabert, that "William de COMBES of Combe-Martin was a citizen of London 1302-1307" (referencing Sussex records) and likewise, that "William de COMBE of London, d. 1327, had a son, Simon" who was living in London in 1327, and that Simon was the father of "William de COMBES, an alderman of London during the reign of Henry VI (whose reign did not even begin until 1422, almost one hundred years later). Kendall then states that William was the father of "John COOMBES (COMBES?), citizen of London, reign of Henry VI," who in turn, he states was the father of John COOMBES (COMB), merchant - md. 1587 Margaret ARCHDALE (b.1569)," and references the "Archdale Notes, New Eng. Register, Vol., 1889, p.188-9" (which neither support nor disprove this - see John and Margaret ARCHDALE Combe).

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