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Stourton, a parish in the county of Wilts, is 1-1/4 miles south of Norton Ferrers, Kilmington, Somerset (home to Edward COMB of that parish and Tisbury, Wilts); 2-3/4 miles northwest of Mere, and 5 miles southwest of Horningsham (where IGI entries exist, but have not yet been extracted). The ancestry of none of these Combs has been determined as yet.

1332 Wiltshire Tax lists. - Stourton, Hundred of Mere. John atte COMBE, John in la COMBE (Extracted by Combs &c. Researcher David Vidler from "The Wiltshire Tax List of 1332," edited by D A Crowley; 1989, Wiltshire Record Society, publication 45, Salisbury Library)

8 Nov 1613 Stourton, Wiltshire, England. Marriage: John CUFFE and Joan HILL (FamilySearch.Org, Film/Fiche No. 1279341, Parish registers, 1570-1960 Church of England. Parish Church of Stourton (Wiltshire))

See later marriage of Edward LOVETT (s/o Christopher and Frances O'MORE Lovett) to Miss CUFFE of Queen's County, Ireland, and see John CUFFE of the Virginia Company. Also note that a Sir James CUFFE was a Secretary in Ireland during the Commonwealth Period (cite to be added)

20 Mar 1635 Stourton, Wiltshire, England. Christened: William COMBES, s/o Margaret COMBES. (IGI Ba: P014431, So: 253242, Pr: 0472484)

21 Nov 1636 Stourton, Wiltshire, England. Christened: Elizabeth COMBES, d/o Anne COMBES. (IGI B: 24 Oct 1967 SWISS Ba: P014431, E: 31 Oct 1967 SWISS So: 253242, Pr: 0472484)

9 Dec 1647 Stourton, Wiltshire, England. Christened: Ann COMBES, d/o Margaret COMBES (IGI, F#: 1903877, *)

5 Jan 1640 Stourton, Wiltshire, England. Christened: Susan COMBES, d/o Margaret COMBES (IGI Ba: P014431, So: 253242, Pr: 0472484)

26 Aug 1642 Stourton, Wiltshire, England. Christened: Richard COMBES, s/o Margaret COMBES (IGI Ba: P014431, So: 253242, Pr: 0472484) See also below)

Stourton, Wiltshire, England christenings of the children of Mathew and Elizabeth COMBES (IGI Ba: P014431, So: 253242, Pr: 0472484, film not yet read):

17 Jan 1641 Mathew COMBES*
13 Jul 1643 Elizabeth COMBES
30 Mar 1646 Mathew COMBES
12 Nov 1648 Mary COMBES
7 Sep 1651 Anne COMBES
2 Aug 1654 Judith COMBES
1 Sep 1657 Dorothe COMBES
1 May 1660 Joan COMBES*
27 Nov 1661 James COMBES*
27 Jan 1661 James COMBES

* A second source lists Mathew as christened 17 Jan 1640 (rather than 1641, probably old style?) and lists the father as Mathew COMBES and the mother as Elizabeth BOARD. Not known if this was part of the record or added (IGI F#: 2034379, *) This same source lists James and Joan as well. Also note that other IGI entries for later families have not yet been extracted yet.

9 Oct 1654 Richard COMBE of Stourton, Wilts, bound to Henry COLLENDER of Mere Brecnoch [sic] to serve for 7 years in Virginia (Extracted by Combs Researcher Sharon Natolis from the "Book Of Immigrants 1606-1660,"  Peter Wilson Coldham Genealogy Publishing Company, 1988, Page 275)

Ed. Note: No Mere Brecnoch loated, but the parish of Mere is only 2-3/4 miles northwest of Stourton (there are later Combs IGI entries there, but nothing earlier than 1700s *). Possibly, Richard, s/o Margaret, who was christened in 1642, thus now abt 16 years of age? The earliest Richard after 1638 to appear in Early Virginia was a Richard COMBES who was listed as the transport of David WILLIAMSON of Accomac County in 1666. No record of a Henry COLLENDER has been located as yet. Also Note: Sharon adds that other Combs & Variant Spellings in this source, not yet extracted, were: COMBER, James page 288,  John, page 280; COMER, Chas 594, Joseph, 378 Richard, 691, Henry, 143; and COOMBES, Adam 458, Edward, 509 Richard 560, and  Robert 235.

*This comment was based on the 1998 IGI. At least some of Mere has now been entered.

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