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Heard County, was established in 1830 from Carroll, Coweta and Troup. The county seat is Franklin.

1830 Heard Co, GA Census Index

No Combs

1840 Heard Co, GA Census

693rd District

p. 289
Andrew M. COMB

54 788 (from look-up by GenWeb Volunteer)
William F. COMBS p. 293, 788th District
2 males (ages 10-15), 1 male (age 20-30), 1 male (age 50-60), 2 females (ages 10-15), 1 female (age 40-50)
1 male slave (age 0-10), 1 male slave (age 24-36), 1 male slave (age 55-100), and 3 female slaves (ages 0-10)

Notes: War of 1812 Soldier William Francis COMBS, born 30 Jan 1791 in NC, married Sophia KOLB, daughter of Jonathan KOLB and Susannah TYNER 25 Oct 1814 in Jackson Co. GA. He later married Sarah KNIGHT (Lunceford) circa 1866. He died 26 Mar 1883 at age 92. He was a farmer, the son a man named (surname) HODGE, from Augusta County, Virginia. His mother was Elizabeth "Betsy" JUSTICE from Charles City County, Virginia. He started using the name COMBS after 25 August 1791, following the marriage of his mother to Aron COMBS Orange Co., NC, according to his pension application file in the National Archives in Washington, DC (researched 1991). William F. (HODGE) Combs changed his name (back) to 'HODGE' when he was very old. He applied for bounty land for his service in the War of 1812. He used the name 'HODGE' on his application. He did service in that war, but served under the name 'COMBS'. His application was denied because of confusion about his name. There are many papers in both names. To obtain bounty land he had to swear that he did not participate in the 'rebellion of the southern states' (the Civil War). His son William (Billy) Harrison COMBS was in the Confederate Army. William Francis (HODGE) Combs stated in his petition for bounty land that 'HODGE' was his true name, that his 'HODGE' father abandoned him and his mother when he was a baby and that his mother married Arron (Aron) COMBS and had other children and he went by the COMBS name because this was the name of his half brothers and sisters. William F. COMBS came to Heard County, GA in the 1830s. He lived in the Houstan district, but lived in Jackson County, Georgia before moving to Heard County. William F. COMBS served in the War of 1812. He first marriage to Sophia KOLB in Jackson County, Georgia on October 25, 1814, produced eight children; Jackson, Rebecca (SHACKLEFORD), Elizabeth (CARDWELL), Marcus, Julie (DEAN), Susannah (YATES), William Harrison, and John F. COMBS. This marriage is recorded in the Archives in Atlanta. Sophia died in Heard County on August 14, 1847. William F. COMBS had three children with Sarah KNIGHT (Lunceford): Andrew Calhoun, Henry, and Amanda. Sarah KNIGHT (Lunceford) also had two children from a previous marriage. William himself may have had more children than are listed.

Children of William Francis Combs and Sophia KOLB were as follows:

  1. i. Jackson Combs; born circa 1815.
  2. ii. Rebecca Combs; married Thomas SHACKLEFORD; born circa 1815 (possibly a daughter of William F. Combs)
  3. iii. Elizabeth Combs; born circa 1820; married Solomon CARDWELL 1837 at Troup Co., GA. (possibly a daughter of William F. Combs).
  4. iv. Marcus Combs; born circa 1830 (possibly a son of William F. Combs)
  5. v. Julie Combs; married Jehu DEAN; born circa 1825.

    Note: Julia Ann V Combs married Peter DEAN in Coweta Co, GA on December 30, 1840 (Vicki Dean)

  6. vi. Susannah Combs, married Thomas YATES; born Jun 17 1827 at Jackson Co., GA.
  7. vii. William Harrison Combs, born Feb 9 1825 at Jackson Co., GA; married Martha YATES; married Mary Martha Jane WOODARD; married Martha Ann WINGO [See Combs Family Bible Record]
  8. viii. John F. Combs; born Nov 18 1835 at Heard Co., GA; died Apr 8 1915 at Woodland AL. Providence Bap. Church Cem., Randolph Co., AL, at age 79, never married.

Children of William Francis Combs and Sarah KNIGHT were as follows:

  1. i. Andrew Calhoun Combs, born Apr 2 1867; married Rebecca SCOGGINS.
  2. ii. Henry Combs; born circa 1870.
  3. iii. Amanda Combs; born circa 1875.
  4. iv. Mary J. Lunsford; married Luther SCOGGINS, son of Seaborn SCOGGINS and Rebecca KOLB; born circa 1862.
  5. v. Sara T. LUNSFORD; born circa 1864.

(Combs-Hodge-Justice Researcher Byron Hill)

1850 Heard Co, GA Census

p. 144b 5 Sep 1850

121-127, lines 15-17
YATES Thomas 27 M Farmer Georgia
YATES Susanah 27 F
YATES Mary Frances 1 F

122-128, lines 18-22
YATES Frances 52 F 300 Georgia
YATES Jane 23 F
YATES Louisa Anice 18 F
YATES David 14 M
COMBS Wm H. 24 M Farmer Georgia cannot read or write

USGenWeb Census Project

1860 U.S. Census

(transcribed by S. C. Hefner)

Franklin, Ga. P.O.

p. 675/Page 17, June 20, 1860

108-98 Littleton PASCHAL 30 M farmer GA
Penelope 20 F GA
Samuel 21 F GA
Thomas Shackleford 49 M GA
Joseph 16 M GA
Cynthia 14 F Student GA
Martha L. 11 F GA
Rebecca J. 8 F GA
Thomas F. 4 M GA
Harriet V. Dunlap 12 M GA
Robert 12 M GA
William F. COMBS 60 M Mechanic GA

p. 701/Page 49, July 18, 1860

344-329 Marcus COMB 30 farmer GA
Sarah 23 AL
John 3 AL
William 1 AL

Houston, Ga. P.O.

p. 755 (not 757, as indexed)/Page 95, August 13, 1860

641-626 R. A. J. COMBIE 25 male Teacher C. L. S. 1,000 200 AL
Mary R. 18 F GA
Sarah C. 1 F GA

Franklin, Ga. P.O.

p. 760 (not 762, as indexed)/Page 100, August 15, 1860

677-662 John CHEEK 53 male farmer 3,000 2,000 SC
Arrena A. 49 female GA
Sarah A. 20 female GA
Mary C. 19 female GA
Rufus R. 14 male GA
Nancy P. C. 5 female GA
John COMBS 23 male hireling / 100 GA

Heard Co, GA Cemetery Records (Extracted by Combs Researcher S.C. Hefner from Heard County, Georgia, Cemeteries compiled by Lynda S. Eller. 1977, pp. 29 - 30; 33; 55-59; 70; 177)

Liberty Hill Cemetery

Elmina COMBS SMITH 29 Nov 1897 - 20 Jan 1898

William Peter Vernalen COMBS 1 Oct 1824 - 8 May 1886

Elmina Virginia Shivers COMBS 17 Sep 1842 - 17 Sep 1886

S.C. Hefner Notes: (from The Combs Family and Their Forebears by Elizabeth Combs Forrester, 1981. provided by Katherine C. Bray) William Peter Vernalen COMBS (probably born in Wilkes County) was the son of William COMBS and Sarah SLATON who were married in Wilkes County, Georgia, in 1823. Elmina Virgina SHIVERS was the daughter of George W. C. SHIVERS and Elizabeth Williams PITTS.

1886 Will of Elmina Virginia COMBS, from Book B, p. 522

Troup County
State of Georgia


I Elmina Virginia COMBS of said state and county being of sound and disposing mind and memory but feeble in body do make this last will and testament.

I desire that my just debts be paid by my executor hereinafter appointed.

I desire that my entire estate consisting of twenty five acres of land on which I now reside and such personal property as I may die possessed of be kept together except such personal property as may be necessary to pay debts be used for the maintenance and raising of my two younger children to wit Mary J. E. and James William COMBS in such manner as my executor may think most beneficial for them. Upon coming of age I desire that all such property be divided between my two aforementioned children and my daughter Roberta SMITH or to the heirs of her body if any share and share alike. In the event the condition of my estate will admit of it, I wish my said daughter Roberta SMITH to have one bed and bedstead, one cow and calf and the sewing machine -- she to pay my executor two thirds of the value of the said machine for the use of the other children. This last provision is contingent upon the estate's ability to pay the debts without the sale of the land. [end of page]

Combs Cemetery (on 21 August 1977)

Martha J. COMBS 20 Sep 1827 - 31 Mar 1865

Infant COMBS (son of William and Martha J. Combs)

James A. COMBS 5 Dec 1867 - 11 Nov 1882

Notes: See the William and Martha J. WOODWWARD Combs Family Bible Record and Jackson Co, GA Martha is probably Mary Martha Jane WOODARD who married William Harrison COMBS [see above].

Prospect Methodist Church Cemetery

Pauline COMBS 17 Apr 1907 - 13 Aug 1968

Ella Marie COMBS 4 Nov 1960 - 14 Feb 1961

Willie F. COMBS 1909 - 1945

Lois H. COMBS 1919 -

Charlie H. COMBS 19 Mar 1878 - 1 Aug 1931

Leola M. COMBS 5 Jan 1882 - 29 Mar 1968

W. H. COMBS 9 Feb 1825 - 23 June 1916

Martha COMBS 22 Mar 1838 - 3 Dec 1907

Harlin COMBS 16 July 1874 - 22 Mar 1904

Ora B. COMBS 12 Dec 1898 - 18 Jan 1904

Mary Kate COMBS 21 Feb 1903 - 9 Nov 1903

Ruth COMBS 18 Aug 1901 - 11 Feb 1904

Marthaette COMBS 9 Mar 1872 - 14 Feb 1942

Evie COMBS DAVIS 14 Nov 1861 - 26 Dec 1942 (perhaps the wife of John G. DAVIS 6 Jun 1856 - 3 Feb 1937?)

Guy Woods COMBS 19 Jul 1900 - 29 Jun 1901 (son of W.R. and F.E. Combs)

Clarance COMBS 9 Sep 1898 - 27 Sep 1898

C.M. TALLEY 26 May 1861 - 29 Sep 1896

Jajetter COMBS TALLEY 5 Mar 1864 - 6 Nov 1951

Wesley Chapel (on 21 Mar 1976)

Robert Lee COMBS 1899 - 1967 (son)

William Claude COMBS 1903 - 1951 (son)

Ada Barrow COMBS 1868 - 1948 (mother)

Robert Henry COMBS 1871 - 1956 (father)

Caney Head Methodist Church

Talmadge COMBS 8 Jun 1900 - 31 May 1964

Robt. A. COMBS 10 Nov 1866 - 6 March 1956 (a Mason)

Nancy Lewis COMBS 5 Sep 1866 - 5 Mar 1935